Amaya Episode 10 & 11

💄The girl in my imagination 💄
🔷Episode 10🔷
Alexander’s Pov:
It was Nina..
Why did she have to call now?
I stamped my feet angrily
I quic-kly picked up the phone.
📱 Hey Alex…. Have you booked for your suit!
📱Suit? What for?… I asked
📱My goodness bro! Don’t tell me you haven’t..
📱Suit for what?… I asked lost
📱For your wedding…. Grand wedding 💒
📱Wedding? Whose wedding if I may ask?
📱Your wedding!Don’t you know it’s taking place
My jaw dropped in shock 😳
📱What the…..
Words refused to come out of my mouth.
📱Don’t you know about this? She asked
📱I don’t… I said in annoyance
📱What? Mom has alre-ady organised everything…
📱Are you joking or something? I scoffed in disbelief
📱Am fu-cking serious… She said
📱d@t£ has been fixed and Stephanie’s tummy is protruding out very fast.
I closed my eyes in depression.
Oh God! Why me?😭
📱Alexander are you there?…. She asked
📱Yes… Am right here Nina! I managed to say
📱You have to be strong! I know you don’t love Stephanie but your seed grows in her.
📱When is the wedding taking place? I asked
📱You really mean that you don’t know?
📱Am not joking Nina… I said
📱Yikes! This is awful… Well it’s this Saturday.
📱What? How come mom never told me ?
📱I have no idea… I have to go now
📱Bye.. That was all I could say before I hung up.
The pills fell from my hand and I slumped on the be-d short of words.
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Can I bear being ap@rt from Amaya for eternity?
Hell no!
But I’ve got no choice…
I ran out of what to think….
I was still engrossed in my thoughts when my door open and mom rushed in with a smile.
I rolled my eyes at her.
She didn’t mind!
Am sure she’s super excited…
She have gotten what she wanted..
“Hello son!” She patted my hair
“What are you doing here?” I asked staring directly at the wall.
“Don’t be grumpy son… You are going to be a father soon” She chuckled.
I gave out a loud sigh.
“Whatever! You know I don’t want you to stress yourself out so am organizing your wedding with my dear Steph by myself” Mom said smiling.
“Mom what do you really gain?” I asked anxiously
“How do you mean?” She asked
“What do you gain in doing things that will make your child, your only son unhappy forever?” I asked
“Alexander you are my son and I will never do anything that won’t go in the favor of my son… Stephanie is an heiress and she’s the right one for you” Mom said
“Dammit mom! I fu-cking don’t love that lady” I yelled to the astonishment of my mom.
“You don’t love her but you got her pregnant?” Mom shouted back at me.
Tears streamed down my cheeks.
“Mom I don’t know how that happened… I can’t even remember any single thing that night” I said
“You have to take responsibility of her and the child” Mom said
“Mom can’t I just take responsibility of my baby alone?” I asked
“You do know how powerful and influential her father is right?” Mom asked and I nodded.
“Good! And you know your dad who would have face him is late too right?” Mom asked again.
“Yeah I know” I managed to say
“That’s good! Do you want her father to have you sued and to bring down our company?” Mom asked and I shook my head in disagreement.
“Then do the right thing” Mom said as she walked out of the room.
I bounced back on the be-d sulking.
Stephanie’s Pov:
I sat in front of the dressing mirror with smiles all over my face.
As the makeup artist applied makeups on my face.
I was still on a bathrobe.
“Oh my…. girlfriend you look absolutely stunning” Sonia said as I smiled excitedly.
“Thank you girl” I chuckled
I glanced at my wedding dress on the be-d and smiled.
Today is the happiest day of my life 🎊
Finally I am going to get married to my one and only love Alexander Smith.
The door throw open and my mom rushed in with a skrie-king scream.
“Oh my little baby girl is now a lady” Mommy said as she k!$$£d me.
“Mommy! I missed you” I said as we hvgged each other.
“Am so happy for you my princess” Dad said as I hvgged him too.
“Thank you daddy” I smiled broadly.
“And the tummy?” Mommy nudged me as I quic-kly covered my face with my palms shyly.
“Mommy…” I said childishly as she pe-cked my pink cheeks.
I was alre-ady blu-shing.
As I ran into her embr@ce again.
Mommy and daddy have been in the states for a long while away from me.
Am so happy they are attending my wedding.
Amaya’s Pov:
Lucy and I sneaked out of the house with our luggage.
We are so tired of living a secluded life.
And she was determined to help me get back my man.
We are finally going to live in the midst of people.
We saved up for this alre-ady.
Lucy paddled away from the island and we headed straight to the beach.
We got to the beach and got down with our bags.
The beach was quite empty.
Suddenly, I saw two ladies rushing out and something fell from their hand.
“What’s that?” Lucy asked as she quic-kly picked it up.
it was an invitation.
I snatched it from her hand and re-ad aloud :
🗣Alexander Smith 💍 Stephanie 🗣
I blinked my eyes in disbelief.
“Could it be my very own Alexander?” I asked myself.
“Let’s go to the venue Lucy” I said as we rushed along.
“Sir plea-se let us in” We pleaded
“Am sorry miss but you are not among the guests” The guards said going throu-gh the guest record on the l@pt©p.
“We really nee-d to get in” We begged
Lucy and I eyed each other as we pushed the guards and rushed in.
To my utmost surprise, I saw my Alexander’sl-ips glued with Stephanie’s.
As the priest said “You may k!ssthe bride”
Tears rolled down my cheeks..
“ALEXANDER…!!” I called in tears…
Episode 11
Amaya’s Pov:
h0t tears dropped down my face as Alexander quic-kly dis£ngaged the k!ss.
My eyes went straight to his left 4th f!nger…
I saw a ring fixed on it.
“I lost him” I said un-der my breath.
Everyone’s eyes were on us as Alexander walked towards me with tears in his eyes.
I quic-kly rushed out of the church with Lucy.
“Amaya…. Amaya wait!” He called as he ran after me.
Stephanie’s Pov:
What’s that good for nothing girl doing in my wedding day?
My eyes popped out as I saw the Amaya girl standing in front of the church with tears in her eyes.
She rushed out of the church and Alexander followed.
“Alexander! Alexander!!” I wailed but he didn’t listen to me.
I made to run after him but Sonia eyed me not to as she held me back.
“Have you forgotten that you are pregnant? Do you want the fake tummy you are wearing to fall off?” She whispered to me.
I gulped…
I quic-kly held my tummy like I was in pain as my mom and dad rushed to me followed by aunt Leah Alex’s mom.
“Calm down Steph” They consoled me as I screamed in pain.
Oh but thank goodness we alre-ady wedded.
“You know what Leah? You better talk to that stupid son of yours, I can’t bear to see anyone hurt my princess” My dad fired
“That son of yours should just pray ha-rd cos if anything bad happens to my daughter I will have him jailed for life” Mom added as they helped me up.
Alexander’s Pov:
I didn’t st©p running …
I kept following my Amaya.
We got to a sp©t, she st©pped with her sister.
“Stay away from me from henceforth Alex…” She said as she wiped her tears.
“I can’t do it Amaya… I really can’t” I cried and she scoffed still in tears.
“Oh really now? You can’t do it but you just got married” Amaya wailed.
“Amaya that wedding happened against my wish…” I said..
“You’re such a liar! Against your wish but she’s heavily pregnant and you are responsible” She shouted.
“Amaya! Let’s just go!” Lucy said.
“The pregnancy is still puzzle to me” I said
“Lying doesn’t suit you Alexandra! I can’t do anything anymore! I c@m£ here to work things out but I got the greatest shock of my life so I don’t want to ruin in anyone’s life the way you did to me with your lies” She cried
” I never lied to you Amaya! Every single thing I told you is really how I felt and still feel” I said
“Tell that to the birds Alexander…. It’s over now!! Congratulations and happy marriage to you” She said as she turned to leave but I held her wrist.
“Amaya plea-se believe me! I really love you so much….” I wept
“Nothing can be done about that” She said
“Don’t you love me too?” I asked anxiously
“I do love you Alexander but it can’t just work out anymore” She cried bitterly.
“No Amaya…. Something can still be done, let’s elope together Amaya” I said and she flin-ched.
“What? No way!! You have to take care of your new wife and your child” She shook her head in disagreement.
“But Amaya….” I cried
“No buts! Just go back to the wedding… Bye!” She said as she ran off with her sister.
I fell on my knees in tears as I watched them walk far away from my sight.
My heart was alre-ady shattered into pieces 💔
I felt so much hatred for Stephanie.
Stephanie’s Pov:
“I want chocolates mommy! I want apple!! I want candies mommy and lastly I want a car” Nicole my little son said
I bur-st into laughter.
“Are you serious Nick? You nee-d all this? Just because I told you that am going to the grocery sto-re doesn’t mean you should list all of that” I said
“But mommy you said I should list every thing I nee-d” Nicole scratched his head.
“Oh my smart little boy! Don’t worry I will definitely buy you the toy car you want” I said and he frowned.
“What is it baby?” I asked patting his hair.
“mommy I never said I wanted a toy car, of course I have a lot of toy cars” He said
“Maybe you want another br@nd right?” I asked.
“What the… No mommy! I want a real car!” He said boldly and I laughed so ha-rd .
“You are never going to kill me Nick! You want a real car?” I laughed as I k!$$£d his cheek.
He nodded with a smile.
“Don’t worry sweetheart you will get one someday OK?” I said as he smiled.
I held his hand and we walked towards the door but he st©pped.
“What’s the matter darling?” I asked
“Mommy isn’t daddy coming with us?” He asked and I gulped nervously.
“Well you see… He’s… Uhmm…. He… He is actually…” I stammered as he saw Alexander walk into the sitting room.
“Daddy!” He waved at him and Alexander smiled.
He only smiles to Nicole
For the past three years of our marriage, we’ve been living together like total strangers.
We ha-rd ly glance at each other and we don’t even sleep in one room.
His room is just decorated with Amaya’s pictures and am not even allowed in there.
So only Nicole can go in there.
We do not even eat in the same dinning.
It’s just from work to be-d and from be-d to work.
“Dude!” Alexander smiled at Nicole as they high five.
I avoided eye contact with him.
“Daddy come on join mommy and I let’s go shopping” Nicole said as our jaw dropped…
Amaya’s Pov:
“Amata can I get the list?” Lucy shouted as I exhaled de-eply.
“You are such a pin in the as-s Lucy” I said as she rolled her eyes.
Actually Lucy and I are working and we’ve got a house of our own though on rentage.
I handed the list to her and she went throu-gh it.
She was actually prepared to go to the grocery shop.
“You didn’t add custard?” She asked
“Oh sorry! I forgot!!” I said.
“Where’s the pen?” She asked
“Up stairs!” I replied as she walked upstairs
She was about to come downstairs when suddenly, she sprained her ankle on the stairs.
“Ouch…” She cried in pain
“Oh no! What do we do now?” I asked as I helped her sit.
“I can’t go to the grocery sto-re anymore! plea-se just go get the items yourself, my foot is hurting” she cried.
“Oh OK!” I said as I handed the balm to her.
Suddenly, I heard a loud knock on the door.
“I’ll get that!” I said as I opened the door and g@sped
“MOTHER…” I yelled in shock….