A step into love episode 18

🌹 🌹 A step into Love 🌹 🌹
Episode 18
The next day, it was John’s call that woke Cindy up and she picked it up,
“Hello John, why calling early this morning,hope nothing’s wrong?” Cindy asked as she yawned
“hmm, guess what?” John asked over the phone
“Hmmm, I’m not good at that so tell me what’s up”
“well, come outside, I’m waiting for you”
“are you serious?” Cindy asked surprised “you are in my house alre-ady?”
“but why?” she paused “okay, I’m coming right now”
She rushed down the stairs to the living room and over to door, she got lost in astonishment as she opened the door, John was dressing in a total different way today, the way he’d never dress before, dressing luxuriously, he was putting on a red baseball cap which he wore backward with a gold eyeglas-s and a white T-shi-t with Red muffler round her n£¢k then a long golden n£¢klace having a medallion at its peak and golden wristwatch with Red trou-ser and white flashy shoe.
“hi” he waved at Cindy and re-moved his eyeglas-s
“oh! Hi morning” she opened the door wi-der for him to come in which he did then she closed the door and turned to him
“you look stunning today”
“oh! Really?” he smiled “well, all thanks to you”
“me?” Cindy asked pointing at herself “what did I do?”
“you advised me and I heed to it or let me say warn?” he paused and smiled wi-der “I’m back to my parents”
“are you serious?” she asked aloud while John nodded in reply “oh my God! I’m so happy for you” she screamed as she hvgged him “wow, so what are you here for?”
“I owe you seriously and I’m here to payback in a way I know I can”
“and what’s that way?” Cindy asked
“to take you out for Christmas, don’t want your day to be bored” he replied. Unknown to Cindy, Charles have been watching them including the time she’d screamed and hvgged John, he’d scowled and bit hisl-ip, John knew this cause he’d sighted him when he was coming to the living room room and he’d decided to put on more show to make Charles jealous.
“hmm, that idea is good but is that the only way you can pay back?” Cindy frowned jokingly
“just p@rt of it dear” John win-ked
“okay then, give meeeeee at least ten minutes, I’ll be back soon” she turned back to leave but her eyes made encounter with Charles who’s standing on a sp©t holding a glas-s cu-p but the way he held the glas-s cu-p and his expression shows that he’s not happy at all (definitely angry), Cindy was confused but she decided to omit him so as not to cause any scene, she rushed upstairs to get herself re-ady for the outing she’d been longing for.
“Hi Charles” John waved at him after Cindy’d gone inside
“what did you think you are doing?” Charles snorted putting the glas-s cu-p on the table as he walked nearer to him “I said what the hell did you think you are doing?” he asked again but this time scowling
John sm-irked and said “I don’t un-derstand what you are saying Charles?”
“are you kidding me right now?, I said what right did you think you have to ask that girl out” he asked pointing at Cindy’s room
“oh! You mean Cindy? Come on, she’s not a girl and she’s not “that girl” to me, she’s my friend, my best friend as she’d introduced me to you”
“oh your friend? But you supposed to know that she was endowed to me to take care of, I mean I was asked to be taking care of her”
“really?, but as I said earlier, Cindy is not a girl, she’s matured alre-ady to take of herself,so I don’t think you are nee-ded to take care of her”
Charles scowled more, ti-ght£ñing his fist as if re-ady to fight “you know what?, everytime I see you, your face have been always familiar to me but I don’t remember where I’ve seen it but now” he st©pped to catch his breath “I know you, I can remember who you are”
“and who am I?” John snorted and scowled moving closer to Charles “I said who…. ” he was cut short by the ban-g of Cindy’s room’s door and the sound of her heels as she walked downstairs to the living room “oooh, that’s funny Charles” he quic-kly changed the t©pic putting on fake laugh as he sl@p Charles’ shoulder, Charles was alre-ady enraged re-ady to strike John with his fist but quic-kly held back immediately he heard Cindy’s voice.
“I’m re-ady!” Cindy shouted as she alighted in the living room unaware of what’s happening
“you should know you’ve lost her to me alre-ady” John whispered into Charles’ ear who furiously stormed out after staring at John with bitter eyes and hatred for some minutes, he then st©pped when he got to Cindy’s side, he turned his head towards her and she also turned hers and their gaze met, they stood for about three minutes staring at each other, Charles was scowling while Cindy was confused.
Charles later stormed out while Cindy stood on a sp©t confused and speechless
“come on girl, or do you want to cancel the trip?” John convinced her and Cindy smiled and replied “no no no, why will I?” she paced up to him and he held her hand and smiled to her……… Then off they left………