A step into love episode 20

🌹 🌹 A step into Love 🌹 🌹
Episode 20
Cindy opened her eyes slowly, everything still fading a little bit for some moments until her eyes opened clearly, she choked at the sight of the room she’s in, everything is dark except for some dim light which can’t look for nee-dle,she wanted to stand up from where she was sitting but realized that her legs had been bounded together, she tried to lift her hands to undo the bondage but her hands had been stucked to the arm of the chair (bounded also), she bec@m£ afraid and let out a shout only to find out that her mouth was not left behind, it has been covered and bounded too, tears dropped from her eyes, she prayed everything should be a dream ,her mind quic-kly stray to Charles and his warning, and more tears dropped from her eyes as she sobbe-d quietly, she hadn’t listen to a serious warning because of anger and here she was in an unknown frightening room, she bit her l!pin regret.
Suddenly the door was flung opened and a guy entered, Cindy could only see the leg of the person because she’s not raising her head up, the legs were standing before her so she decided to look up and to her astonishment the guy turned out to be John, her eyes wi-de-ned in surprise, she wanted to open her mouth and say something but she couldn’t cause it had been bounded, confusion and surprise was written all over her face and John could see this so he undid her mouth’s bondage for her,
“John?” she asked to confirm what she’d seen, John is her friend, her best friend, so how could he do something like this to her, it is impossible! “John is that you?” she asked again when she didn’t get reply to her first question,
“yes, it’s me, John Suminski, your friend” the voice snapped
“John, why are you here? What happened?” she asked still not believing he can do such thing
“what kind of stupid question are you asking me, are you so dumb to have not remember how I’d drugged you to sleep?, even if you don’t remember, you should’ve know that I’m the one who bond you here” John snapped rashly
“John, I don’t believe any of this, I mean why will you do such things?” she asked amidst tears
“oh! Why will I do such things?” he scoffed “well, I don’t blame you because you don’t know me but I will let you know me now, I’ll let you know who I am” he paused breathing heavily obviously furious “I am the thief you expo-sed at the airport some years back” John concluded and Cindy choked and gape at him, she was short of words, so speechless as her ton-gue stucked up to the roof of her mouth.
“I was introduced to a bad gang after I disavowed my parents” John started, pacing up and down slowly “even though it’s not my intention and enthusiasm to join it, I have no choice since I have no place and no one to be feeding me, after joining the group, everything was going well and I was doing good and excellent in everywork given to me by my boss until a day My boss s£nt my p@rtner and I to steal a certain woman’s purse, although we were surprised about it cause he doesn’t go for small fish and we don’t know how he usually get information on what to be stolen and where that thing is, cause we always meet everything the way he tell us, but we’re alre-ady used to it, so we didn’t bother to ask him anything. The plan went successfully but” he paused and faced Cindy “a girl from nowhere disrupted everything, she expo-sed us and I was arrested while my p@rtner was able to escape, I was really vexed with the girl that I sworn to take revenge on her by all costs, I was imprisoned for a year and after my tenure in the prison my boss s£nt me away, I was lucky enough that he didn’t kill me, so I went back to school with the amount I’ve made from the dirty job until I get to know that the girl I’ve sworn to revenge on is also schooling in the same school as mine, so I took up a plan to be close to you before I revenge” he sighed ,stuffed his hands into his trou-ser and rested on the wall “but the more I got closer, the more my plans on revenge weaken because after my sister, I found out that you are the only one I can confide in, you treat me the way, my sister used to, scold me when I’m supposed to be scolded, encourage me when I’m down and advice me when I’m confused, in summary you always remind me of my sister and as-sured me that I still have someone who loves me, but right now, I think I’m wrong”
“you’re not John” Cindy finally speak out “I love you but I love you as my friend, you are a good man with a good heart, don’t be sway down by small thing, it’s not everything that nee-ds revenge, I alre-ady told you that sometimes bad things do happened so that good thing can happen, and all you nee-d is to concentrate on the good things and not the other way round, so plea-se all you nee-d is to control…”
“don’t try to make me re-lease you cause I wouldn’t” he ch!pped in looking furious “unless you accept to be mine”
Cindy shook her head as tears freely scroll down her eyes “you can’t f0rç£ me John”
He sm-irked and di-pped his right hand into his trou-ser at his back pocket “you think so?” he brou-ght out his hand from his pocket and the thing he’d di-pped his hand into his trou-ser to pick turned out to be a pistol, he set it on her head re-ady to pu-ll the trigger “now I’m giving you five minutes to choose between this two choices, be mine or die”…………….