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A wish Episode 5 & 6

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🌼A Wish🌻🌞

Chapter 5



I happily skipped to the ice cream shop, already trying to imagine how it will taste like. Daddy bought me an ice cream cone yesterday and it was so yummy! Vanilla is now my favourite ice cream! I noticed two girls that were my age, were both playing and having fun together. I saddens me that I don’t have friends, most people call me names if I try to play with them. I walked inside the shop and stood in front of the huge glass filled with different flavours of ice cream, the man behind the counter smiled warmly at me.

“Would you like to buy an ice cream sweetie?” He asked and I nodded my head, jumping up excitedly.

“What flavour do you like?”

“Vanilla!” I said excitedly. He chuckled and scooped the ice cream inside a cone for me.

“Would you like sprinkles on top?” The man asked, I don’t know what sprinkle is so I just nodded. I watched the man as he put different colours of tiny crumbs on top of the ice cream. I paid for it and walked out of the shop, heading towards the park. I sat on a bench and began licking my ice cream. I don’t really like the cone so I threw it away when I was done licking the ice cream. I smiled, looking at the two little kids playing with each other, two elders came to the children and smiled warmly at them. Am guessing its the children parents cause they look so much alike. One thing I’ve noticed is that Daddy and I don’t look alike. Whenever I ask him where my mummy is or why we don’t look alike, he changes the topic. I got up from the bench and walked to my favourite spot in the park, the playground. I sat on a swing and began swinging high as possible.

A little drop of water touch my nose. Frowning, I looked up at the sky to see its was going to rain. Ugh! Why does it have to rain today, now I won’t be able to watch the stars. I peeked at my watch and woah its already 5:30pm. Daddy doesn’t close from work till seven so am not bothered.

I got off the swing and made my way back home before the rain falls on me. I closed the gate behind me and walked to the front porch.

Shivering, I opened the door, closing it behind me. I turned and was surprised to see daddy in the living room. I thought he’s suppose to be at work?

“Daddy why are you home? Arent you suppose to be at work?” I asked.

“Hey Brielle, well guess what, I came back home bacause I forgot some of my files and I was in for a surprise.” I didn’t like the look in daddy’s eyes, it scared me.

“Where have you been runt?” He growled. I felt my body tremble as he spoke. Daddy has never called me a bad word before.

“Answer me!” I flinched when daddy yelled. He got up from the couch and took steps towards me. I moved back because I was scared, scared of my Dad.

“I w-went to the ice cream shop to buy vanilla ice cream.”

“How dare you go out without my permission!” Daddy roared.

“I’m sorry Daddy.” I couldn’t register it, the next thing I knew is that I was on the floor, holding my cheek while staring at daddy with wide eyes. I expected daddy to look regretful or even guilty but he was not, his face was red from anger, eyes dark. I let out a scream when daddy slapped me again. He held my arm in an iron grip, ignoring my pleas. I watched in horror as daddy undid his belt and flung it towards my sides. I screamed in pain, it hurts so much. Daddy continued to hit me with his belt till he finally got tired.

“Bitch! Get out of my sight!” I got up and limped towards my room. I sat on the bed and cried. Why did daddy call me names and hit me? I thought he loves me, he always calls me a princess but now he called me a bad word. I took my clothes off and looked at my body. The belt marks were bright and red on my torso, back and arms.

I sniffled, going to the bathroom to have a bath. The running water from the shower made my wounds sting badly. I put on my pajamas and curl up on the bed, not caring that its too early for me to sleep. I just want to forget the memories of how daddy hit me.

When I woke up the next day, I felt a little better. The bruises still sting but its better. I bolted up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my bath. I put on my orange polo shirt, blue jeans and two pair of white sneakers. I tied my hair in a high ponytail and jogged down to the living room, so I can greet daddy. I saw daddy seated on the couch and I immediately ran to give him a hug, only to get roughly pushed away. My lips parted in shock as I looked up to see daddy glaring down at me.

My eyes brimmed with tears. “Why Daddy? Why are you hitting me?”

He grabbed my jaw. “Am not your dad, I can never have an ugly bitch like you for a daughter.” I cried out in pain when he punched my nose.

“Never call me daddy again, call me ‘sir.’ Got that bitch?”

I nodded meekly. “Yes d-sir!”

He pushed me back to the ground, relaxing against the couch. “Go to the kitchen and boil water on fire for me.” I scrambled up and ran towards the kitchen. I grabbed the kettle and added water inside, before switching on the gas cooker. I carefully placed the kettle on top of the gas and sat on a chair, waiting till the kettle is steaming.

“Ouch!” I cried when I touched the kettle. It burned my hand. Daddy walked inside the kitchen and glanced at the kettle before his eyes flickered over to my crying form. He turned off the gas, facing me with a murderous stare.

“Do you want to burn the whole house!”

“No! I’m sorry.” I apologized.

“Daddy please don’t!” I cried when he grabbed a fistful of my hair. He slapped me hard across the face when I said that.

“I told you not to call me that bitch!”

“I’m sorry sir.” I sniffled.

His lips curled up into a devillish smirk. “You really like hot water don’t you, considering the fact that you almost burned up the kettle.” My eyes widened in horror when I saw that he was holding the kettle.

“Please dont!” He ignored me and pulled me towards the sink. I let out a high pitched scream when he poured the hot water on my hands. My hands felt like they were on fire, they were terribly throbbing.

He placed the kettle on the table and pushed me to the ground, staring at me like I was dirt. I clutched my throbbing hands and silently cried, wishing the pain will just go away.

*flashback over*

“From that day he started hitting me, it became a daily activity for me to receive Punch’s, kicks and slaps from Liam. As I grew up I learnt that he wasn’t my dad. We look nothing alike. I couldn’t run away cause I was scared that social service will send me to the foster care. With what i’ve been through am afraid that I will fall into the hands of another abusive parent. I don’t think I can endure another round of beatings from deranged lunatics.” I felt a warm substance on my cheek. Wow I didn’t even realise that I was crying.

“Do you have a scar from the hot water?” Damon asked.

“Yeah.” I showed them my hands were the faded red mark could me seen.

“You cant stay with him.” Xavier stated.

I stared at him like he was crazy. “I cant escape Liam, he will find me and make my life ten times worse.”

“Do you cut?” Alex asked quietly.

I chuckled. “Alex just because i’ve been abused for nine years doesn’t mean am falling into depression. I actually tried it once because they said it will make the pain go away.”

“How was it?” Damon asked. “Did it make the pain go away?”

“Fudge no!” I exclaimed. “It hurts like hell.” They all chuckled at that.

“On a serious note Brielle.” Xavier said, his tone was firm. “I cant allow you to live with that asshole, knowing that he might hurt you.”

“We need your phone number.” Damon added. “So that you can call us if your stepdad hurts you.”

“Actually…. I don’t have a phone.” I admitted sheepishly. They all stared at me, looking dumbfounded.

“That’s it.” Xavier stood up, grabbing his car keys from the table. I watched him, feeling confused when he walked pass me and went outside.

“Where is he going?” I asked Damon and Alex.

“Forget about it, how about we go work on the school project. Damon can you please bring juice and cookies for us?” Alex asked Damon, giving him the puppy dog eyes.

“Fine.” Damon grumbled, standing up and stomping towards the kitchen. I followed Alex upstairs, the marble staircase looks so grand. As we walked down the hall, pictures of different arts were hunged beautifully on the wall. Alex suddenly stopped walking and I almost slammed into his back.

He opened a door, steping inside. I walked in and I couldn’t help but gasp. In front of me was a very wide room and it was well arranged. The walls were painted blue, a big king sized bed was at the right edge of the room with a grand lamp beside it. The walk-in closet was wow and a huge TV was hung opposite the bed.

“Your room is beautiful.” I commented, taking a look at all the pictures. I picked up a photo of what’s seems to be 8 yr old Alex and 10 yr old Xavier. They were both standing close to each other, grinning at the camera.

“Oh my gosh you look so cute!” I gushed.

Alex blushed. “Thank you.”

Damon walked in, holding a tray filled with two glasses of strawberry juice and in the plate was sugar cookies. He placed it on the table and walked out. “See ya later losers.” Alex just flipped him off. I chuckled and sat on the incredibly soft bed.

Alex and I started the project and it was pretty easy, Alex is so smart. Am glad that he’s my partner in this project, he is not like other students who just leave me to take care of the project alone. I took a sip out of my strawberry juice and continued writing in my notebook.

After we were done with the project, Alex gave me a tour around the mansion. They had a movie room, game room, gym, indoor swimming pool. He also showed me where Xavier and Damon rooms are. Damon didn’t hear us come in cause he was so engrossed on the video game he’s playing. I picked up a pillow and threw it at Damon, accidentally knocking off his game pad.

“Oops.” I said sheepishly, watching Damon as he slowly turned to me, his eyes dark.

“Brielle.” His voice sounded deeper.


“You better run.” Alex whispered in my ear. I didn’t needed to be told twice. I bolted out of the room with Damon hot on my tail. I reached the living room and was about to hide but shrieked when I felt arms wrap around my waist. Damon threw me on the couch and started tickling my sides. Oh my gosh why do I have to be so ticklish!

“D-damon stop!” I giggled.

“Not until you say Damon is the best and most awesome guy you’ve ever met.”

“Never!” I yelled, causing him to tickle me more. I saw Alex behind Damon, watching us with an amused expression.

“Alex h-help!” He grinned mischieviously and joined Damon in tickling me.

“You guys are the worst.” I said admist laughter. The two just grinned at me, flashing me their perfect white teeth. I craned my neck to look at the front door when it opened. Xavier casually walked in, slamming the door shut. He made his way towards were I was seated, a small box was in his hand.

“Where have you been?” I asked Xavier as he sat down beside me.

“To the store.” He replied bluntly.

“W-” I stopped, looking at him in confusion as he opened the box he was holding, revealing a purple IPhone XR. Xavier took my hand and placed the phone in it.

“What’s this?”

“A phone, you know a digital product used for various purposes.” Damon said sarcastically.

I glared at him. “I know what a phone is.”

I turned to face Xavier. “Why on earth will you get me an expensive phone? Sorry but I cant accept this.” I tried giving it back to Xavier but he only gave it back to me.

“I cant allow you to stay with a monster, knowing that you don’t have a phone.”

“You cant refuse the phone anyway.” Alex chimed in. “Remember number seven in the rules.” After a lot of arguing and yelling I finally accepted the phone, it already has The boys numbers in it.

It was already 4:30 which means its time for me to get home, Xavier offered to drop me off. I said goodbye to Alex and Damon, grabbed my things before following Xavier to the garage. We both entered his car and drove off, me directing him to my place. I thanked Xavier and got down from his car but he held my arm.

“Please call me or the guys if you’re hurt or in trouble.” He said in a soft voice, his eyes silently begging me to not refuse.

“I promise.” I smiled at him, he smiled back and let go off my hand. I instantly missed the warmth of his hand.

I waved at Xavier, watching him drive away till he was out of sight. I opened the front door and entered inside, closing it gently behind me.

Just as I turned around I felt my blood run cold. Liam was seated in the living room with five men, I recognize them as his friends. The man who grabbed my arm was also here, staring at me with a sinister smirk.

“Good evening sirs.” I greeted and some of them nodded in response while the others replied with a grunt. I quickly walked to the kitchen and fixed up some food and dessert before serving it to the men. I felt a cold hand on my bare leg. I whipped my head around to see it was that creepy man, Richard, who stared at me with lust in his eyes.


Giving him a disgusted look, I quickly walked upstairs to my room. I locked my room door and took my bath. My stomach rumbled but I was waiting until Liam’s friends are gone before I can head downstairs.

I brought out my new phone and scrolled through it. Damon made a group chat and was blasting it with silly messages. I had to put the phone on silent so Liam wouldn’t hear it ping.

I later placed the phone on my bed and walked out of my room when I was sure that Liam friends have gone. As I walked down the hall I stopped my tracks, on hearing voices coming from the entrace to the living room. I quickly hid behind a wall and peeked a little and saw that it was just Liam and Richard talking.

“Come on I already gave you $1000.” Richard begged.

“She is still a virgin so i need you to increase the money.” Wait who are they talking about?

“Brielle is still a virgin?” Richard asks, it took all in me not to gag at his hunger filled eyes.

“Yep, increase the pay to $2000 then you can have her for the night.” I knew Liam hated and despise me but I cant believe he’s taking money just so that one of his sick, twisted friends could harrass me.

I didn’t wait to listen to the rest of their conversation. I slowly walked towards my room, being careful to not make any noise. I locked my door and started packing my clothes in a luggage. I made sure to take all my school supplies.

As I held onto my phone to call Xavier, someone banged hard on my room door.

“Brielle sweetheart?” I recognized the voice as Richard’s. “Open the door.” He demanded. I quickly dialed Xavier number and placed the phone close to my ear.

“Hello Brielle?”

“Xavier.” I whispered.

“Brielle are you alright? what’s wrong?” His voice sounded scared and worried.

“Please help me.” Tears were already streaming down my face.

“Open the door bitch!” Richared yelled. “I paid $2000 for this and am not going to let it go to waste.”

“Fuck!” Xavier cursed. “Brielle I need you to hide, the guys and I are coming over. Okay?”

“Okay.” I hung up and opened my wardrobe, curling up into a ball.”

“Please hurry.” I whimpered, holding onto my phone.



Chapter 6

Xavier pov
I stared blankly at Damon as he kept on blabbering annoying, silly things out of his mouth.

“Can you shut up?” I asked, feeling a bit annoyed.

“That’s not a very nice thing to say to your brother, meanie!” He crossed his arms.

I rolled my eyes at his childish behaviour. “You are so annoying.” He huffed and stomped up to his room, slamming it behind him. I sighed, resting my elbow against the edge of the sofa as I thought about today’s earlier events. I didn’t want to let Brielle go back to that house where she feels scared and insecure, all because of an excuse of a lame step-father. When she first bumped into me at the school hallway, I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful blue eyes, which seems to make her flawless features more beautiful. It hurts me whenever she flinches and looks scared of me. I hate seeing that look of fear when she stares at me. I hated the way she just allowed that Zayn guy order her around like she is some kind of lowlife. Even though Brielle doesn’t say, I know that she needs help and I will do all I can to protect her. Even though I met her yesterday, yet I feel so drawn to her, all I want to do is protect and make her feel happy. Just the thought of how her step-father hurts her is enough to make me see red. If I ever get my hands on that asshole of a father am going to make sure to beat him up so much that he won’t recognize himself. Brielle is so much different from any of the girls i’ve met, she doesn’t flirt or trys to get attention from me and my brothers, she’s kind, a little sassy and her smile is so beautiful and contagious.

I was snapped back to reality when I heard my phone ring, vibrating loudly. Seeing the caller Id was Brielle, I immediately picked it up and placed my phone close to my ear.

“Hello Brielle?”

“Xavier.” She whispered, her voice sounding frightned.

“Brielle what’s wrong? Are you alright?” I was scared, thinking that her step-father has hurt her again.”

“Please help me.” Her voice cracked and I heard her sniff.

“Open the door bitch!” A man voice yelled in the background and I could hear banging. “I paid $2000 for this and am not going to let it go to waste!” $2000 for what? Oh no, I hope its not what am thinking. Just the thought of it makes me feel disgusted.

“Fuck!” I got up, kicking hard against a table. “Brielle I need you to hide the guys and I are coming over. Okay?”

“Okay.” She hung up. I grabbed my car keys and yelled for Damon and Alex and they immediately came, running down the stairs.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked in a scared voice.

“Brielle’s in trouble.” Was my reply before rushing outside, with Damon and Alex running to catch up with me. As we were all settled in my car, I drove off, not caring if I was driving pass speed limit.

♣Brielle’s pov

I whimpered when Richard kept on yelling for me to open the door. I let out a breath and curled up into a ball, pulling my knees close to my chest, silently praying that everything should be alright. I heard voices coming from outside of my room door, they were muffled but I could still make a bit of what they are saying.

“Why all the yelling?” I heard Liam ask in a bored tone.

“It seems the bitch heard everything we were discussing about so she ran to her room, and locked the door.” Richard spat.

“Here’s an extra key to open the door, have fun and go easy on her.” My heart stopped pounding. At first all I felt was confusion, then anger. I was angry at the man who I worked endlessly for, who I once loved and considered my dad, who I always obeyed and respected just so that he could love me like his own daughter. I’m more angry at myself for thinking Liam will change, I should have just followed the stars, it might had led me to my real parents. Being thrown into foster care is way better than this. My breath hitched in my throat when I heard the click sound from the door, as it slowly opened. From the small opening in the wardrobe, I saw Richard walk inside my room, closing the door behind him.

“Brielle, where are you hiding?” Richard demanded in a sick twisted voice. “Come out now and I promise not to hurt you.

You’re promising not to hurt me and you want my virginity? What kind of sick and twisted pedophile is this?

My heartbeat raced as he stalked closer to the closet, tilting his head to the side. The he grinned, a mischievious grin. In a swift motion Richard opened the wardrobe.

“There you are bitch.” He sneered. I cried out in pain as he grabbed a fistful of my hair, and pulled me out of the wardrobe.

“Let me go you stupid pedophile!” I yelled, using my leg to kick him in the shin. Richard hand loosened on my hair as he let out a groan. I punched Richard in the nose with all my strenght only to hear a crack, but the crack wasn’t from Richard nose, it was from my middle finger which was terribly throbbing.

“Holy crap! Its hurts so fudging much!” I cried, gently holding finger. “Dude how hard is your nose!”

“You’re going to regret that bitch.” Richard snarled before he lunged at me, punching me in the rib. I fell on the cold floor, clutching my torso.

“Now let’s have some fun.” He whispered, tracing sloppy disgusting kisses on my cheek. Ewww!

I couldn’t move cause Richard had a death grip on both my wrist. I spat on Richard face, staring at him with anger and disgust. He laughed maniaclly and wiped his face with his sleeve. “Oh Brielle, you’re going to regret ever doing that.”

He raised his hand to hit me and I just closed my eyes, waiting to feel the painful punches. Richard punched my cheek, stomach, jaw and rib. I layed on the floor, limp, helpless, not having anymore strenght in me. With a blurry vision, I watched as Richard used to finger to stroke my cheek and jaw, down to my collarbone. He leaned forward and all I could do is watch, with black dots clouding my vision. His weight that was pressed on me was suddenly ripped off me.

“You sick bastard!” Someone yelled, I recognized the voice to belong to Damon. Punches and bone making sickening cracks was all I heard.

“Brielle.” Someone whispered. Thinking it was Richard, I whimpered, trying to crawl backwards but the person placed a firm yet gentle grip on my shoulder.

“Brielle its me Xavier.” He said in a soft voice.

“Xavier?” I croaked out, feeling so weak and helpless.

“Yes Brielle its me, am right here.” He whispered. I felt Xavier place an arm around my shoulder, the other was under my knees as he scooped me up in his arms. I felt safe and protected in his arms, feeling the warmth radiate off his body.

“Thank you Xavier.” I whispered, my eyes closing as I drifted off into the black abyss.


My eyes fluttered open and I stirred, rubbing my eyes due to the bright light. I slowly sat up and glanced around. I thought I will wake up on the cold hard floor or my small bed. What I didn’t expect is to see myself on a grand king sized bed in a beautiful and spacious room. I looked down at my body only to let out a small gasp. I was in a white t shirt and black leggings, different from what I wore today. Oh my God who on earth changed me. Is it Alex, or Damon? Oh Please don’t let it be Xavier. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw that I was still in my innerwears and not a different one. My middle finger was bandaged, cuts and bruises were clean. I got up from the bed and walked out of the room, heading downstairs to the living room.

The guys were all seated on a couch, watching a movie. I cleared my throat to make my presence known to them. Their heads snapped towards me, and they immediately spranged from the couch they were seated on and came rushing to me, bombarding me with questions.

“Are you hurt?”

“Are you hungry?”

“Does any parts in your body hurts?”

“Should we take you to the hospital?”

“Guys am fine.” I chuckled, smiling a bit. It warms my heart that they cared. The trio simultaneously let out a sigh of relief when I said that.

“Am sorry for not arriving there on time.” Xavier said. “Seeing that guy hit you like that was so..” He balled up his fist, letting out a frustrated sigh while running his fingers through his already messy hair. I held his hand, smiling at him. “Its not your fault and am very thankful that you arrived there on time or else he would’ve taken advantage of me.” Xavier smiled back, his eyes looking down at my finger.

“How did you even get a sprained finger?”

“Oh I punched Richard in the nose.”

“And?” Damon smirked.

“And I got hurt.” I admitted sheepishly, they all chuckled. We walked to the couch and sat down. “So what did you three do to Liam and Richard?”

“Alex and Xavier beat the shit out of Liam while I dealt with Richard.” Damon replied, his lips curled up into a smirk. “And no need to worry about them. They’re both in prison.”

I smiled at the three. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank us Brielle we will never let anyone hurt you again.” Alex said softly.

“So.” I stood up and placed both my hands on my hip, glaring at the trio who just stared at me with confused expressions.

“Which one of you changed me into this.” I gestured down to the clothes. Their faces went red, and Alex started blubbering.

“You were so bruised and we didn’t want you to get mad if one of use changed you, so Xavier called a nurse. She was the one who treated your bruises and changed your clothes.”

“Aww.” I gushed. “That’s so thoughtful of you guys, but where am I gonna live now!”

Xavier snorted. “Are you seriously asking us that? Under no circumstances will you ever go back to that house. “You’ll be staying with us.” His tone was blunt, like it is’nt going to be a big deal for me staying with three teenage boys.

“But my things are still over there!” I argued.

“We saw them, they’re in your new room.” Damon stated.

“Wait! My new room?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, the room you woke up in, that’s your new room.” Alex said, smiling. I cant believe this, they saved me, packed my things and are telling me to live with them. They act like am not going to be a handfull or burden to them. Xavier, Damon and Alex all care about me, for once I felt really safe and happy, my wish came true. I’m never going back to that house again, am not going to be with Liam anymore, he cant hurt me anymore cause he’s spending his time in prison. I am free, no more bondage and abuse, am finally happy. I can now live a nornal teenage life, after nine years of suffering am finally free and can live life to its fullest. Just the thought of it brought tears to my eyes.

“Shit! Alex you made her cry!”

“What? I didn’t even say anything bad!” Damon and Alex kept on bickering while Xavier just ignored them and stared at me.

“Why are you crying?”

“Its just that.” I sniffled. “Nobody has ever cared this deeply for me. You guys didn’t look at me with disgust, you looked at me with care and admiration and am thankful for that. Thank you guys so much!”

“Don’t cry sweetie.” Damon cooed. “Hug?” I just nodded and smiled. Damon wrapped his arms around me, Alex and Xavier soon joined and it became a group hug with me and the three brothers I knew and trust with all my heart.

“Don’t worry Brielle.” Xavier whispered in my ear. “I promise to always protect you, trust me.” He placed his lips on my temple sending tingles and sparks all over my body.

After we pulled back Damon immediately yelled. “Movie time!” I chuckled as he dragged me to the movie room. Alex volunteered to bring popcorn and drinks while Xavier brought different types of netflix CDs. We had to vote on what movie we’re going to watch, I choosed a high school fiction while the boys choosed horror. The three voted on ‘Annabelle’ and to tell you the truth, it was really creepy. Damon teased me whenever I screamed.

A yawn escaped my lips, even when the movie has not yet ended. Xavier glanced at me. “You tired?” I nodded, yawning again.

“Here.” He patted his lap. “Sleep on my lap.” I didn’t refuse, I lay my head on his lap, feeling Xavier hand gently stroke my hair.

“Good night Brielle.” Xavier whispered, before I fell into a deep dreamless slumber.



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