A step into love episode 26

🌹 🌹 A step into Love 🌹 🌹
Episode 26
“Doctor, what did you just say?” Mrs Anderson asked flabberg@sted
“I’m sorry Mrs Anderson, we tried all our possible best but we’re not God. Cindy wouldn’t be able to control the arm for now and as ‘for now’ that I just used, it means miracle can still happen like it just did but for now, it would be uncontrollable”
“Doctor” Charles called “can’t you find something to do to it?, I mean she nee-ds the arm, it’s her right hand and she’s loosing it because of me?” he sobbe-d
“Doc plea-se, you can find something to do to it, plea-se do something, I’m sure of it and money is not our problem, we’ll give you any amount” Mr Anderson pleaded
“Mr Barry, I’m sure you know me very well, Mooney is not really my main target in my Job, it’s the outcome, the good result and what I’m saying right now is the truth but don’t worry, you’ll just nee-d to be bringing her here subsequently for more check up and surgery when nee-ded. I’m sure she’ll be fine afterwards”
Charles sat back on his seat slothfully and rested his head on the table while his mother patted his back.
Anderson’s Residence
“hey” Angelina called as she stepped out of the house to the backyard where Charles and Cindy were seated chatting in the cool atmospheric condition
“Angelina?” Cindy called “what’s up?”
“Everything’s good” “I bet you guys are in the mood” she rolled her eyes and win-ked “don’t let me be an interrupter” she smiled and made to leave
“come on girl, you’re not an interrupter at all cause I alre-ady nee-d your attention here and that shows that you are the biological child of your father for being pres£nt when nee-ded without calling for” Charles replied while Cindy smiled
“Really?” Angelina asked as she turned back “in nee-d of my attention?”
“yes dear” Cindy smiled
“OK then” Angelina replied as she joined them on the seat, sitting beside Cindy “And how’s your health?, I hope you are going to the hospital consequently”
“of course. Thank you so much” Cindy replied
“so you think I’m here for nothing right? You think I wouldn’t take her for the check up even if it require dragging and forcing?” Charles asked
Angelina laughed and replied “I trust you” “especially now that you’re doing all her work for her, writing and other things. I’m sure it’s not easy but Kudos to you”
“Hm hm” Cindy coughed “don’t worry, I’ll collect my work soon, I’m feeling more better and I think the joint is restraining. The Doctor also said the surgery will be carry out sooner cause I seems to be relieving fas-ter”
“that’s good to hear” Angelina replied
“yeah so good to hear after all years” Charles said
“Is that a ra-p?” Angelina giggled
“sure, such of him as usual” Cindy chuckled
“ma-king jest of me?” Charles asked
“obvious” Cindy remarked and tucked her ton-gue out at him
“so what do you guys call me for?”
“To explain to me how you got to know Cindy’s whereabouts with John which made you to call me that day” Charles asked and everything died down and went silent,
Angelina sighed immediately she heard this while Cindy face her with unknown expression and their gaze met………….