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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

A wife for the prince Episode 13 & 14

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👸 A Wife For
The Prince 🤴

🐾( The girl in my dreams )🐾

Episode 13



🥞 Alyssa 🥞

Without being told I know my cheeks are redder than tomato right now.

The way prince Ryan was staring at me gave me some unexplainable feelings.

He scratched the back of his head nervously as Scarlett made the statement and he quickly looked away while I chuckled too.

” Can’t you talk Ryan? You were checking her out and admiring her in your mind ” she added.

I bowed my head with my heart flustered. Doesn’t she know it’s making me uncomfortable?

” See you are blus…”

” You talk too much Scarlett ” he groaned facing me again and this time with a smile not a wide eyes.

” You look damn gorgeous Alyssa, I must admit that ”

My face heat up staring everywhere but him. Did he just compliment me?

” T..thank you my prince ”

” Ryan please, I have told you that before”

I just nodded without knowing what else to say.

It’s becoming awkward! Maybe I should leave and we can continue the tour later.

” I will be inside ” I said walking away hastily not before glancing at Prince Ryan who kept staring at me for the goddamn time.

Moving quickly into the house, I bumped into

princess Ava .

” I was looking for you Alyssa ” she said smiling brightly.

” I was with Scarlett my princess ” i replied.

” Drop the formalities , we are now sisters and I want you to call us by our names not princess ”

They are so humble and kind unlike the in some books I read and the princesses are normally proud and arrogant.

They are not just like that and that’s why majority of the people love them including me.

” Okay, thank you for accepting me as your sister Ava ”

” It’s nothing, come let’s go, I need to show you something ”

She held my hand dragging me with her.


🍒 Zoey’s POV 🍒

I paced to and fro in anger ! How can the King bring a commoner to the palace and make her a princess, not even a maid or head of maids. A fu”king princess.

I shrieked in fear thinking about Prince Ryan falling for her.

What if that eventually happens? All my dreams will die down just like that?

I won’t be able to become the queen? God!

She’s a threat to me!
I heard she’s beautiful and very curvy!

That will make prince Ryan have interest in her.

I can’t stay back and watch her destroy my plans of becoming prince Ryan’s wife

I won’t let her be an obstacle to my peace and happiness.

I will make sure I do everything within my power to take her out of the way.

And starting from the princesses, poisoning their minds against her will do.

I brought

out a pack of cigarette and lit one taking it.

I will make that Alyssa girl leave the palace in tears , shame and pain.

That I will make sure of


🥞 Alyssa 🥞

I took the direction of the balcony Scarlett had shown me earlier.

I just wanna stay there for a while and see the queen later in her chamber.

Opening the door, I bumped into princess Emily! Gosh! What’s with me and bumping into people?

” Are you mad? Can’t you see or is anything wrong with you?”

Huh? Is all that for me? What did I do now?

” I didn’t know you were coming princess Emily , I wouldn’t have. …” The words in my mouth paused itself as a slap landed in my cheeks..


” Shut up, you shouldn’t talk to me as you like, the fact that my father the king brought a low life like you into the palace doesn’t mean we are now if the same standard

” You are nothing but a commoner ”

Thanks clenched my hand in a fist turning red with pure anger as what she said replayed in my head and my cheek hurting from the slap.

I raised my hand to hit her but quickly stopped myself.

I will just let it slide because I don’t want the King getting mad at me.


Episode 14


🥞 Alyssa 🥞

I was appal when the slap landed on my face. I know she’s rude but I never thought princess Emily will be that violent.

The way I imagined squeezing her tiny body and beating the arrogant and shït out of her is only God that knows how the anger in burning in me

But thinking about the King that I found favour in, it won’t be that appropriate if I began beating up his daughter the very second day I came into his house, that’s not a good start you know.

I just let it go and walk into the balcony leaving her gob masked.

I am very certain o won’t be able to tolerate her for too long, I am not that patient just that I respect a lot especially those who respects me like King Nathan and the Queen.

It still baffles me how she got to hate me this much. It leaves me perplexed each time I think about it.

She’s always showing attritional attitude towards me.

Or is it now a crime to be born a lowlife? To be from a middle class? Because of that we won’t be able to mingle with the upper class? That’s not fair you know.

She have to learn how to accept me or it won’t be funny staying in this palace with a douchebag like her.

I sat down by the door receiving some fresh air from every corner.

Everywhere here screams royalty gosh! So beautiful and well decorated like the palace it is.

I know the will be lots of foods in the kitchen I will love to try out the recipes.

I know I don’t know how to cook, yeah! That’s my tiny secret only my mother knows and Irene probably.

I gasped as my heart limped remembering her. Goodness!

What kind of a friend am I?
I didn’t even get to tell her I now stays in the palace.

Saviours! I am a bad friend and I know she will be very mad at me.

I will go see her later today, it can’t exceed today!

I want her to hear it from me not as rumours that are true anyways.

I heard a tiny voice jolting me out of my thoughts. Mela!

” Aunt Lissa ” she shrieked sounding as cheerful as always sitting beside me.

Seriously, she’s the first person that attracted me to the royal family.

” Mela baby, how are you?” I asked smilling while ruffling her hair a little.

” You can’t really tell how excited I am to have you here with us in the palace Aunt Lissa, from the very first day I saw you at the pizza shop, my soul couldn’t help but connect with a sweet soul as yours ”

She cooked and a smile tugged on my lips. .
She might just be fourteen but a great chatterbox. This little girl here talks too much.

” Awwn, how touching baby, I love you so much for loving who I am ” I replied sincerely.

” It’s nothing Aunt Lissa, I love what my brother loves, I am his favourite you know”

I didn’t really understand what she meant but I nodded anyways.

” Okay Aunt, it’s time for lunch. Mum asked me to on bring you to the dining”

My mouth curved into an ‘ o ‘ and I nodded standing up

” Let’s go then ”
I said standing up


I was served pasta salad. With the face , you will know it looks yummy!

My mouth watered immediately and my stomach growled!

Just perfect! Way to go Alyssa!
Everyone on the table burst out laughing and I bowed my head in sheer embarrassment.

Except princess Emily of course! If looks can kill, I’d be dead like a hundred times since I arrived here.

Prince Ryan was sitting opposite me together with the King and Queen.

I tried focusing on the meal I have waited so long to eat but couldn’t.

Not when two eyes were staring at me. That of Prince Ryan which was a little tender, I don’t actually understand the emotions in his eyes but I know it held so much. That of desire, want or is it just or love?

My eyes met with his and I quickly looked away before anyone notices.

While princess Emily shot daggers at me just like that.
I shifted uncomfortable on my chair when my eyes snapped to the King.

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that he’s not looking as bright as he used to be?

He looks so pale and worried about something I don’t know. Not just that but he looks lost too.

And I could see he’s trying to fight back the tears threatening to fall.

I looked from the Queen to the princesses and uhh the prince but everyone’s attention was focused on something else.

No one noticed the situation of the King. He wasn’t eating, not even a spoonful of the pasta has he taken in his mouth.

He kept punching the food with the fork and knife in his hands .

What could be wrong with him? Or is he still bothered about who wanted them killed?

I watched him closely and keenly as he sighed pushing the food away.

He stood up ordering the maids to clear it up.
I knew something was amiss . I wasn’t hallucinating after all but what could be eating him up?

Maybe I should find out later! I have to but how?

Okay, for a split of seconds, I forgot I am still Alyssa. Her father’s only daughter and Ama’s precious jewel!



🍔 Zoey’s POV 🍔

I glared at the maid arranging my hair through the mirror and she hasten her pace in doing that.
I am becoming impatient!

” Are you not through? It’s been almost an hour, why can’t you do something right and fast you low life?” I snapped angrily.

The anger shouldn’t be directed at her but that bitçh in the palace.

I can’t wait to see her and give her a piece of my mind, it’s either she leaves the palace peacefully or in shame.

I can’t share it with another godforsaken lady. Impossible!

” I.. I.am sorry ma’am ” she apologized rounding it up while I scoffed.

” Be fast and get the fùck out of my room this minute ”

” Y..yes ma’am, all done ”

” Get out ” I snarled.

She rushed to the door and off the room.

I stood up, picked my bag and headed downstairs.

Dad is not home as usual, it’s been almost a year he last set his foot in this humble mansion of his while Mum goes and comes back the next morning.

Aren’t they the worst parents ever? Like who does that? None of them have time for me although mum’s better.

I entered into my new car and drove off to the palace. I need to take a look at that girl.

That girl that wishes to rub sleep off my face but she isn’t gonna succeed. Not while I am still alive.

I will do anything and everything to get Prince Ryan’s attention on me. Me alone and not some cheap commoners.

I so much disdain them. They are no match for me, she’s no match for me!

I believe she’s under me, there she shall remain! I believe she will turn out to be a clown and I am determined to put her in her place.

A pauper that has no life! She will have no option but to leave when I am done with her.

Let her wait for it!

” Start the car ” I snapped at the driver.



🍟 Unknown POV 🍟

I burst out laughing at my spy from the palace when he brought the information to me.

” Are you sure you are alright?” I asked chuckling.

” Yes Sir, the lady that saved them the other day is now living with them in the palace as a princess ”

Seriously? King Nathan could be that stupid?

Because I sent some useless boys that couldn’t do their jobs and that lady outsmart them her brought her to the palace?

For what exactly?
Who is she anyways? That lady that can scare my own spy!

” You shouldn’t be bothered about her ” I replied while he shook his head.

” Her present in the palace scares me Sir, she almost caught me the last time I sneaked into the king’s room. She’s very smart and seems like a detective ”

I narrowed my eyes staring at him. Really?

A lady? Well! It’s a good start!
I need to have her on my side!

If truly she’s smart then she have to work for me, I am very certain she won’t turn down my offer when I give her a huge some of money.

” I will do something about it very soon, you can go ”

He bowed his head and left!

” Rio?” I called

” Yes boss ”

” Find out everything information about the lady King Nathan brought to the palace” I ordered

” Yes boss, consider it done ”

” Good, that should be done before evening ”

” Yes boss ”

Smiling widely again, I stood up. I will get at King Nathan in the least way he will ever expect!

That’s a promise!
I will feed the dogs the remains of hi children’s body!

I will get hold of him and kill him slowly while he watch me ascend the throne with his precious wife as my Queen!

His throne, fame, money are all mine! Till I get them, I won’t relent!



🍔 Zoey’s POV 🍔

I alighted from the car only to meet a disgusting sight in front of me.

Scarlett was busy laughing with the lady I guess should be Alyssa while my prince Ryan kept staring at her.

I knew it, I knew she’s going to take my prince away from me which I won’t let that happen.

Not now, not forever!

Anger rushed inside my vain as I clenched my hand in a fist and my jaw tightened.

I am so going to kill that girl! No one even notice my present!
That angered me more!

I tapped my legs on the ground as I stood beside my car!

After Prince Ryan was done staring at her, he left and I guess Scarlett went to get something leaving that low life behind.

I wish to go there and drag her by the hair till she began rolling on the floor.

It’s a perfect time for me to talk to her.

She seems happy for what ever reason I don’t wish to know.

” Hey, you ” I snapped my fingers in her front and she turned to face me.

My jaw dropped and my fist unclenched itself by just seeing her face.

How can this lady be my competitor?
I can’t agree less, she’s so beautiful like a goddess if not more than!

If it’s good look, I can’t compete with her.

” Afternoon, I can see you are from a rich family by mere staring at you but nonetheless, you look so beautiful ”

She complemented. If it was to be another person, I could have blushed but remembering who she is, I composed myself and brought back the cold expression.

” Hold your damn complement to yourself you stupid and stinky pauper ” I roared angrily pushing her .

Her eyes widened at the insult and my use of words before she masked it with a smirk.

” Did you just call me that? ” She asked blinking innocently.

” I will call you that and more if you don’t stay away from the royal family, can’t you see you are not welcome here?” I asked.

She grinned in return and I furrowed my eyebrows. Doesn’t she gets angry or what?

” The last time I checked, you are the visitor here. You can’t come to my palace and talk to the princess like that or haven’t you heard? I won’t have you call me names next time because you won’t go free, I thought you heart is as beautiful as your face but I was wrong, your face is just for show off, it doesn’t represent who you are ”

Wait! All that for me?

I raised my hand furiously to slap her but was caught in the air.

She caught my hand in the air!

” Do not ever try to raise your hand on my pretty face again, I repeat do not try that shít cause the next time you do, I will not only beat you up but destroy your hair and face in a way you will be ashamed to even face a dog ”

W .. what?




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