A step into love episode 3

A STEP INTO LOVE Episode three
Cindy’s POV
I left my parents and friend as I ran up to catch the flight before it take off, without looking back at them again, I’m sure they’re alre-ady missing me because I’m alre-ady missing them too, I boarded the plane and the air hostess collected my boarding pas-s and show me to my seat, luckily for me my seat was by the window, I could still see my parents, tears filled my eyes as I watched them.
Immediately I noticed something unusual, I could perceive a strange plea-sant scent of perfume accomplished with a loud music besides me, I turned around and saw a guy sitting beside me, it seems he’s a white guy but his hairdo doesn’t confirm that because it’s in low cut “maybe he prefer to have it like that” I shrugged.
I stretched my n£¢k trying to have a better look at the music video he’s watching but it seems he noticed that and close his l@pt©p “Hi I’m Cindy,nice to meet you” I said smiling as I stretched out my hand for a shake,he turned and looked at me with a bitter expression which undoubtedly means “I’m not interested plea-se?” I withdrew my hand and sighed.
“fasten your belts plea-se” an hair hostess said as the plane took off, Cindy fastened the seat belt around her w@!st and sighed again “in nee-d of anything?” one of the hostess asked smiling, instead for the white guy to reply, he put on his headphone “arrogant j£rk” Cindy murmured and face the hostess “I’ll just be okay with a drink”cindy said feeling thirsty but not sure of what to drink “what type of drink?” the hostess asked still smiling “hmm… jui-ce”Cindy replied “what type of jui-ce, orange jui-ce,apple jui-ce… ” “orange jui-ce is okay” “which product?” the hostess asked again “any product plea-se” Cindy answered confusedly “in what temperature? Cold, warm…” the hostess asked again “Cold one is alright ” she replied “alright, should I just bring it like that or…..” “that’s okay, just bring ordinary water” “which product?” the hostess asked “any” Cindy snapped “cool or warm” “cool” Cindy snapped again “in a glas-s cu-p, mug…” “okay” Cindy ch!pped in “hold your drink, am no more interested” “what do you mean?” the hostess asked confused “I said go”Cindy replied almost shouting.
“it’s alright Cindy, let’s endure it cause everything will be fine” she thought as she rest back on the chair, sighed and close her eyes….