Annabel’s little secret Episode 12

Little Secret💋
(What happened to her?)
Episode 12
Vanessa’s Pov:
We all went to the dining and had breakfast together.
Thank goodness Annabel returned to her s-en-ses by apologizing. I was alre-ady beginning to get mad at her.
While we were eating, dad returned an urgent call that warranted him leaving the house immediately.
Someone he knew he was dead – Minister Peters.
He was murdered the previous night with his family.
God! What is happening?
Yesterday, it was s£nator Sigmund. And today, it’s Minister Peters. All murdered with their families. Why all these?
I shook my head in agony and after eating, my sisters and I went upstairs to get re-ady for work.
Annabel’s Pov:
I turned from left to right in front of the mirror to make sure I was good to go.
Then, I took my designers bag from the be-d and walked out of the room.
I got to the other room and decided to knock and see if they were done.
“Hey, sisters?” Are you done?” I asked from outside after knocking.
“A minute”
I heard them reply
“Alright, then. I’ll wait downstairs” I said and left, taking the stairs.
I got to the sitting room and surprisingly, found a handsome fellow entering into the house.
Oh! Royce!
Renee’s prince charming.
I put up a smile on my face as I went to meet him.
“Hi Royce” I beamed.
“Hey, Annabel. Wats up?” He asked.
“I’m fine, dear. And you?”
“Yeah – I’m good. I heard you went missing. Sorry, I couldn’t make out time to come see you. I’ve been so…”
“Oh, plea-se. It’s fine. I un-derstand. After all, I’m okay now”,I said and twirled around for him to view, ma-king he chuckle.
“Okay. Um…I’m here to see Renee. Is she still upstairs?” He asked.
By this time, I was standing very close to him.
“Yes, Royce. She’s upstairs”, I replied calmly and t©uçhed his hair.
“Uh…okay” he cringed and moved back a bit.
“Could you tell her I’m here, plea-se?”
I smiled and held the collars of his shi-t.
“I love your tie” I muttered as I arranged his collars.
His face crumpled up immediately.
“Yeah…thanks” he drew his reply.
“And…I love yourl-ips” I added in a whisper and his brows furrowed immediately.
A grin crept into my face.
“Royce?” I heard someone call from behind and slowly turned to see Renee standing on the stairs.
She looked stunned.
“Hi, sis” I smiled.
“What is going on here?” She asked and Royce moved away from me.immediately.
“Nothing, love. Trust me. I was just dressing your b©yfri£nd’s shi-t” I win-ked at her and started towards the door.
“And that reminds me” I said when I had opened the door.
“Tell Vanessa and Esther that I’ll be going for a friend’s p@rty after school. So, you guys shouldn’t panic when I’m late” I added and finally walked out the door.
So sorry, it’s late. I’ve been really busy. But, I’ll start upd@t!ngon time from now on 🤞
So, how was this?