A wife for the prince Episode 23 & 24

👸 A Wife For
The Prince 🤴
🐾( The girl in my dreams)🐾
Episode 23
🥞 Alyssa 🥞
Everyone in the room turned to me and I shifted uncomfortably.
Hey, that’s not a big thing. I mean anyone can ask her uncle to make peace with his enemy right?
And what I did was wrong an exception! I don’t know why they are staring at me like I just murdered someone.
I feel embarras-sed un-der their stares gosh!
My eyes met with the King while he stared at me blankly. I can’t really tell what his expression is.
Queen Anne flew on t©p of me giving me a ti-ght hvg unexpectedly.
Oops! I can’t breathe lawd. The hell! Why’s she hvgging me this ti-ght?
I smiled and hvgged her back without knowing the reason for the hvg anyways.
We both dis£ngaged from the hvg and she sniffed in tears.
She was really crying!
” I knew you were an angel and a saviour Alyssa, thank you so much for ma-king this issue a small one. I have lived with the guilt all my life ” she confessed turning to Uncle Mike.
I believe it is all thanks to Uncle Mike, I just made my own statement. What if he refused to make peace with them?
” Thank you for forgiving my husband and I ” she bowed her head finding it difficult to look at Uncle Mike.
I am glad she admitted she was wrong, including the King.
” It’s fine, there’s nothing to worry about anymore ” he replied giving her a smile.
I sighed in relief seeing it went smoothly, it didn’t get out of hand.
If it did, I could have been dead and buried from a heart attack.
” I don’t know how else to thank you Alyssa, I am really grateful for everything you’ve done for my family and I, you…”
The king’s words were cut short when prince Ryan walked in skrie-king and yelling my name.
I frowned taking in his look. He look like a mess !
His hair was tattered, his dress looks very rou-gh and there are lots of eysbags un-der his eyes. What happened to him?
” Oh my goodness Alyssa, I thought I lost you ”
My mouth went agape seeing prince Ryan’s reaction!
He freaking pu-ll-ed me into a hvg
An unfamiliar s-en-sation ran throu-gh my b©dy which made my frown de-epened.
I didn’t feel this way when his mother hvg me.
Why did I feel that when his b©dy c@m£ on mine?
I glanced down at him and he snuggled closer.
Was he that worried about me? God!! When do I have s-en-se?
I practically left all of them worried! How selfish.
A loud laughter erupted in the room and I almost jumped up
We quic-kly dis£ngaged from the hvg to see different pairs of eyes staring at me.
I flu-shed in embarras-sment while Prince Ryan’s ear turned pink.
Goodness! For a moment, I forgot the people in here. All I see and feel was the hvg.
It did something to me, I don’t really know what it is but it feels good.
” Can you see their faces?” Scarlett asked giggling while looking back at others.
Lawd! This is more than embarras-sment!
” Aunt Lissa, you nee-d to have seen how my brother here almost murdered everyone because you weren’t found. He…”
” Shut up Melanie Nathan ” Prince Ryan growled and I chuckled.
Zoey’s POV
I clasp my hands together waiting for the good news from Miles.
He made his boys drag me out of the house this peaceful morning when I was supposed to get my beauty sleep.
Thank goodness! Mum left for work, what explanation could I have given her?
Thinking of how to be freed, I can’t really tell. I have been thinking I should inform mum about it but what if Miles get to know?
He will kill me straight away!
” I won’t be able to kill Alyssa and I advice you to quit trying anything stupid ”
My head f0rç£fully snapped up immediately. Huh? He can’t kill Alyssa?
” That wasn’t our agreement Miles, you promised to get her killed and you have to do that ” I yelled but immediately regretted it.
$h!t! $h!t! $h!t!!!
What was I thinking?
I gulped nervously taking few steps back!
Mile’s face darkened and he caught up with me that moment.
He held my n£¢k pressing it so ha-rd while I struggled to breath.
His eyes were getting darker with each strength he used in pressing my n£¢k.
” Do not ever yell at me fv¢k ” he pushed me away and I landed my bu-tts on the floor.
What have I gotten myself into? The Alyssa that I was jealous of and try to kill isn’t dying anytime soon.
I breathed out holding my n£¢k! I am very sure it has turned red from his f!ngerprints.
Why will he say he can’t kill her and equally warm me to quit trying?
After he walked out, he c@m£ back minutes later with the cold expression dissolved.
What’s with him and mood swings?
He c@m£ closer to me squ-atting beside me. What happened the last time I shifted uncomfortably I still very fresh in my mind, that made me sat still in fear .
Will I be used to this?
He raised my chin staring into my eyes. I think I saw guilt flashed in his eyes. Is he feeling guilty for strangling me?
” I will never want to hurt you pretty but certain things do get me angry and I don’t know how to control my anger, do away with anything that will make me angry and we will live peacefully ”
Yeah right! Is there nothing that doesn’t get him angry?
His hand went to my n£¢k and I yelped. I guess he saw what he’s done alre-ady.
” Does it hurt?”
No, it’s waiting for you to give it instructions.
I wanted to say but I ended up nodding! Can I say that?
He opened his mouth and clasp it close almost immediately, then he tried that again and again.
Why’s he st©pping himself from saying whatever he wants to?
” I….am sorry okay? I said that for your safety, our safety. Alyssa isn’t someone to harm, if we do, it won’t take us 10minutes and we all will be dead ”
Wait! Did he just say sorry? Oh my God! I am dreaming!
🥞 Alyssa 🥞
I gently knocked on princess Emily’s door waiting patiently for her response.
I am sure she’s in there, that’s where she always is. Sometimes I wonder if she’s a loner or something?
Her character bothers me a lot.
I heard a faint come in and I sighed, I just hope she doesn’t s£nd me out.
Wow! Her room is beautiful, this is my first time of entering her room.
She sat on her be-d surfing throu-gh her phone .
She raised her head up the moment she saw that someone entered.
” What are you doing here?” She asked clearly irritated.
” Can I at least sit plea-se my princess? ” I asked
” No, get out of my room ” she replied bluntly.
I ain’t gonna give up.
” plea-se ” I said again ma-king a puppy eyes
She stared at me for sometimes and looked away.
” Fine ”
Oh lawd! Happiness spre-ad throu-gh me hearing that.
That’s a step you know!
” Thank you ” I sat down beside opposite her so I can see a clear view of her.
” I was doing something before you c@m£ , say whatever you want to say and leave ”
I am the one that wants something right? So I nee-d to be patient.
” Uhhm, I can’t really tell why you don’t like me. Maybe because I am a commoner? Or something ”
I said ! She glanced at me and looked away without replying.
” If its because I am a commoner, I didn’t create myself to be one my princess. If changing my standard will make you happy the I will, and if it’s that, I have offended you before, plea-se forgive me ”
I paused to see her reaction but she wasn’t even sparing me a glance. She was staring out to the window.
” And if leaving the palace will st©p you from hating me further I will leave after I am out of your room but plea-se, st©p hating me. I just wish we can be friends like others ”
” But I un-derstand we don’t have to like everyone, I don’t like everyone either so yeah, I un-derstand and I can’t f0rç£ you to like me too ”
” I thought we could settle this but I guess you are not interested to talk to me, I take it as we can’t be friends ”
” I am sorry to have interrupted what you were doing my princess and you won’t see me in the palace again, excuse me plea-se ”
I stood up and left for the door, I can’t definitely stay here when the king’s daughter is not happy with me.
Not that I don’t have a home!
I reached the door ma-king my way out .
” I was S-xually as-saulted by my personal maid when I was five ”
My hand froze on the door knob immediately I heard princess Emily’s voice.
S-xually what?
Mela’s POV
” I am very busy Mela, you can tell the maids to get it for you ” Ryan said and I pouted .
” But I want you to get it for me Ryan, only you” I protested.
He punched his l@pt©p frustratedly closing it.
I must persuade him to, my plans can’t go to waste just like that.
” What in God’s name did you want a restaurant food for when we have lots of dishes in the palace?” He asked giving me a tired look.
” That’s what I de-sire to eat bro, grant me my wish plea-se ” I pleaded.
” I am busy Mela, you can ask any of the girls to get it for you ” he said opening back his l@pt©p.
Why’s he proving to be stubborn?
” I get it, you don’t like me anymore and it’s fine ”
I pouted myl-ips ma-king it quiver a little like I was about to cry while I stood up pretending to be angry.
” Fine, I will go get it for you ”
I jumped up in joy giving him a hvg.
” That’s like my bro, thank you and guess what, you won’t be going alone ”
He narrowed his eyes before chuckling.
” You are gonna come with me?” He asked.
” Nope but Aunt Lissa will, I nee-d to go get her ” I skrie-ked running up to the stairs.
My plan did work out! It worked out!
” What ? No way Mela ” I heard him say and I rolled my eyes.
It’s definitely a yes way!
Episode 24
🥞 Alyssa 🥞
S-xually what?
I turned almost immediately only to see Emily in tears.
She was S-xually as-saulted by her maid? How come she didn’t tell either the king or queen?
I stood there watching her cry and unable to move my legs for some minutes.
I regained my composure running towards her practically engulfed her in a hvg.
I might not know what she went throu-gh but I can feel the pain.
She didn’t push me away nor move away as she allow me hvg her while she cry on my shoulder.
Why will her personal maid as-sault her S-xually?
” It’s okay, st©p crying ” I consoled her patting her back lightly.
Humph! I guess that’s why she hates commoners? She doesn’t trust anyone for the fear of being hurt again.
I would do same if I was in her shoe!
Gosh! This really annoys me, a five year old girl! What the hell? I wish I can see that stupid maid and beat the hell out of her.
And where could she be? I am very certain she doesn’t work here in the palace anymore.
She re-leased herself from the hvg and I handed her a nearest hankie but the tears wouldn’t st©p flowing down .
She might have really been hurt!
I thought as much, something might have happened to her to make her behave like she hates commoners.
” I…. I… I ” she tried talking but couldn’t because of the tears.
I am glad she’s trying to open up, that will help her a lot. The burden and pain she’s been carrying since childhood will be gone off her shoulders
” It’s okay if you don’t want to say it but remember I am always here for you, I am really sorry for what happened ” the said sincerely.
I can’t imagine being as-saulted ! It’s worse than the heartbreak ra-phael gave me .
She stared at me for a while before shaking her head.
” I will speak” she replied breathing out while I nodded.
I held her hand squee-zing it lightly to encourage her.
” I was five when it all started ” she paused and I felt her grip on my hand ti-ght£ñed fearfully.
” Innah was my personal maid, I loved her more than I ever did for my family. She was my best friend, that I thought till the day she began be showing me the real person she was ”
A tear escaped her eyes which I wiped away with my thumb.
” She began ma-king S-xual advances towards me at such a young age, sometimes she f!ngersme ”
” when I cry and threatened to tell my parents about it, she uses a memory wipe to wipe everything away at that moment ”
” it was a temporal memory loss, I thought she was going to st©p as time goes on but it only wors£n, it continued till I was 13 ”
” It got to a point she began threatening to kill my sisters and I if he ever get to tell anyone ”
” Mum trusted her with me, she allow her take me out anytime Innah wishes without any guard with us ”
” She will take me to one of her friend’s house,they will both take advantage of me and I couldn’t say anything ”
” I couldn’t say anything for the fear of being killed, she was among a gangster and I believe she could truly kill me and my sisters ”
” It got worse when I turned 11, then gave me out to many men as a young girl. They will have me and pay her ”
” I lost my Innocence, my dignity and my self confidence Alyssa ”
” She was my maid, a commoner. She made me who I am today, I have pistanthrophobia today because of her ”
” I find it ha-rd to trust anyone especially commoners with the fear of history repeating itself ”
I didn’t know I was crying till a tear fell down on my th!gh, she went throu-gh all this? At a very young age?
Rage burn throu-gh me, I wish I will see that idiot and kill her. How could she have done all this to a little girl?
Made her a S-x toy and a tool to generate money. Who does that? Is she Lucifer’s wife?
I engulfed her in a hvg again with both of us crying really ha-rd . I have never cried this ha-rd in a long time.
She’s really gone throu-gh a lot! I don’t blame her for being who she is today.
” I am really sorry you went throu-gh all this Emily, I promise to help you get over everything. Not everyone is like her, I am not like her, other commoners are not like her. She’s a devil’s wife who deserve to burn in hell ”
” I promise you Emily, you will be fine again ”
She sniffed nodding her head while hvgging me back ti-ghtly.
I didn’t pu-ll back and I allow her cry, sometimes crying makes us feel better and give us inner peace too.
” Where’s she?” I blurted out before I could st©p myself from asking. I nee-d to know where that bit-ch is, I don’t care if she’s old or not. I will teach her a lesson she will never forget in a hurry.
” Dead ” huh? Dead?
” What happened to her?” I asked still patting her back. We were still in that hvgging position.
” I don’t really know, we saw her lying dead on the road. I guess God fought for me ”
Oh! My heart did a happy dance at that information.
I am very happy she’s dead!
” I am really sorry Emily, like I said. I promise to help you get better, to forget the old memories and move ahead, whatever happened doesn’t make you different, it shows that you are strong to have survived all that ”
She breathed out wiping away her tears when the door bur-st open.
Ah! Melanie! Can’t this little girl knock?
Emily smiled faintly at her trying to make sure Mela doesn’t notice she’s been crying.
” What are you doing here Mela? You didn’t hear anything right?” I asked raising an eyebrow while she paused staring from both Emily and I.
What’s she thinking?
” I am just wondering how you two are seated comfortably and talking like two best friends and no, I didn’t eavesdrop on your conversation ”
She replied before she started coming towards us.
Really? I never thought I will ever sit and discuss with Emily too.
” Are you okay sis?, Seems you’ve been crying and Aunt Lissa? What happened? you both eyes looks puffy” she asked.
Gosh! This girl is so observant!
” We are both fine beautiful princess, so tell us why you are here ” I said before she could speak further.
She giggled and jumped up.
” I searched everywhere for you aunt Lissa but I couldn’t find you so I decided to check sis Emily’s room and luckily for me, I found you ” she replied excitedly
Why will she be looking for me all over the palace?
” Any problem? ” I asked.
” Ah! Not at all, I c@m£ to inform you that my beloved brother want you downstairs in 30seconds and yes, we are going right away ”
She jumped up, gr@bb£d my hand and dragging me with her out of Emily’s room .
Why will the prince want to see me?
” Alyssa?” Emily called.
We both paused and I turned to her.
” Thank you ” she said.
All I could do was pas-sing her a genuine smile.
” Wow! That’s new, my sister just said thank you! I will come back to that later but for now, we nee-d to get going ” she said before she continue dragging me with her.
Zoey’s POV
I sighed loudly as I mas-sage Miles back. I just have to accept my fate.
” Hmm ” he m0@n èd while I rolled my eyes. He hasn’t shouted or try to kill me since the last time it happened.
He said he’s re-ady to change for me, what do I have to do? Maybe with time, I will develop feelings for him
” I love the way you do it pretty, it makes me feel so relaxed ” he said
” I am glad you like it ” I replied smiling faintly, I can’t really tell if it’s fake or real.
” Yeah and I to compensate you, I will take you to wherever you want. Just name it ”
My face lit up as I heard that. Only God knows how obsessed I am with shopping, I will love to go shopping.
” Really?” I asked clearly excited.
” Yes pretty, just name it ”
There was no nee-d to think but at that moment, a thought crossed my mind.
Will it get him angry? Since he no longer gets mad at me like always, maybe I should give it a try.
” I don’t want to go anywhere, can I ask for something in return? ” I paused and bit my lowerl-ips and patted myl-ips slightly to make me look cute.
I know he’s watching me throu-gh the mirror.
” For now, I will grant any request you make. I promise ”
” Promise?” I asked and he nodded.
I clasp my hands together looking for a way to put it.
” And you won’t get mad at me?” I asked, I seriously don’t want to die now.
” I promised never to raise my hands on you again Zoey and I am not going against it anytime soon ”
Hmm! Very great!
” Okay”
” You know you’ve made a lot of money that will be enough for you for the rest of your life right?” I asked. He just nodded but didn’t say anything.
” Uhmm ….”
” Speak pretty, I don’t bite ” he chuckled at how nervous I look.
” I was thinking if you can quit this work you do Miles, killing people is not the best way to make money. plea-se quit it let’s start a new life somewhere else ”
” Remember you promised to grant whatever I say ”
🥞 Alyssa 🥞
I saw Prince Ryan seated patiently waiting as we descend the stairs.
He look so beautiful, handsome is an un-derstatement right now.
He was seated wearing a fitted t-shi-t and jeans trou-ser.
Her look freaking h0t in it.
The moment he saw us, he stood up. I quic-kly look away in embarras-sment. I can’t have him see that I was secretly admiring him.
” Here we are bro, I brou-ght her as you requested. Can I take my leave now?” Mela said politely while Prince Ryan stared wi-dely at her.
” M…Mela ..I …”
” What bro? Aren’t you the one asked me to call her?” She giggled
I glanced at Ryan to see him staring at me. Okay! What are they saying?
Mela turned to me taking my hands in hers excitedly.
” I believe you know how my brother is Aunt Lissa, he’s a very shy type ”
She paused and grin while Prince Ryan stared at her.
The only thing he had said since I c@m£ here was Mela.
” My beloved big brother here told me he wants to take you on a d@t£ but he’s shy to tell you so bro, I just did that on your behalf, you won’t turn him down right Aunt Lissa?”
” Then you two are good to go ” she pushed me towards Prince Ryan and I landed in his arm.
I was too shocked to pu-ll back, did he really want to take me on a d@t£?