Amaya Episode 12&13

💄The girl in my imagination💄
🔷Episode 12🔷
❤Semi final
Lucy’s Pov:
My jaw dropped as mother walked into our ap@rtment.
Amaya and I bec@m£ gobsma-cked and afraid.
“Mother is this you?” I managed to ask
“How have you guys been?” Mother asked as we gulped in nervousness.
She walked up to me as goosebu-mps ran down my spine.
She landed a resounding sl@p on my cheeks….
I couldn’t say a word!
It has been 3 good years since we left the island.
Mother also walked closer to Amaya and sl@pped her twice.
But why twice?
Tears welled down her cheeks.
We were both too shocked to talk.
“Ungrateful br@t!” Mother shouted at Amaya directly.
“We are sorry mother” We said in unison.
“I knew it! I knew this was going to happen… After all I did for you Amaya, after how I nutured and cared for you like my own child” Mother cried pointing at Amaya.
Amaya and I stared at each other in confusion.
“What the hell are you saying mother?” I asked anxiously.
“I don’t un-derstand a thing mother” Amaya said as we exchanged glances.
“You ingrate…. You don’t have to un-derstand cos you never will” Mother said as we stared around confused.
Tears rushed down our cheeks….
“Mother what are you saying? I don’t believe you!” I cried bitterly.
Amaya tried to open her mouth but she couldn’t.
“I nursed you Amaya but you repay me with so much ungratefulness” mother said.
We were now all seated.
I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Mother are you trying to say that Amaya here is not my biological sister?” I asked in tears.
“No! No!! You are my real mom and Lucy is my sister” Amaya wailed bitterly.
“Shut the hell up! You advised my daughter to disobey me and leave the house for three good years all because of your selfish de-sires” Mother said.
“I can’t be adopted! I can’t be” Amaya cried.
“You are not even adopted Amaya cos if you are, it would have been better for you” Mother said with so much hatred.
“Is that why you have always hated me mother?” Amaya cried.
“You are nothing but a bastard…. Twenty six years ago…. I met this heartbroken lady, she was carrying a baby. She stood beside a bridge, she was set to dive into the sea with her child. I rushed to her and tried st©pping her but I couldn’t cos she alre-ady made up her mind. I pleaded with her, she only gave me her baby together with a hand bead. She told me to give it to the child when she comes of age…. She jumped off the bridge, that was how I got you” Mother said.
Tears didn’t st©p rushing down Amaya’s cheek…
I felt very sorry for her.
So this is the reason why mother doesn’t seem to love and care for Amaya like she does for me.
Mother quic-kly threw the hand bead on Amaya.
Who picked it up still heartbroken.
She rushed out of the house with so much bitterness.
I tried running after her but mother st©pped me.
“Get your filthy a*s here” She yelled at me.
Stephanie’s Pov:
I watched Nicole jump in excitement as Alexander agreed to come with us.
Few minutes later 🕒
Alexander was re-ady to leave with us…
“My goodness! Mom I forgot my c@m£ra 📷” Nicole screamed as he rushed back upstairs.
“Be quic-k” I said as he agreed.
He picked up the c@m£ra and headed downstairs.
But suddenly on the stairs, he sli-pped and rolled down the stairs.
With blood oozing out of his nose, mouth and broken head.
“Nicole…..” I cried in tears.
Amaya’s Pov:
Mother’s words kept resounding in my ears
I flagged down a cab and hopped in.
I was terribly feeling bad.
Tears kept running down my cheeks.
So all along I had no real family of my own and mother was only doing my real mom a favor.
Suddenly, the cab st©pped.
“What happened sir?” I asked
“I think it broke down madam” The cab driver said as I quic-kly got down from the taxi.
I kept walking up and down restlessly waiting as the cab driver fixed the car.
Just then, the hand bead fell from my hand and I bent over to pick it.
But someone alre-ady picked it up….
🔷Episode 13🔷
Amaya’s Pov:
I stared at the strange man in confusion.
He held the bead n£¢klace and looked at it like his life depends on it.
“Can I have my n£¢klace sir?” I asked as he sluggishly handed the n£¢klace to me.
“How did you get this miss?” He asked keenly
I glanced at him in so much confusion.
💭 Why is he so concerned about the bead n£¢klace? He is even wealthy judging from his attire… 💭 I thought as I rolled my eyes.
“Sir plea-se I don’t un-derstand… Why are you asking me where I got the n£¢klace?” I asked anxiously.
“Who gave you this? It looks really familiar or should I say it’s the same as the one I have in mind” He said
Tears welled down my chubby cheeks as I remembered that am actually all alone in this wicked world.
Like my foster mother said, my mom is long dead and gone and my dad is therefore a mystery to me.
“It’s from my mom” I said in tears
“Your mom? What’s her name?” He asked again.
“I don’t know sir! I never met her…. I was told she jumped off a bridge and handed me to a stranger” I cried.
He shook his head in pity as he quic-kly brou-ght out a bead n£¢klace from his bag.
I g@sped in shock.
They were the same kind of n£¢klace.
We looked at each other again in astonishment.
Stephanie’s Pov:
We walked up and down restlessly as Nicole was rushed to the emergency room.
All I did was cry and wail.
I just hope nothing bad happens to my son…. He’s the only reason why Alexander married me.
Suddenly, my cell phone rang aloud.
It was my friend Sonia.
I excused myself to take the call.
Alexander’s Pov:
I kept praying within myself.
Oh my dearest Nicole….
Just get better for daddy son….
Just then, the doctor c@m£ out of the emergency room and I rushed to him.
“Doctor how is my son?” I asked anxiously
“Well u see sir, he’s in a very critical condition…. He lost a lot of blood and a blood transfusion will be nee-ded” The doctor said
“Blood transfusion? Am his father so I can donate blood for him” I said as the doctor nodded.
“Yes sir! But first we have to run some tests on you before you can donate blood for him” The doctor said as I followed him and we walked away together.
“What are you waiting for doctor? Can’t I donate blood for my son or do you want him dead first?” I shouted at the doctor.
“Well Mr Smith! Am sorry to say this but your blood type doesn’t match his” The doctor said as my mouth p@rted in shock.
Many things were running throu-gh my mind.
I couldn’t think of anything.
“What do you mean doctor? How can my blood type not match with my son’s?” I scoffed in disbelief.
“Am sorry sir but I have to tell you the truth if your blood type doesn’t match his, it’s simply means that NICOLE SMITH IS NOT YOUR SON” The doctor said as tears flooded down my face.
“Nicole is not my son?” I thought in pain..
Stephanie’s Pov:
I walked into the ward and saw Alexander sitting quietly and backing me.
“How is our son doing?” I asked anxiously
“WHO IS NICOLE’S BIOLOGICAL FATHER?” He asked as he faced me with a teary look.
My jaw dropped….
Fear gr!pp£dme
“Did he find out the truth?” I asked myself.
“Uhmm… What… What are you talking… Talking about? Of course Nicole is your son” I stammered
He landed a resounding sl@p on my cheeks.
h0t tears dropped down my face.
The truth can never be hidden forever.
“He’s my son? Then why doesn’t his blood type match mine?” He asked in annoyance.
“am really sorry!” I said as I sat on the be-d heavily.
“So you cheated on me?” He fired.
I shook my head in disagreement still crying.
“No I never cheated on you” I cried
“So what is the explanation of this?” He said angrily
“I was actually pregnant for you but then I lost the baby so I had to lie to you that Nicole is your son because I don’t want to lose you… Nicole is adopted! He’s not our real child” I cried on my knees.
“What?” Alexander asked stunned.
He stared at me with so much hatred.
“You are nothing but a bloody liar! Get your good for nothing self outta my life” He said as he kicked me aside.
“Am going straight to your parent’s house, you are leaving my house for good with your lies” He screamed as he walked out of the ward.
I fell on the ha-rd floor weeping bitterly.
All my plans have been ruined…
I quic-kly rushed out with him.
Amaya’s Pov:
The strange man drove me into his very beautiful mansion.
My jaw dropped as I saw stared around in astonishment.
“Sir plea-se I don’t really want to stress you out with my problems” I said
“Don’t worry you are not a problem to me” He said as I gulped nervously.
We were about to enter the house when two cars drove into the compound.
I bec@m£ very scared.
The car doors opened and to my greatest surprise, it was ALEXANDER and STEPHANIE.
I g@sped in surprise.
“AMAYA” Both of them called in surprise as well.
The man bec@m£ confused.
The world is really a small world full of surprises.
We sat at the sitting room in silence.
So he happens to be Mr Williams… The almighty Mr Williams and Stephanie’s dad.
I was shocked to the bone marrow.
“What is this about n£¢klace daddy? Trash that $h!t! Let’s talk about important things” Stephanie said angrily
“And why the hell is that n£¢klace so important to you?” Mrs Williams asked
Just then, the door throw open and a very beautiful woman walked in.
Mr and Mrs Williams jumped up in shock.
“Veronica!” They shouted in fear.
“Don’t worry am not dead and will never be” She smiled.
I could see myself in her.
we looked so alike.
I was still in confusion.
Everyone was actually.
“You want to know why the n£¢klace is important to him? It’s because Amaya here is his daughter with me” The lady said and everyone.
And she began her story.
She happened to be Mr Williams girlfriend before his parents chose Mrs Williams for him because her parents were rich.
Before then, he gave the bead n£¢klace to her as a symbol of their love.
He dumped Veronica when she was pregnant.
He was unaware of the pregnancy.
Veronica gave birth and due to the untold suffering, she decided to end her life by jumping off a bridge.
But was rescued by a fisherman.
Veronica’s Pov:
“This is my story” I said in tears
“Mommy!….” Amaya called as I hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“So you are my sister?” Stephanie asked in tears.
I nodded my head.
Stephanie embr@ced Amaya as the wept in each others arms.
So did Williams and Amaya.
Mrs Williams rushed out in annoyance, she c@m£ out with her luggage.
“Am leaving this godforsaken house” She screamed.
“Mommy are you leaving me here?” Stephanie cried
“Of what use are you to me? I adopted you so that William won’t leave me but he just did so you are useless now” She pushed Stephanie aside and walked away.
Tears welled down Stephanie’s eyes as Williams hvgged her.
“How does it feel?” Alexander asked her.
“Awful…” Stephanie cried
She quic-kly picked up the divorce papers and signed them.
“You can now marry my sister.. Am sorry for all the pains I caused you guys” She pleaded
We group hvgged….
Just then, Nicole rushed in and Stephanie hvgged him.
Alexander knelt down in front of Amaya with a box of ring.
“Be my lady… 💍” He said as tears dropped down Amaya’s cheek.
She nodded her head in agreement.
“Yes Alexander!” She said as he sli-pped the ring throu-gh my f!ngers.
We cl@pped happily as they hvgged each other…