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A wish Episode 13 & 14

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🌼A Wish🌻🌻🌻

Chapter 13



The next morning, i was roused by my annoying alarm clock blaring off its loud ringing noise. I stirred a bit, pulling the covers over my body but i couldn’t go back to sleep since the alarm has already woken me up. I sat up and tossed the covers aside, swinging my leg over to the edge to stand up. I wore my slippers and lazily dragged my feet to the bathroom, taking out my toothbrush and toothpaste. After brushing and bathing i wrapped a towel around my chest and hair.

Sitting down on the chair, i faced the mirror and proceeded to dry my wet hair. My wardrobe choice today was simple. A black shirt that has a pink heart drawn on it, blue jeans and a pair of white high tops. I dressed up and did a light make-up before skipping down the large hall, only to bump into something hard.

“Oof!” I groaned, looking up to glare at the culprit. Oh great its Damon!

I glared at Damon and proceeded to walk pass him but he grabbed my arm.

“Let go off my arm Damon.” I gritted out. He sighed and dropped his hand.

“Brielle am sorry about yesterday, i was just worried about you skipping breakfast.”

“Well you didn’t have to snitch.” I grumbled, crossing my arms.

“I’m sorry.” Damon pouted. Aww anyone that can resist a face like that is pretty stupid. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him. “I forgive you Damon but on one condition.” I pulled back from the hug.

“Name it.” Damon grinned.

“You’ll let me play with your video games.”

“No problem in that.” Damon chuckled. “But if anything happens to it, am gonna hunt you down.” He warned.

“Sir yes sir!” I laughed. We both walked to the dining room. I pulled out a chair and sat down, tapping my fingers on the table.

“Hey Brielle, want me to microwave the burgers?” Damon asked, taking out stacks of leftover burgers from the fridge.

“Yeah sure.” I responded. I heard someone yawn behind me and i turned around to see it was only Alex, he was dressed up for school but he still looked tired.

“Good morning.” I chirped.

“Good morning Brielle.” Alex yawned.

I grinned. “You’re really not a morning person.”

“I wish school starts at 10:00am.” Alex grumbled, pulling out the chair beside me and slumping down on it.

“Done.” Damon exclaimed from the kitchen and soon walked in holding a plate filled with six burgers. I picked up a burger when Damon placed the plate on the table, taking a big bite out of the warm burger.

“Alex want one?” Damon asked.

“Sure.” Damon handed Alex a burger and he tired took it and began taking bits out of it.

“Good morning kids!” A voice yelled.

“I’m not a kid.” Damon deadpanned, narrowing his eyes at Xavier who casually made his way to sit beside Damon. My eyes widen when i saw that he doesn’t has his glasses on. Oh my gosh! Its a crime for someone to look so handsome. Xavier hair was styled in a way that makes him looks like a model, his dark blue button up shirt had two of the buttons undone. He looked so h-”

‘No Brielle you cant think of Xavier like that, he only sees you as a friend’

“You’re not putting on glasses.” I stuttered, still openly gawking at Xavier. Sure i had seen him without glasses when we were both watching the stars at midnight, but right now his grey eyes seems to shine brightly.

“So?” Xavier questioned, taking a bite out of his burger.

“Aren’t you guys surprised?” I asked Damon and Alex. The two just shrugged like it wasn’t a new thing to them.

“Dont you have a bad sight or something?” I asked Xavier.

“No.” His tone was blunt. “My eyes work perfectly fine.”

“Then why do you always wear glasses?!” I exclaimed.

“Because i love them.” I narrowed my eyes at Xavier who was just staring at me blankly.

“If you say so.” I took another bite out of my burger. When we were all done eating i ran back to my room and picked up my backpack and phone before running back downstairs.

“Brielle you’ll be riding with me.” Xavier told me and i nodded, clutching my backpack and walking outside to the garage where Xavier is parked.

“So are you going to tell me why you are putting on glasses today?” I asked Xavier immediately we hit the road.

“Like i told you, i love all types of shades or glasses, i can choose if i want to put it on or not.”

“Okay, if you say so.” I mumbled, looking out the window. We rode in a comfortable silence till Xavier pulled over at the school parking lot. When we came down from the car and walked towards the school gate, all students were staring at us, well mostly Xavier. Most of the girls were practically drooling over him while the boys just glared at him, probably not liking the fact that he’s getting all the attention. I felt my heart swirl with something close to jealousy when a group of girl winked and smiled flirtatiously at Xavier.

“Are you going to be okay on your own?” Xavier asked me once we were inside the school hallway.

“Dont worry i’ll be fine.” I responded, flashing him a cheeky smile. He smiled back before turning and walking towards the senior section. Ignoring the whispers and glares, i walked up to my locker and brought out the book i’ll be using in class.

“Hi.” I nearly jumped out of my skin when a i heard a voice right behind me. I turned around with a startled look but relaxed when i saw who it was.

“Its so good to see you again.” I exclaimed, pulling Ava in for a hug. She chuckled and hugged me back.

“I almost got lost in this huge school but then i recognised your blond hair, so here i am.” She said.

“Well come on let’s go to the office.” I excitedly grabbed her hand and ran to the office, Ava laughing and telling me to slow down. When we were both in the office, Ava took her schedule from the bitchy lady behind the desk who kept on eyeing Ava with a jealous look. Ava has the first three classes with me today.

“I’ll like to introduce you to three boys who are very special and important to me.” I told Ava as we walked down the hall. Some students were looking at Ava curiously because she’s new here. Some girls didn’t hesitate to make rude comments about her while boys, including Zayn whistled and checked her out.

“Are they your brothers?” Ava asked with a genuine smile.

“Not really, well two of them are like brothers to me but the third one is a close friend.”

“Are you sure he’s just a close friend?” Ava asked, wriggling her eyebrows.

I playfully smacked her hand. “I’m serious he’s just a friend.”

‘Keep on telling yourself that juliet’

“I would love to meet them.” Ava smiled but she frowned and furrowed her brows, staring at something behind me or rather someone.

“Do you know the guy behind you who keeps on giving you death glares?” I glanced back to see Zayn three feet away from me. Once he saw me staring, he smirked and walked over to me and Ava, standing in front of us.

“Hey baby girl, i dont think you wanna hang out with this loser over here.” Zayn smirked smugly, looking at Ava with lust-filled eyes. “Why dont you come with me and i’ll show you some fun.” Well fudge! He’s really straight forward.

Ava scrunched up her nose, giving Zayn a disgusted look. “Brielle is not a loser and am not interested in having fun with you, asshole.” She spat.

My eyes widen at her response, no one has ever dared to talk to Zayn like that. Zayn eyes darkened and he came closer to Ava. “What did you just call me?”

Ava didn’t even flinch, she just smirked at him, her head held high. “I called you an asshole A-S-S-H-O-L-E.”

“Why you little bitch.” Zayn snarled, his eyes darkening dangerously as he glared at Ava.

“Fuck off!” Ava spat, without another word or glance, she grabbed my hand and dragged me down the hall. I just stared at her, my jaw hung open.

Ava stopped walking at turned to look at me. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” She chuckled.

“You just stood up to Zayn Parker.” I stuttered, still staring at her in disbelief.

Ava snorted. “He’s a cocky bastard who looks a big jerk and bully.”

“We’re really going to be good friends.” I smiled.

“Best of friends!” Ava exclaimed. The bell rang and we both walked to history class and sat down together. When the history teacher called Ava to introduce she held her head high with confidence.

After history class we headed to maths class where i introduce Ava to Alex. Alex seemed hesitant at first but later warmed up to Ava. The three of us sat at the back and it was filled with our conversation of talks and laughter.

“Why do you hate P.E?” Ava asked me immediately we both stepped out of Maths class. Alex has already gone to chemistry class, which he has with Damon.

“I suck at sports.” I pouted, slumping my shoulders in defeat.

Ava chuckled. “I’m sure you’re not that bad.”

“I ran away from the ball when it was passed to me.” I deadpanned.

“Cheer up, i’m good at playing soccer so i’ll teach you.”

“Fine.” I groaned. We went to the girls locker room, ignoring the snarky comments from girl that were changing. I grabbed my sports wear from my locker and showed Ava her own locker, which was opposite mine.

“What the hell is this?” Was the first comment Ava made when she held her sports wear.

I patted her shoulder. “Dont worry you’ll get used to it.”

“How on earth are these things for sports? I’m playing soccer not trying to attract boys.”

“Just put it on.” She groaned and grudgingly dragged her feet inside the changing room. When she came out she glared at her sports wear, a scowl on her face. The sports bra and short shorts hugged her curves, she looks gorgeous but i understand why she hates the sports wear. I do too, the shorts are really short.

“I’m never going to attend P.E class again.” Ava grumbled, glaring down at the shorts.

I laughed. “Even though we dont want to, we have to because of our grades.”

Ava just sighed and slumped her shoulders. I chuckled at grabbed her hand, walking towards the gym. As usual, we we entered the gym boys started whistling. They were openly ogling at Ava legs which made her glared at them. The female P.E teacher made us to some warm ups like push-ups, squats and side lunge. Ava and i were both in the same team with two other boys, luckily they weren’t perverts. We were playing against Zayn and two of his friends with only one girl on their team. When we started playing Ava was the first to win a goal in our team, she’s pretty good. Zayn tried to play dirty but i quickly tackled the ball from him, giving him a smug smile. At the end our team won, i didn’t do much but i was still happy we beat Zayn’s team, who was already shooting us death glares.

When the bell signalled that its time for lunch, Ava and i both went to the girls locker room and got changed before heading to the cafeteria. Ava got dirty looks from some girl but she ignored them walked beside me. I can already see the questioning looks on Xavier and Damon’s face as the glanced between me and Ava.

“Hey guys i’d like you to meet my friend, Ava.” I introduced, giving Xavier a pleading look. He caught my eyes abd gave me a reassuring smile.

“Hey Ava, i’m Xavier.” Xavier brought his hands out and Ava smiled before shaking his hand.

“Nice too meet you Xavier.”

“You’ve already met me.” Alex said drily, munching on his sugar cookies.

Ava chuckled and turned to face Damon who was literally ogling at her. He ran his fingers through his hair and grabbed Ava’s hand, a flirty smile playing on his lips.

“The name’s Damon beauty, can you give me directions to your heart? I seem to have lost myself in your eyes.”

“Dude!” Alex smacked Damon’s head making the latter wince and glare at his brother.

“You’re unbelievable.” Xavier sighed.

Ava laughed and turned to face me. “I already like them.”

I winked at her. “Told you so.”

Surprising, Xavier didn’t glare or scowl at Ava and made small talks with her. Damon was constantly saying flirty pick-up lines to Ava who just chuckled, but i didn’t miss the way she blushed when Damon winked at her. Ooh! I ship them together!


“Xavier i’m bored.” I whined, searching through channels on the tv. Xavier looked up from his phone. “Well, go play in the sand.” He said dryly.

I scowled at him, placing the remote on the table. “I’m not five Xavier.”

“Well then act like your age.” Xavier returned his attention back to his phone. I craned my neck to his side, to peek at what he’s watching in his phone. I smirked, seeing that it was a baking video.

“Wow, who knew that the famous Xavier Hill loves baking.” Xavier cheeks flushed and he glared at me. “Oh my gosh is Xavier blushing?” I poked his cheek and he scowled, swatting my finger away.

“So what if i love baking?” Xavier asked, glaring at me.

I smiled. “I would love it if you would bake something for me.”






“Pretty please!”

“Fine.” Xavier grumbled. I grinned at him and stood up, reaching for Xavier’s hand as i tried to pull him but clearly he’s five times stronger than me and weighs a lot. Xavier seems to be enjoying this since he had a smug smirk hovering at the edge of his lips.

“Give it up, you’re weak.” Xavier taunted, a wide grin on his face. I attempted to pull him again but it was really hard. Ugh!

“You know.” Xavier tapped his fingers on the couch. “I can pull you with just two fingers, my thumb and index.

“Haha.” I laughed. “That’s impossi- whoa!” I stopped talking when Xavier suddenly pulled me towards him. I felt my heartbeat race at our proximity of closeness. My hands were on Xavier shoulder while his were wrapped around my waist. I really wanted to look away but his eyes seems to be hypnothizing me, trying to draw me closer.

I shook my head, snapping out of it and let my hands slide from Xavier shoulder. I tried to get up but Xavier instantly tightened his grip on me. He gently used his hand and brushed my hair aside, his fingers carressing my cheeks.

“What are you two doing?” I jumped and quickly got up when i heard Alex voice.

“I tripped and fell so Xavier caught me.” I blurted out. Alex narrowed his eyes suspiciously, glancing forth between me and Xavier. He then shrugged and waljed towards the kitchen. I turned to face Xavier who’s eyes were cast down on the floor, his jaw clenched.

“Um Xavier, are you alright?” I touched his shoulder but he jerked away from me.

“Dont touch me Brielle, just dont.” I flinched at his cold tone, watching him get up before walking towards the stairs. What just happened? Xavier and i were so close, so close that we almost kissed. I remembered his actions and felt hult. Why did he jerk away and spoke to me like that? There must be a reason why Xavier acted like that cause even though he’s thr most intimidating guy i’ve ever met, he still has emotions despite his blank poker face.

I sighed and walked up to my room, grabbing my phone and switching it on. I texted Ava cause she’s the only female friend i have and the one who will understand situations like this.

ME: Hi Ava

AVA: Hey girl, what’s up?”

ME: Nothing, can we talk?

AVA: what’s wrong? Even though i cant see you, i can tell that you’re upset.

ME: its Xavier 😥

AVA: the scary tall guy? 🤔

ME: lol Ava 😄

AVA: what? 😏 he’s kinda scary.

ME: no he’s not, anyway i dont think i can text you about what happened so can we meet up at the park?

AVA: okay, race you there! 🏃

ME: oh you’re on.

I switched off my phone and grabbed a few dollers from my purse before heading downstairs.

“Hey where are you going?” Alex asked, holding a bag of popcorn and a bottle sprite in his hand. I was tempted to snatch the sprite from him but the remembered that am meeting up with Ava. An idea clicked in my head which made me internally smirk.

“I’m going on a date.” Alex choked, repeatedly hitting his chest.

“You’re what?” He asked, as if not believing what i just told him.

“I’m going on a date, bye Alex!” I ran out of the living room before he could say anything else. I walked down the street till i reached the park, and groaned when i saw Ava standing beside a tree.

Hey you, i won.” She grinned and i rolled my eyes but couldn’t stop my lips from tugging up into a smile.

“Now that you’ve won my queen, how can i be of service your royal needs.” I used a fake britsh accent.

“Well my royal servant as your queen, i order you to get me one of tge most expensive ic cream in this glamorous city.”

I chuckled. “You’re unbelievable.”

Ava winked at me, grinning. “Learnt from the best.”

Laughing at each other, Ava and i both walked to a bakery and i orderes two bowls of ice cream and chocolate chip cookies for the both of us. Ava insisted on paying but i argued back, that am the one who called her here so its my treat.

As we sat down to eat, i immediately blurted everthing out that happened from when i tried to pull Xavier. Ava took a spoonful of her ice cream and shoved it inside her mouth, wincing a little at the coldness.

“How did you feel when he told you to leave him alone?”

I sighed. “Honestly, i felt hurt by his words and action.”

“Hm.” Ava bit on her cookie, licking her lips. “Its obvious that you have feelings for Xavier.”

“What? No i dont.” I blubbered.

Ava grinned. “Oh then i guess its okay for me to date him, he’s kinda hot.”

I choked on my ice cream, staring at her with wide eyes. “W-what?”

Ava shrugged. “I’m serious, he’s got the looks, the body and he’s pretty smart.”

I grinded my teeth together. “You dont know Xavier like i do so dont talk like you know him.” I cant believe she said that, is this her way of advice?

“Haha.” Ava laughed, wiping her eyes. “Oh my God you should have seen your face, you totally have feelings for Xavier. I knew it!”

I gasped. “You.. You tricked me! Gosh i cant believe i fell for it.”

Ava grinned. “I just wanted to see your reaction and am right. You like Xavier cause when i talked about him, you looked ready to claw my eyes out.

“Oh.” I mumbled sheepishly, slumping against the chair.

“But what if he doesn’t like me back?” I asked sadly, feeling like my heart will be crushed if Xavier only sees me as a friend.

Ava took my hand in hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I’m sure he likes you back but it seems like something is holding him back from admitting he likes you.

“Thank you Ava, i’m so glad we met yesterday.” I said genuinely.

“Me too Brielle.” Ava smiled. I glanced down at Ava’s plate to see that she’s already done with her ice cream and cookies.

“You eat really fast.” I chuckled. Ava phone made a little vibrating sound and she picked it up, scrolling throught it.

“Ugh.” Ava groaned. “My parents just texted me that they are headed somewhere and need me to babysit Abby.

“Well go” i urged. “Dont keep Abby waiting, oh and tell her i said hi.”

“Okay.” Ava hurriedly stood up and waljed towards the door. “Bye Brielle!” She waved.

“Bye Ava!” I waved back.

I finished up the ice cream and cookies before heading back home. When i opened the door and stepped inside, i was met with a red faced Damon, Alex and Xavier both stood beside him. Xavier jaw was clenched, his eyes darkening while Alex looks confused and angry.

“What’s up guys?” I casually leaned against the door.

“What’s up?” Damon laughed sarcastically. “Alex here told me that you went on a date, with who? What’s his name? Where does he lives? So help me God if i get my hands on that ba-”

“Whoa, whoa!” I interrupted, standing straight. “I was just joking okay, i was with Ava the whole time.”

“Brielle.” Alex said sternly. “Dont say jokes like that again.”

“You had me scared.” Damon admitted sheepishly. “You’re like my younger sister so dont think you’ll be dating a boy under my watch.” He gave me a knowing look. I just rolled my eyes but still found myself smiling when he said younger sister.

“Come help me in preparing dinner Alex.” Before Alex could say anything Damon dragged him away. I turned and nearly jumped out of my skin when i saw Xavier was still here, staring at me blankly. But i did see something like ‘relief’ flash in his eyes.

“So um i’ll be going to my room now.”

“Okay.” His tone was blunt. I walked pass Xavier, heading towards the stairs, trying to ignore his burning gaze on the back of my head which made my heart flutter.


Chapter 14

Its been a month since the whole crushing on Xavier happened, things between Xavier and i have been awkward as hell. Oh shit i just cursed! Fuck! I cursed again. You know what i’m just gonna shut up now. Anyway, with all the awkward tension between me and Xavier, i still find myself falling for him harder. Whenever he stares at me i’m always flustered but i still get annoyed with the fact that he ignores me, but i dont miss the soft expression he has on his face when he stares at me. Yesterday i heard him and Damon talking about something, apparently they were both engulfed in a heated argument and Damon looked like he wanted to hit Xavier but restrained himself and stormed out of Xavier’s room. Speaking of Damon, last week was his eighteenth birthday and he was over the moon. Me, Ava, Alex and Xavier both planned a surprise for him at home. Ava job was to take Damon to a soccer game since that’s what he loves while me and Alex set the table with snacks and drinks, Xavier baked a three layer chocolate cake. We hanged a banner that says ‘Happy Birthday Damon’

When Damon had arrived home with Ava, he was actually in tears when he saw what we planned for him and he hugged all of us. That day, the evening was filled with our laughs when we watched a comedy movie. Damon ate most of the cake and had an upset tummy.

Alex, well he’s still the quiet guy but we still have some bonding time, i found out that he loves to play the piano and he was pretty shy about it, but still played a melody for me when i begged him to.

Then lastly Ava, she’s a great friend any girl could ever ask for, she’s fun, cheerful and really sassy. I has learnt alot about her over the month. She loves anything that is jeans, hates dresses, heels and skirts. She’s loves playing video games and watching horror movies. When Ava had one time questioned me on why am living with the boys, i just told her that its personal and she understood me perfectly well. It was when i was truly sure that i can trust Ava, i then told her about everything that hapoened to me. Liam’s abuse, the bullying in school, how i met the boys, Richard attempted rape and how the boys saved me and told me to stay with them. I had cried when i was done explaining and Ava pulled me in for a warm and friendly embrace, she didn’t look at me like i was a broken girl, she told me that i was strong and brave i was, that i was a survivor. She’s a best friend any girl could ever ask for.

Right now i was currently seated on my bed, listening to Ava as she rambled about a party and whatever.

“Are you even listening to me?” I was snapped back out of my thoughts by Ava’s voice.

“Uh sorry, what were you saying?” I asked Ava and she scowled.

“Have you forgotten? One of the baseball players is throwing a party.”

I stared at her blankly. “So what does that has to do with me?”

“He invited us and also the boys!” She exclaimed, a lopsided grin on her face.

“Yeah, yeah but i’m not going.” I stated bluntly.

Ava smacked my head and i shot her a glare, rubbing where she hit. “Oh dont give me that look Brielle, you’re going to the party and i wont hesitate to drag you there if i have to.”

“Besides i want to see the look on Xavier’s face when he sees you in your party dress.” She wriggled her eyebrows, a small smirk playing at the edge of her lips.”

“Okay.” I groaned. I suddenly remembered something and smirked.

“If we’re going to the party, you and i have to shop for dresses.” Ava smile faded, her face masking to that of disgust.

“No, there’s no way am putting on a dress, i’d rather go with a crop top and leggings.”

“If i’m going to a party, you have to wear a dress.” I stated firmly. Ava shifted uncomfortably on the bed, she seems to be having an inner battle. After a minute she scowled at me and groaned.

“Fine.” Ava mumbled and i grinned, standong up and pulling her on her feet.

“So can you drive?” I asked Ava as we both came out of my room, walking down the hall.

“Uh yeah.” She responded.

“Perfect!” I dragged Ava towards Damon’s room, slamming the door open without knocking. Damon looked up from his phone and smirked when he noticed Ava standing beside me.

“Hey babe.” He greeted Ava.

Ava rolled her eyes. “Damon how many times will i tell you to stop calling me babe?”

Damon grinned and placed his index finger under his chin, pretending to think. “Hm let’s see, ten times.”

“Cut it out Damon.” I said drily. “Can you please give us your car keys, just for today.”

Damon glared at me. “I’m not going to allow you crash my car.”

“I’m not drinving, Ava is.”

“You know how to drive?” Damon asked, smiling at her with admiration.

Ava shrugged. “Yeah, my dad taught me.”

“Well am still not going to let you two drive my car cause i dont want it to get crashed.”

“Oh come on Damon.” Ava walked closer to Damon. “Please.” She pouted.

I didn’t miss the way Damon’s eyes lingered on her lips before looking right back at her face. “If anything happens to my baby girl i will hunt you down.”

“Aww Damon.” I gushed. “Nothing is going to happen to me but thanks for caring.”

“I was talking about my Car not you Brielle.” Damon deapanned.

“Feeling the love Damon.” I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

Damon chuckled and grabbed his keys before tossing it to Ava which she caught easily.

“Thanks for the keys, see ya later Damon!” Ava grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room.

“You better dont crash my car!” Damon yelled back making me and Ava chuckle.

Alex was just coming out of his room when he saw me and Ava walking towards the stairs.

“Where are you two going?”

“To buy dresses for the party.” I replied in a singsong voice.

“Yeah dresses.” Ava scowled.

“Who said that you’re actually going to the party?” Alex asked, glaring at me.

I glared at him. “Of course am going and you dont have a say in it.”

He smirked. “Well let’s see what Xavier has to say about it.”

Ava cracked her knuckles. “Remember Alex, snitches gets stitches.”

“You need to control that friend of yours Brielle.” Alex warned.

“Leave Ava out of this Alex and besides, i dont need Xavier’s permission to go somewhere, C’mon Ava.” I held her hand and walked away. We got to the garage and settled inside Damon’s car.

“Do you really know how to drive?” I asked Ava nevously.

“Of course i do.” Ava responded. “My dad taught me how to drive when i was fifteen.”

“Okay, wait! Wh-” i was cut short when Ava started driving really fast.

“Ava what the fudge? Slow down!” I yelled, she was driving really fast and seems to be enjoying it.

“Nope!” Ten minutes later, i stopped screaming at Ava. She’s really a good driving but this is the first and last time i’m ever letting her drive me. We got down from the car and raced to the mall, panting hard when we were both inside.

“So what dress do you think suits me?” I asked Ava as i rapidly searched through different types of dresses and gowns. Some were too long, too short, and revealing.

“Nah too short.”

“Its too long.”

“Your whole cleavage is out.”

“Shows too much skin.” Those were all the words Ava kept on saying when i tried on different dresses and gowns. A blue halter neck pear dress caught my eyes and i picked it up before walking inside the changing room. I came out and coughed to get Ava’a attention, who was currently scrolling through her phone.

Her jaw dropped. “You look incredible, the blue dress looks beautiful and it matches with your eyes!”

“Oh my gosh Xavier wont be able to take his eyes of you.” She squealed and i blushed.

“Now let’s help you search for a dress.” Ava groaned when i said that. She grudginly picked up a dress from the hanger. It was a black empire waist dress.

“Its beaitiful.” I gushed. “Try it on.” I pushed her inside the changing room. After some minutes Ava walked in and my jaw hung open, she looks like a freaking model.

“I gotta say.” Ava smirked, glancing down at the dress. “It looks good on me.”

“Good? You look gorgeous!”

“So do you.” She smiled. We changed back into our normal clothes and started searching through shoes. and found some pretty nice heels that matches with the dresses we’re putting on.

“I’m putting on converse.” Ava deadpanned.

I stared at her blankly. “You can’t wear converse, it will make you look stupid.”

“But how can you expect me to walk in this death sentence?” Ava whined, glaring down at the heels.

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll teach you, i dont like heels too but its not hard to walk in them.”

“Plus, you need to learn how to walk in them cause you cant possibly wear a converse on your wedding day.” I added.

“Fine.” We packed the dresses and heels before walking to the desk. I paid for the dreeses and and heels, ignoring Ava’s comments on how she shoud be the one paying. We got inside the car and Ava drove at high speed to the mansion. Xavier was seated on the couch, watching a movie. When he heard us come in, he glanced our way and stood up, making his way towards us.

Xavier glanced down at the shopping bag in my hand before he brought his gaze to my face. “Ava excuse us but i need to speak privately to Brielle.”

When Ava made no move in walking away, Xavier glared at her. “Alone.”

“You can say whatever you want to tell Brielle in front of me.”

“Ava.” Xavier growled, bringing his face close to her. “Did you just indirectly say no to me?”

Ava gulped, turning to face me. “Uh Brielle, i’ll be in your room.” Ava grabbed my bag and quickly scrambled upstairs. I did hear her mutter something like ‘so fucking scary’

“What do you want to talk about Xavier?” I casually leaned against the wall, staring up at him.

“You’re not going to that party.” He said sternly.

“If i remember correctly Xavier, i dont need your permission before i can go somewhere.” I said in a monotone voice.

“Is that so?” He took a step close to me and i stepped back. He kept on coming closer and i moved backwards till my back hit the cold wall. He placed both hand on the side of my face.

“Y-yes.” Gosh why did i have to stutter. “Am going to the party and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Really?” Xavier said in a husky voice, his face was really close to mine.

I gulped. “Yeah.”

He let his hands slip from the wall and tucked it in his pocket jeans. “Okay.”

I stared at him, feeling confused. “Okay?”

He smirked. “You can go to the party, i wont stop you but i will be there to watch you.”

I glared at him. “I dont need you breathing down my neck every minute Xavier.”

Xavier’s lips curled up. “I wouldn’t michuckle that.” It took me a second to realise what he said.

“Gosh Xavier! You’re such a perv.” I could feel my cheeks heating up.

He chuckled but still had on a serious expression. “Rule number one: Dont take drinks from strangers, stay away from drunk boys and dont go outside alone. Understood?” I nodded.

“Use your words Brielle.” Xavier said, locking me with on of his intimidating stares.


His face still remained stoic. “Good.” He then walked away. I still stood there, grinning like an idiot. I cant believe i just had a conversation with Xavier, even if it was small and still had its tension, it was great!

I fist bumped the air and happily skipped upstairs to my room. Ava was seated on on bed, legs crossed as she read a magazine. When she heard the door open and close, she looked up from the magazine and placed it in the bed. Ava grabbed my arm and pulled in to sit down.

“What did Xavier say?”

I sighed. “He doesn’t want me to go to the party but i argued with him and he later then said it was okay for me to go.”

“Thank God.” Ava said. “No offence Brielle but Xavier can sometimes act like a scary jerk.”

“No kidding.” The rest of the aftertoon passed by with me and Ava eating popcorn as we watched netflix movies. We troubled the boys which resulted in Damin and Alex throwing me and Ava over their shoulders before dumping us in the pool. I gave Ava one of my clothes since her are in the laundry.


“Oh my gosh Ava you look so beautiful.” I exclaimed. Suprisingly, Ava did me and hers make-up which was perfect. Since my hair was already styled by Ava, i just added two hairclips on it.

“You too, Xavier is going to be so lovestruck.”

“Ava!” I playfully smacked her arm, blushing at the same time.

Ava shrugged. “Its true.” I shook my head, chuckling softly and walked towards the kitchen to drink a cup of orange juice. I opened the fridge and took out the bottle before taking a glass cup and pouring the juice inside. I let the cold mixture dissolve down my throat, feeling the ~sweet taste linger in my tongue. I put the juice back in the fridge and turned around only to gasp a little. Xa~ vier was standing there, staring at me blankly. I assesd his outfit and whoa, he looks so freaking cool and handsome. His hair was slightly gelled and styled, the black casual top hugged his muscles, the blue jeans fits perfectly, and lastly he had on a pair of black designer converse. I could feel my knees getting weak by just staring at him.

“Are you done checking me out?” Xavier asked, a small smirk playing at the edge of his kissable lips.

‘Gosh Brielle snap of out it’

“I wasn’t checking you out.” I blubbered.

“Hm.” Xavier said, his eyes travelling down my body. “I was actually doing the same thing.”

“Oh.” I blushed.

“You look.” He coughed, masking up his face with a blank look. “Nice.”

My smiled dropped a little but i quickly changed my expression. “Oh, uh thank you.”

Xavier smiled and stepped towards me, leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on my cheek which made it feel some sort of tingles.

“You look amazing.” Xavier whispered, staring at me with a face filled with different emotions.

“Alright everyone its time to go!” I heard Ava yell, coming down from the stairs with a pouty Damon trailing behind her.

“Why the sad face Damon?” I asked him, watching as he came into kitchen. Damon looked good also, a black leather jacker, white t shirt underneath it, black jeans and a pair of white converse.

“I asked Ava to marry me and she said no.”

“You cant just ask a sixteen year old to marry you Damon.” Ava said drily.

“Oh come on!” Damon whined.

“Go marry someone else.” Ava retorted and walked over to the living room, leaving a sulking Damon.

“Bro.” Xavier started, smacking Damon’s head. “You just got whipped.”

Damon glared at his brother. “I did not.” He ran to the living room, screaming. “Ava! Sorry, i seem to have lost my heart. I think that you have it!”

“Stop it with the damn pick-up line already!” Ava yelled followed by the front door slamming shut. Xavier and i both started laughing.

“They will make cute couples.” I told Xavier, a large grin on my face.

“Yeah they will.” Xavier smiled.

“Are you guys ready? Alex asked, walking inside the kitchen.

“Okay then, let’s get going.” Damon and Ava were both bickering about something when we got outside. We all settled inside Xavier’s car. Xavier and Damon at the front seat while me, Ava and Alex were seated at the back.

I was suprised that the place where the party is being was just a five minute drive. The party was not what i expected when we arrived there, the house was huge but not as big as the mansion and lots of teenagers were at the swimming pool.

“Brielle i’m going to check out the food.” Was the first thing Ava said before she ran inside the house.

“Wait am coming with you.” Damin ran after her.

“I’m going to explore the place.” Alex stated and walked away, leaving me with Xavier.

“I guess it just you and me.” Xavier said in a blunt tone.

“Yeah.” We both awkwardly made our way inside and i was met with a lot of teenagers dancing with each other. Some were drunk while other were still sober. My eyes accidentally landed on a couple making out.


I subconsiously held Xavier’s hand when i felt a little uncomfortable with the crowd.

“Oof!” Someone harshly shoved me making me loosen my grip on Xavier’s hand and getting lost in the crowd. I managed to escape all the drunk people dancing and walked up to a bar, sitting down on the high stool.

“What will you like to have babe?” The bartender asked flirtatiously.

“Coke.” I replied bluntly.

He frowned. “Just coke? Dont you want something a bit strong?”

“Look dude i’m thirsty and i dont want some stupid alcohol, its either you just get me my coke or get me a glass of water.”

“Fine, you dont need to be so rude.” He muttered. I watched him causiously as he grabbed a bottled coke and backed me, before he turned back, holding the cup out to me.

I stared at the glass cup, furrowing my eyebrows. ‘Dont take drinks from strangers.’ Xavier words echoad in my head.

“You know what.” I pushed the glass cup back to him. “I’m not thirsty anymore.”

“But you asked for a drink!”

“And i said i’m not thirsty anymore, so you can either drink it all up or throw it in the trash.” I got up and turned to walk away, but then stopped and faced the bartender who was already glaring at me.

“Incase of next time, please dont spike people’s drink.” His jaw hung open and he gaped at me. I smiled sweetly at him before walking through the sweaty bodies of people who were dancing with each other. I sighted Alex seated on a couch as he talked to a girl, deciding not to disturb Alex, i walked through the crowd and bumped into Damon.

“Hey Brielle.” He slurred. Seriously?

“Damon please dont tell me you’re drunk.”

“I only had five cups.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and held his hand, pulling him to another couch.

“Why did you get drunk Damon?” I asked him, concern visible in my tone.

“Brielle.” Damon said, well slurred. “I really like Ava she’s so beautiful and different from other girls i’ve dated. I used to be a player back in junior year and i loved it when girls fall at my feet but you and Ava didn’t. You’re like a sister to me Brielle so it will be weird for me to date you. But Ava is so different, she’s beautiful, smart, kind and sassy. She didn’t flirt with me or tried to get my attention. She’s so fucking perfect and i like her Brielle, i like Ava.”

I stroked his hand in a reassuring way. “You should just tell her how you feel Damon instead of getting drunk and bottling all your feelings in.”

Damon chuckled and shook his head. “That’s not why am drunk Brielle, i drank because i saw Ava dancing with some ugly dude and i got angry and jealous.” He pouted.

I laughed, he still looks cute even when drunk. “I’m sure its just one dance and she might not even know the guy.”

“Okay, i’m going to dance with a girl so that Ava will get jealous too.” Damon stood up and suprisingly he didn’t stumble as he walked into the crowd.

I sighed and remained seated on the couch, not bothering to turn when i felt someone sit down beside me.

“Brielle?” I turned and saw that it was a guy with brown hair and green eyes who called me.

I furrowed my brows. “Do i know you?”

He chuckled. “I’m Connor Mitchell, the host of this party.”

“Well its not nice to meet you Connor.” I said seriously.

“Why?” He asked, eeyebrows creased in confusion.

I snorted. “You can’t expect me to make friends with one of my bullies.”

Hurt and guilt were evident in his eyes. “I never bullied you.”

“And i was the ex president of USA.” I said, my tone dripping with sarcasm.

“I’m serious, i didn’t join them in bullying you.” His expression was genuine which tells that he’s not lying.

“Still.” I said as i grabbed a candy from a bowl. “You didn’t help or defend me, you just sat down like others and watched them treat me like a goat.”

“I’m sorry.” He said in a tone filled with guilt.

“Its okay dude, i forgive you but that doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

He smiled. “At least its a first start.”

“Teenage boys and girls!” The mc yelled making the crowd cheer. “Now we’re going into slow dance so grab your partners and uh dance!” He exclaimed before running off the stage. I smiled when i spotted Damon and Ava in the middle of the crowd, both dancing with smiles on their faces.

“Would you like to dance?” Connor asked me.

“Well uh i dont really know how to dance.” I replied in an awkward tone.

“I’ll teach you.” Connor had grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the crowd. He swirled me around and placed both his hands on my waist. What the fudge? What am i suppose to do?

Seeing my confused face, Connor chuckled softly. “Put both your hands on my shoulder.” I did as he told me to and Connor began dancing slowly to the tune. I just followed what he did and listened to his tips before i finally got the hang of it.

“I’m really sorry about the whole bullying thing Brielle.” Connor apologized again, guilt written all over his featuree.

I smiled. “Its okay Connor.” He gave me a sad smile and didn’t say anything after that. We continued dancing and i suddenly felt as if someone was burning holes on the side of my face. I locked eyes with Xavier who was standing beside a bar. He didn’t break eye contact with me, his jaw was clenched, grey eyes stormy dark. I saw the way he was glaring at Connor’s hands that were wrapped around my waist, he looked like he wanted to break Connor’s hands. I gulped when i saw that Xavier was making his way towards us.

“Um Connor i think we shoukd le-” i was cut short when i felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Hey Connor i need to have a word with Brielle.” Before i could say anything, Xavier grabbed my hand in a tight hold and dragged me away from Connor who looked confused. Xavier kept on walking fast, his jaw tightly clenched together.

“Xavier!” I snatched my hand from his grasp, glaring up at him.

“Why did you do that?”

“Stay away from Connor.” Xavier gritted out.

I crossed my arms over my chest and arched a brow. “And why should i?”

“Cause he’ll hurt you.” Xavier stated, his tone sounding frustrated.

“He’s not going to hurt me and he has never hurt me.” I deapanned.

Xavier eyes darkened. “You dont know that, stay away from him!”

“Gosh Xavier! Why are you acting like this?” I exasperated, throwing my hands in the air.

“I’ll show you why.” He whispered.

“What are you tal-” i couldn’t complete my sentence or process what was happening. All i know is that Xavier gently placed his handon the back of my neck, pulling me closer. Before he brought his lips down on mine.




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