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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Age doesn’t matter Episode 9 & 10

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IT WAS SUNDAY afternoon, I was at home doing nothing but watching TV and stuffing my face in food. My mom was at home, but she’s asleep

Well that’s what I thought when a knock came in at our front door.

And I saw my mom walking across the living room to get it.


“Hi a very good afternoon to you ma’am!” I heard a very familiar voice and I found myself rushing to the door.


“Neil?” I said when I got there.

“Oh hi Elsa.” he smiled from the door.

“HI… What are you doing here?” I asked.

He smiled “Oh I had to meet someone around this neighborhood and I decided to stop by and say hi, I’m leaving anyways”.

“Leaving? Come in please!” my mom chimed in.

“No, no need I’ll be leaving soon!” Neil persuaded.

“But still…

“Mom, He said he’s leaving soon.” I interrupted and Neil’s eyes turned to me.

I quickly analyzed what I was wearing, and my outfit wasn’t appealing at all.

But it’s just Neil.


“So I’ll leave you two alone.” My mom said and did as she said.

“So…” Neil smiled. “You mom thinks I’m staying, I just came to say hi”.

“Yeah I know that!” I smiled.

We both remained quiet until he said “Well I’ve seen you, we’ve both seen each other, I’ll also be

seeing you tomorrow!” He stated and I nodded. “Yep!”

“Okay then,” He said and made it out of my porch waving happily to me.

I waved back and slowly close the door.

I got back to where I was before and continued with the movie was I watching.



It was nighttime,

I was drying my hair with my hair dryer when I received a message from Neil.

I carefully dropped the dryer and picked up my phone to see what the message was talking about.


*I’ll come pick you up at eight in the morning for my graduation ceremony*.


*Okay! I’ll be waiting* I texted back.


I continued with my hair and when it was dry, I found myself on my bed ready to sleep when another message came in on my phone.




“Who the hell is this?” I squeezed my face as I tried to think whose phone number it might be .


*Who is This?* I asked.

And suddenly had one person in mind.

Could it be Jason? I thought!.


*Your best friend from high school… Mary* The person replied, Mary, I had no best friend or friend named Mary, who the hell is this sham.

*Is this you Jason?* I texted. I knew it was him but I had to be sure.

*Who is this Jason you speak of, it’s me mary* the person replied.

I knew it was Jason.

*I know it’s you Jason!* I texted and added some sentences to the sent text. *Happy birthday though, three hours until your birthday, so I’m actually first to wish you*.

*Thanks* The person replied.

*Oh wow Mary,

I didn’t know your birthday was tomorrow too, I was actually about to send that message to someone else I didn’t know you’d reply me thanks* I wrote and let out a small giggle when the message wrote sent and seen.

He thinks he’s smart.


*Okay I can’t do this! It’s me Jason!* He surrendered.

*I know* I replied.

*Okay can I call?* he asked.

*Sure!* I replied and in about three seconds my phone starts to vibrate and the same number was at the top of my screen.


I placed the phone on my ear “You have the guts calling your teacher by this time of the day!” I said into the phone.

“But you said I could call!” His phone replied.

“I said that doesn’t mean I want you to really call me!” I basted.

“Okay, but I’m not going to hang up, so that’s that!” he said, his usual rude way.

“Okay what do you want?” I asked.

“Nothing actually, but I just wanted to know if you’re preparing for your boyfriend’s graduation ceremony” Jason asked scornfully.

I sighed. “Did you call to them me that?”

“Yeah, of course, why else will I ca-

I cut the call before he could say another word and shoved my phone under my pillow.

I felt my phone vibrate, followed by it’s message tone, but I ignored it and drifted to sleep.



“Hon… Elsa, El, dear, honey, baby, wake up!” I heard my mom’s voice said and I slowly opened my eyes to see my mom’s face above mine.


“Hmm?” I was confused.


“Yeah, so you need to get your butt up, Neil has been waiting for you, I think for the past thirty seconds!” My mom said and I gasped and sat up.

“But he said he won’t be here until 8:00pm to pick me up!” I said.

“Well it’s eight minutes past eight!” my mom said and I found myself running out of the bed and immediately into my bathroom.


“Okay honey, make sure to lock the door before you leave!” my mom yelled while I was taking a shower.

“Okay!” I yelled back.


After bathing, I scanned my closet and picked one of my nice dresses, well it’s nice but not pretty, well at least it’s still okay!.

I put on the dress and a pair of flats, I let my hair down and made it to the living room where Neil was waiting.


“I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting!” I apologized.

“No it’s okay!” He said standing up.

“Okay so we can leave now!” I said and he nodded.


I made sure I locked the door before following Neil to his car. He got the door for me this time and I got in.

We both hit the road and had a brief conversation, it didn’t take long before we got to our destination.

I got down from Neil’s car and the big beautiful building in front of my eyes with the name St. Steve college made me gasp.

It was beautiful and made it kind of made me nervous, I really want to go to college so bad.


Hundreds of people people filled the whole place, all ages, families and friends.

“Oh here you are Neil!” I heard a voice behind Neil and I, and I turned to see Neil’s mom and dad. “Yeah, and mom remember Elsa!” Neil smiled.

His mom turned to me. “The Elsa?” she asked and Neil nodded shly.

“Oh my God, Elsa it’s so good to see you, again!” his mom said giving me a hug.

“Nice to see you too” I smiled.


The ceremony didn’t actually take the whole day like I expected and actually when each and every graduating student came out on the school podium to give a short speech, I almost cried, cause I felt and wished I was one of them, some talked about how it has been hard for them but they’re glad they’re graduating.

I congratulated Neil as he drove me home and he thanked me.

I was actually very tired and I couldn’t wait to go home.

When I got home Neil said he had to run cause it was four thirty and his family told him they all had something in store for him, so he left and I walked into my house.

I threw my purse on my bed and stretched my hand way down my back and unzipped my dress. I sat on my hand mistakenly pressed my phone, tapping the message app.

It opened and I saw Jason’s message from last night still in ‘unread’.

I opened the message and saw what he wrote.

*Still… Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday three hours before my birthday, at least you’re the first and it covers your presence in my party*


I dropped my phone and sighed. Now I’m feeling bad.

I stretched my hand all the way down to my back and zipped my dress back up.

I stood up, packed my hair up, grabbed my purse and left the house… Again.


The normal thirty minutes drive to the Huggins residence wasn’t thirty minutes again but fifty minutes because of the traffic.


I got to the Huggins residence… Finally,


I pressed the doorbell several times but no one answered, I was getting frustrated, but I could understand the situation cause the music from coming from inside was very loud.


“What the hell did you think coming to a birthday party full of freaky teenagers” my subconscious reminded and I rolled my eyes and groaned.

I just wanted to be a nice teacher and attend my student birthday party.


The door finally opened after a long wait and I saw a young fine teenage brunette with brown hair and brown eyes.

“You must be Jason’s friend right, come on in!” she grinned, I didn’t have the strength to explain who I was, so I just nodded and walked.

The house was filled with teenagers and unfamiliar faces like I expected.

I didn’t even know what direction to walk to. Tall boys covered the whole room and skinny girls danced around the whole place, all of them wearing skimpy dresses.

I actually made it under the stairs which seemed less occupied and I looked around the whole room again and asked myself why I came.

I climbed the stairs and made it to the top, since everyone was glued to each other down the stairs, I made it to top of the stairs where seemed empty.


Someone touched me and I flinched and turned.

“Oh my God, calm down!” Mrs Huggins laughed.

“Yeah, sorry, I’m still amazed by the amount of people here!” I yelled over the music.

“Yeah I didn’t know Jason had a lot of friends until now, they started the party two hours ago and I think they’re going to bring down the roof soon!” Mrs Huggins said adjusting her expensive looking robe to cover her chest, which I eyed several times, it was just so… Rich.

“I love how they party, it makes me think of my days!” Mrs Huggins smiled.

“I don’t!” I said, in a way she wouldn’t hear it and the music covered it anyways.


I looked down at the crowd and at the centre was Jason, dressed in all black and wearing a golden sash that says ‘Birthday boy’. He looked happy as he talked to his friends about something, He and his friends laughed and pointed to a girl who was dancing like it was her birthday.


Jason looked up and his eyes met mine. He looked surprised but he smiled.

I waved and mouthed “Happy birthday” to him.


“But I am so glad you could make it Elsa” Mrs Huggins said dragging my attention from Jason to her.

“Yeah, well I am glad you’re glad I’m here” I smiled and she gave me a brief side hug and walked away.


I turned to the crowd but couldn’t find Jason, standing where he was standing before.

And then I turned to see him walking up the stairs towards me.

AGE DOESN’T 🙅‍♀️ 🙅‍♂️







I turned to the crowd but couldn’t find Jason, standing where he was standing before.

And then I turned to see him walking up the stairs towards me.


“So you finally showed up!” Jason said as he got to me.

“I’d look bad if I miss it and now I’m kind of regretting why am here!” I sighed.

“Why?” he asked.

“Look at your girlfriends and look at me.” I said and gesture my hand around referring to girls I’m skimpy dresses.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with them and what’s wrong with you!” Jason asked.

“I mean, are we in the same league?” I rolled my eyes.

“No, but you’re kinda here so… oh and I forgot to ask, how was your boyfriend graduation ceremony?” Jason asked.

I sighed. “It was awesome and again he’s not my boyfriend!”

“Yeah that’s what you all say and then the next minute you and the person who you’re referring to as not my boyfriend is actually in a corner with you giving you raw smooches!” Jason laughed and I turned to him.

“What?” he asked holding my gaze.

“Don’t let me cuss you on your birthday!” I threatened.

“Cusses on my birthday not allowed! And I know you’re the queen of cusses” He smiled.


A girl came running up the stairs and towards us.

She looked tired and her tight disco looking dress hugged her body like it can never be removed.

“What are you doing here Jason! Your cake will be here soon, and you know you have to cut it come on!” she said and pulled Jason’s hand and start to drag him down the stairs.

Jason turned to me. “come on Elsa!” he said with gestures.

I sighed and made it down the stairs, trailing behind Jason and his girlfriend I think. Cause they look like they’re probably dating.


The music stopped playing and I almost yelled ‘Thank goodness’ but I didn’t, cause I didn’t want to Recieve awkward stares.


The lights in the living room went out and the girl who came to call Jason, his girlfriend, started to walk out of the kitchen with a big round cake that had a single candle at the top and her tiny voice starts to sing the happy birthday song.

Wow such loving girlfriend.

Everyone joined the chorus and the lights slowly came back on and I saw Jason’s face holding the most exciting grin ever.

He watched as his girlfriend slowly carried the cake closer to him still singing the song.

When she got to him everyone stopped singing and she said, “Happy birthday Jay Jay.”

Jay Jay? It was cute it made me smile.


“Now blow out the candle and make a wish!” His girlfriend ordered.

“I know that!” Jason said with an eye roll and closed his eyes briefly before bowing out the candle.

Such attitude with such a pretty face.

Everyone clapped and the girl dropped the cake on the table in front of them and used a smile knife beside the table to cut a slice of cake for Jason.

“Now” she said, placing the piece of cake In a plate in Jason’s hand and giving him a fork.


She started, “Okay now Jason, You will make a toast to anything or anyone according to the bites of this piece of cake.!” His girlfriend explained and he nodded with a smile.


Everyone watched as Jason grabbed a small piece of the red velvet cake with his fork and raised it up.

And with his loud deep voice he said. “Okay this bite is for my Mom, she’s the best, she’s the sweetest I love her and that’s just that!” Jason said and shoved the cake in his mouth making everyone yell and clap happily, I suddenly saw everyone looking up the stairs still clapping and I saw miss Huggins waving and smiling happily as they chanted her name, she smiled at her son.

Well Jason’s really sweet, dedicating his first bite to his mom.


The noise died down and everyone turned back to Jason, waiting for his second bite probably till the last bite. Jason stabbed the cake for his second bite and raised it up.


“This second bite is for my two best buddy Simon and Donald, they’re both crazy, but I love them either ways!” Jason said and I think that’s Simon and Donald cause they both rushed him to give him a playfully punch for calling them crazy, and everyone laughed at their childishness.

Jason raised his third bite up and everyone quiet down, I think the last piece on the plate would be his last bite. “This third bite actually is for, you Krystal” He said to his girlfriend and everyone said the “Ohhhhhhhhhh” teasingly in unison, and I laughed cause it was funny and Jason kind of felt flushed when that happened.


The Krystal of a girl couldn’t help her smile as Jason said. “You’ve always been there for me and I don’t know how to thank you enough!”

“Thank her with a kiss!” one of Jason’s friend said and Jason stoned him a glare.


Everyone laughed and clapped at the same time and Krystal couldn’t help but blush at that. How sweet. Teenage love.

Jason should be quick, I’m actually feeling sleepy and would like to go home.


Jason raised the last bite on his fork and dropped the cake plate.

And he began. “And for this last bite” He looked around for a while and when his eyes met mine and then he smiled.

“This last bite Is for my teacher, miss Elsa” Jason said and everyone followed his eyes and turned to me…

Oh okay!…

“She’s really moody, she cusses me all the time, she calls me a butt head once, slapped the back of my head, reprimanded me a lot of times.” Jason said and everyone giggled as they looked back forth at Jason and I… Okay Jason’s actually making me look bad. Well I did all that too him, but he had his bide sides too!

Jason continued anyway. “But she’s the best, best teacher I’ve ever known, she’s very smart, helped me a lot and believe me when I say she’s very hot! And we love her”

I shut my my eyes and opened them back up.

Jason is such a dumb head.

Everyone clapped and cheered for me as Jason took the cake in his mouth.

The music came back on and everyone starts to dance to their happiness and I walked away to the kitchen where they kept the drink.

I took a bottle and walked away from the teenage crowd and to Jason’s room which was quiet and empty.

I sniffed the drink as I opened it and Immediately I knew the alcohol in it would be so much. But its okay I am able to hold my liquor.


I took one sip from the alcohol and I almost spit it back, it tasted horrible and it burned my throat and chest, I dropped the bottle and shook my head Negatively. Nope I’m not drinking that.

I stayed quiet in the room and wrapped my long skirt around my leg, enjoying the warmth of the room.

I was getting bored and sleepy at the same time, and so I decided to lay my head down on the desk and when I did lay my head down, I didn’t know when I fell asleep.





I was honestly having the best time of my life,

I’ve had birthday parties like this every year, but this seems to be one of a kind, it was just different from others, maybe because we’re all growing up I guess.

It was nighttime and the house had become even more fuller, and I didn’t know when I had made so many friends like this.

I walked away from the dancing arena after partying with my friend and over to the counter full of drinks, to have at least one sip of the amazing and different alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks I’ve been eyeing from the dance floor.


I raised a glass and as I filled the glass with drink, someone tapped me from the shoulder making me turn. It was my friend Simon.

“Oh Simon what are you doing here, I thought you were at the dance floor.!” I yelled over the music.

“I can’t possibly stand and watch my best friend have fun with drinks without me!” he replied shoving his cup closer to me for me to fill it up.

“Okay so I don’t know if you know this, but I think Krystal has a crush on you, I’m talking about massive crush here dude.” Simon said making me glance at Krystal.

Well Krystal is sweet we’ve come a long way as friends and she’s really caring and has got my back all the time.


“Well I know that!” I shrugged at Simon as I filled his cup.

“You do! Well do something about it!” Simon yelled.

“Do what? About what? She has a crush on me that’s her problem I don’t have to do anything about it, Krystal is sweet and all but I don’t like her!” I said sincerely. And that was the truth.

“Wow bro that’s harsh! And look at everyone thinking Krystal is your girlfriend, cause you guys looked great standing together” Simon said.

“Thanks but no!” I smiled and took a big sip out of my drink before walking, I removed the golden sash my friends made me wear and threw it on the couch.

I looked around and paused, it’s been almost two hours and I haven’t seen Elsa.

Has she left? I thought! As I walked around the whole living room and finally made it up the stairs.

I walked passed the hallway and somehow I just felt like I should check my room and when I opened the door to my room and walked in, I found Elsa sitting comfortably on the chair behind my study desk and her head carefully placed in between her curved hands on the desk. As I got closer I saw that she was fast asleep and beside her head was a bottle of alcoholic drink that wasn’t looking friendly.

According to the bottle and how filled it was, she didn’t take much!.


So she came all the way here, to my eighteenth birthday party, to fall asleep.


I gently called her name and tapped her on the shoulder twice and immediately her eyes fluttered open.

Okay she’s a light sleeper that’s nice.


“Jason?” she called as she sat up. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Uhh,” I looked around. “This is my room!”


She looked around too. “Oh I am very sorry” she apologized. Okay I think that will be the first time she will be apologizing.

“No its okay, you seemed pretty deep in your sleep, so I woke up uo and wanted to let you know that you can totally crash on my bed if you’re really tired!” I said she sighed rolling her Hazel eyes.

“I didn’t plan to fall asleep when I came, looks like I was really bored to death!” she ranted.

“No kidding, and you decided to finish all that alcohol yourself?” I scoffed pointing to the bottle.

“Yeah, I did and don’t worry I can hold my alcohol pretty well” She said standing up.

She almost lost her balance when she stood up but she sat down again…

“I’m really worn out!” she sighed.

Worn out?

I laughed.


“Okay sorry for that, so do you mind, if we both share the drink?” I asked.

“Aren’t you supposed to downstairs jubilating with your friends, I mean it’s your birthday! And there are more of where this drink came from I bet!”.

“Don’t you get the fact that I’m trying to keep you company since you’ve been bored!” I sighed.

“Well that’s nice” she nodded. “But I don’t think I can stay and have a drink, it’s late!”.

“Late? Seriously? It’s not! Just one stupid drink!” I huffed.

“Okay fine, get the cups let’s get this drink over with.” She gestured with her hands and I walked to the cabinet beside my bed and took two glass cups.


“And don’t pour too much drink on your cup, the day is not over yet so you’re not completely eighteen!” she ordered making me laugh…

I did as she said, well she’s the boss! She’s older I know that, but she doesn’t act… No scratch that she acts older, way than her age but she doesn’t look older at all. And all my friends kept asking if she was really a teacher.

I think she’s around twenty one or two. I’m not very sure.





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