Amaya Episode 6 & 7

💄 The girl in my imagination 💄
🔷Episode 06🔷
Alexander’s Pov:
I opened my wallet and g@sped….
😱 my pas-sport…..
Oh my goodness!
Where could it be?
I scratched my head in confusion thinking where I kept it.
“Oh no! That pas-sport is really very important to me!” I said audibly
Actually I’ve been so depressed and sad after what happened between Stephanie and I.
We’ve not seen each other for the past two weeks.
I am not re-ady to face her at all.
But right now I really nee-d know where I kept that pas-sport.
💭 Where last did I see it? Where did I keep it? 💭 I thought anxiously walking up and down restlessly.
I kept thinking and thinking but I couldn’t tell.
Was it at the beach?
I asked myself scratching my head.
I don’t think so…
I muttered to myself.
I placed my head on the couch still lost in thought.
Amaya’s Pov:
I sat on the rowing boat still looking at the picture.
Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.
I pleaded with Lucy but she refused to wait any longer.
I can’t believe am going back to that good for nothing house.
A secluded area….
I couldn’t see him again today.
When else am I going to be allowed to go to the beach?
Why is our life so horrible.
“Amaya! Am sorry I can’t wait for him again… We really have to go” Lucy said breaking the silence.
I quic-kly wiped off my tears.
“Lucy I don’t want to go back to the island” I cried bitterly
“We have to AY! So that we can give mother the fishes we caught” Lucy said as I shook my head.
I broke into tears again.
“Amaya plea-se tell me the truth…. Do you like the man in the picture?” Lucy asked and I flin-ched.
“Of course not” I said rolling my eyes.
“I hope so! Cos I know mother will never support both of you” Lucy said.
Tears rushed down my cheeks but I quic-kly wiped it off.
Am I really sure of what I just said? 🙄
Do I really not like him?
I was so confused.
How am I going to see him?
I stared at the picture and smiled.
“Alexander am going to see you again… Though I don’t know how or when, all I know is that it will definitely happen” I smiled within me.
I was so lost in thought staring directly at the moon. 🌙
Thoughts of Alexander filled my mind.
“The moon is so beautiful… Isn’t it?” mother’s bold voice brou-ght me back to consciousness.
“Uhmm… Yes mother! ” I lied.
“What is it AY?” Mother asked anxiously as I shook my head.
“It’s nothing mother” I said pretending to be OK.
“Are you sure Amaya?” Mother asked anxiously as I nodded.
I quic-kly walked out of mother’s sight.
I don’t want her to see me in tears.
I la-id on my soft be-d with my eyes on the ceiling.
I have to find him…..
I picked up the picture and stared at it again.
I know Lucy won’t agree to come with me to the beach.
So am going to sneak out with the boat early tomorrow morning.
I smiled happily.
Alexandra’s Pov:
It was very early in the morning.
I was alre-ady fully dressed….
I have to go to the beach and look for that pas-sport.
I have to go there early so that I can find it quietly.
I know how noisy it will be within the day.
I walked out of the mansion.
Straight to the garage I walked.
I quic-kly hopped into my car and drove out of the mansion.
I got to the beach as fast I can.
I started looking for the pas-sport.
I searched for it for closely two hours but I didn’t see it.
I turned to leave.
“ALEXANDER…” A familiar tiny voice called me..
💄 The girl in my imagination 💄
🔷Episode 07🔷
Alexandra’s Pov:
I quic-kly turned around and to my greatest surprise 😳😳
I was shocked to the bone marrow 😱
I was stunned into silence 😲
Words can’t explain how I felt as I saw her standing in front of me.
“AMAYA” I called as she only smiled at me revea-ling her white sparkling teeth.
She’s such a beauty.
Well endowed….
I felt so happy as she smiled broadly at me.
I quic-kly hvgged her ti-ghtly.
I can’t believe she’s right here with me.
They thought I was crazy…
Everyone concluded that I nee-d to be taken to an asylum but now I know that my Amaya is not an imagination.
“How have you been?” Her sweet voice sma-cked me back to consciousness.
“I missed your lovely face” I said as she smiled again.
Her smiles are killing 😘
“Come with me Amaya! I want my mom and sister Nina to see you so that they will believe that am not crazy” I said as she chuckled.
She held my hand and I ran along with her.
Suddenly, she st©pped and shook her head.
“Amaya what is it?” I asked anxiously.
“No! No! I can’t go with you… Mother! Mother will skin me alive” She cried in fear as she snatched her hands from me.
“But Amaya…” I managed to speak
“Am sorry Alexander! I just c@m£ to give you this” She said handing my n£¢klace to me.
“You can’t leave me Amaya..” I cried but she ran back.
I ran after her in tears.
She was also crying.
She halted and looked at me.
She held my hand and smiled at me.
“I’ll come back for you in due time Alexander! I just have to go” She said as I held her hand ti-ght.
But she managed to lose my grip and she walked to a boat.
I watched her paddle away and tears couldn’t st©p running down my face.
“Why so soon?” I cried.
But then I remembered her words “I’ll come back for you in due time” and smiled.
Am happy she cares….
I saw my imaginary girl again 💖
Nina’s Pov:
I was inside the kitchen frying some ripe plantains for dinner.
Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the sitting room.
“Who could be singing so loud by this time of the night?” I muttered.
The song bec@m£ louder and louder.
And it was my brother’s voice.
💭 Could it be Alexander singing? 💭 I thought and smiled.
I quic-kly rushed out of the kitchen lowering the g@s cooker.
And gosh!
It was Alexander….
I laughed in surprise…
“Alexander! What’s up with you?” I asked as he bur-st into laughter.
Does he really nee-ds to go to an asylum? 🙄
“Am so excited Nina” He said and I scoffed.
I can’t remember when last he was happy.
“Why? What’s the occasion?” I asked anxiously.
“I saw her today” He said dancing to an unknown music.
“You saw who?” mom and I asked in unison.
That was when I noticed that mom was at the stairs.
“Amaya!” He said and we shook our head.
“Amaya???” We asked in confusion.
“Where is she?” I asked
“She will be here in due time” Alexander said as he walked upstairs still dancing and singing.
Mom and I stared at each other and then at Alexander as he stormed into his room.
Stephanie’s Pov:
I screamed in delight as the doctor handed the test results to me.
“Congratulations” The doctor said and shook my hand.
This is the most beautiful news I’ve ever heard.
I quic-kly rushed out of the office happily.
I drove out of the hospital straight to meet Sonia my friend.
“Oh my gosh girl.. Am so happy for you” Sonia smiled
“Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful idea” I smiled
“Good! It’s high time you tie him down” Sonia said as we high five.
I drove straight to the beach.
Actually I went to the Smith’s house and was told that Alexander went to the beach as usual.
I wanted to break the news to him.
I know where he always sits by the beach so I walked straight to the place.
And I saw him sitting and staring at the sea.
“ALEXANDER” We shouted in unison.
I turned around and saw a very beautiful girl also waving at my Alexander.
Alexander stared at us stunned.
“Who are you?” We asked each other…