Anita & Marvin Episode 3

Episode 3
The words that lefts Marvin brother’sl-ips, shattered Anita’s heart into tiny pieces. It felt as though her whole world was coming to an end. It was one thing for her to be scared of the situation on ground and totally another thing for Marvin’s brother to confess that he was scared too. Anita’s fear doubled due to that effect and her whole b©dy started shaking.
“This can’t be happening, plea-se tell me everything would be alright because I wouldn’t be Ok if anything happens to Marvin” she said with tears flowing uncontrollably from her eyes. Marvin’s brother was short of words and didn’t know when he started tearing up too. “He has to be transferred to a better hospital” he said, “which hospital would that be?” Anita curiously asked, “I’m yet to find out but I know it’s in a different state” Marvin’s brother replied.
Anita was numb and was are the verge of going crazy. She was still trying to come to terms with the situation on ground and now, they are planning on taking the love of her life away from her to another state. “Do they have to take him away? What happened to treating him here” she inquired, “I guess it’s because Marvin’s situation has gotten worse so he nee-ds to upgrade to a hospital with more advanced facilities” he replied.
While they were conversing, Marvin’s dad called so his brother had to excuse himself to answer the call. As he walked away, Anita started crying all over again.
After crying for a while, she walked up to the counter and asked the nurse to direct her to where Marvin was. The nurse directed her to his room and as Anita approached the room, her heart started beating fas-ter than usual. She opened the door to the sight of her beloved Marvin lying helplessly on the hospital be-d.
Seeing him in that condition broke her heart and that was when the reality on ground dawned on her; the reality that Marvin was slowly sli-pping away from her hands. It was a sad and bitter truth to accept!
“Hey baby, I’m here” Anita said in a shaky tone while still crying. Marvin’s eyes were closed due to weakness, but he could feel her pres£nce there. “Baby is that you?” He asked, “Yes it’s me babe” she replied sobbing. Marvin smiled faintly and asked her to come closer. Anita didn’t hesitate and asked him to shift alittle so she could l@ydown with him on the be-d.
Immediately Anita’s head t©uçhed Marvin’s che-st, she bur-st into tears and held him ti-ghtly. Marvin k!$$£d her head and wra-pped his drip covered hands around her. She kept crying but Marvin couldn’t do much to console her because he was helpless. He ba-rely had enough strength to breathe in and out, talk more of speaking.
Few minutes later, Marvin’s brother walked into the room and almost broke into tears at the sight of them lying together on the be-d. He knew indeed that Anita wouldn’t let go of Marvin without a good fight to keep him. He felt sad that this was happening to their beautiful love story and wished things were different. “Anita should I drop you home?” Marvin’s brother asked but she remained silent and didn’t utter a word in response to his question. “We would be traveling first thing tomorrow, my dad has alre-ady made the arrangements for him to be transferred” he added but Anita still remain mute. Hi santus on+2348091756761 to be added to his story room to enjoy more of this .
Only if you could just feel the pain and heartache Anita was feeling at that moment, you’ll un-derstand why it was ha-rd for her to speak. She was numb and wasn’t herself at that moment at all. Marvin’s brother had to leave in order to prepare for their journey for the next day. He booked the flight tickets and drove down to Marvin’s ap@rtment to get some few clothes he would be nee-ding.
Anita sle-pt at the hospital with Marvin till the next day and sadly had to p@rt ways with him at the airport. “Promise me you won’t leave me and promise me you’ll be back” she said to Marvin with tears in her eyes, “I’ll see you soon babe, plea-se don’t cry anymore, I’ll be fine and would be back” Marvin as-sured but wasn’t convinced in his heart that everything would be fine. He only wanted her to think and worry less while he was away.
It was time for them to board and Anita bid her last goodbye to him. That was the most painful ‘Goodbye’ she had ever said to anyone. Her heart was completely shattered as she watched them leave. She wished everything was just a big prank, she wished her beloved Marvin would tell her that it was all a joke, she wished things were back to being normal and she wished life was more fair to her.
As Anita walked out of the airport, anyone who can see could tell that she had been crying as her eyes were swollen and red. She couldn’t go to work that day and had to call in sick. Her world seemed empty and without meaning. She cared less about anything else and had to go to her parents house because she felt empty and lonely.
The news of Marvin’s health condition c@m£ as a Big surprise to Anita’s parents. They were heartbroken and immediately called Marvin’s parents to console and as-sure them that all would be fine. Anita grew slim un-der 2 days of Marvin’s abs£nce due to starvation; she lost appetite for food.
At work, Anita preformed poorly despite her effort to try and put herself together and act professional. She was losing her mind and couldn’t function properly anymore.
It’s been over one week since Marvin left and Anita ba-rely had access to him. According to his brother, Marvin was in an intensive care unit and was in a lot of paiin. She cried herself to sleep every night and always imagined the amount of pain Marvin was in. In one of those nights, she couldn’t take it any longer and decided to travel to where he was to see him.
“Mummy I have to go and see Marvin, I’m not ok and I think I might go crazy if I continue like this. I miss him so much and it hurts so bad. My mind is always with him, that’s why I can’t function or think properly. I just have to go mum” Anita said to her mum the next day. With no hesitation, her request was granted. At work that day, she told her boss everything that had been going on in her personal life and begged for leave of abs£nce. Her boss was empathic and granted her one month leave of abs£nce to attend to the pressing issues in her life.
Anita was overjoyed and happy because she would be seeing the love of her life soonest. She informed Marvin’s brother of her surprise visit and entered the next available flight to the state they were in. In less than 2 hours, she arrived and went straight to the hospital.
Marvin wasn’t aware of Anita’s visit. He had been fighting to stay alive so he could return to her but the battle was beyond him. He missed her badly and felt sad that there was nothing he could do about it. His brother received a call from Anita that she had arrived, he told her the room number and name of ward they were in.
After about five minutes, there was a knock on the hospital door, “Come in” a voice said and Anita majestically walked in. Marvin was asleep when she walked in so he didn’t see her. She greeted his mum and brother that were pres£nt in the room and sat beside Marvin’s be-d afterwards.
She bent and k!$$£d his forehead and Marvin opened his eyes. “Baby is that you?” He surprisingly asked and Anita smiled and said, “Yes it’s me babe and I’m never leaving you again”.
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