Amaya Episode 1

🎀 Amaya 🎀
💄The girl in my imagination💄
🔷Episode 01🔷
Alexander’s Pov:
I quic-kly picked up a pencil and started sketching….
She has pointed nose 👃
She has a very long hair….
Her h!ps are so wi-de and…. S-xy 😊
She’s really an epitome of beauty.
But where the hell is she?
Amaya… Where are you?
Thoughts kept running throu-gh my mind as I continued sketching her picture in the paper.
Though I don’t think she looks exactly the way I drew her.
Am not even sure…
I glanced at the wall clock…
It was 2pm.
I didn’t go to the office today.
I lied that I was not feeling too well but am actually feeling fine.
I quic-kly got up and k!$$£d the picture I drew.
“You are not my imagination Amaya… I know you really exist” I smiled.
I got into the bathroom and took a shower 🚿
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I hurriedly c@m£ out of the bathroom and wore my clothes.
And today am going to find her.
At the beach where she saved me.
I walked downstairs in my expensive attire….
And straight to the garage I hopped into my car and drove off holding the picture.
I looked straight into the sea as the strong wave kept rushing.
I watched the wave calm…
“Amaya plea-se come back! Come back so that I can prove to everyone that am not insane” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.
I really love Amaya and I wish she will just come to me.
I know you are confused and you are wondering what am talking about.
This is my story….
It was summer and I thought of going on a cruise.
For fun….
I got into the boat and rowed the boat in excitement.
It was so nice as the cool breeze b!ow all over my b©dy.
Suddenly, the wave bec@m£ strong…
I couldn’t row the boat anymore 🚣
I couldn’t control the boat… I fell into the sea as the boat turned upside down.
I fell right inside the sea 💧
When a soft, mild… Tender hands helped me up.
That was all I could remember.
Until I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful lady beside me.
She alre-ady helped me to the beach sand.
“Are you OK?” She asked as I stared at her pretty face.
I couldn’t see her clearly…. My vision was blurry.
“Who… are….are… you?” I managed to ask still looking at her.
“AMAYA…. I am Amaya..” She said as I heard voices from afar.
“Am Alexander….” I said as my head ached badly.
“Amaya let’s go home alre-ady… Mother won’t be happy if she hears that we’ve gone so far” A tiny voice said.
Amaya quic-kly got up and let go of my hands.
“I have to go Alexander…” She said and ran off.
Before I could gather strength to get up, I couldn’t see them anymore.
And it’s been six years ago but it feels like yesterday.
My cell phone rang aloud….
It was Stephanie.
I forgot to tell you…
My parents thinks am just imagining things whenever I talk about Amaya.
And Stephanie’s family happened to be a friend of my family.
So they wanted us to get married.
But I know who I want.
It’s no other person but Amaya.
I quic-kly hung up the call and switched my phone off.
I just wished I could see her again.
I took off my eye glas-ses and sat on the beach sand hoping for a miracle to happen.
Nina’s Pov:
“Goddammit! His phone is switched off mommy” I said as I scratched my head.
“Where could that h0t headed brother of yours be? What the hell is wrong with him?” Mom said as she throw the glas-s of wine she was holding.
“Mommy you have to calm down! Alexander is my elder brother and he’s not a toddler” I said
“Nina it’s 11pm alre-ady… I think we should inform the police about this” Mom said as she picked up her cell phone.
“Mommy that’s too early… It’s not up to 24 hours” I said as mom bur-st into tears.
“That brother of yours is going to give me hypertension” Mom said as I patted her hair.
The door throw open and Alexander c@m£ in.
He reeked of alcohol.
“My goodness Alexander… What is wrong with you?” Mom screamed as Alex coll@psed into her arms.
“AMAYA…” Were his last words before he pas-sed out….
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