Amaya Episode 4 & 5

💄 The girl in my imagination 💄
🔷Episode 04🔷
Alexander’s Pov:
I saw the boat row closer…
My jaw dropped.
I saw a figure from afar….
Is that my Amaya? 😱
I kept thinking and suddenly, my cell phone rang aloud.
I quic-kly brou-ght it out.
It was Dave my friend…
I looked out again to the sea and to my greatest surprise, I didn’t see the boat again.
I bec@m£ so disappointed.
“Amaya…… Amaya!!” I screamed in pain as I fell on my knees.
When is she going to come back to me?
When am I going to set my eyes on her ever again?
Thought kept running throu-gh my mind.
I wonder why she doesn’t want to see me.
Amaya’s Pov:
I yawned tiredly as I sat by the sea holding the n£¢klace.
“Where is the owner of this? I really nee-d to return this expensive n£¢klace to him before mother sees it” I thought staring at the moon.
I just wonder why of all places, mother will want us to live here.
In such a lonely place.
With sea surrounding the house.
Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen the handsome guy.
But I really nee-d to find him before mother sees this.
“Amaya! AY!!” Lucy’s bold voice yelled as I quic-kly hid the n£¢klace.
“What’s that Amaya?” She asked as I gulped nervously.
“What? What are you saying?” I asked stammering
“What were you hiding behind you?” Lucy asked as I quic-kly covered her mouth with my palms.
And placed my index f!nger in between myl-ips.
“Shh…” I hushed her and she gulped.
“What is it?” Lucy asked with a tiny voice.
I brou-ght out the n£¢klace and showed her and she chuckled.
“Wow! This is so beautiful” Lucy almost screamed
“Keep your voice down Lucy! I don’t want mother to find out… She might suspend us if she do” I said and Lucy nodded.
“How did you get that?” Lucy asked anxiously
“From the guy I saved” I said
“That handsome dude… Aww 😘” Lucy said as she held her che-st.
Closed her eyes day dreaming.
“That’s enough sis… We just have to return this to him” I worried
“Come on Amaya… You can keep it! Haven’t you been keeping it for six years now?” Lucy asked as I scratched my head.
“You never can tell Lucy… Mother can see it anytime” I added
“Oh plea-se….” Lucy sighed.
But I really nee-d to see the handsome guy!
He’s every woman’s dream.
“Don’t worry… We will go to the beach tomorrow” Lucy said and I jumped for joy.
“Really? Thank you Lucy!” I rejoiced as I hvgged her ti-ghtly.
Stephanie’s Pov:
“I gulped down a glas-s of vodka.
“This is what I’ve been going throu-gh girl…. All my b©yfri£ndsees or think about is nothing but Amaya his imagination” I said
“What? I don’t think the girl is just an imagination” Sonia my friend said
“What do you mean Sonia? Even his mom confirmed that there is no Amaya” I said
“And you believe that?” Sonia scoffed
“What do you expect me to do girl?” I asked confused
“I don’t think she is just an imagination…. I mean with all you have told me, I think your b©yfri£ndloves her” Sonia said and I laughed.
“Loves her? Who is she?” I mocked
“You better be wise girlfriend” Sonia said as I scratched my hair in confusion.
“How do you mean?” I asked anxiously.
“I think you have to act fast or do you want to lose him?” Sonia asked as I shook my head in disagreement.
“Good! Then pin him down” Sonia whispered and laughed aloud.
“How am I going to do that?” I asked anxiously.
She drew me closer and whispered into my ear and my eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
“What? Are you sure?” I asked
“Definitely girlfriend” Sonia said as smiles escaped myl-ips.
“Cheers 🍻” We shouted and jammed our glas-ses together.
I quic-kly rushed into the kitchen.
I brou-ght out a wra-p from my pocket.
I quic-kly added it into the glas-s of orange squash.
I smiled mischievously as I rushed out of the kitchen.
Alexander walked out of the room and entered the kitchen.
Actually the glas-s of orange squash was his.
He picked up the glas-s and walked to me at the sitting room.
I watched him gulp down the drink.
I smiled within me.
My plans are gradually falling into place.
Well I added some drug into his drink.
Some minutes later 🕒
I watched him battling to stay awake.
He bec@m£ drowsy and weak.
I laughed hysterically….
And soon enough, he bec@m£ dead drun!kand staggered.
I walked to him and gave him a h0t pas-sionate k!ss.
“I love you Amaya” He said squee-zing my bu-tt.
Damn it!
I hate those words but I just have to accomplish my mission.
Gradually we fell on the be-d and….
🔷Episode 05🔷
Alexander’s Pov:
I ru-bbe-d my eyes tiredly.
And opened my very weak eyes…
To my greatest surprise, I saw Stephanie lying beside me.
I was half n-ked and she was totally n-ked.
I saw all her undies on the ground, some on the couch.
I was so shocked.
I watched her sleep peacefully.
Is this a dream or something? 🤔
Did it happen? 🙄
Did I….? 😱
This is unbelievable 😲😲
I can’t possibly make love to…
I was gobsma-cked as goosebu-mps ran down my spine.
I quic-kly shook her vigorously.
“Stephanie! Stephanie!! Get up!!” I shook her as she opened her eyes.
She ru-bbe-d her eyes.
Surprisingly, she smiled at me.
Do I look like am happy? 🤔
“Good morning sweetheart” She said and tried to k!ssmyl-ips but I pushed her away.
“What just happened? What are you doing in my room?” I asked anxiously.
“What do you mean darling? Are you kidding me?” She asked as she held the duvet cover.
“What happened Stephanie?” I asked again.
I just hope it didn’t happen 🙁
“Yes! Something happened between us last night, can’t you remember?” She asked and I flin-ched.
“What the…” I said as I scratched my head.
I quic-kly kicked the stool beside me f0rç£fully.
“What are you doing Alexa?” She asked as smiles escaped herl-ips.
I felt very angry as I flared up.
“How dare you take advantage of my…!” I yelled as she bur-st into tears.
“What? Is that what you are saying to me after almost ra-ping me last night you j£rk!” She cried.
My eyes wi-de-ned in shock. 😳
Did she just say r@p£? 😲
Did I do that? 😱
This is such a disaster 😏😏
“I tried to r@p£….” I said as I scoffed in confusion.
“You are such an animal” She screamed as she jumped up from my be-d.
She headed straight to the bathroom with the duvet tied round her che-st.
I bec@m£ dumb and confused.
How did this happen?
I rested my head on the couch helplessly.
Stephanie’s Pov:
I stormed into the bathroom with false tears.
I quic-kly ban-ged the door.
My face beamed with smiles as I stared at myself in the mirror.
That was so lovely…
And finally I have him wra-pped around my little f!nger.
And I was so good in acting.
I looked really serious.
And the story looked true….
You are all mine Alexa..
No “Amaya” will take you from me.
He must be feeling really guilty 😂
Serves him right!
I own you now Mr Alexander Smith.
I gulped down a glas-s of br@ndy and smiled broadly.
“I can see you are very happy girl… So how did it go?” Sonia asked anxiously
“it went perfectly fine… I have him now” I rejoiced
“That’s my girl!” Sonia smiled as we high five.
“Of course babe.. I didn’t hesitate to go ahead with my plans!” I said
“Good! Now you can be rest as-sured that he is never going to go to any Amaya girl” Sonia said as we jammed our glas-ses of br@ndy together.
Amaya’s Pov:
“I hope we don’t get into trouble with mother AY” Lucy said as we row the boat.
“I pray so too Lucy… But we really have to return the n£¢klace before mother finds out about this” I said
“For six years AY! Mother never found out so why now?” Lucy said
“Whatever Lucy! Let’s just say that I was lucky” I said
“Fine! Once we return the n£¢klace then we won’t do something like this ever” Lucy said as I nodded my head.
“OK sister!” I replied.
Few minutes later 🕒
We got to the sea shore.
I exhaled de-eply….
Anxiety almost ate me up.
“Let’s wait for sometime if we will see him” I said as Lucy rolled her eyes.
That sister of mine is really something.
We sat on the beach sand.
My heart kept beating so fast.
I hope mother wouldn’t find out about this.
She will definitely disown me.
And I will land Lucy in trouble.
We waited for closely one hour with no sight of him.
🕒 🕒
“Gosh! I can’t wait any longer Amaya” Lucy said angrily.
My heart skipped 💓
“Oh plea-se Lucy!” I begged as she shook her head in disagreement.
“I can’t afford to get into trouble” Lucy said
I gulped in nervousness…
Dear God!
plea-se make him show up 🙏🙏
I kept praying within myself.
We waited again for like thirty minutes and Lucy was bent on going.
I had no choice but to go with her.
Suddenly I stepped on something.
it was a picture.
I picked it up and g@sped.
Alexander… it was Alexander….
My jaw dropped in shock….