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affair of the heart Episode 54


(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Not Edited

Chapter 54

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“I will be back sir”He try to leave.

“You don’t dare move an inch”Khalid said in hoarse voice. He stood on a sp©t with an unplea-sant facial expression. Khalid move closer to him.

“How dare you try and stop him “Steve stood up and confronting Khalid.

“Because I am trying to let you learn the Truth. I Know how blind you are that you refused to see the real truth about what happened between I and Emily”Khalid yelled.

“You are nut! How dare you threatened his brother after you ra-ped and killed her? Who do you think you are to keep hurting people Emily cherish the most?”Steve Thun-dered.

“Behave young man, this is a police station. And why are you blocking me to reach Emily real b©yfri£nd? I know she told you lies about him being her brother.

I don’t even need your friendsh!pagain. But this is the only way out and Maybe after you learn the Truth you will save that boy”Khalid said and pushed him out if his way.

“Khalid are you alright?”Mrs Walter asked coming into the station. Steve was so shocked on hearing this.

“b©yfri£nd!”He muttered but it was audible enough to be heard.

“Say the truth right now, or I will take this uniform from you and ruin you forever, you wanna try me”Khalid said holding his uniform.

“Mr Walter plea-se behave yourself, you are in the police station atleast you should have some respect for the law. How can you knock a cops uniform. Is so bad. Just tell me the problem and I will solve it in the right way without going against the law”The prosecutor cautioned.

“$h!t!” He leaves his cloth angrily.

“Khalid you’ve started again, trying to blame him for your misdeed, why do you hate Emily so much? Is it because she agreed to [email protected]£ me Instead of you”Steve asked facing him.

“Shut up young man”Khalid pointed a f!nger angrily at him.

“Mr Walter is right, I am Emily b©yfri£ndnot brother. I am so sorry for deceiving you. But after the day Emily died I regretted all the tricks we pla-yed. We never know it will turn out like this. The three of us are involved”The cop confesses.

“Thank God you are cooperating”Jasmine said.

“And who is the third person and what was your plan?”Steve asked unable to believed what he just heard.

They police pointed to Evan. “I think if I didn’t say this my mind won’t let me rest. Steve I am sorry, Emily never liked you at all, we were bad guys that time.

Emily was a sl*t, I am a street boy and I like the way Emily live, on the other hand was Evan the lazy best friend of Emma who ran from home because she thinks her family didn’t like her. She and Emily were so closed that anyone will think they are blood sister, even I can’t see what’s happening between them. Emily was the one who also feed her.

As I was saying after you asked Emily out, on a normal person she would have rejected you, but because she see you are from a rich background, she agreed to [email protected]£ you and told us about her game. What would a street boy like me do If not encourage her.

I don’t really want to [email protected]£ her, just fv¢kmate. So I think that’s the best opportunity for me. And the money that lead to you disown. We actually used it to [email protected] Evan birthday, it was enormous and will still have some cash left even after the birthday.

We wanted more but it wasn’t easy because of your disown. Emily plan was to jump to Khalid but couldn’t because Khalid knew about our secret. He really cared so much and wanted Emily to changed so you can love him forever but we can’t change.

Then Khalid went ahead and told you Steve. But you believed Emily over him, and that’s where you guys start having problems.

He never wanted to hurt you but we don’t mean well. We planned for Emily to s£dûç£Khalid. It was well planned, we knew you went out so we [email protected]£ to see Khalid pretending like it was you “He explained.

“What are you talking about? only Emily was there with me that day”Khalid said.

“That’s what you think, I was there. I changed plan immediately I saw Steve coming.

I messaged her to pretend like she was being ra-ped and that will cause a hvge misun-derstanding between you guys.

We never knew it will turn out like this. I was hiding when Emily was being knockout, is all my fault.

I went to meet with Evan and told her to try to move on because her best friend is dead, I even told her it was our greediness that caused it, but all I could heard her saying is revenge.

Since then I ran away and become a better person that’s when I thought of becoming a police. But I always live with that guilt everyday”He explained crying.

“So you all deceived me”Steve bl-ow his stomach angrily.

“So you did all this, I am sorry you will have to face the law”The prosecutor said and order for his arrest.

“I am happy sir, even if I lose everything my mind is free. The guilt has be relieved a little. I will accept if I have to die in jail”The cop said crying.

“How dare you Jeremiah? how dare you say a word when I am close to my revenge?” Evan barked.

“Shut up you animal”Mrs Walter shouted with tears in her eyes.

“Who are you to tell me to keep quiet? Do you know how much I suffered and have to go back to that house they dislike me because they killed my best friend. I have to live with the People who always find fault in me and never want me to live my life the way I wanted to” Evan bawled.

“You are a real monster, an animal you don’t worth to be called a mother, Infact you are a disgrace to motherhood and woman-hood”Mrs Walter cried.

“We are both the same thing, Aren’t you a disgrace too? Didn’t you neglected you son and believe an outsider over him. We are both Shameless Theresa Walter”Evan growled with a evil sm-irks.

“Everywhere is sophisticated but we still need to safe Dan, plea-se Steve we only have minutes left”Jasmine begged.

“Oka..y”Steve managed to let out.

“If he’s to go anywhere then my man will have to follow him..we still have case. So you will have to sign one or two docvments before you can leave”The prosecutor said.

“No problem sir thank you”Khalid said.

“So much had happened, I think I was a closed friend, so I was decieving myself all this while. She even has her own plan”Emma said, shakes her head and heave a sigh of relief.

“Because you all are evil..I never thought this exist, it was as if I am watching a movie. You and this stupid witch deserve to rot in jail”Leo hissed.

“Are you pained because I rejected you? Or you are still interested in me”Emma pouted.

“God forbid, that’s the least I will pray for. Useless fool..You must be having a crush on me”Leo said with an eyeroll.



Everyone was praying for Dan while Steve was in the lab where his blood was tested. Dason keeps glaring at Emma. Each time she noticed he will throw his face away.

“I am sorry my son, I am so stupid. I have neglected you and didn’t trust you. I am so sorry”Mrs Walter begged for forgiveness.

Jasmine on the other hand didn’t know how to approach Khalid, she’s also feeling pain from her hurt ankle but didn’t make it obvious. Everyone was with there own mindset. Leo sit beside Clara who was reckless.

“I know you like him alot, you don’t have to worry he will be fine”Leo patted her while she rested on his shoulder.

“Are you sure of this, nothing should happen to him. He didn’t deserve this”Clara cried.

“He will be okay, don’t you know Dan is more stronger than any of you. He’s super strong. Just like Khalid”Leo try to make her smile.

“I wish so”Clara wiped her tears. Jasmine who her ankle was really hurting tries to keep enduring. Dason noticed this.

“Jas you are not okay, right?”Dason asked with so much concerned and went to sit beside her.

“I am okay, nothing happened to me. And why would I be okay when Dan is suffering in there”She cried.

“I saw you were limping when you [email protected]£ and I am suspensing you aren’t okay”Dason said and bent down to check her leg.

“Jas you leg are swollen. Why are you doing this to yourself. You should have told the doctor to take care of you”Dason shouted looking at her.

“What! let me see”Khalid said and rushed to see her swollen legs.

“I am fine, don’t worry about me instead be worry about Dan”Jasmine feign a smile.

“Better shut up, who gave you permission to tell me if I am to worry or not. It was all my fault, how could I be so foolish not to have noticed you are in pain”Khalid said holding the leg.

Jasmine smiled seeing how much he still care for her.

“Why are you smiling when you are in pain? Was it that easier? I will go and get the nurses”Khalid said and was about to stand up.

Steve [email protected]£ with the doctor with a sad expression.

“Mr Khalid we are sorry”The doctor said but Jasmine didn’t allow him to complete his statement. “Sorry for what?” Jasmine asked

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