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August 1, 2021


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A virgin for the wolf Episode 6 to 8

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🥛🥛You Are My Mate🥛🥛🤗

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Episode 6 &7



Tom returned home, full of the excitement having watched a great movie, something that had only ever been a special treat for him, usually on birthdays. It was only after he had given her a blow by blow account did he seem to remember why he had been allowed to go.

“So how did it go with the big boss? You look happy so I guess he’s not going to cause us any trouble.”

“It depends on what you mean by trouble,” said Ellie, realising it would be unfair not to tell Tom at least some of the truth, she ploughed on. “He wants to take me to dinner tomorrow night. Will that be alright with you?”

Tom looked concerned. “Is he pressuring you into something?”

Ellie smiled at Tom to reassure him, and then felt a little sad, did he think that was the only reason anyone would want to go out with her?

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“No, Tom, he’s not. He is a nice guy, really.”

“I don’t understand, he fired you this afternoon, and now he wants to take you to dinner.”

“That’s not quite what happened, it seemed I jumped

the gun, he didn’t fire me. I just assumed he did. Guilty conscience I guess. He came by tonight to tell me they would be offering me a full time position, if I wanted it.”

“You’re sure everything is OK?” Tom still sounded suspicious.

“Yes, I am sure everything is going to work out.”

More like she hoped it would, she still didn’t know how she was going to break the news to Tom that Nathaniel Greystone, billionaire, thought she was his mate for life.

Tom, however, was still young enough to be able to be reassured and happy without much persuasion. He got up and planted a big kiss on her cheek.

“You go and have fun. I can’t remember you ever going on a date, so I guess it is about time. I can go andsleep at Jimmy’s, so there’s no need for you to be home by twelve Cinderella.”

She laughed, “Thanks, Tom. Now let’s go to bed, it’s been quite a day.”


“If you could sign here, and here, Miss Carter, we can get you back to work.” Mrs Pierce stood watching Ellie while she signed the contract.

Ellie had spent some time going over it, making sure it was all Nat had said it was. Part of her had been convinced the job and Nat’s promises were not real.

It had been a struggle to even come in this morning, convinced the whole thing was a hoax and she was going to get into trouble. Yet she could notdeny the emotions that seemed to pass between them, so she had forced herself to get into work on time.

Then when Mrs Pierce had appeared with the contractb and asked her to come to her office and sign it she had wondered if there was a hidden clause in it so that when she signed it she would belong to Nat in some way.

There wasn’t, in some ways Ellie was disappointed, she would not have minded belonging to Nathaniel Greystone, heart and soul. In fact, she was sure she already did, last night she had dreamed of him, a strange dream where a wolf had approached her and she had tried to run, but it had pursued her until there was no air left in her lungs and she could run no more.

At the moment he had run her down, and she was at his mercy she had woken up. Strangely the feeling left over from the dream was one of desire, not fear, the same emotions she now felt for Nat, although she still felt she shouldn’t, he was too far out of her league.

“All above board, Miss Carter?” Mrs Pierce’s voice woke her from her reverie.

“Oh, yes. It is fantastic; I can’t thank you enough, Mrs Pierce.” Ellie swung around and smiled at the older woman.

“Nonsense, you have done this on your own merit. If Mr Greystone had any doubts he would have sent you packing,” Mrs Pierce said, making Ellie feel a little awkward.

The older woman had no idea what had truly happened between Ellie and their employer. “But Mr Greystone is a good judge of character; it’s like a sixth sense, so I am more than happy to have you working here.”

Ellie finished signing the contract, and handed it back to Mrs Pierce. “Shall I get back to work now?”

“Yes, I’ll leave these papers on Mr Greystone’s desk. He can look at them when he returns in a few days.”

Ellie felt as though she had been punched in the stomach. “Mr Greystone isn’t here today?”

“No, he phoned in to say something had come up, family matters I expect. It often is, but then he does have a large close knit family. They live in the country somewhere.All I know is there are a lot of trees and mountains, and phone reception is terrible. He’ll be back in a few days, don’t worry, he signed them before he went, your job is secure.”

Half in a daze Ellie got up to go back to her desk, as she was leaving she remembered how much Mrs Pierce had stuck up for her. “Thank you, Mrs Pierce, for giving me this chance.”

“You are welcome, don’t let me down.” Mrs Pierce had already moved onto her next task, she was very efficient at managing Greystone Holdings when the boss was away.

Returning to her desk Ellie sat down feeling unsure about the whole situation. Nat had said he wanted to take her to dinner, and later…well best not to think of that while at work.

Trying to stop the heat that had already begun to spread through her body at the thought of what she wanted Nat to do to her, she instead contemplated how let down she felt.

He had promised he would be there for her, that he couldn’t wait to make love to her, but now it seemed he had gone away without a word of explanation.

She thought he had made it clear how important she was to him, his true mate, but the rest of his family still seemed to have precedence. She wondered if that was something she would have to learn accept.


Time dragged by, she tried to feel happy about having a well paid secure job, but as the day wore on she had to admit to herself she had fallen for Nat in a big way.

It was a new feeling for Ellie, and one that frightened her, she needed to keep a level head on her shoulders, with all the sacrifices she had made there was no way she could let her life unravel because of a man.

She was stronger than that, and there was Tom to think of, she had to continue to be boring Ellie and not let emotions get the better of her.


She arrived home to her shabby apartment, not even having the company of Tom to look forward to. It was going to be a long lonely evening, to make the time pass quicker she cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, when she had finished she moved onto the bathroom.

By the time 6.30pm came around she was hot and tired, and in a bad mood.

Ellie took a shower, trying to wash the stress of the day away. When she got out she felt a little better and dressed in a floral dress, leaving her long hair to dry naturally.

Then she headed for the kitchen to see what she could force herself to eat. c

All this time she subconsciously knew the minutes were ticking by towards 7.00pm, the time he said he would pick her up.


Episode 8.

I won’t eat you…at least not literally.

She arrived home to her shabby apartment, not even having the company of Tom to look forward to. It was going to be a long lonely evening, to make the time pass quicker she cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, when she had finished she moved onto the bathroom.

By the time 6.30pm came around she was hot and tired, and in a bad mood.

Ellie took a shower, trying to wash the stress of the day away. When she got out she felt a little better and dressed in a floral dress, leaving her long hair to dry naturally.

Then she headed for the kitchen to see what she could force herself to eat.

All this time she subconsciously knew the minutes were ticking by towards 7.00pm, the time he said he would pick her up.

“He’s not coming,” she told herself over and over again, she had been repeating it to herself in the hope it would lessen her disappointment.

It was the reason she had not allowed herself to get dressed up ready for a date, she couldn’t do it to herself.

Clattering around in the kitchen she could almost hear every second as the clock ticked. The hand reached the top of the hour, and then carried on; there was no knock at the door.

“I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry.” Her new mantra became, even though she knew she would.

At two minutes passed seven she set the knife down, which she had been using to spread butter, and headed for her room.

All she wanted to do was cry into her pillow. As she reached her bed a huge sob erupted from deep inside her, it was like a cork had been pulled from a champagne bottle, tears streamed down her face.

Ellie had always tried to look on the bright side, but the fact that she had a good secure job was no consolation to how let down she felt.

Big racking sobs filled the room, she knew she would be blotchy and red, but it didn’t matter, no one would see her.

Her sobbing was so loud she didn’t hear the first knock at the door. It was only when someone banged hard on the door insistently that she heard it.

Trying to control her emotions she sat up, wiping her face before getting up. Looking in the mirror she saw a red, unattractive round face looking back at her.

The banging at the door became more urgent, and then she heard her name being called.

“Ellie, Ellie, are you OK?” It was the unmistakably masculine voice of Nathaniel Greystone.

She put a shaky hand to her mouth; he had come after all, but look at the state of her. The banging continued.

“I know you’re in there Ellie, please open the door. I need to see you aren’t hurt.” He sounded very worried.

Ellie went and stood behind the door, imagining what he looked like, handsome, perfect and strong.

“I’m fine,” she said,knowing her voice was a little shaky. She heard the breath he released in relief.

“Open the door, Ellie. Please tell me why you’re so upset.” His voice was quieter now, calmer.

“It was nothing, look, why don’t we do this another night?” It was one of the hardest things she had ever said, she wanted him to come in and hold her tight and never let her go, but she knew if he saw her like this he would leave anyway.

“I am not going any where, please open the door Ellie,” he paused before adding, “Or I will be forced to break it down.”

“You can’t do that,” she hissed at him.

“Yes, I can, I will pay for the damage, but I am not leaving without seeing you.” His voice was set firm and Ellie realised how he had become so successful, you did not argue with Nathaniel Greystone.

“Please, Nat. I look awful.”

“I don’t care.”

“But I do.”

“Let me in Ellie, I need to see that you are OK. I need to know why you were so upset.”

“How do you know I was upset?”

“I could hear you crying.”

“I was in my bedroom, the walls aren’t that


“I have very good hearing, now please let me in.”

Her hand hovered over the lock, she was sure he was not going to go away, and if he made more noise then her neighbour’s would probably be out to see what all the commotion was about.

She also believed him when he said he would knock the door down.

So she opened the door for her big bad wolf. He swept into the room and took her in his arms; she tried to turn away from him so he didn’t see her face.

Nat was too strong for her; he turned her towards him, lifting her chin and studying her face.

“What’s the matter, Ellie?” His eyes searched hers, trying to fathom why she was so upset.

“It’s nothing,” she said, trying to avoid his intense stare.

“Look at you,” he said stroking her cheek gently with his fingers, sending the first tendrils of desire racing through her body. “Did something happen at work?”

She shook her head, feeling so stupid now at over reacting so much, in her heart she wondered if she would ever be sure of him and his feelings for her.

He had always known he had a true mate in the world, yet she had not, and she struggled to make that shift inside herself and accept what he said as true.

In the end all she could say was, “I thought you weren’t coming.”

He held her tighter, kissing the top of her head, she felt a shudder pass through him, and knew he was trying to restrain himself.

“Why would you think that? I told you, we are linked together in a way you must believe, I will never let you down.”

“Mrs Pierce said you had gone out of town for a few days, family business.”

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t contact you when I realised II had to stay away today. It is so hard for me to control myself when I am around you, right now I want to throw you down on that sofa and make you mine. It takes all my willpower to stop myself. It will get easier, but today I could not trust myself.”

Ellie could not comprehend his words, but the feel of his body against hers told her he did not lie, he was pent up, ready to explode, and she wanted to see that explosion, to feel it with him.

“I am trying to understand, but I have never given myself to someone this much, I’ve always had to rely on myself and it’s hard not to believe you will let me down, that this is not some huge joke at my expense.”

“Then come with me, Ellie, let me take you to my home and I will share something with you that I have never shared with anyone outside of my family. It might scare you, but it is part of who I am and I hope it will prove to you how much I trust you, and in return you might learn to trust me and believe what I say.”

Ellie felt scared, and yet she knew she had to find a way to overcome her doubts, if he was willing to share so much of himself with her, then she might find a way to let go of her past and embrace the future he promised.

She nodded, her head still buried in his chest, and reluctantly pulled away from him to reach for her bag. The two of them left her apartment and wordlessly went down to his car.

He held the door open for her, and she slid into the front seat. It was the most expensive car she had ever sat in, she felt as though she should put something on the seats so she didn’t get them dirty.

It was another reminder of the different worlds they lived in.


A ten minute drive took them out of the city and into the foothills that surrounded it. She had always imagined men as rich as Nat would have a penthouse apartment in the exclusive area of the city, yet the winding road they took had only a few well spaced out houses along it.

He obviously wasn’t the type of bachelor who enjoyed city life, no fast women and fast cars for Nathaniel Greystone.

Still they kept going until the houses became few and far between, he must like his privacy, a chill crept over her, or else he had something to hide.

She questioned her opinion of Nat; was she right to trust a man she did not know other than by what she had read in the press. Ellie’s mind started to race about what exactly he was bringing her out here to see.

What if he meant her harm? No one would hear her scream if he hurt her. She told herself to stop being so stupid, he had been nothing but kind and generous to her since they had met yesterday, she could not fault his behaviour in any way.

Her thoughts were stopped abruptly when he turned off the road and on to a private track, after a hundred yards he stopped and used a remote control to open huge wooden gates.

Yes, he certainly liked his privacy, and she had the eerie feeling she was entering a predator’s den.

“Relax, Ellie, I am not going to eat you.” His voice put her at ease; turning to look at him he had a mischievous glint in his eyes. “At least not in the way you are imagining.”

“How do you know what I’m imagining?” Ellie said trying to keep her voice light.

“I am becoming quite attuned to what is going through your head, as I am guessing you are with me.”

“So what am I thinking now?” she asked, not want to admit he was right.

“How handsome I am and how rich I must be to live in a house like this.”

“You’re wrong, that’s not at all what I am thinking,” she said primly.

“Pity, it would have done my ego a hell of a lot of good.”.

She laughed. “I think your ego is quite big enough Mr Greystone.”

“Not where you are concerned, Ellie, you are so unlike anyone else I have ever met, it’s as though you are immune to all my usual charms.”

“Does that annoy you?”

“Oh, no, on the contrary, I find it very refreshing.”

The car stopped and he turned to look out of the window. “Now here is my house, surely you can’t fail to be at least a little impressed.”

Then he turned back to her. “Only because I hope one day it will be our home, it would be a great place to raise a family.”

Ellie was surprised to see an older house, not the modern minimalist place she thought men went for.

It did indeed look as though it had been bought with raising a family in mind. Long wide gardens were set before it, and she could almost imagine the excited cries of children playing there.

“It’s beautiful,” she said, honestly surprised by the house and its situation. “How long have you lived here?”

“I have lived here for the last two years, although I bought the place about five years ago.”

“Five years ago? You could afford a place like this even then?” She thought he couldn’t be more than five or six years older than she was, that would mean he was only around twenty when he bought it.

A place like this was way out of the budget of all but the most privileged of young people. “Did you inherit some money?”

“No, I started from nothing and built Greystone Holdings into what it is today. I’ve worked hard,” he said, before adding, “And I am, perhaps, a little older than you think.”

“How old?” she asked, intrigued.

“I will tell you everything you want to know later, right now I want to take you inside. I think I have waited long enough, don’t you?”

She blushed at the implication of his words. This was it, he wanted to take her into this beautiful house and make love to her.

Suddenly her mouth felt dry and her breathing difficult, she was fairly certain she was going to be a bit of a disappointment to him in the sex department.

He had probably slept with so many women, experienced women, who probably had tried every trick in the book to get him to fall in love with them.

She would never match their bedroom skills.

He came around and opened her door, offering her his hand to help her out.

She took it, and straight away the connection between them was there, an energy passing between them. His fingers entwined with hers, and then with a low growl he pushed her against the car and kissed her



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