A step into love episode 17

🌹 🌹 A step into Love 🌹 🌹
Episode 17
Cindy ran out and off to the school gate to check if Charles’ still waiting for her after two hours of del@yin the snow, on getting there she couldn’t find the car neither could she find Charles,she bec@m£ dejected she’d hoped she’ll meet Charles outside, although she didn’t know why “so foolish to think about” she snorted as she made to leave but something caught her attention, she heard a sniffling and shivering beside her by the school fence and she turned to the direction only to find Charles arched by the fence
“oh my goodness! Charles?” she shouted as she ran towards him, he was wearing black overcoat which was covered with snows including his hair, she held him and pu-ll-ed him up with all her strength cause Charles’s alre-ady exhausted “what are you doing here? Where’s your car? ”
Charles sniffed once more before he could talk, his nose’s alre-ady stiffed due to the chilled of the snow, his two hands was stuffed and stucked in his coat due to the coldness “what kind of questions are you asking me? Do you know how many hours I’ve spent here waiting for you? And you are also not picking my calls”
“I’m sorry, that’s… ”
“that’s what?” he cuts in
“but you could have just stay in the car rather than staying here in the snow”
“but I’m worried about you,I parked the car in the garage earlier from the snow and I have to wait here so you won’t think that I don’t come, I avoid coming to search for you so we won’t miss each other but….”
“you are worried?” Cindy cuts in laughing
“how did you know that?” Charles asked staring at her
“you said it just now” Cindy smiled “but tell me why are you worried about me? Huh? Huh?, are you not going to tell me? Huh?” Cindy asked gazing into Charles’ eyes but he avoided her and walked away while Cindy scrambled up-to him “you’re still not going to tell me?”
“Cindy? Charles?” Angelina exclaimed as she and John approached them
“and who are you?” Charles scowled
“Hmm she’s my friend, my best friend Angelina” Cindy replied
“really?, nice to meet you then, I hope you know me?” Charles asked, his hand still stucked in his overcoat’s pocket
“sure I did, nice to meet you too” she smiled
“and I’m sorry for not introducing properly, cold got my hand stucked here”
“oh! Really? It’s alright” Angelina chuckled
“and this is my second friend, John” pointing at him “also my best friend”
“nice to meet you Charles” John said offering his hand
“hum,nice to meet you too” he replied with his hand still in his coat as he stared at John “but it seems we’ve met before”
“I don’t think so” John shook his head and withdrew his hand by stuffing it back in his trou-ser
“alright, if you say so”
“I think we should just go home now, goodnight” Cindy waved at John and Angelina as they walked to the garage and drove home.
On their way Charles was having difficulties driving the car due to the cold, unlike how he’s driving now, he used to drive smoothly and speedily, and Cindy could notice that.
“are you alright?” she asked looking concerned
“of course, I… I a..am” he stammered “just the cold”
“hm” Cindy nodded
After getting home and throu-gh with their dinner, Charles lied down on the long sofa still feeling cold but little better, not long Cindy joined him in the living room holding a small bowl containing warm water with flannel
“what are you going to do with that?” Charles asked immediately he sighted Cindy with the bowl
“warm you up of course” Cindy answered “or I shouldn’t”
“I told you I’m fine alre-ady so I don’t nee-d it”
“I know you’ll say that” she replied moving to Charles head “but you supposed to know that I wouldn’t take that cause it happened because of me” she concluded and start warming Charles’ forehead with the flannel and the warm water, as she was doing this her hand t©uçhed his face frequently and he felt warmth rising from his tummy spre-ading to his b©dy.
“yeah, I’m throu-gh now, I think you’ll nee-d to stay beside the furnace for a while” she advised as she made to leave but Charles gr@bb£d her hand
“what?” Cindy asked surprised
“don’t go yet” Cindy faced her and their gaze met “continue warming my head”
“you are joking right?” she chuckled “I thought you said you are fine and I shouldn’t do it before, now I should continue? You are full of jokes” she re-moved her hand and made to leave again but Charles stood up this time and hvgged her from behind.
Cindy shivered and gaped, her eyes wi-de-ned in bewilderment, she stood still for about three minutes before getting herself back and quic-kly broke from his hvg
“what’s the meaning of all these?” she screamed out
“I’m sorry Cindy…” Charles pleaded
She shook her head and replied “this freaked me out” then paced upstairs to her room…..