Annabel’s little secret Episode 1

Little Secret
(What happened to her?)
Episode 1
By: Faith Lucky.
Annabel’s Pov:
The laughters of my three sisters could clearly be heard from the sitting room as I climbe-d down the stairs to meet them.
“Of course, I told you!” I heard Vanessa laughed.
I was alre-ady smiling as I finished climbing the stairs and got to the sitting room.
“Annabel!” Renee and Vanessa called the moment they sp©tted me.
I didn’t say a word and went to take my seat alone where I could face the three of them.
My diary was on my legs.
“Hi” I finally said with a smile when I was seated.
“We’ve been waiting for you. What have you been doing all alone in the room? You wouldn’t believe what Esther wrote in her diary” Renee said and laughed while I just smiled.
“Don’t believe them Annabel” Esther said with an eye roll.
“She said she k!$$£d Owen yesterday” Vanessa said, looking into the diary in her hand.
I g@sped and cracked a bit.
“Wow! Really? But I thought she was crushing on Victor?” I asked.
“Listen to me, Annabel; it was an accident. I didn’t mean to k!sshim okay?” She defended and I busted into laughter with the rest.
“Anyway, I’m 25 years old. So, I think I’m re-ady for a k!ss” she finally concluded with an eye roll.
“Okay. You can have your diary back pretty darling. So, who’s next?” Vanessa asked as she gave Esther’s diary back to her.
“Yup! I’m next” Renee replied happily and gave hers to Vanessa.
That was something my sisters and I did every evening before going to be-d.
We’d sit and go throu-gh each other’s diaries
Vanessa, being the oldest among us, always pla-yed the role of re-ading them.
She opened Renee’s diary and smiled before going ahead to re-ad the previous day’s incidence which was written in it.
“I over heard Royce telling John I’d make a good wife” she finally got to the interesting p@rt of the diary and paused to let everyone hum and giggle.
“Wow! So, you heard your b©yfri£ndsaying you’lll make a good wife?” Esther asked, folding her hands.
“Yes baby. And I’m pretty sure sooner than expected, he’ll be proposing to me” Renee replied and giggled happily.
“Wow! Congrats, Renee” I said.
“Awwn. Thanks love”.
“Hold on; why exactly are you congratulating her? What if he was saying that in respect to the man who was going to get married to her?” Vanessa asked and Esther and I laughed.
“You’re joking Vanessa. Royce loves me, okay? And I Can bet he’s willing to do anything to end up with me” Renee replied boastfully and we all laughed again.
“Hmph. Look who’s being proud. Anyways, good luck with that. Besides, Royce is a nice guy” Vanessa said and Renee smiled excitedly.
She continued re-ading the diary and when she was done, she returned it to her and turned to me.
“Okay Annabel; you’re next” she said, stretching out her palm to me.
“Is there any nee-d for that? Nothing important happened yesterday” I replied as I handed the diary to her.
“Yeah, you’re right. Annabel’s diary is damn too boring. When will you ever have a b©yfri£nd?” Esther tea-sed and I laughed.
Vanessa smiled and went ahead to open it.
She re-ad the boring p@rt of it and finally got to the only place which seemed interesting to her.
“Oh, my God! Leo bought you some ice cream?” She asked and everyone g@sped.
“Girls come on, plea-se. We just met along the way and he offered to get me some” I said.
“And…then he gave you a ride home” she added, re-ading from the diary.
“Oh, my! Finally, the last born of the house is about to have a b©yfri£nd!” Esther exclaimed with laughter.
“You guys are getting it all wrong. Leo and I are just mere friends” I said with a sigh.
“Hm. Mere friends indeed. Anyway, let’s see how this mere friendsh!pturns out” Vanessa smiled and gave the diary back to me.
What sisters I have.
“Ohhh. When will mom and dad be back?” Renee grouse.
“They aren’t running away, Renee. St©p acting like a kid” Vanessa chided and she rolled her eyes at her.
“By the way, Hope you’ll be coming with us to the p@rty, Annabel?” Esther asked and I shrugged.
I…I don’t really know. I just don’t like the idea of…”
“Come on Annabel. We’ve talked about this alre-ady. We all nee-d to go to the p@rty together to prove those ladies wrong” Vanessa ch!pped in.
“Why don’t you want to go to the p@rty anyway? Is it because it’s taking place close to a bushy area?” Esther asked and I scoffed.
“Of course not. I…” I paused and sighed.
“Fine! I’ll be there” I added and they cheered.
“Yeah finally.”
I smiled and stood up immediately.
“I’ll be in the room, guys. Goodnight” I said as I turned around and headed for the stairs.
“Huh? Come on Annabel. So soon?” Renee asked from behind.
“Yeah. See you later” I replied and took the stairs.
I smiled to myself as I walked into the big room and sat on my be-d.
There were three other be-ds in the room and those were for my three sisters.
In case you’re wondering, we actually share the same room.
Yeah – that’s how close we are.
We share the same room and re-ad each other’s diaries to prevent us from keeping secrets from each other.
We were the only children of our wealthy lovely parents – four daughters..
Mum had done everything in her power to have a male child but it all turned out ab-ortive.
Well, trust me when I say thi – she doesn’t have a single regret about it because the daughters she’s given birth to are worth more than a male child.
You wouldn’t believe the joy and honor we’ve brou-ght to her.
We handle dad’s company pretty well. We’re always the talk of the city as most people admire us. We were unique.
I kept my diary on the head of the be-d and stared upwards at the ceiling.
Among my sisters, you could say I was the most quiet
Well, that was just my temperament.
Not long after, I heard my phone ringing and I checked and discovered it was Leo.
Geez! Thank goodness my sisters weren’t around me.
I cleared my throat and sat up before picking the call.
“Hi” I beamed on the phone.
“Hey Annabel; wats up?” He asked in that sweet tone of his.
“I’m fine…and you?” I replied, drawing invisible lines on the floor with my feet.
“I’m good. I…thought you might be slee-ping alre-ady” he said
“No. About to, anyway”.
A short silence stepped in.
“Will you be coming for the p@rty tomorrow?” He asked and I bit myl-ips.
“Yeah. I think so” I replied.
“Okay. plea-se do. I have something important to tell you over there” he said and my heart leapt.
Oh God!
“Um…of…of course. Sure. I’ll be there” I replied, trying to cloak my anxiety in the sound of my voice.
“Okay then. Goodnight. Sweet dreams” he Stated and I flu-shed.
“Same here. Goodnight” I replied with a broad smile and he ended the call.
I covered my mouth with my palm and g@sped.
Leo has something to tell me at the p@rty? Oh my! What could it be?
I giggled to myself and fell on the be-d, laying upwards.
I suddenly felt so excited.
I stared at the ceiling and imagined his cute masculine statue.
He was a nice fellow, wasn’t he?
Oh! What could he possibly want to tell me?
Well, I guess I’d have to wait for the p@rty then.

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