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Allison’s dairy Episode 19 & 20

(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Allison’s POV✏
My brows narrowed at Jonas slurred words, even though it sounded low and almost gibberish, I caught the meaning and even got clarification when he repeated it but still I couldn’t be sure.
“Jonas, what’re you saying?” I asked, giving him a clueless look.
“Allison,” he took my palm In his and stared at me with a deep yet subtle look in his eyes. “Don’t hate me” he added coldly, pouting his l!ps.
“Jonas, I can’t ha-
His weight fell on my body and unaware, I gave a little stagger. I studied his face and he seemed to have fallen asleep.
Did he drink that much?
I picked up the bottle of vodka and realized that it was almost empty.
“Jonas?” I called, trying to balance his weight on mine. “Jonas, can you hear me? Wake up so I can take you to your room” I called but got no response. I sighed softly and made him stand then grabbed him by the waist before he could fall and we both ended up on the couch, with him on me.. My breath became heavy and I successfully stood up from under him and decided to just let him sleep on the couch.. There’s no way I can make it to his room, with him.
I stood up and arranged him well on the couch, resting his leg and head properly. I pulled off his shoes and brought his jacket closer to his body. My gaze subconsciously moved to his face and I felt a smile pulling up at my l!ps. And then the next minute, I found my head pushing downward to meet his but before it could collide, I got my s£nses and mentally slapped myself.
Was I just…?
I sighed wearily, gave him one more look and walked out of the house.
Earlier, before arriving home, I had seen a job vacancy post outside a coffee shop but I couldn’t check it out just yet because I was in a hurry to see Jonas and now that I have, I need to go check it out.
I made it out of the quiet surrounding and p@ssed across the busy street, getting to the store. I gave a stare to the placard for @ssurance, nodding in satisfaction, I went in and walked straight to a man I found behind a counter.
“Good evening, sir” I greeted and his attention came to me.
“Yes, how may I help you, young lady?” He asked.
“ name’s Allison and I came for the poster outside, I mean the vacancy-
“Oh, right!” He came out from behind the counter to meet me. “Alyssa, I’ll be back. This way, please” he said and I nodded, following him to a door.
“Drop your number with that guy that brought you here, you’ll get a call if you’re hired” the middle aged man, whose name I got to know as Scott and who happened to be the boss of the store, said.
“Okay sir” I said.
“That’s it, you can leave” he said.
“Okay, thank you very much” I said, stood up and walked out. Closing the door, I let out a long sigh. Left to me, I didn’t think I was impressive enough with the interview. Since I had no credential, he decided to interview me briefly and honestly, I never have felt so nervous in my entire life. It was my first time applying for a job and everything seemed new to me. At some point, I found my self stuttering while my f!ng£rs fumbled on each other.
I did a quick calculation in my head and equaled my chances of employment, it came out low. Even my interviewer didn’t look too impressed.
I went the guy, left Jonas telephone number with him and left the store, hitting the road back home.
I arrived and opened the door and the first thing I saw was Jonas still fast asleep on the couch, he was in a different position now.
I went in and fixed his feet well on the chair before going into the kitchen. Hungry, I rummaged through the refrigerator and took out an apple, munching it as I placed the kettle that had coffee on the g@s. I’d have cooked but I wasn’t a good cook, the day I tried cooking in my house; we ended up having fruits for dinner. Mom always concerned herself with the kitchen and since she had no problem with it, I didn’t bother visiting there to cook..
The coffee was ready and I threw the apple core into the waste bin before pouring the coffee into a mug, I grabbed a cup and walked out of the kitchen. I drew the coffee table a little closer and placed the mug on it.
I went to the sofa and sat on it, bringing my gaze to the television whose screen was blank. I stared at the dark screen then gave Jonas another glance; watching him sleep peacefully, I took my mind elsewhere and it landed on Jonas words before he p@ssed out. I rested my head on the head rest, spread out my legs and my eyes closed.
💓Jonas POV💓
I woke up with a heavy head and I sat up on the chair and my gaze dart around my sitting room and landed on Allison that was fast asleep on the couch.. I glanced at the small table, took the mug and poured myself some coffee, I drank it natural and felt a lot better. I rubbed my eyes and stood up, walking out of the living room, I made it to my room and picked up a duvet. I walked back to the sitting room and spread it on Allison, covering her well with the blanket and adjusting her body on the couch, she released a slight m0@n and stirred but continued sleeping.
I watched her innocent face. She looked so timid and innocent; she was that way too. It’s probably because she was an only child or because she spent most of her time around her parents and with no one else. She trusts easily and cares a lot. Even though she could be a little active and determined at some point, she still remains that timid girl and with how she’s living; I’m pretty sure she isn’t used to experiencing the harsh side of life.
I would never have thought being an orphan could be so sad and painful, living with Allison showed me just how painful it could be, but not to everyone and definitely not to me. I’m sure I’d have preferred being fatherless instead if I had my way; if my mom hadn’t lost her life if I hadn’t killed my father and maybe, just maybe I’d have felt a bit of remorse or sympathy if I hadn’t developed a cold heart but I doubt that, I’d say that day was the happiest day of my life.
I dart my gaze back to Allison’s face and raised the duvet to her neck.
✏Jonas POV✏
“Step on it, come-on!” He pushed my shoulder angrily forward and I forced myself to give a light stagger; anything more would s£nd my foot to the sharp bottle on the floor. Tears bit the corner of my eyes as I contained my anger, my fists curling tightly.
“If you were brave enough to stay out late and defy my warnings, then this shouldn’t be h@rd for you!” He yelled, touching my ears and giving it a tight squeeze. “Step on it before I make you, you fool!” He yelled.
“Roberto, please stop!” Mom cried and begged from inside the house, watching dad and I from the transparent door that led to the house; dad had locked it earlier to prevent her from coming out of it and stopping him from *punishing* me. “Please let the boy go, Roberto. He’s not well!”
“He would be by the time I’m done teaching him a lesson! Now, step on it!” He repeated and my teeth gritted. I stared at the pieces of broken bottle on the floor, dad had broken it for my so-called punishment and had taken my shoes away from me for spending an extra hour out than my curfew. There I stood under the moon, bare legged and angry.
My head gave a light pound, releasing pain. I shut my eyes as more anger stabbed through me. Everything was starting to make me sick and unconscious. He grabbed my hair, pinching it tightly and tears subconsciously fell from my eye. I opened my eyes.
“Fine!” I yelled, yanking his hand off my hair and staring at him in all epitome of anger. He gave me a dazzled expression and I lifted my foot and stepped on the bottle pieces, it pierced it almost immediately at every angle that it could meet and s£nt blood gushing from every spot.. The floor was soon surrounded in blood; my blood. I tried not to close my eyes, not to prove my weakness and let him have the joy he requires. I pursed my l!ps tightly, holding the cry that was close to choking me. I lifted the second foot and stepped on the bottle too, blood poured out more, tears fell but I made no attempt to wince or cry out. It was his weakness, when I didn’t express pain at his punishment.
With my eyes blazing red, I looked at him and he had a blank expression at me.
“Satisfied?” I let out the choke-filled word with a bit of mockery.
“You don’t get to talk to me like that, you brat!” He said and gave me a resounding slap at the back of my head, coupled with the earlier pain; I drove into an instant unconsciousness, mom’s wails and calls being the last sound I heard before it.
But the best part, or should I say the slightly good part or the fortunate part was that dad isn’t always like this, it’s just one of those days when his abnormality subconsciously sl!ps in. If you were me and you saw just his other side, you’d call him the best dad in the world especially around others. Mom calls him a disciplinarian and I guess it was just an act to not make him look that bad to me or she probably meant it but to me, he isn’t. He’s crazy and a maniac!.
I glanced at Allison and noticed her uncomfortable position on the chair, she might get aches when she wakes up. I gently took the duvet off and carried her in my arms, she suddenly felt heavy and I knew it was because of my state, she gave a light stir and then slept off with her head on my chest. I walked with her to my room and laid her carefully on the bed, letting her head land on the pillow. She m0@ned, tossed a little and was asleep again. I covered her up and went to the bathroom, feeling queasy; I crouch close to the toilet seat and threw up. I flushed, stood and stared at my face in the mirror, it was close to being a mess. I combed my hair with my f!ng£r to the back and moved to the tub to shower. After a thorough wash, I tied a towel and walked out.
I got to my room and felt relieved when I found Allison still asleep, I had feared that she might’ve woken up due to the sound.
I went into my closet and dressed into my warm pyjamas, I walked out and grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator, I gulped down half of it’s content and put it back. Going to the drawer, I grabbed a duvet and extra pillow and walked to the couch; I set the pillow and stretch on the couch, my head meeting the comfort of the pillow. My gaze dart to Allison and I stared at her sleeping face, it was too innocent and somehow I wished to share in it. As I entertained myself with watching her sleep, I got sleepy and eventually slept off.
💖Allison’s POV💖
I woke up the next morning to first, finding myself in Jonas room and on his bed and then to him, sleeping soundly on the couch. I sat up and stretched, remembering how I feel asleep while waiting for him to wake up. He must’ve woken up, found me asleep and brought me here. I’m such a deep sleeper! But I barely had a proper rest yesterday. A yawn subconsciously sl!pped through my l!ps and my stomach gave a heavy grumble, I quickly touched it, as if hoping it’d help in stopping it before Jonas hears it and wakes up. I gave him an awkward look and sighed in relief when I found him still asleep. I climbed down from the king-sized super comfy bed and carefully walked out of the room. I yawned as I found my way to the kitchen. Jonas will no doubt be very hungry when he wakes up, I should try to make something. Breakfast can’t be that h@rd though.
I went to the large refrigerator, opened it and searched for what I needed, I found some vegetables, eggs and bread, it looked fresh. I took them all and decided to make toast bread for breakfast, I’ve made it a couple of times back then for my family. I took out the chopboard and knife and set to work.
After readying the bread for toasting, I found a toasting machine that could fit four bread at the same time instead of the usual two. I fixed the bread into it and switched it on, letting it cook. As it did, I set the kettle on fire to make coffee. I heard footsteps behind me and turned to find Jonas walking into the kitchen.
“You’re awake! Good morning” I said, a bit nervously.
“Yeah, morning” he answered.
“ I thought you’d be hungry when you wake up, so I decided to make something for breakfast in your kitchen. I hope you don’t mind?” I asked.
“Do you really have to ask that, I’m totally used to not being alone” he said, walking into the kitchen fully and then to where I stood. “And no, I don’t mind at all” he said, giving me a small smile. “Let me help” he said and I nodded. Unknowingly or rather, shockingly, my palm moved to his forehead and felt it and I was more than relieved when I saw it was at room temperature.
“You’re not burning up and you look fine, that’s great!” I said and he nodded.
“I was so worried about you, yesterday” he said. Did he get drunk because of that? Just how worried did I make him??
“How’d the trip go?” He asked.
“It really wasn’t easy but I was able to succeed” I said with gladness.
“That’s good to know” he said, taking another bread and adding the mixture in-between. “And Anthony, what did he say?” He asked.
“He was glad, of course and he said that we had enough evidence now, although I had no idea what was in that envelope but he seemed pretty confident. It made me happy!” I said.
“That’s good then!” He said with a smile.
“Well, Anthony did seem kind of skeptical about you cos he told me not to trust you and he didn’t seem to be kidding” I said. “You both seem to have trust issues on each other even though you both obviously mean no harm,” I said and glanced at Jonas, he had a tight look. “But you’re my family now, how can I not trust you when you trusted me and was kind enough to take me in even though I was being chased by dangerous people that wanted to kill me” I added. “I’d have been dead if you hadn’t shown up and brought me here! To me, you’re family!”


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