Age doesn’t matter Episode 5 & 6

“So your address will be pretty helpful right now” Neil said as he opened the car door for me and I walked in.
He made a turn to the other side of the car and got in the driver’s seat.
“Well my address is still the same.” I tell him as he got inside the car. He knows where I lives, he had followed me home once, we were both leaders of the student council back then in high school, though I was in grade eleven, I was still made president there. Neil had followed me home that day since the matters in our hand got too much, and we had to take it home.
“Really?” He smiled.
“Yep” I replied, what made him think I moved.
“Okay well that’s great!” He said and before I knew it we were on the road.
“So what were you doing out there?” Neil asked.
“Like I said earlier I was waiting for the bus.” I replied.
He laughed “Yeah I know, that is the bus st©p anyways, I meant to say, why were you waiting for this, are you coming from somewhere?”
“Oh… Yeah, yes I was coming back from work.” I said clutching my handbag.
“Oh! Really, you work till this late?” he asked.
“It’s a new job and it’s not that late.!”
“What? It’s late it’s 8:45pm!” he exclaimed.
“That’s because I missed the first bus and the second one took too long today” I explained.
“Oh okay, but I still think it’s pretty late!” Neil said and I sighed, “If you think so, and you should be glad I’m late cause we wouldn’t have met each other if I didn’t miss the bus.”
Neil smiled. “You’re right, we wouldn’t, I mean I was just driving, I was so focused on the road, but I don’t know why, but I decided to look at the people waiting at the bus terminal, and un-der the lights, there you were, sitting on the waiting bench looking like Elsa, I was shocked at first doubting it wasn’t you, but then you sighed and looked at my car ma-king me see your face even clearly and I couldn’t believe my eyes”.
“Well that’s good to hear” I said.
“So you said you just started the job, so can I ask what kind of job it is?”
Neil and questions.
“I teach!” I said plainly.
“Really? Wow!” he smiled.
“Is it like a pri-vate tutor or you teach a whole-
“A pri-vate tutor!” I cut him off.
“Wow that is pretty nice!” Neil blurted and I smiled.
“So how about you what do you do?” it’s time for my questions.
“Oh” he smiled. “I help my dad run one of his small firm now!”
Small firm.?? Is he crazy.! His dad own one of the biggest cosmetics industry and other firms too which I can’t even consider as small. And look at Neil calling it small.
“Wow!” I smiled.
His life is so great.
“So.? Are you in college?” I asked.
“Oh, college, I’m actually going to be graduating next week! My graduation p@rty is on the line!” he explained.
Oh wow!
I’m jealous, I haven’t even smell the C in college nevertheless graduating.
Neil is financially stable and working with his dad now, done with college. Wow.
“Oh that’s good!” I giggled.
“How about you, are you in college?” He asked.
I hesitated “I am… not” I said and he glanced at me.
“What? Why?”
“Well just… Because of some personal reasons.” I sighed, I can’t tell him I’m not financially stable yet for college.
“Oh okay!” he breathed out and we both remained quiet
He starts to ask me about other things that’s not related to my personal life though.
We both looked around and talked things we saw on our way and then it led to another subject and then another subject related to our high school days.
Finally Neil got in front of my house and I knew he wanted to get the door for me but I beat him to it. He smiled nervously as he got to me seeing I got the door myself.
“Okay Neil, thank you” I said, actually out of words.
“It’s no problem i am so glad I ran into you today, it’s been four years now and I have lost all contact with you, I thick Rick told me you moved, he said he once saw another family coming out from your house one day and since that day I as-sumed you moved, and forgot about me. But I’m glad you’re still here!” He grinned and I laughed thinking about the p@rt where he said, another family coming out from my house.
“Nope we are here to stay and not re-ady to leave anytime soon,” I giggled.
“Well that’s great news!” Neil smiled.
“Okay then, I’ll be leaving now” I sighed.
“Before you go, can I get your contact, the first one is no more!” He laughed nervously.
“Oh yeah, my phone got stolen” I replied and took his phone from him, which he gladly handed out, I typed in my number and gave it to me.
“Okay thanks, at least we’ll be keeping in t©uçh.” he smiled and I nodded.
“Okay good night Elsa, have a sweet night!” he said as he opened the car door and got in.
“You too” And with a small wave I gave him, I saw his car driving out of the yard.
I la-id on my be-d and sighed heavily, oh Neil. Sweet as always.
I remembered when I used to crush on him back then, I think he noticed or I’m not sure, but that was then.
I got up from my be-d and lazily went to take a h0t bath.
My dad and I had dinner again that night and my mom alre-ady fell asleep early again. So which made my dad and I ate dinner together again.
That night as I dressed my be-d I revieved a call. And it was Neil, he said he just called to tell me one more good night.
And honestly that was nice of him, I enjoyed his voice throu-gh the phone.
That night I sle-pt soundly like a baby and I know it sounds weird but I kept hearing Neil’s voice saying good night
The next day, I did my morning routine and found myself watching TV and I think the movie I was watch was so boring, I fell asleep.
Thankfully I woke up in time to get re-ady for my job and by three, I found myself at the hvggins residence.
Getting used to this house alre-ady.
I walked in the living room and I heard Mrs hvggins sweet voice called out to my name and I turned to her to pour out my greetings.
She told me Jason was in his room and asked me about the lesson, I told her it was going great and how Jason has been listening and doing better, even far more than better.
I got to Jason’s room and I found him seated behind the desk and pla-ying with his phone.
“Hey Jason.” I called for his attention when I closed his door.
“You’re here!” he said disappointed.
I rolled my eyes and walked up to him.
“A little good afternoon would have been nice.” I said as I dropped my bag on his desk.
“Good morning” he said to irk me.
“Well as long as there is a ‘good’ at the beginning, it’s a good start”. I smiled and pu-ll-ed out my books and dropped it in front of him.
I brou-ght out everything but he didn’t make a phone to learn which made me gr-ab his phone from his hand.
He wanted to protest about his phone but with one horrifying glare for me, he sighed and gr@bb£d his pen.
I started on a t©pic as always explained it to him and I can’t believe this, like what am I doing here!? Well I’m here for the money but Jason is seriously smart. His smart as-s made it easier for the both of us as we made it to the next question in no time.
We made it to the most difficult questions which made Jason st©p to think for some time before writing it down and all in conclusion, he got the answers correctly.
Jason was attempting to a question which I just explained when my phone starts to ring and I suddenly had second thoughts about changing my ringtone.
I picked up my phone and said a little hello and was glad when Jason paid no attention to me.
“HI Elsa.” I heard Neil’s voice.
“Oh, Neil, hi how are you?” I replied, wow!
He called again.
“I’m great, how are you doing this fun evening!” he asked.
“Not fun for me but it’s okay!” I giggled.
“Oh well as for me I just took a break off to call you, just wanted to know how you’re doing.”
“I’m working now and I’m fine.” I smiled.
“Good to hear, so how about your student is he or she complying with you?” Neil asked.
“Well…” I looked at Jason. “He is complying lately, thankfully” I said
“Oh okay” Neil was quiet for a brief moment before saying.
“So Elsa I’ve been wondering if you would like to have dinner with me sometime.” Neil said.
“Dinner? I don’t really have time to make show up at dinners cause I leave here at seven pm.” I said.
“Like not just a regular dinner, A d@t£ dinner. Or is that too soon?” he laughed, I could feel the nervousness in his voice.
“No it’s okay, The idea of d@t£ night isn’t that bad!” I tell him.
“Oh thank God!” he breathed a sigh of relief.
“So when should be the d@t£, when do you think it’s best to go on this d@t£!” He asked.
“Uhm… Tomorrow?” I said.
“Wow! Okay tomorrow isn’t that bad.!” He said.
Jason turned to me, and I guess he was done.
“Okay then tomorrow it is!” I said.
“Okay have a great day!”.
“You too”
I ended the call.
“Your b©yfri£nd?” Jason sm-irked.
“Mind your business and pas-s me your book!” I said and he rolled his eyes and handed me his book for me to check his work.
“I was just asking a simple question” Jason scoffed.
“Okay fine he’s not my b©yfri£nd. Satisfied?” I huffed.
“So you guys are going on a d@t£ tomorrow?” Jason asked inquisitively.
“Seriously, are you going to question me now?” I sighed.
“It’s just a simple question.”
“you heard the whole phone call, now just shut up and let me focus.” I huffed and turned to his book, to see all his answers wrong.
“You failed it all! I’m disappointed in you!” I said slamming the book on the desk.
“Being disappointed in me doesn’t change anything, now explain the question again” Jason said and I felt like sl@pping the back of his head and I actually did.
“Ouch!” he said
“Don’t order me around.” I yelled.
“I just said explain the question I didn’t order you!” he yelled back.
“Then how come your question sound like a command?” I blurted.
“Probably because you imagined it that way, my parents haven’t hit me like this before who are you to–.
I believed my glare st©pped him from completing his s£ntence.
“Now let’s continue with our work!” I said and he sighed with his normal annoying eye roll.
“Now focus!” I said as I dragged my chair closer to his and gr@bb£d his pen.
“Can you ever st©p yelling!” He scoffed.
I explained the questions Jason failed, carefully to him and he listened attentively and when he attem-pted the question again he got it all.
“So? This seem pretty easy to you, why did you fail it at first?” I asked as I marked his correct answers.
“I have no idea.” he replied.
“Look mathematics doesn’t nee-d anything but focus, so I have no idea what distracted you at first but plea-se try to focus next time! Cause honestly you’re actually doing great, well if you continue like this, I’ll be gone before you know it, just like you wanted me to!” I tell him
“I know, that’s my plan!” he sm-irked.
“But don’t make it too soon so my money can get a little extended” I added and he bur-st into a laugh saying. “what?”.
First time I heard him laugh though.
“It’s not funny, the only reason any one in the entire world is working is because of money, honestly I don’t like this job and I am sure one heck of a liar if I say I like you.!” I said to him.
“And we don’t like you either so the feeling’s mutual!” Jason sm-irked.
“We?” I repeated.
“Yeah. Me and my entire clas-smates, they alre-ady know so much about you, not that they know any good side about you, you have all bad qualities!” Jason scoffed,
And I g@sped. “Bad qualities? And you think you have good qualities, you’re rotten both on your inside and outside Jason, I’m trying my best to cope with a br@t like you but your dumb phony little br@in won’t allow you to see what I’m trying to make out of you, I wonder how your parents breathe around you, maybe it’s because of you’re their only child, or maybe your friends are tired of you, you’re nothing but a bubble head, gormless weak-minded as-s hole, you get that?” Yep I was pretty mad.
“Wow!” Jason yelled. “You just insulted the daylight out of me!”
“And I plan to do more if you talk bad about me next time.” I said as a matter of factly
“Your b©yfri£ndor d@t£ buddy shouldn’t try and get on your bad side if he doesn’t want to see what’s really hidden in you!” Jason rolled his eyes.
“Shut up and let’s move to the next t©pic, I’ll be leaving soon!” I said and he breathed out a sigh of relief saying “Finally!”
I talked about another t©pic with him showed him how to solve it and this time we get to draw diagrams, he said he found it pretty easy and told me to leave and of course I did. I gave him an as-signment with twenty questions. Wow I was pretty mad.
He complained about ten being too much and worse of all twenty, but I told him it was nothing and left with a blink of an eye.
That kid is such a pain, I’ve never insulted anyone like that before, I never insult, I’m a nice girl, he’s bringing out all the badness in me. And no way, I don’t have bad qualities. He does.

“Hey mom!” I smiled seeing my mom in the living room immediately I got home.
“Finally, i get to see you back from work! It’s your third day how do you feel?” my mom asked.
“It’s nice!” I said, well it is nice ever since Jason has been complying but I just hope he st©ps bad mouthing me.
“Okay I’m just about to prepare dinner.” my mom said.
“This late?” I asked
“Yeah I want your dad to eat with us too.” My mom said and I nodded, that’s really thoughtful.
“Okay then I’ll be in my room” I said and my mom nodded.
I sighed as I carefully dropped my bag on my be-d and str!pped my clothes off my b©dy.
I made it to my shower and couldn’t feel more calm when the warm water beat my back. Nothing is more relaxing than this, I have had a bad day.
I walked back to my room and dressed in the most comfortable baggy clothes ever.
I suddenly remembered my d@t£ with Neil tomorrow and realised I have nothing to wear.
I opened my closet wi-de enough for me to see I really have nothing good to wear.
Suddenly I saw the dress I wanted to wear to prom, but didn’t go, somehow that night of prom I just didn’t want to go to prom and I didn’t go, which I didn’t regret one bit. My mom had bought the dress for me all psyched about me going to prom but I killed her excitement when I lied I was coming down with a cold, which I wasn’t.
I brou-ght out the wheat coloured dress and place it on the be-d. I looked at it and somehow it looked smaller in my eyes. But it’s elastic so it can pu-ll down and cover my th!ghs, I place the dress back in it’s place and closed my closet, I’m wearing the dress, I really have nothing to wear and it’s my only pretty cloth.
I la-id on my be-d and pla-yed with my phone, suddenly wishing Neil could call again so I could hear his voice. Wait! Do I still have feelings for him??
Minutes later I heard my mom voice calling out my name and I knew it was time for dinner.
The three of us has dinner that night and I could see the happiness in my dad eyes. Family matters so much.
I tired back to my room and before I knew it I was fast asleep
I gro-an ed angrily when I couldn’t find my maroon coloured boots that went with my n£¢klace, I nee-d to have everything together, so this d@t£ would go perfectly. Neil alre-ady called saying he wanted to check on me and I know he wanted to know if I’m still re-ady about the d@t£ and I made sure I sounded very psyched about it and we fixed a time which is 8:00pm, that will give me time to teach Jason and then go on my d@t£.
Easy peasy
I got my stuff re-ady in my bag, my n£¢klace and earrings, I’ve never been on a d@t£ before. Wow, okay so I’m a bit flu-shed and nervous about this one.
I wore the dress I’ve planned for today and my jaw dropped when I stared at my reflection on my mirror, I’ve never wore the dress before I only wore it before prom night and didn’t even go to prom.
Did I grow taller?
I’m sure I did, cause the dress didn’t just hvg every inch of my b©dy, but was also short and the elasticity didn’t help at all. It was armless, leaving my shoulder and n£¢k expo-sed.
I sighed, well on the other end, it looks kind of S-xy, so it’s staying.
I’ve never looked like this before.
I gr@bb£d a very big jacket from my closet, the jacket was long and big, so when I put it on, it covered my th!ghs and st©pped at my knees, it was like a robe but in a khaki version.
The jacket covered the dress completely and also my b©dy, I packed my hair up, dropped my phone in my bag and left the house.
The bus drive was hectic but I got there in Time.
As always Mrs hvggins greeted me with a smile before I left for Jason’s room.
I got to Jason’s room and the door was open alre-ady and getting in I found him on the be-d, with his phone, ma-king a call.
He ended the call immediately and turned to me.
“Elsa?” he called, like he was irritated about something.
“What?” I snapped, annoyed by the way he called me and slammed the door.
“I thought you weren’t coming today, thought you had a d@t£?” Jason blurted.
“My d@t£ is none of your business and yes I do have a d@t£, and also I won’t ever miss our lesson now get your bu-tt re-ady!” I said and walked to his study table to place my bag.
Jason got down from his be-d. “You’re going on a d@t£ and you’re dressed like that?” Jason said eyeing my khaki jacket.
“Just get your bu-tt over here.” I said and he c@m£ to sit down without saying a word.
Wow he is listening to me.
“Okay can we get this lesson over with, I’m getting sleepy!” Jason said.
“I know you’re indirectly saying my clas-s is boring but I don’t care!” I said as I pu-ll-ed out my textbooks.
I started on a new t©pic, explaining about it and I had to draw a diagram, the diagram I drew didn’t look very good and I got mocked by Jason, which I very well expected. I ignored him.
After treating about three more subject. I asked about his as-signment and was shocked when I saw he got all twenty of them. He just held on a proud sm-irk when he noticed how shocked I was.
“Well I have nothing to say rather than, good job” I tell him.
“And I think I deserved it!” Jason sm-irked.
“Okay, so I’ll be dropping another as-signment–
“What? no way!” Jason exclaimed.
“What?” I was confused.
“Can you not give me an as-signment. plea-se?” Jason said shocking me with his plea-se.
“I cracked my head up for this, it took me hours and tomorrow my mom said you won’t be coming cause you won’t be coming on weekends and I have this Saturday and Sunday to prepare for my birthday, so an as-signment will just be left unt©uçhed.” he explained.
“Oh okay, I un-derstand, no as-signment for you then,” I said and stood up.
“What’s the time” I asked.
He glanced at my phone. “7;30pm” he said and I g@sped.
Well I can still get in time for my d@t£.
I quic-kly shoved my books inside my bag, and brou-ght out my n£¢klace and earrings.
“That’s it for today lesson Jason, now plea-se get me a mirror!” I ordered.
“What?” he laughed. “Are you late for you d@t£.”
“Just get me a mirror” I almost yelled and he gave me a look before getting me one.
“Well thank you.” I tell him as I placed the square shaped mirror in front of me.
Jason stood behind me and watched me wear my n£¢klace.
“No matter what accessory you wear, your clothes alre-ady killed it all, you look like a lost pas-s£nger.” Jason said and I rolled my eyes.
“Just shut up.” I yanked.
I gr@bb£d my earrings and quic-kly placed it on both my ears and I look good. I guess.
I stood up and carried my bag, I dropped it again when I realised my ugly jacket is still on my b©dy.
I loos£ned the ropes around my b©dy and took off the jacket.
“No fv¢king way” Jason scoffed.
“What?” I looked up at him.
“You look h0t!” he sm-irked.