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Anita & Marvin Episode 1

Episode 1
Hi guys let’s begin a new journey… Happy re-ading..
It all started years back, when Anita and Marvin answered the clarion call to serve their nation. They first met at NYSC camp and it was love at first sight. They bonded very fast and [email protected]£ almost inseparable that one would think that they alre-ady knew themselves before meeting in camp.
Marvin was a cool and gentle guy, while Anita was more of the hyper one. They were both from well to do families and didn’t lack the beautiful things of life. They loved each other dearly and didn’t hesitate to go with the flow and follow their hearts. Camp ended, but their love didn’t.
After camp, Anita was deployed to a primary school where she continued her NYSC obligations, while Marvin was held back and made to work at his dad’s firm. Anita wondered why Marvin was given such privilege and often made fun of him for being a ‘Big man’ son. Their relationsh!pwas beautiful and they always put each other first in everything they did.
NYSC ended and they [email protected] out joyfully. Throu-gh Marvin dad’s connection, Anita was able to secure a good job at one of the respectable companies in her career field, while Marvin managed his dad’s company with his elder brother. Life was good because everything seemed to be going towards the right direction. They talked about everything and never kept secrets; well so we thought until some things began to seem unusual and didn’t add up.
As time went on, Anita noticed that Marvin always took secret trips to the hospital. At first she thought it was normal and nothing to worry about, until it [email protected]£ unbearable. Whenever she tried to inquire why he always visited the hospital, Marvin would hvg her and tell her that everything was alright. Anita tried to inquire from his dad and elder brother as to why he was always rushed to the hospital, but they usually told her that there was nothing to worry about. “It’s just his normal medical checkup” Marvin’s dad said on one of those occasions.
With time, Anita felt relieved due to the positive answers she received whenever she inquired on what was wrong with Marvin and she never bothered asking anymore. She [email protected]£ used to his unusual hospital visits and never hesitated to show her support by being pres£nt whenever he returned. Marvin began to get slimmer by the day without any reasonable explanation as to what could be the cause of his constant weight loss.
Marvin was a [email protected] to die for because he was everything Anita dreamed of in the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. It was just a matter of time before their parents knew about their relationsh!p, as they were almost inseparable. Marvin’s parent loved and accepted Anita as their own, and same with Anita’s parent too. They loved Marvin equally.
In everything that was happening, Anita never had a clue that her beautiful love story was about to turn sour. She never knew that a day would come where she wouldn’t be able to see the man she dearly loved, she never knew that her heart was about to be shattered beyond repair, she never knew that her happiness was about to fade away. She didn’t know, so sad!
Everything went on as usual, with the truth ‘hidden’, until one fateful day. On that day, Anita made a surprise st©p at Marvin’s house after work because she wanted to cook for him; as he had complained earlier that he missed home cooked meal. On arrival, Marvin was nowhere to be found so she called to know where he was. ”Hello baby” Anita greeted, “Hi my angel, where are you?” Marvin asked, “I’m at your house but can’t find you” she said. Marvin immediately remembered that she was coming over, “Oh shoot! I forgot you were coming, hope you are with your keys because I locked the door” he said, “Yes I’m with my keys, matter of fact, I’m alre-ady inside the house” she said. Marvin @ssured her that he was alre-ady on his way home and ended the call.
With Marvin away, Anita hurriedly entered the kitchen to begin preparation of the meal she was to cook. As the food was still on fire, she went to Marvin’s bathroom to pee because she was pressed. When she was done peeing, she turned to look at herself in the bathroom mirror. After staring at herself for a while, she pla-yfully stretched her hand and t©uçh her reflection on the mirror; to her greatest surprise, the mirror gave way to a medicine cabinet.
For a moment she was shocked because she didn’t know that there was a medicine cabinet behind that mirror. “Why am I just finding out this cabinet for the first time and why are there so many drugs in it?” she confusingly asked herself.
The medicines where in unique containers and had unfamiliar names. Anita was dead confused and didn’t know what was going on and why Marvin had a cabinet filled with strange medicines. She tried to re-ad the descriptions on the containers to know what they were for and suddenly remembered that the food she was cooking was on fire. She hurriedly closed the cabinet but took one of the medicine container with her.
As she continued cooking, her mind wasn’t in what she was doing. She was dead confused, shocked and scared at the same time, “What’s going on?” she kept asking herself but no reply was coming forth. She immediately brou-ght her phone out and Google the name of the medicine she took with her, in order to know what it was for and to her greatest surprise, the medicine was for Leukemia patients.
“What! Why is a medicine for Leukemia patients in Marvin’s hidden medicine cabinet?” Anita asked herself in a shaky tone. Her world seemed as though it was coming to an end. Her heart kept racing, her hands ‘shaking’ and her palms ‘sweaty’. Anita had never been that scared all her life, as she kept imagining the reason as to why Marvin was harboring such drugs in his house.
After about 30 minutes of being completely numb, there was a knock on the door. Anita hurriedly rushed to the door with the medicine container in her hand to see who was knocking. “Marvin is that you?” she inquired with tears in her eyes, “Yes babe” he replied.
Immediately the door opened, the first thing Marvin sighted when he looked at her was the medicine container in her hand. He almost dropped dead when he saw it and looked at Anita, only to see the tears that kept falling off her cheeks.
“Baby what’s going on? plea-se tell me these medicines are not for you” she said with tears in her eyes. Marvin couldn’t hold the emotions he had been concealing any longer and bur-st into tears.
He looked into Anita’s eyes and said “I’m dying babe, I have Leukemia”.

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