December 4, 2020


Mind blowing palace

A step into love episode 4 & 5

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Episode four

[at the airport in USA]

It seems all the “missing” emotions are partly gone now, thanks to the air hostess and the arrogant jerk, Cindy yawned and stretched herself as she alighted from the plane, she started looking around observing the difference between Nigerians Airport and the American Airport, the Nigerian people and the American people, “Everything’s so different” she sighed moving around the airport to give her curiosity better satisfaction.

She saw many people as she move around ,most of them are white people while few are either black or brown, she stopped as she spotted a woman weeping as she hugged her daughter, it seems her daughter is traveling out, the memories of how her parents and friends had departed came back to her, she could recall how her mother had hugged her with tears and her father…. “OMG! Dad asked me to call him whenever I arrived” she snapped her fingers and bring out her phone but sighted something as she was trying to make the call.

A woman probably at her late thirties or early forties was making a call, she’d left her bag where she was sitting earlier and she was stretching her neck, maybe trying to check on something, she couldn’t notice the two guys at her back but Cindy could see them, they’ve successfully picked something from the woman’s bag but the woman still didn’t notice.

Cindy was standing on a spot watching the whole drama as it goes “this is unbelievable” she snapped shaking her head, she could see the guys as they shook their hands together, it seems they were happy that their plan was successful but no one could see their faces due to the hood they were putting on “what should I do?”Cindy asked herself looking around to know if anybody might be watching but it seems nobody is, Cindy is left in a dilemma, either to help or overlook it…..



Episode five

“I can’t do this” Cindy said, moving on with her bag but stopped again “I can’t let this go”she said and pointed to the thieves “catch them, they’re thieves”,She shouted as she ran after them,seeing this some people called the police while some joined her as she ran after them,


Few minutes later, the police joined them and they were able to catch one of them while the other guy escaped,the guy was searched and the woman’s purse was found in his trouser,Cindy collected the purse without bothering to look at the thief’s face and give it to the woman “oh my goodness! it’s my purse”she exclaimed and opened the purse to confirm if anything’s not missing in it.


“thank you, thank you so much” “hope everything in it is complete” Cindy asked the woman “yeah, thank you so much” the woman said staring at Cindy’s face “how could I repay you”she contributed smiling amidst tears “it’s okay just be careful next time” Cindy replied and left the woman, she stopped as she sighted the white guy (the guy who was sitting beside her in the plane) coming towards her direction “Arrogant jerk” she murmured and pace out of the stage.


The thief watch her with hatred as she was leaving “I’ll let you pay for this, you fucking bitch!” the thief snorted as he was taken away by the polices…….


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