Accidentally in love Synopsis

🍭🍭 Accidentally In Love 🍭🍭
📍📍[She’s Not A Prostitute]📍📍
💄💄Written By: Dammie Crown 🖋️🖋️
Mirabel, a cool, easy going and a beautiful girl. She lives with her step dad and his daughter, Dammie.
Her mother died during childbirth. Her step younger sister is really Mirabel’s opposite as she’s not a serious type.
Mirabel lives with them till she graduated from University and suddenly after she graduated, her step dad who saw her throu-gh school bec@m£ sick of unknown illness.
She nee-ds a job but her petty job isn’t paying. She couldn’t afford to pay for the surgery bills. And she didn’t want to lose her step dad who she loves and who In turn care for her dearly.
She met with a friend of hers to lend her the surgery money but the only option her friend gave her in order to see such amount of money in a day is to become a pr©st!tût£for just a night….
And Mirabel is a decent girl, will she do that to save her step dad?
Emmanuel, a successful young man. He’s married to a devil. Yes his wife is a devil all because of jealousy ’cause Emmanuel is really a handsome man.
Fustrated by his wife, Rose, he went to a club one night and met a lady desperately in nee-d of money and willing to offer her b©dy in return, just for her to get the money.
Then boom! He la-id with her,the lady.
Now, what will be his wife,Rose reaction to what Emmanuel did?
As for Mirabel…
“Should Mirabel become a pr©st!tût£for just a night because of her step dad in return of his good deeds towards her?”
“Should Mirabel let him die and not go into indecent act because of him (her step dad) despite being the most caring father anyone could wish to have?”
We shall find out here as we move….