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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Age doesn’t matter Episode 13 & 14

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AGE DOESN’T 🙅‍♀️ 🙅‍♂️





“I’m not and also two minutes is gone and now how old a–

“I’m twenty one, happy?” I rolled my eyes… Again

Jason’s going to make my eyeballs fall out one day.

“What?” he laughed. “You can’t be twenty one!”

“What the hell do you mean?” I gave him a stern look.

“You’re too young, too little to be twenty one!” he chuckled.

“Excuse me?” I scoffed angrily, “was that an insult or a compliment?”.

“None!” he said immediately.


“Okay and what do you mean too little, I’m perfectly tall for my age!” I snapped.

“It’s not about being tall, and besides I am still way taller than you, it’s just, judging by your skinny statue, do you speak, your face, you don’t look your age!”

I slammed the table with my fist and stood up.

“The way I speak? What is wrong with way I speak and what is wrong with my face?” I yelled.


Jason somehow seemed to find this assuming cause he wanted to laugh but swallowed it. And I don’t find this funny at all.

“Your voice sounds weak and no matter how loud you yell, it doesn’t really sound very loud, you have an inside voice, and your face, you look twelve!” Jason said and I sighed.

“Okay fine, that’s it for today! We’re don’t with

today’s lesson!” I said packing my books.

“What? It’s just five, you end every lesson at seven twenty!” Jason said taking the books from my hand.

“Why are you stopping me from leaving, I thought you hate my teachings!” I rolled my eyes.

“I used to, wait! Are you mad about the age stuff?” Jason asked.

“No I’m just feeling a little under the weather!” I Lied.

“You look fine to me, and that was just a joke!” He said.

“A joke? I don’t like people who joke thoughtlessly!”

“Okay” he sighed. “I’m sorry for joking thoughtlessly” He rolled his eyes.

“You’re apologizing and you’re rolling your eyes, how do you expect me to accept your apology, you lack manners Jason!” I expound.

He paused before sighing. “Okay I’m sorry for joking thoughtlessly!”

I gave him a look and sat down.

“So is my apology accepted yet?” He asked as I sat down.

“Not yet, let’s move to another topic and I’d prefer if you keep quiet till the end of this lesson!” I instructed.

“Got it.” He nodded.


Sincerely I didn’t expect Jason to keep quiet till the end of the lesson, he just asked questions he didn’t understand and that was all he said, he didn’t talk about anything else or joked about anything stupid or teased me.

Wow, I am impressed with myself, he’s finally listening to me, teenagers are like lions, not everyone can tame them. I am really doing a good job.


“And that is it for today’s lesson!” I said as I shoved my books inside my bag.

“Must you give

me an assignment, I already how to solve this!” Jason blurted.

“I love getting assignments during my school days, kids nowadays are pain in the ass, you guys just don’t want to do anything!” I yelled.

“Stop talking like you’re fifty years old!” Jason scoffed.

“Look, fifty or not, I don’t care, just make sure you attempt to your assignment and answer them all correctly” I said, zipped my back and sat down.


Jason stood up. “Aren’t you leaving?” He asked.

I know he wants me to leave badly so he can have his space to himself but.

“I can’t leave now, until sevem thirty” I sighed.

Neil’s coming to pick me up and I already sent him the Huggins residence address.

“Why?” Jason asked.

“Neil’s coming to pick me up!” I replied. “And anyways I should go wait for him downstairs!” I said, grabbed my bag and walked out of the room, I’m tired of him asking me questions.


I made it to the living room and I saw Mrs Huggins on the phone, and immediately she saw me she cut the call and ran up to me.

“Oh Elsa, you’re leaving now right?” she smiled.

“Yeah” I nodded.

“Why don’t you stay a little for tea!” Mrs Huggins grinned.

This woman and her tea.

“Well sure, cause someone’s coming to pick me up so I can wait for him and also have tea at the same time while waiting!”

“Oh perfect” Mrs Huggins clapped.

She is one skittish woman.


She told me to sit on one of the comforters, and I did.

“Dessera!!” Mrs Huggins yelled and a girl, I think around my age or a little bit older, ran out of the kitchen.

Her eyes were small and her cheeks were puffy, which made her look cute and it kind of reminded me of mickey mouse.


Mrs Huggins turned to me.

“I got a new house cook, she’s Dessera, she’s from the country side, Dessera this is Elsa, Jason’s teacher, Elsa this is Dessera” Mrs Huggins introduced.

“HI?” I smiled at her.

“Hello!” she smiled back.

“Okay Dessera, it would be lovely if you could prepare tea for us right now, Elsa will be leaving soon!” Mrs Huggins said and Dessera nodded and made it out of the living room.


“So how was the lesson with you and Jason today?” Mrs Huggins asked.

I shrugged. “It’s okay! I guess” I said blinking rapidly.

“Are you sure?” Mrs Huggins looked at me awkwardly. “Cause all the way from my room, I always hear the two of you voice bickering over each other, Elsa I’m so sorry if Jason is giving you a hard time, I know he can be a little too stressful”.

Well that is not a lie. “Okay honestly, Jason’s not only stressful, he’s troublesome and he has bad attitude!” there I said it.

“I am so sorry!” Mrs Huggins gasped and placed her hand on her chest. “If this is too much for you, I can always raise your pay, or you can stop!”

Raise my pay, now that made my head spin. This family is stinkin’ rich.

Despite the huge amount we agreed on, she wants to raise my pay, okay I think Jason should continue being stubborn.

“Well I can Jason!” I tell her.

“Oh thank you so much Elsa!” Mrs Huggins said.

Dessera came into the room with our tea and served us gently. She walked away leaving me and Mrs Huggins in the room.

My phone starts to ring and I answered immediately when I saw Neil’s name on the screen.


“Okay, so I’m outside the house you work!” Neil’s voice said through the phone.

“Oh you’re here, okay I’ll be there In a sec” I said and stood up.

“Where… Are you going?” Mrs. Huggins looked sad as she asked

“Oh the person who I told you about, who’s coming to pick me up, he’s here!” I explained.

“Oh really, well he shouldy join our tea party, I can’t possibly let him drive all the way here and go back it’s not polite!” Mrs Huggins smiled.


“Dessera!” she called and Dessera came running. “There’s a young man outside, tell him Elsa is here and would like him to come inside!”

“Okay ma’am” Dessera said and walked out.

“No Mrs. Huggins there’s no need for that,” I tried to protest.

“No Elsa, it’s not nice, you’re a guest here, no you’re more than a guest here and if you happen to have a guest also, your guest will also be my guest.” she grinned.

Oh dang it.


I sat down back on the cushion and sighed.

The door opened and Dessera came inside with Neil behind her, he looked charming with his black tuxedo and he held up a smile as he saw me.

“What?” Neil asked when he got up to me.

“Okay this is my first time seeing you in a tuxedo,” I said and he chuckled. “You don’t mean it.”


“And who is this charming young man!” Mrs. Huggins chimed in.

I turned to her. “Oh yes, this is the Neil I was talking about, Neil this is Mrs. Huggins the mother of the boy who I’m tutoring!” I introduced.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Huggins” Neil said and politely pointed his hand out for a warm shake.

Mrs. Huggins took his hand and smiled. “Nice to meet you too, Neil!”


“I know i called you in on a short notice, cause while Elsa was waiting for you, I offered her tea while we wait, and since you’re here why don’t you join us and No is not in my dictionary,” Mrs. Huggins said and Neil laughed.

“Okay, I’m open for tea” Neil said and Mrs. Huggins turned to Dessera with a look and she hurried into the kitchen.

Neil and i sat down and I continued with the sweet tea.


“Oh, so are you the two of you dating?” Mrs. Huggins asked out of nowhere.

And talk about not minding her own business when it comes to other people’s life.

I gave Mrs. Huggins a look and she understood what I was thinking.

“Sorry, I don’t know where that came from.” she breathed out nervously.


“Well…” Neil laughed. “Uhm, no, Elsa and I just go way back!”.

“Oh Good to know.” Mrs. Huggins smiled and gave me an apologetic look, for fixing her nose in my private life.


“So this is Neil?” I heard Jason’s voice and I looked up and found him at the end of the staircase.

“Oh, Jay, come over here, come and say Hi to our guest!” Mrs. Huggins said.

Jason walked up to us and gave Neil a mocking grin, I could tell it was mocking, but Neil thought it was the way he smile.

“HI, I’m Jason, Elsa’s student” Jason said.

“Kind of figured, I am Neil, Elsa’s friend!” Neil introduced.

“So you’re not her boyfriend?” Jason smirked.

“Well I’m not… Yet” Neil said.

Yet? was it my imagination or did I really not hear the ‘yet’.

But well still thinking about it, the thought of having Neil as a boyfriend isn’t a bad idea.


“So what do you do for a living Neil!” Jason asked.

Neil wanted to answer but I brought his hands down, since he likes talking and gesturing with his hands, bringing his hand down could shut him up.

“I’m sorry but why do you care about what Neil does for a living?” I asked Jason.

“Cause he said he’s not your boyfriend… Yet, and I wanted to know what he does before he becomes your boyfriend!” Jason smiled.

So he actually said ‘yet’

“And what are you, my father?” I snapped at Jason.

Mrs Huggins phone starts to leave and she excused herself from us.


Now I won’t have to refrain from saying whatever I want to her son.


“I’m not trying to be your father, I’m just letting you guys know your terms” Jason said and turned to Neil.

He started. “Neil, do you think you’d be able to date Elsa, do you know she rains cusses more than the word cuss itself, she yells too much and slurps her food too!”

“Jason, don’t make me get mad!” I yelled.

“I’ve seen you get mad, it’s not new” he scoffed.

“You are like the most dumbest teenager I’ve ever met!” I tell him.

“Thanks, I get that everyday from you,” Jason smiled.


“Uhm. Elsa it’s getting late I think we should take our leave now.” Neil chimed in.

“Yeah that is a very good idea!” I said standing up.

“Why are you guys such in a hurry, and Neil I haven’t finished talking about Elsa, remember the dress she wore on you guys first date, yeah she was smoking hot am I right?” Jason said and laughed to himself, while Neil and I were already halfway through the the door.

That boy is annoyingly crazy.



Neil closed his car door, making the outside noise vanish and just when I thought he wanted to start the car he turned to me.

“Why do I not like that Jason of a guy?”.



Neil closed his car door, making the outside noise vanish and just when I thought he wanted to start the car he turned to me.

“Why do I not like that Jason of a guy?”.

“Huh?… Uh.. I don’t know.” I shrugged.


“Look Jason is just going through puberty, he just turned eighteen and he’s acting like a crackhead, don’t let his juvenile attitude and words get in your head!” I explained and Neil sighed.

“Well I have nothing else to say, he’s one spoiled brat, if I would say”.

Neil started the car and I rested on the car seat and placed the seat belt across my body.


We hit the road and after a moment of silence Neil started.

“Are you sure he’s eighteen?” Neil asked.

“What?” I turned to him.

“That Jason guy, he looks older than eighteen and he’s just so… I don’t know how to put this!” Neil sighed.

“Look Neil, Jason just turned eighteen yesterday, yes I agree he looks older cause he has rapid growth just like his other friends too, but he’s just a kid, why are you getting all worked.” I scoffed.


“Cause I hate the way he was speaking towards us, towards you! And how did you know his birthday was yesterday?” Neil asked.

Seriously why is Neil getting himself stressed out by Jason.


“Cause he told me and his mom did too, and after attending your graduation I had to go to his, he is my student after all and his mom really wanted me to come, so I went anyways!” I shrugged.


Neil furrowed his brows, he seemed to be lost in thought. I knew he still wanted to have more conversation, obviously about ‘Jason’.

Neil turned to me.

“And how did he know about our first date?” he questioned.

And I answered without a choice. “Well I went on the date, from the lesson with Jason, so he obviously knew I was going on a date cause he saw my dress and I kind of told him cause I also rushed with his equations he was answering,”.


“Okay seriously,” Neil huffed. “And you are okay with him calling you smoking hot?”

“Neil, okay look, honestly I don’t get why you’re bringing this up and I don’t understand why you’re getting yourself worked up just because of a teenager who’s life is upside down right now, Look Jason thinks he’s doing the right thing now, but he’s just in high school he doesn’t know life after that. Don’t get caught up in his bizzare words and just let him be, okay fine you don’t like him, I can’t do anything about that because he is my student and I’m the teacher, he calls me hot, cold whatever I don’t care, I teach him, he understands, I get paid, that’s just it. I don’t care whatever he calls me I can keep up with Jason!” I yelled.

“Fine! I’m sorry, I’m sorry okay! I’m just having a weird feeling, that’s all!” Neil yelled back.

“What weird feeling?” I looked at him with a furrowed brow.

Neil glanced at me and then focused on the road. “I don’t know, I just think he likes you!”

“What?” I couldn’t see my face but I could tell my expression was as sour as ever.

“I don’t know, I said I think!” Neil said giving an immediate apologetic look.

“Well I think your head should do better, why would you go and think something execrable like that??” I yelled.


“Because I like you okay!!!” Neil yelled.


Wow. That’s one atrocious way to confess.


I focused on the road immediately and sighed, I didn’t even know what to say anymore.

Neil was quiet too, and we both didn’t say anything till he pulled over in front of my yard.


Neil tried being a gentleman by opening the car door for me but I beat him to it, and I could see the pain in his eyes.


“Look Elsa!” he sighed softly. I turned to him holding and pinning him down with my stare over his apologetic stare, letting my own stare to yell the word ‘lackadaisical’


“I am very sorry for the way I acted today!” He stated and seeing my look he bent his head down in shame.

“You should be.” I spat “Ranting over a matter that’s not worth it. Neil I expected more than that from you!” I sighed.

“I know, I let my guard down and I am very sorry!” He said, moved closer to me and grabbed both of my hands.

“Well apology accepted, every body makes mistakes.” I said trying to move my hand so he’ll let go of it, but he didn’t make any effort to let go of it.


“And about that, I shouldn’t have confessed my feelings like that” He said with a nervous laugh.

“Yeah you killed the moment and also killed your confession!” I laughed ’cause it was funny.

“But I really meant every word of it” Neil smiled.


“Oh… Okay, thanks… I…i really don’t know what to say!” I smiled shyly.

“You don’t have to say anything I am actually very patient, anytime those feelings you used to have for me comes back, I’ll be here!” Neil smiled.


“Yeah, okay, sure” I smiled. “Goodnight then!” I smiled

“Good night” He said before entering his car and leaving the yard.

I walked into my quiet house and made it to my room.

I quickly went to take a shower cause the dress texture isn’t actually nice. It has nipped all my body.

I took a shower dressed in my pajamas and made it to my bed to rest. Today has been a day.

I suddenly remembered Neil’s confession and I sighed.

I remembered when I used to be the one having a crush on him, bow its the other way around.

I can’t believe this, but still yet its happening.


I snuggled under my blanket ready to sleep when my phone vibrated beside, I opened my eyes to see the message was from Jason, I didn’t bother opening it, I just dropped my phone and shoved it under my pillow.

I closed my eyes and after giving out a loud yawn, I was half way with my sleep already.


The next day, I felt a little energetic but hungry at the same time and then I realised I didn’t eat dinner yesterday.

I sighed and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth first.


I had almost seven loaves of bread with pear apple jam and I was proud of myself, I never eat more than four slices of bread, I must be really hungry.

Feeling full in the stomach and heart, I walked to the living room and plopped down on the couch and before I knew it, I was in another round of sleep.




I walked in math class for the first time and made a very strange eye contact with Krystal, she looked away and so did I, and I walked up to a seat. No doubt we have almost every period together.

School was boring, I didn’t know it was always this boring, what I wanted was to go home, no it wasn’t just to go home, I wanted time to speed up for my tutoring session to come by fast.

Well I do enjoy Elsa’s teaching to be sincere, and I also like the reaction I get from her when I tease her.


“Excuse me??” I heard a loud voice and I looked up to see the whole class staring at me and the math teacher looking like she’s about to explode.

I have her a confused look and she sighed.

“I’ve been calling for your attention but you are not even responding, you’ve been zoning out for a while now, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but you will be solving that for the class” she said sternly and pointed her witchy index finger towards the board.


I scanned the equation on the board and sighed.

What the hell is this, Elsa taught me this, this class is way behind!.

I stood up, adjusted my jackermt over my body and walked towards the board, my eyes met Simon at the front of the class and he gave me a confused look, he must be pretty shocked seeing me back in math class.

I grabbed the black whiteboard marker and under five minutes, the board was filled with my handwriting.


I dropped the marker and turned to the teacher who’s mouth was open in shock.

“Whoa.” she adjusted her sweater. “I know you, Jason, you always fail this class and then you start to miss it and you’re suddenly here and now you’re like a hero in math”.

Oh she knows me.

“Well he has a private math tutor now.” Simon chimed in and the teacher nodded more than twice.

“That is pretty good she must be one heck a teacher.”

“Yeah, she’s full of surprises” I smiled and walked back to my seat, I could feel Krystal eyes on me and it made me feel weird.



Lunch break was worse, even amongst my friends, I still wanted school to speed up at all cost. I was just quiet the whole time, by friends asked me what was wrong, but I told them it was nothing and let them focus on their own lives.

That was that for school and every moment I run into Krystal, she starts to act awkward, like I can’t even explain the awkwardness


I grabbed my bag immediately and stood up, finally, school’s over! I breathed out a sigh of relief, I was about to walk out of class when my friends rushed up to me.

Oh I have friends.



“Jason we’re all going for football later, want to come along?” Donald asked me.

“Uh, sorry I can’t, you know I have an ongoing math lesson tutor and Elsa gets pretty skeptic when I try to make up one excuse or the other, so sorry and maybe another day!” I apologized and walked out on all of them.

I got in my car and before I knew it my driver and I were close to home.

I got home just in time, showered quickly, got dressed and also in time and ready for today’s lesson and Elsa to arrive.

Thirty fucking minutes later, she still haven’t arrived, I was getting furious worried and impatient at the same time, I’ve been looking forward to this lesson since ages ago and now she’s going to sweeten it with lateness.

This is messed up.


And I didn’t understand why I was getting worked up.

But still I was and that’s that, I calm down a little bit and decided to wait for her a little more.

Seconds, minutes and hours passed it was already five thirty and she still haven’t arrived she’s like supposed to be here by three, isn’t that the deal.

Does she wants to get fired? Not that I want her to get fired, but now that I’m planning to take this seriously, she’s planning to do the opposite.

I walk out of my room in anger and found my mom coming up the stairs.


“Is Elsa here yet?” my mom asked. Oh good she’s in the same worried shoes as me.

“No, what time is she supposed to come by anyway?” I yelled.

“Three fifteen to three twenty, and why are you yelling?” my mom was calm.

“I don’t know!” I sighed.

“I didn’t know you took Esther’s lesson seriously?” my mom stated sipping her coffee, but her eyes stayed on my face, letting out its suspicious glare guiefully.

“I’ve always taken Elsa’s lesson seriously!” I Lied.

I know I don’t.


“Look mom why don’t we just call her.” I sighed.

“Okay, I was about to do that though” My mom said and brought her phone out of her pocket, Elsa’s number was on speed dial on the number five and no time, the phone has Start to ring.

“Oh hello Elsa!” my mom smiled and I breathed a sigh of relief. Okay she’s okay.

“Are you okay? Why do you sound so–

My mom paused and gasped loudly making my heart skip a bit




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