Action in Calabar episode 9 – finale

Action in Calabar episode 9
Past month have been the juciest p@rt of my diary, memoirs upon memoirs are in litany on different d@t£s, the day on the plane have indeed turned a blessing. I and Uduak are having something that you can from a distance call a honeymoon, her company is bright, informative and progressive. We got throu-gh the audtion her aunt offered, I will be taking a role! who would have ever thought about it? that my first sh0t at movie ma-king will be on the Emem Otton-g’s set?! My mom is right again, of course, I am loving Calabar!
We are on the set now, and I am seeing a whole different side of Emem; she is raging seriously, she is pissed at her lead role pla-yers, they are both late, three hours kind of late! she have used the F word about 100 times, yelling at everyone, the woman is a beast at work, the fissure between she and late comers Pour this brouhaha!
After a while on phone, she turned back staring at me, “can you take a ro-mantic role?” she asked with the most fierce face I have seen in my life; I answered saying “I will try” – showing her chauvanism to work intergrity, she called a supposed client that they should not bother, she was going to cast me and Uduak; this made me fearfully happy!!
The movie started and I was impressing Emem from the look of things, it was a wonderful story line. I was enjoying both myself and the work, this is my dream coming throu-gh in the most unbelievable way, Uduak and I was simply displa-ying the alre-ady acquired chemistry, she was good on set and I was enjoying her accent, it was simply our real life on c@m£ra.
The k!ssscene c@m£ on, Emem took the pain to extensively explain how she wants it to be, she emphasized strongly on pas-sion been the cogent p@rt model of the scene, my hearbeat began to race, everything around me especially the career that I swore to love. “Action!” I heard, and the k!ssstarted from the entrance.. We were wra-pped in each others arms and barged the door open, the pace was ligtening fast..I tasted herl-ips and I forgot totally I was in front of the c@m£ra!
with the supervision of Emem, we had a great k!ss, my hands ran throu-gh her b©dy, i felt the very smooth and soft skin, b©dy to b©dy we were stuck on the lamp table, still as Emem wants it. I roamed my hand’s throu-gh her Bosom, the expression on Uduak’s face confirmed to me that we are not k!ss!ngbecause job required so, we reveled in the moment!
We finished few scenes from the movie and as I hoped for, Emem was satisfied.
she gave that smile in fair supply after a long day of face squee-zing, and she commended my good job. the path on my bag made me feel fulfilled than lecturing will ever make me, we sat behind the c@m£ras to review our work for the day.. the ro-mantic scene made Uduak give a sweet smile; she texted that she really would love to be with me later in the night and I obliged.
She suggested her aunt’s place and for some reason, I saw it as perfect. Her aunt stayed back to continue with work, she gave us her car keys and implored us to go and rest because we will be going to another location the following day. I drove and Uduak sat beside me, quiet like the ride to the airport but with no drama, I stole a look at her glowing face and she smiled calmly in return.
We got to the door of the house, and just like that on the c@m£ra set, we started our k!ssfrom the door, it was just us in the house and my soul was bouncing with joy. we k!$$£d and placed each other on the very soft and furry broad center rug in the sitting room, we were too engulfed to even think of going to the room, she was m0@n ing softly and tender voice was demanding for me with the accent tho!
I lost s-en-se of all reason. I to-re off her shi-t and groped the full brea-sts I’ve been eyeing all this while. They were Bleeping soft and succulent like i expected. I fli-pped her Sk-irts up and sank into her. She screamed and the echoes rang throu-gh my br@ins. I Forked her like I’d never do it again.. She begged me to slow down..and give it to her alternatively.
We were sweating despite the AC and i fli-cked my hands in her cl!t. I could feel myself lose control and I want her to Pour before i do. I held back with enormous self control- fuxk, it was not easy. Her cunt is so warm and we-t.. Not too ti-ght, not loose. Just perfect for my Joystick.
I felt the walls choke on my Joystick and pulsed while she squee-zed her inner walls on me. I gro-an ed in delight and k!$$£d her n£¢k.. Fork..”work that cunt on me..” Fork.. I lost control i slammed into her de-eply. de-ep into her warmth… She screamed and c@m£ ap@rt in my arms..”oooooh..” She m0@n ed.. I c@m£ at that sound. Spewed all my bottled up Pour in her.. I could feel her wo-mb clench it.. Trying to swallow it all up. Fork I spurted de-ep in her..
I pu-ll-ed off her and crashed on the rug.. We breathed heavily and smiled at each other. I leaned on my arm and k!$$£d her fore head. Then i looked down and saw the most delicious view; the perfect creampie. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I can’t believe calabar will bring this much blessings.. the woman who use to be my annoying crush is here on my che-st, enjoying the warmth of legit love. This is beyond a fling and our love ma-king proved that.
Got my acting career kicked off, a good job and the girl I really want, and all the actions happened here in CALABAR.
He c@m£ in me and I’m not even bothered, our relationsh!pis not well defined and I don’t even want to ask. More of these I will definitely love to have with him.. The security I feel here is genuine; nothing is better than coming here, I will be a forever friend of Calabar.