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Allison’s dairy Episode 17 & 18

(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Allison’s POV✏
My body froze subconsciously and I could feel the fear spreading fast in my organs. In one swift move, I hung the portrait back in it’s former position, hearing the lock being fumbled with, I hurriedly climbed down from the chair and did the first thing that crossed my mind, I shifted far away from the door and quickly bent, raised my dress up and held both sides of my lace underwear, like I wanted to take it off. The door flung open In a swift move and I looked up, feigning shock. The able bodied guys; three in number all paused equally in surprise and I quickly drew my dress down and bashfully lowered my gaze.
“What was that about?” One of the guys asked and strangely, his voice sounded familiar. “And why did you lock the door?” He repeated, the coldness of his voice caused a slight shiver down my spine. Taking off his dark shades, I had a full view of his face. Those eyes that were somehow stored in my head, the eyes that held no emotion as he pulled the trigger on my parents..
“I..I thought I felt an insect in here,” I pointed towards my underwear “so, I locked the door to take it out, I was just about putting it back on and opening the door before you did” I said, trying to sound very convincing.
“An insect you say” he said, more like scoffed and I regretted looking up at his face, his dark eyes met mine and I couldn’t help clenching my fist as I didn’t tear my gaze from his, I couldn’t; it was as if I was murdering him through it.
He took a step towards me and I tried not to shake or feel intimated by his height.
Suddenly, he pulled out a silencer and the rest of them followed, I trembled and got alerted.
“P-please don’t shoot!” I said, raising both hand up in surrender.
“Search her!” He ordered and immediately, the other guys came to me and began searching. Fortunately, they didn’t touch my face nor take off my mask and they didn’t seem to have recognized me or suspected a thing. The search went on for minutes before they stepped back, shaking their heads negatively at the other guy.
“Yu can leave now, Roseanne. The CEO will be arriving early today, I s£nt you a text about it” he said.
“Oh.. I didn’t know” I said and grabbed the bucket. “I’ll head out now” I added and walked out of the office. Getting out, I released a long sigh, recalling that I had left the safe open..
What if they get it before I do?
I bit my lower l!p and found my way to the ladies. A part of me wanted to walk away and forget about completing my mission, it was more like a loose end already but a greater part, disagreed as the image of my parents murderers flashed through my mind..
There’s no way I’m leaving here without that evidence, I must bring them down no matter what!..
💖Jonas POV 💖
Anthony tapped his nails on the wooden table and my gaze couldn’t help but dart constantly to the phone close to his hand, praying it would light up with a call.
The uneasiness rose up like a bile to my throat and I gulped it down but it was too heavy to completely dilute.
I felt scared and something else that I hadn’t felt in a long while after my mom died.
I felt a sort of empty space.
It’s been an hour already and still no call from Allison. I couldn’t help but think about the possiblity that she had been caught. For someone who knows Gavin, I couldn’t help the fear.
What if she had been apprehended or if she’s in danger? If she was out she would have at least left a call or a text. Anything at all to know she was fine!
“What’s happening?” I asked Anthony, impatiently for the second time.
“I-I don’t know” he stammered.
“What do you mean you don’t know, you said she’d call!”
“Yes, she will if she gets out or needs @ssistance-
“Well, it’s over one hour already, how long can it take to open a safe and bring out some papers!” I asked.
“She’s probably trying to distract them”
“Distract them, for the past one hour?!”
“Can you just calm down?” Anthony fired.
“You s£nt a teenage girl to a place that could kill her and it’s been over an hour, yet no sign to know if she’s alive or not and you ask me to calm down?!” I rasped. “What if she’s in danger? Are we just going to stay here, calming down until forever?”
“Oh well, you sure do care about Allison more than I thought,” Anthony said, swivelling the chair to face me. “And if you’re that curious about her well-being right now, why don’t you just call Gavin and find out if he’s got her yet, Jonas McAllister?” He asked and I froze. Hotness rushing through my body as rage seeped in at the mention of that last name. Anthony smirked at me..
“How did you know that name?” I asked in anger.
“I just do and I know just enough about you, Jonas. I know you carry out Gavin’s dirty jobs too and that you’re no different from him!” He said and I gave him a blank tight look.. he took out a pistol that had a silencer and pointed it to me, deepening his smirk.
**Allison’s POV**
“You don’t have to worry, I’m fine. Please, inform Jonas too” I said. “I have to go now, Gavin should be around anytime soon, I have to finish up before he arrives” I added and hung the call.
I sl!pped the phone Into the bag and checked for the syringe and just as Anthony as @ssured, it was there. I balanced the bag well on my body and walked out of the restroom, I followed the exit and found my way in a brief narrow p@ssageway. I used it to the stairs and climbed until I got to Gavin’s office floor. I observed it and Carefully, I walked to the door and found the guard standing close to it. He gave me a deep frown and I smiled.
“What do you want?” He asked harshly.
“Sorry but I think I left my cellphone in there, I can’t find it in my bag” I said with a placating look. He gave me an angry stare before opening the door and walking in, I followed him in, holding the syringe inside my bag.
“Where is it?” He asked, scanning around the room.
“Oh.. um..there it is!” I pointed to a direction and the moment he glanced towards it, I pulled the syringe out and dug the needle into his back.
He p@ssed out the next moment and I quickly locked the door, climbed the chair, pulled the portrait down and took out the papers, all stacked in one file. I shut the safe and hung the portrait back on it’s spot, climbed down and walked to the guy, I injected him again with the antidote and without sparing another glance at the security guy, I unlocked the door and dashed out of it, I got into the elevator and it dropped me, I wasted no time in rushing out of the company.
✏Allison’s POV✏
I dashed out of the company, heading to the car when I bumped into someone in my hastiness. A purse fell and I hastily picked it up.
“Are you b-
“I’m sorry!” I cut off her harsh words, throwing her purse into her palm and only catching a quick glimpse of her face; I rushed to the car, I could see her still staring at me but I pushed it aside and started the car, driving out of the building.
Confirmed that I was miles away from the company, I released a heavy breath.
Reminiscing back at the company’s event, I hoped that security guy had woken up before anyone would seen him unconscious. Anthony had said, he’d be conscious the moment I give the antidote and will barely remember recent events; I hope it goes that way.
I stared at the big brown envelope on the p@ss£ngers side of the car and a smile tug at the corner of my l!p. Thinking about it now, I realized the risk I had taken, the dangerous extra measure I had embarked on to get that file. Truly, anger sure makes one lose their minds, I would never have gone that far if I was in my right state of mind.
I got to Anthony’s location and parked the car before picking up the envelope, looking around for suspicious movement and finding none; I made me way to the bushy path and to the doorstep. I put the pin and entered.
As I entered into the room, Anthony gave me a relieved look and I waved the envelope at his face, he smiled deeply and stood up.
“I knew you’d do it!” He squealed, taking the envelope from me. “Sorry about the troubles you had to go through”
I took off the mask
“I had to. I’m glad I did it too” I said, smiling. He opened the envelope and began perusing through it. I dart my gaze around the room.
“Where’s Jonas?” I asked and he looked up from the envelope, at me.
“He left” he replied.
“Left?” I repeated and he nodded. “He must’ve been too worried about me,” I sighed “I have to go now, Anthony” I said.
“Allison?” He called before I could take off the cloth.
“Yes?” I answered.
“Jonas; be careful of him. I know you trust him cos he saved and helped you but, you shouldn’t get too close to him” he said.
“What’re you talking about?” I asked, my brows curved in a confused position.
“I’m just saying you should be more careful. In this, we can’t trust anyone more than ourselves” he said.
“Ah, I get it.. You’re scared Jonas might be a traitor?” I asked. “Trust me, Anthony. He isn’t. I’ve lived long enough with him and I know him more than you do, he want Gavin brought to Justice as much as we do” I @ssured, waving off his words as I took the dress off ; revealing another beneath. I began loos£ning ny hair.
“Allison, I just want you to be careful. It’s wrong to trust a stranger completely, you barely know this Jonas guy”
“Okay okay, I get it. I’ll be careful, don’t worry” I said. “And that reminds me, yesterday, I heard your doctor brother talk about a surgery you were supposed to be preparing for, what is that about?” I asked.
“Oh..I was preparing for surgery before I got your call and when I found out it was you; I knew I had to handle this issue first before anything else. I’ll just go on with it when this is over and the right people are in jail” he said, sounding so confident.
“Oh.. I see. So is there anything else I have to do?” I asked.
“None that I can think of now. Well, except preparing to speak as a witness and victim in court, of course. There’s enough evidence to bring him to court” he said, relaxing into the chair.
I sighed in relief “that’s great. Don’t forget to call me if anything else comes up” I said and he nodded. He took out a smaller envelope from a drawer.
“Here, use this for your transport” he said, stretching the envelope to me. I took it.
“Thank you,” I said.
“I should be the one thanking you, you did a lot” he said. “Thank you” he said.
“I’m only doing everything for my parent, so it’s fine” I said and he nodded.
“Alright, I’m leaving now” I said.
“Okay. Be safe, okay?” He said and I nodded.
I walked out of the room and began my journey home, taking a bus heading straight to the town where Jonas house was located.
💎Jonas POV💎
With shaky hand, I stretch my palm towards the bottle of vodka, took a hold of it and took a greedy gulp at it, ignoring the itch at my throat, I grabbed my phone; my sight starting to get blurry.
I turned it on and checked the time, it was almost past noon and Allison isn’t home yet. Did Anthony tell her the truth already and she decided to keep off?
Is she probably on her way to the station to get the cops on me or could Gavin had caught her instead?
I took another sip from the vodka; will she hate me now?
I took the vodka and placed my head on the table; as it was starting to get too heavy for my neck to carry, my sight was almost completely blur and I blinked, my thought moved back to Anthony’s words.
Anthony pointed the gun towards my head and stood up, taking a step towards me.
“How long do you plan to keep it away from her?” He asked.
“Do you plan on killing me?” I asked.
“Killing you?” He repeated. “No”
“Then are you going to tell her?”
I studied the gun, I could grasp it from him if I wanted to.
“I won’t burst your bubble just yet, Jonas and that’s because I know you can’t hurt Allison just yet. The way you defend and protect her, your eagerness to enter the danger zone for her, even the fact that you saved her life and housed her; I know you feel something more complex than care for her,” he said. “I’ve been studying you right from the moment you stepped into this place,” he added, lowering the gun. “But we’re human, and our feelings seem to change anytime, yours and mine inclusive. I might decide to burst your bubble anytime and you might hurt her too, anytime but you’ll still be the one losing anyways. You know Gavin won’t let you live once he finds out that you kept her alive,” he said and let out a slight chuckle. “It’s complicated for you now” he scoffed and my palm curled to tight fists at my side. I gave him a h@rd look and walked out of the building, anger racing down my body.
**End of flashback**
“Jonas?” My head snapped up from the table and I almost fell but Allison was quick to hold me. “Are you drunk?” She asked and I held her close and checked her face, expecting to see the anger flashing from her eyes but it was calm.
Is my sight deceiving me or is it the alcohol.
“A-Allison?” I called, my voice coming out cold.
“It’s me, Jonas. Why are you drunk?” She asked, touching my face.
“I was…waiting” I slurred.
“I know, I’m sorry but I’m here now and I’m fine” she said.
“Allison..I have to tell you something?” I said, trying to steady my voice. “I used to work for Gavin” I said, before checking her face for her expression.
“What?,” she said. “Jonas, you’re drunk” she stated.
“No, I’m serious,” I said. “I work for Gavin too!”
Her brows narrowed deeply as her face bore a sour expression.


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