A wife for the prince Episode 1 & 2

A Wife For
The Prince The girl in my dreams)
Episode 1/2

” What should I offer you my prince?” One of the thorns of maids in the palace said as I sat down tiredly.
It’s not really being easy being the only Son out of seven children.
Yes! I have six sisters, Ava, Emily, Natalie, Maggie, Scarlett and Melanie our last born
and I happen to be the first born and only Son.
” Chilled jui-ce and two apples ”
” Yes my prince ” she bowed her head and left.

I brou-ght out my phone and began scrolling throu-gh it checking some messages when Ava and Scarlett c@m£ in.
Those two are two bags of trouble I wish to avoid everyday.
” Big brother ” they yelled and hvgged me. I mean very ti-ght.
I gro-an ed without being able to do anything. They are sure going to kill me one of this days.
” What is ii Ava and Scarlett? Did you want to kill your only brother?” I asked as they dis£ngaged from the hvg.

Now why did they hvg me?
” Of course we don’t want you dead but we are very mad at you ” Ava said.
I narrowed my eyes at them knowing where this discussion is heading to.

” Yes Ryan, how can you disgrace Emma the way you did? Isn’t she pretty enough for you? , You rejected Renee and now Emma? Why?” Scarlett asked
I sighed before chuckling which made them frown!
” You shouldn’t chuckle when we are talking to you Ryan, we are damn serious”
” I have told you two to st©p being a matchmaker for me and some ladies I don’t know ” I said to them
” We are doing that because you have refused to have a girlfriend, you are handsome, a prince to say and girls goes on their feet for you so why did you chose to be single Ryan?” Scarlett asked calmly while I sighed.

They won’t un-derstand! I don’t want anyone else but her and I believe I will find her one day. I know I
” Who are you going to choose on the day Dad alre-ady set for you to pick a wife from the maidens? Will you choose Mabel big brother?”

Maggie asked coming out of nowhere.
I grumbled staring at her direction! How did they get to know that I am home?
And who’s Mabel? I am sure it’s one of her friends!
” Who’s Mabel? That skinny thing? Ryan can’t marry her ” Ava said to her and she glared at back at her.
” I am not choosing anyone, now can you all let me rest? Go to your room and sleep”

They all gro-an ed standing up and walking away muttering some words .
One thing I like about my sisters, they respect me a lot! They have to because I am their elder brother!
” Here is your drink my prince ” she said dropping the jui-ce !
” Thanks ”
I have been avoiding mum and Dad since morning! Or should I say their tantrums?
Dad alre-ady told me I am going to pick a wife on the royal yearly occasion day which is ba-rely three weeks from now.
How do I find her before then? It might look stupid falling in love with the girl that appears in my dream but that’s it!
I can’t choose anyone else but her.
Sorry my bad!
I am Ryan Nathan! Prince of Cebu! Twenty seven years of age and like you know alre-ady, I have six sisters.
Ava is 25, Scarlett is 23, Emily 21, Maggie 19, Natalie 17 and Melanie (Mela) 14.
I am very simple and an introvert! Extremely handsome but do not flir-t!
I love ladies but I want only her!
” Promise you won’t leave me” she said as she placed her head on my shoulder while I run my hands throu-gh her hair.
” I promise you A, I will never leave you” she smiled satisfactory at me nodding her head.
” Ryan!” She called faintly.
” A ” I called back.

” I love you ”
My smile wi-de-ned as I heard that. She has always told me that and hearing that always gladdens my heart.
” I love you too A ”
I woke up p@n-ting heavily! It’s the dream again !
I saw her again repeating those statements again!
Where do I find her? How do I start from?
But I know I am not giving up till I find her before the palace occasion!

I wore my helmet and hastily climbe-d my bike driving crazily into the hallway.
I turned back to see those boys running after me and I increa-sed my pace.
Some drivers cussed as I entered into their way without caring about getting into an accident.

I don’t care, I just want to get home as quic-k as possible and all thanks to my crazy speed! .
” What did you do this time Alyssa?” Ama asked immediatetly I c@m£ down.
Have they reported me alre-ady? How did she know?
I c@m£ closer to her staring innocently at her.
” Believe me Ama, those boys looked for my trouble first ” I pouted seeing her sigh.
” I have told you to st©p fighting like a boy Alyssa, you are a girl and you will get married one day, are you going to be beating your husband this way?” She asked.
Ewe! Who’s even going to marry and if I do. He can’t try anything funny with me, I will beat him up of course.
” No Ama ” I lied
” Then st©p ma-king me sad Alyssa, about ten people have reported you to me today. The boy you broke his head this morning was rushed to the hospital”
Oh! That serves him right! He wouldn’t come near me next time.
” Okay ” I replied and she frowned
” Okay? Just okay? Is that what you are going to say?” She scoffed.
What else did she want me to say?
” Ama forget about him! Did you cook anything? I am famished” I said rushing to the kitchen but she held my hand dragging me back.
” I am not going to allow you eat my food today Alyssa, you don’t help me in the kitchen and you want to eat. Go cook for yourself ”
She pushed me towards my room while I pouted!
” It’s not fair Ama ” she glared at me locked her kitchen and left.
Has she forgotten I have the spare? Just great!
I rushed to my very scattered room searching for the spare but I couldn’t find it!
This is how God decided to punish me!
My stomach grumbled! Oh no ! It nee-ds food badly!
An idea popped on my head and I jumped up I’m joy rushing to the kitchen door. .
Irene my best friend has thought me how to open a door without a key!
I brou-ght out my hair pain taking it into the key hole and guess what!
It opened like a magic!
I made sure Ama alre-ady left before I entered searching for what she prepared.
Saviours lawd of Madag@scar!
A bunch of mouth watering pancakes!
I tasted one and uhh! It’s yum!
Well! My Ama is the best cook I have ever met!
I packed almost twenty of the pancakes and ran out of the kitchen jamming the door locked.
Ama forgot who her daughter is!
I am Alyssa Logan! Only child of my parents !
My father died 2years ago and ever since, I have lived with my mother.
We are not rich but comfortable! I have a best friend I mentioned earlier! Irene! She’s same age as me.
I am 23 years old. People say I am crazy, stubborn and boyish but that’s their headache! I am just me!* * *

” Leave my way Lucas ” I said sternly but he sm-irked in return.
” You think I will let you be after you gave me a broken arm? That’s not possible Alyssa ” he said smiling evilly.
” Oh! You want me to break your second arm right?” I replied.
He shook his head and gr@bb£d my hand sl@pping me real ha-rd !
You see why they say I am troublesome?
I kicked him in his ba-lls and he fell gro-an ing on the floor.
I reached for my bag and brou-ght out the chilli pepper spray and spray it on his face”
” My eyes! Ouch! Alyssa, you will pay for this ” he said gro-an ing in pain.
” Do not mess with me Lucas ”
” I will deal with you Alyssa ”
” Let’s see who will deal with who ”
I took to my heels before any of his team will see me.
Running as fast as my legs could carry me, I almost got knocked down with a car.
Goodness! That’s the royal car!
I stood frozen on my sp©t as I saw three of the princesses rush down from the car.
” Are you blind? Where were you running to with your poor filthy self that you didn’t see the royal car coming your way?”
I guess this should be princess Emily but wait! Did she just say all that to me?

Episode 2
; Alyssa
” Hey are you blind? Where were you running to with your filthy self that you didn’t see the royal car coming ?”
I guess that’s princess Emily. But wait, did she just say all that to me?
I clenched my hand and took a step closer to her but st©pped Midway.
Calm down Alyssa, she’s a princess!
” Emily! ” Princess Scarlett called as I stood motionless .
Only God knows what’s in my mind right now which is to get close to her, squee-ze her face in my hand, drag her hair, kick her bu-tt till she lands on the floor then give her some sand to eat.
” We are really sorry about that, are you hurt? I hope nothing happened to you?” Princess Ava sh!pped in .
I smiled at her nodding my head in a no! At least not all of them are as rude as this idiot here
” No my princess, I am fine ” I put on my best smile like the innocent girl I am.
” Thank goodness we …”
” Arggh , you ! ” Princess Emily yelled angrily and I sm-irked at her.
I am pardoning her because she’s a princess and because of the fact that her sisters are nice .
She glared hatefully at me! Like why? Not that we’ve met before although I don’t care.
” What’s wrong with you Emily , are you..”
” You know what? Suit yourself ” she snapped and left into the car while I scoffed.
So rude! I which she’s out more often alone so that I will disguise myself and beat her up mercilessly.
” Do not mind her plea-se and like I said we are really sorry for her attitude, that’s how she behaves ” princess Ava apologized .
” It’s fine, I will just go ”
” Alright, take care ”
I resumed running waving at them …
And that miss rude? We are sure gonna see again.

” Why didn’t you beat her up huh?” Irene fumed walking beside me.
Well you think I am stubborn? She’s more stubborn.
” That was because, she’s a princess Irene, I can’t afford to be locked up in a goddamn palace cell if not trust me, I could have designed her beautiful face”
I replied.
” Thank goodness I wasn’t there Alyssa ” she said and I chuckled.
” So how’s Lucas?”
I rolled my eyes at her ! I actually haven’t seen him since that incident though.
” He is probably managed to crawl home in between pains in his legs and his eyes closed ”
The both of us bur-st out laughing!
” That serves him….”
” Wow! Wow! Look who are here, Alyssa and Irene ”
Seriously? I scoffed glancing at Irene.
This is how it starts, they are the one troubling me but if I fight back, everyone will say I am stubborn.
” What did you want this time around James? To try ra-ping me again?” I asked crossing my arms .
” Can he even try that?” Irene asked
” The bandage on my forehead is still there Alyssa and you think I will give up just like that? ”
” I asked you out and in return you beat me up for that?”
Huh? Really?
” Oh c’mon James, that’s not the reason I beat you up. Wait aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Why am I even talking to someone like you? Let’s go Irene ”
I tried walking away but he stood on my way.
” Get out of our way James” Irene snapped.
” Hey, I didn’t come for you okay?” He snapped back while I stood watching the drama.
Doesn’t he learn? Or the pain he went throu-gh wasn’t enough for him?
I signaled Irene smiling mischievously and she got the message raising her hands in the air.
” Okay, okay, since you aren’t here for me, I won’t interfere ” she said walking away.
” So James, what did you want from me?” I asked glaring at him staring at Irene from the corner of my eyes and giving her an invisible thumbs up.
” I want to pop your cherry Alyssa, that’s all ”
I choked on my spit immediately. Like f*”king what?
” Are you kidding me James? You want to have me before you leave my way?”
” You get my point Alyssa, just that ”
I stood for a while and an idea popped into my head. Perfect!
Irene signaled me to agree and I smiled.
You think she will leave me here? Na! We got our backs!
She dug the hole carefully and silently and brou-ght out a long rod and a rope from her bag
She pinned the rod inside the alre-ady dug hole. A little bit de-ep!
Then she tied the rope on it and the other edge too in a way that something can enter.
” Okay then, you are free to have me ” I gave him a fake smile and his stupid face brightened up.
” Are you serious?” He asked.
Well! I can pl@ythe game very well!
I walked s£dûçt!velyto him wra-pping my hands around his n£¢k.
” Yes or don’t you want it anymore more?”
I whispered in his ear and I could feel his small d*”k j£rk up.
I pushed him backward till my hand could reach a place to get the rope from Irene.
” O..of course,I want you Alyssa, I have always wanted you ”
Hmm! That’s a great confession!
She threw the rope and luckily for me, I caught it unsuspiciously.
He brou-ght hisl-ips closer to mine to k!ssme! Yuck! My preciousl-ips!
Then, I got the opportunity to put the rope over his head and it flew down to his w@!st.
I pushed him away laughing heartily !
” Ahhh! What are you doing Alyssa?” He asked clearly confused and shocked.
” You think I will stoop so low to give you myself? You must be foolish ”
Irene began dragged the rope on the floor with him along.
He kept wincing and cussing while I laughed quic-kly running to help her draw the rope to reach the hole.
When he got there, we pushed one of his legs inside and he screamed.
He might die if we push his head you know and I don’t want to be a murderer.
We took his other leg and one hand and tied it to the rod.
” Oh my God! Don’t do this to me Alyssa, plea-se ” he plea-sed .
” Well, maybe you will be lucky enough to see a pas-serby to help you out of that hole but for now, enjoy f*”king my pu-ssy darling James ”

” You don’t get it Emma do you?” I asked as she sat down beside me.
My brother is one hell of a man entitled to his own decisions.
Ryan’s so stubborn!
” I know my princess but keep trying, I nee-d the prince to look at me. I love him! I love prince Ryan and you know that ”
I sighed holding her hands. Emma and I are clas-smates and we’ve been friends since grade one in highschool.
” I know you love him but I can’t do anything to change his mind, I can’t get him to love you back Emma but you can keep trying yourself ”
I don’t know what else to say!
Three of my friends wants Ryan! I mean who wouldn’t want someone like him?
He’s not just a h0ttie but also a prince and I know they are all after that so I have made up my mind not talk to him about any of them.
He will choose the woman he loves! I can’t f0rç£ him into o doing what he doesn’t want now can I?
Emily’s voice yelling at the maid gr@bb£d my attention.
” I am sorry my princess, it was a mistake”
The maid cried .
” A mistake you say? You just ruined my designer shi-t are you mad?”
Okay! I nee-d to interfere!
” What’s this again Emily?” I asked
” Can you imagine sis, this thing ruined my dress ”
I checked her dress and it was just a little place that was stained with coffee I supposed was meant to be given to her.
” You don’t have to shout on her because of that you know, it’s just a little stairs and it will wash away ”
She clasp her hands together in annoyance.
” I knew you were never going to support me anyways ”
She pushed the maid out of the way and left.
Sometimes, I wonder where she c@m£ from. She’s so strong headed and different from us.
“Yes, I will be there in two hours, I nee-d to go pick Mela from school. I promised her that and if I don’t come back before then, you reschedule the meeting ” I told my manager over the phone
” Okay my prince, I will do just that ”
” And make sure the files are well reviewed ”
” Sure ”
I hung up and focused back on the road driving. I don’t want everyone to know I am the prince so I just took a normal car without the royal plate number on it.
It’s show off to me and I hate unnecessary attentions drown to me.
Yeah Mela is my favourite sister and she wouldn’t let me rest with me coming to pick her up from school instead of the royal chauffeurs.
I will do anything to make her happy!
Her school is still miles away from here so increa-sed my driving pace pu-lling into the driveway when I mistakingly splashed some water on a lady.
I could have slowed down!
I didn’t get to see her face but I could tell she was fuming. I halted my car coming down from it.
She bent her head staring down at her soa-ked dress in mud.
Gosh! I didn’t mean to do that….
” You splashed dirty water on me and you c@m£ down to mock me?” She muttered searching for something in her bag.
” I am sorry miss I….”
I bent my head to see her face when my eyes caught something!
Oh my goodness!
I shouted loudly in fright scurried into my car and drove off in haste.

How can a prince be this scared

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