Action in Calabar episode 7

Action in Calabar episode 7
Written By Adedamola Yusuf…
Damn, I never thought I will see that face again, and also in the most compromising position there is. I struggled really ha-rd to get throu-gh the clas-s, how much damage will this girl cause me?
both on land and in the air.. she was all up in my face in the clas-s, asking very technical and s-en-sitive questions. I wish those were coming from anyb©dy except her. She displa-yed intelligence in the clas-s and I must confess that she is good. with the british accent in the air, everyone had a good day except me!
I left the clas-s with mixed feelings and this Bytch won’t just leave me alone, she c@m£ to me to ask for my number and office number. Wait!! she asked for my number and office number, is it that the “we might linkup” sign?
Nursing the rage from the incident three years ago have been frustrating, I like the S£x but don’t want to drop my guard! I don’t like Duke enough to want to be his baby’s mom. what was I thinking? I have been horribly angry at him and I hate it; I want more litany of S£x like that but he ruined my urge, I just hope I am not pregnant.
Well, the first day in clas-s was superb, it was heaven on earth, more beautiful that I pictured. t©p of the list of superb is the lecturer; Fredrick Alade Williams, in his green fitted suit, rayban sas-sy glas-ses and a smile to die for.
I got late to his clas-s, expected him to be a prick but he allowed me in and even advised I sit right in front.. I never knew Nigeria Universities now have and Sekxy lecturers. I fantasized about a whole lot of things but his grounded lecture rendition and very smooth voice help me get back to track from time to time.
I asked a lot of questions just because i wanted him to talk more, he is a tall glas-s of everything sweet! In the field of Art, he is what I nee-d, a minion, he un-derstands, loves and really wants to do art! I cannot wait for the next clas-s! Call me a Bytch, but this dude is who I want in my career, house and be-d for the rest of my life! Is it too much to ask?
I decided to chill out today to at least mark my arrival in Calabar, alre-ady mingled a little with some of the staff in my dep@rtment.. Made friend with Etido, he seem to be cooler than others, he have hinted me on the best and most popular sp©t to go.
I want to flex my muscles and just make my nerves happy. We entered and decided to chill at the pool. The architectural work in the blue colored h0tel is first clas-s, the buildings are strategically errected, flowers of different types smiling all over in admirable sequence and color mixture, music pla-ying loud and I was f0rç£d to take pictures and record videos to put on my social media.
As we made our way to the pool; a segregated p@rt with fences around it, I un-derstood immediately why it has such high fences. Other p@rts had flowers decorating it; the pool side had ladies, sophisticated and sleek ladies littered all over, different sizes and shapes, all to die for, I guess this is the calabar I have re-ad and heard about!
Etido left me with the speed of light. I made myself comfortable, I was sure I was not going to enter the pool. I requested for my favorite whiskey and impressively; Calabar have got it. I began to feel the groove until the pool surprised me, out of it – Uduak Celestine Otton-g c@m£ out, immediately; I choked on my drink.
I didn’t doubt her gut, she walked up to me. I blessed God in my heart for the job well done, in her bikini, her gait was majestic; I was sitting on her towel to add salt upon injury, she stood with her Kittycat staring right at my face, maybe not intentionally but all I was seeing was the fleshy V shape, she asked for her towel, tied it around her, sat close to me with a smile that got me in the cloud, “I guess you are trying to enjoy Calabar?” – she asked.
I answered with a smile correcting her pronunciation of Calabar with British accent. we blended well in talking and I tried as much as I can not to bring the Lecturer to student vibe into the very smooth conversation,
She relayed to me more about herself, I got to know she c@m£ all the way to Calabar for the sake of Cinematogra-phy and filming, this fact further soften the sp©t I have for the vibr@nt lady, just like me; she knows what she wants, she also has an enabling environment.
I told her little about myself too, till night, we were together and not once did I feel like I was franchising with my student, we had much to talk about, we couldn’t finish that day and we decided we were going to continue online. “God is at work!” I said to myself!
I am craving more for this new found lecturer of mine, we get along very well in almost everything, since our acquaintance by the pool side, we have grown in a special kind of way, his friendsh!phave made my studying pretty easy. we now chill more often and I have seen sides of him that not just anyb©dy will see even in years.. Plus, we have a very aggressive chemistry. I am not falling for him in a Duke way but I am actually falling in love genuinely and it is kind of scary.
I will be having a tutorial session this evening with him, in my house, this is the first time we are meeting in a house, it has been hangouts and office appointments.. I am excited, so excited that I am cooking for him, with the help of my aunt of course! It is the popular afang soup and well prepared Eba.