Amaka the house help – episode 6

Amaka the house help


Daniel traveled home the next week cause his father was sick, living Lisa and amaka at home, Lisa decided to deal with amaka, and probably make her live the house on her own before Daniel arrives.
Amaka was lying down on the be-d one morning, the next thing she saw was Lisa, she was carrying a bucket full of water, amaka asked her.
Amaka: what are you doing with that?
Lisa: you want to know?
Amaka: yes (before she knew what was happening, she carried up the bucket and pour the water on her.)
Amaka: what was that for?!
Lisa: find Daniel and ask him b—h! (She left the room, amaka sat down on her be-d, wondering what she did wrong, this continued, sometimes she would lock her outside till it was 11pm, one day she went to Lisa and asked her)
Amaka: what did i do to you?
Lisa: what?
Amaka: why are you treating me like this?
Lisa: I’ll st©p treating you this way when you tell me your relationsh!pwith Daniel.
Amaka: what relationsh!p? I only work for him!
Lisa: you’re an obstacle in my relationsh!pwith him! Why does he favour you so much? Huh!, are you the first girl to work as someone’s househelp?
Amaka: what did i do wrong?
Lisa: live this house!
Amaka: am not living!
Lisa: you know i changed my mind this night, i didn’t want to lock you out this night but am sorry to tell you this, you’re slee-ping outside tonight!
Amaka: what?
Lisa: get out! (She pushed her and amaka didn’t fight back, she was pushed outside the gate and Lisa locked the gate and went in, few minutes after she went in, it started raining and she didn’t bother about it, amaka sle-pt outside that night and was soa-ked by the rain.
In the morning, Daniel drove home,once he reached his gate, he c@m£ down from his car cause Lisa wasn’t picking her calls, he turned and saw amaka sitting down beside the gate, he ran to her immediately and asked her.)
Daniel: why are you outside?
Amaka: Good morning sir.
Daniel: you look sick and… Did you sleep outside?!
Amaka: yes.
Daniel: in the rain? (She didn’t answer him again and slowly closed her eyes, she felt sick and weak, Daniel carried her inside his car and ban-ged on the gate till Lisa opened the gate……


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