Annabel’s little secret Episode 13

Little Secret
(What happened to her?)
Episode 13
Vanessa’s Pov:
“And where the hell did you say Annabel went?” I asked Renee as we sat together in the sitting room.
It was pretty late alre-ady and she was yet to return. Luckily, mum and dad wasn’t at home either else, it’d have caused a lot of commotion right now.
“Well, she told me she was going for a p@rty” Renee replied while filing her nails.
“But it’s pretty late alre-ady” Esther scoffed.
“And she’s not picking her calls” I added, worriedly.
Just then, the door opened and the princess walked in.
“Annabel” I called immediately.
She looked pale and moody. What’s wrong with her?
“Hey, where have you been? You got us worried” Esther chided.
“Yeah, sorry. I had to attend to something” she replied casually and tried walking away.
Hold on; she had a cut on her arm.
“What happened to your arm?” I asked, surprised and she st©pped to look at me.
“I um…scratched myself. But it’s nothing. Don’t worry” she replied and tried walking away again.
“And where’s your n£¢klace?” Renee also asked and she paused and t©uçhed her ba-re n£¢k.
“I uh…I think I must have misplaced it at the p@rty” she said.
“You misplaced it?? Come on, Annabel. That was mums gift to us and we were meant to wear it at all times to signify our relationsh!p. How could you just misplace it?” Esther grinned.
“I’m sorry” she said plainly and finally took the stairs.
What is wrong with her?
During breakfast the next morning, we received another unplea-sant news of the death of one of the s£nators.
I mean, what’s going on? Three deaths in three days? Geez! And they always appear to be as-sas-sination.
After breakfast, my sisters and I got re-ady to leave the house. But on our way to work, I decided to st©p by and see Sean.
I mean, it’s been long I last saw him. He’s always so busy with his work.
Even at that moment, I couldn’t meet him at home. We had to meet in front of a grocery sto-re where he told me he was busy with something.
“Hey” I called and ran into his arms immediately, embr@cing him.
“Hey baby” he replied and k!$$£d me.
“Oh, Sean; you’re not being fair. You don’t even have time for me these days. What have I done to you, huh?” I pouted myl-ips like a baby and rested my head on his che-st.
“I’m sorry, love. But what do you expect from a man who’s been busy tryna protest the country?” He asked and I chuckled.
“I’m just trying to make sure my baby is safe, okay?” He added.
“So, what have you been upto, huh? I can’t believe we had to meet in front of a grocery sto-re” I said and he laughed.
“Well, I’m just returning from a crime scene where s£nator Zayn and his family were murdered last night. It happened in their ap@rtment and when the rest of the police officers left, I decided to stay back and do some more research”
“Hm. Serious minded detective” I tea-sed and rolled my eyes and he laughed.
“So…did you find any other clue?’ I asked and he sighed despondently.
“Well, not really. Although…I found this” he said and brou-ght out a n£¢klace from his pocket.
“But, I’m not really sure if it belongs to one of the family members or to the culprit” he added.
My eyes dimmed at the sight of the n£¢klace as I felt a heavy leap in my che-st.
“Sean,” I called calmly, trying to hide my alarming look.
“You…you found this n£¢klace at the crime scene?”
“Yeah” he shrugged and I g@sped.
Oh my God! Whaaat???
That was Annabel’s n£¢klace!!!