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A weekend to remember episode 1 & 2

(Caught in a dilemma 😰)
“Let me go!” Beatrice yelled as they grabbed her by *the hand and threw her into their van. It smelt of tobacco and alcohol, making her want to puke.
“Who are you! What did I do!” She yelled as they blindfolded her with* a cloth, tying it very tight on her pretty eyes.
“Shut up b**ch!” One yelled making her flinch. He had this thick threatening voice that made her shiver in great fear.
I heard the engine ignite, and the car moved immediately, making her fall back on the car floor.
She wasn’t sitting well before. Her hands were tied and she found it hard to sit up again. Her hands were hurting badly and she didn’t know what to do other than to shed tears.
“Here.” She heard a calm voice behind her. The person rose her up and made her sit as she sat before. This time, he pulled her to the car body and made her rest her back on it.
“Why are you doing this to me?” She asked in tears.
” Roman leave that girl now, stop acting stupid.” The thick and fierce voice came again making her shake.
She heard the man that helped her move away and she breathed out again as she busted into tears.
She has never caused trouble for anyone. She is an easy-going person, I play with virtually everyone. Anyone that meets her always loves her.
She gives to the needy, who would ever think of kidnapping her after all these?
“How much do you need? I will pay, just let me go!” She yelled and he laughed.
” Money is not everything Beatrice.” He said.
” So you know my name and you don’t know how important I am in the whole of Turkey? You are doomed!” She smacked in tears.
” See who is proud now. I heard you are sweet and loving. But you seem to be extremely opposite.” He said in mockery.
” Why not remove this blindfold and let’s talk like humans okay?” She stated and he laughed.
” That won’t be happening.” He muttered and she sighed in frustration.
” Trust me, when my father gets hold of all of you, you will regret the day you were born.” She said and she heard someone approach her.
Suddenly someone grabbed her by the hair making her scream.
“Never talk to me anyhow! Your life is at the tip of my finger now. Don’t act smart or you will lose everything thing in the twinkle of an eye.” The man with the thought voice growled making her cry out and the car came to a halt.
“Bring her in.” She heard him say again and she heard the door open and fresh air blew right on her face.
“Come here!” Another said dragging her by her hand.
” You are hurting me” she said in tears. She felt so weak and frustrated. She knows her father would surely do something, same as Tokyo.
But how would they locate her? They smashed her phone already and burnt her car so she wouldn’t be traced at all.
She was dragged by this man to only where God knows. She kept dragging her feet on the floor tiredly. Her legs were hurting because of the heels she wore.
They kept walking and walking for some minutes until she heard a door open in front of her and she was pushed into where…
She staggered into the room but she quickly gained her balance so as not to fall on the ground.
She felt him untie her blindfold from behind and for the first time in 2 hours, she felt a tiny bit of happiness. At least they won’t leave her blindfolded.
The blindfold came off and she opened her eyes in haste looking back and she saw a very huge man in front of her. He was wearing a scary face mask.
“My hands?” She asked raising it to him but he shook his head.
“That will remain.” He said.
“His voice wasn’t as thick as the man that was talking to me in the van. And his voice wasn’t as sweet as the one that helped me up. So he should be the one that led me into the house.” She thought.
She looked around the room and she saw it had only a bed at the corner. Just a window, which had strong-looking rods covering it.
“There will be great heat here.” She thought as tears rolled down my eyes again.
“Please let me go.” She mumbled and he turned his back at her.
“Sit. Your food would be served in few minutes.” He said heading outside.
” Why take care of me when you can’t let me have my freedom?” She asked and he kept mute walking out of the room.
It had an iron door and she heard him lock it from outside.
She sighed and walked up to the bed. She sat on it and she felt it was a little comfortable.
“At least a good bed is available.” She mumbled as she removed her heels using her tied hands as support.
It got off and she twisted her joint to feel a little relief from the stinging pain she feels.
She laid on the bed and she stared at the ceiling in tears.
“If I was home, by this time I should have eaten dinner and be on a video call with Tokyo. But these Bastards just deprived me of this.” She cursed underneath her breath.
Every Friday, it’s either she was with Tokyo physically or on a video call. That’s the only day they have time for each other.
But now she is kidnapped by only God knows. Maybe Human traffickers, or rapists, or ritualists. She doesn’t have an idea.
“Father please do something.” She prayed.
(Caught in a Dilemma 😰)
She was at the edge of sleeping when she heard the door open. Her eyes widened and she sat up in fear waiting for the person to walk in.
He finally walked into the house with the usual. His mask was on and he had a tray in his hand. He was also different from the one that led me in here.
“ Don’t they have female cooks? Or why can’t they let them bring it in themselves?” She thought.
“Your dinner is here.” He said and his voice was exactly like that of the one that helped her up in the van.
He stared at her for some minutes before dropping the food on the bed close to her. There was bottled water next to it.
He wanted to turn and leave but she held his hand and he looked at her through the mask.
“Can you help me with this? Can’t eat properly with my hands tied.” She said to him and he looked at her hand that was on his.
“I am not allowed to do that.” He said moving her hand away carefully.
“Please. You can stay here and when I am done with the food, you can tie my hands again.” She said looking at the fork the was on the plate.
He seemed easy with her and she felt she could escape with his gentleness. He reached for her hand and began to loosen the rope.
The rope dropped on the bed and she picked up the fork immediately and before he knew it, she thrust the fork into his tummy very hard.
“Arrghh.” He groaned. She pushed him away and pick to her heels. The door was still open, so she dashed out of the room.
The house was looking confusing. She stopped and looked around, the place was looking…
“She is there!” She heard them yell behind her and she began to run to only where heaven knows.
She kept running, it was like a hallway and at the end of it, when she was about to turn, she was grabbed by another set of men from the other side.
She struggled with them in tears and they slapped her before leading me back to the room. She got into the room and she saw the huge man that led her into the room holding up Roman, the guy that released her.
Then another man was there sitting on the bed. She guessed he was the one speaking to her in the van.
“How dare you try to escape?” He growled. She knew it! She knew he was the wicked and fierce one.
“Let me go! You will regret this!” She yelled in tears.
He stood up and approached her. He held up her chin making her mouth hurt and tears dropped down her eyes.
“You don’t know anything Baby girl. And I can’t blame you, but this fool here.” He said giving him a punch on his bleeding tummy making him groan.
She flinched as he did that. She felt guilty immediately, she was the cause.
“But they kidnapped me, I shouldn’t feel pity for any of them.” She felt.
Roman fell to the ground holding his stomach in pain. His face was still covered with the mask.
“Take him out!” The boss yelled and they led him out. She looked at him as they did.
“Please don’t kill him.” She pleaded and he laughed.
” That’s none of your business.” He said and he asked them to make me sit on the bed. He took up the rope and began to tie her hand.
“Why are you hiding your face? You are scared of what I can do right?” She asked hoping he would fall for her temptation and remove the f**king mask.
“You can do nothing. And you can’t make me do what I won’t do. Don’t deceive yourself.” He said walking away from the bed.
” She will eat the dinner like that. I don’t care how she would be able to. Everyone out!” He yelled as they marched out. They locked the door behind and she fell back to the bed in tears.
“Did I do the right thing? Trying to escape? What was I even thinking? That there won’t be any guards or what?”
“I should have just waited calmly for father’s intervention. I hope Roman won’t be killed because he isn’t as mean as the rest.” She thought.
She wondered why he was doing a job like this in the very first place.
She looked at the food that was still on the bed and she sat up to eat it. She opened the plate covering it and she saw it was pasta.
At least they gave me good food.
She looked at the fork which was bent already and was stained with blood.
“I can’t use that.” She thought looking at her hand which was also stained with blood.
“F**k!” She yelled in frustration. I am starving!
She looked at her tied hands again and then the food again. She began to clean off the blood on her hand on the dress she wore.
She tried picking up the bottled water and she succeeded in doing that. She placed it between her legs and began to turn the cover.
It was kind of painful but it came off. She moved her hands under her knees and then tilted the bottle slightly so the water could pour on her hand.
It poured slowly and she used that to wash her hand. Though the washing wasn’t thorough, It was preferable to earlier.
She took the cover again with her knees holding the bottle tightly. She covered it and placed it on the bed. She moved her hand to the pasta and packed it moving it to her mouth slowly.
It entered her mouth and its taste was…
“Wow.” She said before thinking. It tasted fantastic.
She packed more in haste and moved it to her mouth devouring it in haste.


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