Action in Calabar episode 4

Action in Calabar episode 4
Written By Adedamola Yusuf…
I sat next to her after she said thank you, I was glad to hear that too, the plane seat made our hands contact and I was able to feel her opulent skin. It was easy to tell that this lady hadn’t stayed in Nigeria for a decade.
I got a glimpse of her heavenly smile again as she was smiling as she scrolled her phone, typing on it simultaneously. The plane was helping me with my viewing tour, it was time to stra-p our seat belts and the belt rested right between her brea-sts.
The little f0rç£ from the ti-ght£ñed belt pu-ll-ed her soft cotton go-wn down a bit, Dear God! I saw the upper p@rt of the br@ supported Bosom and I was f0rç£d to sing a worsh!psong in my heart, succulent looking, relatively fair and full, this is definitely what I will love for dessert every night of my life.
While I enjoyed this b©dy inspection; I did not stra-p my seat belts well, and as the plane was gaining balance in the air, there was a j£rk and I fell out of my seat, hitting my head against the fore seat. Oh Fork! it was painful as hell, “OMG! Are you okay?” my annoying crush asked in her very smooth British accent, almost immediately; I said yes, and re-adjusted my position on my seat, and she leaned over to help me stra-p my seat belt. The mood I was in is too compromising to explain, I tell you!!
After the plane leveled properly in the air, she asked one of the air hostess for ice-pack and helped me place it on the affected area of my head, and as she did all these, she had her Bosom swaying all over my face, that is the most struggling situation of my life!
I struggled a lot with myself not to just gr-ab the too attrac-tive Bosom, “Why is it so full?” I asked loudly, she stared at me and said “it has to be, so it works well!” The answer suits my question but she was actually talking of the icepack! The pain relieved, it had no choice, the care was too deluxe!
She requested for my earpiece which was around my n£¢k, I gave it to her staring at her, I gathered all the nerves to say “you are beautiful and thank you,” she smiled and inser-ted the earpiece in her Ipod and leaned back to enjoy her flight, I did the same but I cannot deny the thoughts of her kept me stealing looks of her at too often intervals, I fell asleep after a while and dreamt of being buried in those succulent looking globes of flesh.
I woke up when one of the hostess tapped me, my crush was gone again and now with my earpiece, the funny thing is I wasn’t even angry!
Finally in Calabar! alas! Home is definitely a feeling, the very oxygenated breeze that hit me.. Wow.. it was great to feel this way. I made my way with my bulky bags in search of my aunt who I want to believe is waiting for me. I didn’t search long before I saw my name in a placard by a tall man in a suit. I was in an illusion to believe that my aunt the multi-millionaire film maker will actually wait for me on a very busy morning like this.
I approached the man, and my Kittycat ached a little as I got a closer to him.. He is the popular description of the Calabar men I have re-ad and heard about; tall, glowing melanin skin, good smile, I just wish he can pick me up right now, lean against a wall and devour my Kittycat.. de-epen my dam with his sure to be long Joystick, thrû-st into me with undiluted African strength!
The imagination disturbe-d my walking steps and I sli-pped, the damn man I was daydreaming about gr@bb£d me up in the face of the too curious Calabar audience. My knees totally turned into gel at his t©uçh.
It felt like the closing scene of a fairy Shakespeare story.. he placed me carefully on one of the arranged chairs in the foyer. He just smiled at me gently and confiremed that im uduak.
He did all the load packing, helped me to the car.. Is this my aunt’s driver? He’s a h0t drink of pure S£x. this man ought to be working with some modeling company, I am melting in his hands..
He got sweaty and I was wishing the sweat could be from ban-ging me. The ride home was all about this dude Bleeping me even if it is just once, “he can’t go without Bleeping me” I concluded. My drive was filled with fantasies of him filling my Kittycat with no holds barred!