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abducted episode 6 & 7


Chapter 6

‘Have you ever heard of the word courtesy?’ Ibitoru demanded when the man came into the bedroom without so much as a knock on the door. She pulled the wrapper to herself, glaring at him.

‘It’s my house so I can do as I damn well please,’ he told her simply, ‘now you are going to make a call.’

‘Finally, for a moment there I thought you were going to keep me here beyond tomorrow. Satisfy my curiosity, how much do you intend to ask for?’

‘N 10,000’

‘What!’ Her jaw dropped but she quickly shut it back. ‘Are you trying to say that I’m worth only N10,000?’

‘Or less,’ he continued unrepentantly, adding before she could flare up. ‘This call is not to your father.’

‘Then who the hell do you want me to call?’

‘Such language is not befitting of a lady.’

‘You use it so don’t be quick to judge. Who do you want me to call?’ She asked again eyeing the old nokia phone in his hand, the type you could easily get for less than


Was the guy so poor that he couldn’t afford a decent phone? She wondered.

His ridiculously tiny house with two tiny bedrooms was a little above that of a man living in abject poverty but that was not to say that somewhere along the line this man had not run short of money.

‘A week ago you had a man detained simply because he offered himself as one of your suitors.’

‘That little nobody! He deserved it.’

‘May I remind you that he is a family man with two little children?’

‘Like I care. He insulted me by approaching me to begin with, like I have no taste. He came to me reeking of abject poverty expecting me to accept his proposal so he could use my money to better his life.’

He glared at her.

‘You had no right to have him detained. All you had to do was say no.’

‘Just no? You must be joking. A riff-raff, a good for nothing gold digger insults me and you expect me to leave him with a simple no! You are not serious. If he had looked for a [email protected] citizen like himself he wouldn’t be spending his days and night in jail.’

Her snobbish attitude pissed the man off.

‘You are useless, so you ought to be filled with gratitude that he saw something good in you.’

‘Don’t you dare insult me!’

‘Afraid of the truth? You are a spoilt brat with nothing to recommend you but your beauty and wealth. Your brain wouldn’t take you anywhere outside the business arena. That someone took the risk of coming to you is something to give thanks for knowing that you are not worth it.’

She slapped him and he caught her wrist in a vice grip, releasing her when she cried out.

‘You are going to call your police friends and tell them to release that man tonight.’

‘What is ‘saucer eyes’ to you anyway? You don’t look alike.’

‘He doesn’t know who I am.’

‘And yet you are getting involved in a matter that is no business of yours.’

‘I am making it my business.’

‘Are you one of those human rights freaks?’ she asked.

‘Whatever. Now call him.’

He gave her the funny looking phone.

‘And if I don’t?’

‘You don’t have a choice.’

Suddenly that gun was before her once more.

‘Weren’t you taught that it is impolite to threaten a woman with a gun? – never mind, a man like you certainly can’t have been in a woman’s womb for 7 or 9 months or you wouldn’t be acting in this manner. You probably dropped out of space. Yes that’s it. You are a martian.’

‘Shut up, brat!’

‘Stop calling me that!’ she yelled at him.

He leaned forward until his face was inches from hers.

‘You know, accidents do happen. I might get so upset that I might reflexively pull the trigger, and Boom!’ She flinched, ‘And you are in trouble. Now look for that number and call.’

She glared at him.

‘Which one of my lines is in there?’

‘MTN,’ he replied.

She thought of lying that she had saved the ASP’s number in her glo line but thought better of it. She scrolled down the names that appeared on the screen of his phone then pressed the call button when she got to the name she was searching for.

‘Tell him that you have decided out of the goodness of your heart to set the guy free,’ her abductor told her.

‘ASP – Good evening, this is Miss Davids. I am fine. Is that man still in your custody? He is? Okay, you can release him.’ She said her eyes on the gun before her. ‘But leave him with a warning that next time he comes within a mile of me, you shall rid the world of his sorry self. Do just that, ASP.’

‘No funny games,’ her abductor warned in a whisper.

She returned the phone to him, saying ‘This phone is out of date. You should get something better.’

‘As long as I can call and receive, that’s all that matters.’

‘What planet did you come out from Zusky?’

‘The same one you did, Kaput.’


Kaput and Zusky were characters from their own cartoon who were always trying to take over planets.

‘When do you intend to call my father?’ She enquired.

‘When I am in the mood.’

‘My vacation begins tomorrow.’

‘Of course but you will be spending it here.’

‘Oh puhleeze! Like I’d want a vacation in your company.’

‘You don’t have a choice.

He began to walk away.

‘You can’t be serious about keeping me here for the next three weeks, or are you?’

‘I am dead serious.’

‘You are asking for trouble. My dad-’

‘Would be restless, imagining all the wicked things I am doing to his little girl, wondering if you would be with child by the time I release you.’

‘You wouldn’t dare!’

‘Oh I would. Make no mistake about that,’ he told her, then added, ‘for all you know, I may be intending to use your child to secure a ransom.’

‘What are you talking about? I don’t have a…’ she paused, her eyes widening in horror as his words became clear.

‘That should give you something to think about,’ he said, enjoying the shocked look on her face. ‘You should consider yourself fortunate that I have no time for your kind.’

‘You think you are too good for me?’ she blurted out affronted. ‘May I remind you that you are a peasant? A mere commoner under a jurisdiction that was once my father’s! If I so much as offer my f!ng£rs to you, you should feel highly honoured let alone my hand.’

‘The problem with you, Davids, is that you think you are God’s gift to the male folk but welcome to the real world. No man is genuinely interested in a spoilt brat who can’t do anything on her own. The only use you are good for, if I decide to go ahead with it, is providing me with a child that I will use for the bargain.’

He walked out of the room.

‘Beast!’ She ground out.


Chapter 7

Ibitoru felt hot and in need of a shower. She also needed to attend to her private needs. She found him in the sitting room, his face [email protected] and unsmiling. What was his problem anyway?

‘Excuse me.’

‘What do you want?’ he snapped.

‘I need a bath.’

‘Do you expect me to bathe you?’ he asked, deliberately misunderstanding her words.

She flushed angrily. ‘Pervert. You know that’s not what I meant. I need hot water to bathe with. I doubt if you have a heater.’

‘You’d have to get your own water, whether cold or hot,’ he informed her rising to his feet and walking across the sitting room, towards the kitchen.

‘I can’t believe this! There is no water running in the house!’

‘If it ran past then I didn’t see it.’

‘And you have a warped s£nse of humour.

‘Ha! Ha! Very funny. You fetch water from the well.

‘So you brought me here knowing that there is no water. In my home, there is constant water and I can use a heater when I need a shower.’

‘Here if you want something, you get it yourself. You want hot water you heat it if there’s light or boil one in the abs£nce of light.’

‘You are no gentleman.’

‘I never claimed to be one.’

‘If you were going to abduct a woman with [email protected], common s£nse demands that you take her to at least a four star hotel,’ she told him, wrinkling her nose as she looked around the room.

He ignored her, retraced his steps and walked through the corridor opening a door. He returned with a bucket which he thru-st in her direction. She looked at it, her expression fierce.

‘I have never carried a bucket of water in my life.’

‘There’s always a first time for everything.’

He thru-st the bucket at her once more, wrapping her f!ng£rs about its iron handle and asked her to follow him. They went through a door in the kitchen ending up outside. The well was a few feet from the wall and covered. She had only seen well in pictures and programmes on the television. She could just imagine how many diseases she would have to treat once she got back home. The mere thought gave her goose pimples.

He stepped aside.

‘Well?’ She demanded.

‘Well what?’

‘Aren’t you going to help me out?’

‘Why should I?’

‘Because I don’t know how to.’

‘Spoilt brat!’ He muttered.

He took off the cover of the well and threw in a rope with a small bucket, pulling it up to pour clean water into the bucket. She could tell it was clean, courtesy of the light from the kitchen door but that didn’t mean that there weren’t hidden bacteria that could be caught beneath a microscope. He handed the rope to her and she realized that he was not going to offer further help, she decided to do it herself and teach him that she could do it as well as he.

It took her minutes to fill the bucket, pouring more water on the soil than into her bucket. He watched her amused and she cursed him with words that could render a puritan deaf.

She hefted the bucket with both hands past him leaving a large drop of water in her trail as she struggled with the bucket. He didn’t offer to help her.

She dropped the bucket before the bathroom door and pushed the door open. The bathroom was tiny with a flat tiny white bathtub, with just enough room for you to stand in, a toilet and a sink. She noticed a big barrel that occupied a major space in the tiny bathroom enough to make one claustrophobic. Heck, the entire house was small enough to make one claustrophobic!

She deposited her bucket in the bathtub and lifted the lid of the barrel shocked to find it filled with water. And to think that that nameless man had made her fetch her own water.

She told him her mind as she left the bathroom.

‘The water is mine,’ he informed her. ‘You want water, you fetch it.’

He held out an old towel to her.

She threw back her head in disgust. ‘Surely you do not expect me to bathe with that!’

She thought of the rashes the use of such a towel would leave on her spotless body. This man was just desperate to give her craw-craw before he freed her!

‘I didn’t ask you to. I expect you to use it to mop the water you spilled.’

‘There is no way I’m going to-’

‘Don’t make me mad, brat! You pour water, you mop.’

He thru-st the rag at her and compelled her to bend over and start cleaning the trail of water she had left behind, supervising her.

‘I have never been so humiliated in my life,’ she cried.

‘Look at the bright side. At least you can add this to your curriculum vitae: can clean exceeding well.’

‘Don’t you dare mock me. I never done this before. Not even in my own home.’

‘That’s just too bad. Now clean up.’

When she was through, he made her rinse the towel and showed her where to spread it. She glared at him but it had no effect on him. He took the back door keys with him taking the short corridor and going into his bedroom.

She marched towards the bathroom, upset but his words “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Stopped her.

‘What!’ she snapped.

‘Soap, towel and sponge.’

‘I’ll manage.’

‘You’ll do no such thing.’

‘Surely you don’t expect me to share such private things with a peasant!’

‘You don’t have a choice.

He forced them into her hands and pushed her gently into the bathroom shutting the door behind her.

She seethed in there, hating him. She deposited the items on the tiny cabinet attached to the wall and walked over the tight space to the sink where she found a new tooth brush besides an old one and a Maclean’s toothpaste.

She tore off the seal and pressed the toothpaste unto the brush. She missed her very expensive toothpaste at home. She thought as she began to brush her teeth.

She was going to leave this place one way or the other before she lost her mind. She never bathed with cold water but she was going to cope with it rather than give him the pleasure of knowing that she couldn’t do the simple task of heating water.

She unwrapped the lux soap he’d given her. It had a nice smell but lacked the fragrance of the soap she used back at home. A big pink soap and very expensive.

She spent over half an hour in the bathroom, washing herself clean of the sweat that clung to her body. When she was through. She wrapped herself in his big blue towel.

She left the bathroom in the towel, her undies and the wrapper in her arms. He gave her a disinterested look before returning his attention to the television screen.

She went into the bedroom she was occupying and returned a moment later.

‘Hey!’ She called to him insultingly.

He didn’t even look at her.

‘Excuse me!’ She amended.

He turned. ‘What do you want?’

‘I need my clothes.’

‘And I won’t have you trying to escape.’

‘I can’t move around in this towel.’

Without saying a word he went into his bedroom returning with a T-shirt and boxers which he tossed to her.

‘Weren’t you taught hygiene in school?’ She asked insultingly. ‘You don’t share clothes and definitely not inner wears.’

‘You are in no position to complain.’

‘Excuse me! Well I’d rather have the towel.’

‘Suit yourself. But I’ll need it when I take my bath in less than an hour’s time and I won’t have u strutting about my house in your birthday suit.’

She flushed angrily. ‘This is a deliberate attempt to annoy me isn’t it? What’s your name anyway?’

‘That is not important.’

‘Then I’ll call you, stoneface.’

‘You do that and I’ll give you so [email protected] a paddling that you won’t be able to sit for a full month.

‘Then give me a name.’

‘I’m sure you can come up with something better.’

‘Like Amos?’

‘Very funny. But I’m not amused.’

‘All right, [email protected] That’s one of my favourite English names. So you should feel privileged.’

‘I hear.’

‘So [email protected], were you serious about keeping me here for three weeks? My N3m offer is still open.’

‘Two to nine months depending on my mood.’

‘Two to nine what! What exactly do you want from me? I’ve already promised to give you N3m.’

‘When I need the money I’ll request for it but for now-’

‘I have a life even if you don’t have one. And I hate being disorganized. I have people to meet, places to see.’

‘That’s just too bad.’

‘I don’t know what you want from me [email protected] but I’ll tell you this, you won’t get it easily.’

‘And what do you think I want from you?’ He questioned both hands on the wall on either side of her face so close she could inhale his clean male scent.

She held her breath.

‘You know you shouldn’t be giving a guy ideas when you are dressed in only a towel. You might get more than you bargained for,’ he warned.

Her eyes grew wide and he stepped back from her.

‘Pervert!’ She thought.

He told her to change into the clothes he’d given her and return the towel to the bathroom. She grumbled as she went into the bedroom wishing the door had an internal bolt. She hurried into the clothes after pulling on her underclothes, and then returned the towel to the bathroom like he’d ordered.

She couldn’t believe that she was taking orders from a peasant! Two days ago she would have thought it impossible but it was happening.

She felt ridiculous in his clothes. Clean or otherwise.

‘First of all, he kidnaps me, then he insults me and now I have to smell like him! You’ll pay for this [email protected] or whatever your bloody name is!’



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