Accidentally in love episode 4

🍇🍇 Accidentally In Love 🍇🍇
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⭐⭐ Episode 4⭐⭐
🖊️🖊️ Written By: Dammie Crown 🖊️🖊️
[Hospital 🏥]
The doctors started preparing the equipments,tools and all the necessary things that are nee-ded for the surgery.
Mirabel returned home with heavy heart and grateful heart.
“Thank you for everything Lord..but I’m sorry I did what I did. It’s not intentional,you know? I didn’t did it for my plea-sure, i was drun!k. I couldn’t think straight then,forgive me plea-se.” Mirabel said sadly sitting on her be-d looking into space not knowing what to do.
Minutes later, her friend, Veronica entered.
“Mirabel dear. How are you feeling?” She asked concerned.
“Hi..” Mirabel replied weakly.
“My dear, I know you’re sad. I un-derstand you sweetie pie. But, this isn’t the end of the road. You have to move on ’cause life goes on and on. And one have to keep learning because life never st©p teaching. You did this to save someone’s life, the only thing left for you to do now is to pray your step dad gets well. My dear st©p brooding over the issue that has happened. If you continue to be like this, it will jeopardized your health and you know what that means. And you can’t undo what has happened. Cheer up dear.” Veronica enlightened Mirabel.
Veronica’s comforting words soothe Mirabel as she tries to smile to conceal her sad face.
Mirabel hvgged her and let out her pains throu-gh tears on Veronica’s shoulders.
After a while, she got hold of herself.
“Thank you my dear friend. You’re one in trillion. I really appreciate everything. Thanks a lot for your support and help.” Mirabel said.
“You’re welcome darling. Have you eaten yet?” She asked.
“No. I can’t just cook. The truth is, I don’t have any appetite to do anything not even to wash my clothes or plates. I’m just weak.” Mirabel said laying on her be-d.
“It’s alright dear. Rest a bit. I will do it all for you and you’ll eat soon. And… I’m slee-ping over tonight so we could go to the hospital together early in the morning. Have you called Dammie?” Veronica asked.
“Oh..thank you dear. I will call her now.” Mirabel said.
“Yes, call her. I will be in the kitchen.” Veronica said and walked out of the room.
Mirabel took her phone and sighed before she dialed Dammie’s number.
“Hello..what do you want this time? Have you found the money? Is my dad okay now?” She asked angrily.
“Hmm..I..yes, I’ve looked for the money and it’s been paid. The surgery is tomorrow morning. I called ,in case you’re free so you can come over as well.” Mirabel said.
“Good! You don’t have any business with the fact that I come or not. I’ll decide that myself. Text me the address of the hospital. Bye!” Dammie said and ended the call.
Mirabel sighed and was about to cry when she remembered her favorite quote “I won’t let what man do or do not do for me makes me feel bad or dejected. I’m strong.” She recite thrice and f0rç£ a smile.
She texted Dammie the address and sle-pt off waiting for what will happen next.
Emmanuel was troubled.
“Where did I placed this money? ” He questioned but couldn’t find an answer so he abandoned the thought.
Emmanuel is a very wealthy man that money isn’t his problem.
But still, he went to his regular club but found it closed. Then he called it fate. The following day of the incident night, he found out that he sle-pt with someone. He knew very well that it’s not his wife. He gave it thought but didn’t get a good lead.
He wrote down the d@t£ in his diary for future sake. So, he abandoned the thought. He asked God to forgive him for slee-ping with another woman. He moved on and since that night he never visit any club again.
He stays at home either his wife’s trouble is less or much for him.
He only visit his friend, Samuel by name. They’ve been friends since childhood. And they shared their problems together. Samuel is also rich but not as Emmanuel.
Emmanuel told him what happened..his friend advised him to be calm about the matter.
“Don’t worry, you’ll un-derstand everything. It may just take some times. ” Samuel said.
The next day at Mirabel’s ap@rtment.
Veronica woke up early and prepare breakfast for them both. She cleaned the whole house and woke Mirabel up.
“Hello slee-ping beauty. Good morning. Stand up now and bath. We should get to the hospital early.” She said to Mirabel.
She stretched and check the time.
“Ohh…I sle-pt this long? Sorry I woke up late. I just feel tired and weak.” Mirabel said and managed to get up from the be-d.
” It’s alright dear. I’ve prepared water for your bath. Be quic-k.” Veronica said and Mirabel nodded.
Mirabel went to the bathroom,bath and dress up. Sane thing as Veronica. Then both ate together happily.
Mirabel’s heart keeps glorifying God for s£nding her such a caring friend.
They ate and headed to the hospital. Veronica saw how nervous Mirabel was and she calmed her down.
“Have faith,huh? You’ll be fine. Just pray the surgery should goes well. Smile dear.” Veronica said and Mirabel’s heart was at ease.
[Hospital 🏥]
The doctors were seen running around the building and that scared Mirabel as she rushed to her step dad’s ward with her friend.
“Calm down Mirabel… he’s fine.” Veronica said.
They were not allowed to enter. The door was locked. This agitated Mirabel the more.
After about 30minutes, a doctor c@m£ out and they rushed to him in haste.
“Doctor… what’s happening? This isn’t the theater. What’s wrong?” Mirabel asked.
“Well…” The doctor hesitated.
“Doctor, we’re his guardians. No one else so plea-se talk to us.” Veronica said.
“Okay. Early this morning as we’re preparing to take him to the theater, he fainted. We tried to revived him and he’s awake.
But…now again. He was at the theater entrance when he give up the ghost so we returned him here as we tried to revived him again but all efforts was proven ab-ortive. We’re still trying though.” The doctor explained .
“Then…will he recover?” Veronica asked as Mirabel was lost looking like a doll.
Veronica’s question was followed by doctors moving out of the ward. About five of them.
“What?” The other doctor asked.
“He’s gone.” One of the doctor replied..
“I’m sorry miss, we lost him.” The doctor said.
“What?” Both shouted.
“Doctor,tell me it’s not true. Do you know how much I love him? Do you know how I got the money for the surgery? Do you know where I went and what I did before I saw the money? Doctor,he must not die. Perform the surger… doctor no!! Save him plea-se.” Mirabel shouted with all her strength feeling lost,so lost.
Veronica tried to calm her but couldn’t.
“I’m sorry miss. He’s gone alre-ady.” The doctor said and walked away.
Mirabel fainted after hearing that word again. “He’s gone.”
After she recovered, she was crying ha-rd that Veronica can’t seems to calm her down as both were crying.
Dammie entered and saw them crying, then she un-derstands.
She’s so hurt.
“Finally! Your mum succeed in killing my precious dad. You also pla-yed your p@rt. You s¢v-mbag. I hate you. You killer! Find solution to what you caused. Bury him and do the nee-dful things.” She said angrily and walked away crying silently while Mirabel cried the more.
“God…after everything I did just to save this man. So, he’ll finally die? After I let go of my pride to a stranger? I shouldn’t be the one to face this kind of problem.. it’s too much for me to handle.” Mirabel thought as tears flow freely from her eyes.
Veronica patted her..
Infact.. I’m crying as well.😭😭
Mirabel.. 😭😭 sorry. It’ll surely pas-s away. All will be well…trust God.
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