Action In Calabar episode 1

Action In Calabar Episode 1
Written By Adedamola Yusuf…
Life as a struggling actor can be frustrating which clearly explains the meaning of struggle. Those days you go hungry just so you get transport fare for auditions, those demeaning things one had to do to make career ends meet, no cash was coming in but the joy of doing what you love maximized the utility I craved for.
I studied Theater Arts in the prestigious university of Ibadan, took numerous courses in the field of film and Cinematogra-phy and also acquired some skill in practical by joining various drama groups. knowledge wise, I am rich, and I’ve been told countless times that I am the future of moving pictures and it is better in my hands than anyone.
Despite my formidable CV in the theater world, I still haven’t gotten my big break, the industry does not know me, I have been in front of c@m£ras but not with ace directors or the big cakes in the industry, so many free jobs I did to just s£nd my name out there to someone who will love me enough to believe in me.
This wait of mine is five years and it has start to mess with my being, I kept on going but instead of getting what I want, i got the fl-ips ide of the coin, offers were coming but as a lecturer! This was good news to people around me but It wasn’t to me, it made me feel like I never will live that life I dream of daily, my mother managed to convince me, saying it could be a blessing in disguise and I should see it more as an encouragement and not a curse.
My mom is a pastor and she knows how to use to scripture to pas-s her message across, I was pinned to the edge of my thoughts until I start to reconsider being a lecturer in the theater arts, over time; I started to convince myself saying it is better than nothing.
I went throu-gh my emails on the eve of my birthday; I went throu-gh the mails s£nt to me by various institution, i weighed them and I considered the University of Calabar and the University of Abuja, both attrac-tive and the pay was reasonable, first; I called the University of Abuja and they told me the offer was closed, the job have been given out. It didn’t get me sad, instead I was irritated at myself for thinking a job offered to me nine months ago could still be available, I got discouraged and didn’t call my second option, until I was persuaded again by my mother.
I called UNICAL and they confirmed to me that the job was still very much available and they have been praying I call. Reluctantly, I told them I will join them as soon as I can. A month later, after dangerous thoughts and further persuasions from folks and friends, I decided to go to Calabar, it seem to be where God is for me.
I am here packing up my bags to journey back to Nigeria, my country but I am not sure I can call it home. I have stayed here in the United kingdom for twenty years, going back is both exciting and depressing simultaneously. I thought of going there to learn in detail about the culture and norms so as to project it in moving pictures, it is my way of standing distinct amidst the very competitive environment I am in; theater arts is a big deal here in the UK, so one nee-d a strong and formidable symbol that will single you out as Unique. An excellent edge is nee-ded.
After much deliberations, I was able to figure that I have all I nee-d within me, I just have to harness the most potent factors to command the results I seek. Nigeria my country have over 200 ethnic groups with dynamic cultures, distinctly different from each other, the theater have not seen this and they have; they have not seen it from my perspective.
I made a lot of findings, I picked my nativity {Efik} as my focal point, It is going to be my project. I have to show to the British filming academy why they should love not just my tribe but the other hundreds in the country. This entails I will be transferring to the university of Calabar for the next 18 months to make my dreams come throu-gh.
I am excited about that, but the fact that I am leaving my friends and folks here in London to stay with an Aunt I last saw when I was three was worrisome. I packed anyways and in company of my folks, I made my way to the airport. 13hrs flight journey was also ma-king me loose my cool but Its going to worth the stress is the s£ntence I take solace in.
After bidding farewell and little outside cuddles, I moved towards the exit terminal to join the plane, it was then the most anticipated moment c@m£ to life, I wept for no definitive reason. Board the plane with feigned courage and stra-pped the fuvk up so as to journey to Nigeria and also journey in my thoughts for the next 13hrs.
After getting all the necessaries from the school such as my plane ticket, I packed up immediately. It is unprofessional to stall the school and since I am now a staff, there is a status-quo I must abide by..
I was given 72hrs to reach my place of work as the Vice Chancellor wanted to see me. I got the most available flight ticket to Calabar which was the following day by 7pm. I got all I thought I will nee-d, and also went throu-gh the contact proposed to me by the school with my lawyer friend Ndifreke who also is a native of Calabar. We perused rigorously the 60 pages contract and he affirmed it was satisfactory and secure. I was gradually getting comfortable with the lecturing job, though it is mediocre but it is that half bre-ad our people say is better than nothing.