A step into love episode 16

🌹 🌹 A step into Love 🌹 🌹
🌹 Written by Mariana 🌹
Episode 16
The next day, Charles and Cindy both see Mrs Anderson and Austin off to the airport to bid them goodbye on their journey, they are now on their way back home
“I think we should go to the field straight away” Cindy said breaking the silence after five minutes of being in the car
“why? ” Charles asked as he drove on
“didn’t you hear what mum said?, I nee-d to know how to drive independently before New Year” Cindy said while Charles nodded “and after that we’ll go for shopping”
“for what?” he stired his head towards her
“tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we are also having the school p@rty at the same time so I think we’ll nee-d some new clothes”
He sm-irked and stired his head back to the windscreen “so you’ve schedule everything both of us are going to do today personally?”
“sure, I don’t want today to look boring since Mum and Austin are not at home and I’m sure you are….. ”
“I am what?”
“nothing, it’s just that I’ve never see you with a friend not to talk of two, so I think you are the boring type ”
“What?” he exclaimed and glanced at Cindy “you know what? Everytime you talk, your statement always come like a bomb but either you like it or not I’m not going for the shopping neither am I going to the p@rty”
“you think so?”Cindy asked smiling “then you are breaking the rule number five that you have to be taking me to wherever I’m going until I know how to drive. So, should I call them like that or write it down?”
Hearing this Charles shook his head and winced “but I’m still not attending the p@rty, I’ll only wait for you by the school gate when the p@rty is over”
“that’s not bad though” Cindy smiled
The next day at the p@rty Cindy and Angelina are seen chatting and laughing as they sat beside each other resting their elbow on the table, John is not with them because he’d excused himself few minutes ago, Cindy gave Angelina her phone, showing her some pictures which they both laughed about while some people are just coming in and others are alre-ady seated waiting for the p@rty to commence “hello everyb©dy” a voice c@m£ throu-gh the mic from the stage and everyb©dy changed their posture and focused on it including Cindy and Angelina
“Welcome to the school p@rty and we wish you all Merry Christmas…..”
“Where’s John?” Angelina cut in
“Is he not back yet? ” Cindy replied
“Okay wait, I’ll be back soon” Cindy stood up and left the p@rty to look for John, few minutes later Angelina who’s alre-ady feeling uncomfortable also stood up and left the p@rty
After ten minutes of searching Cindy found John in the Art room, he was standing by a picture, his hands stuffed in his pocket as he stared at the picture but Cindy could only see his back since he was backing the door, she decided to call his name to be sure if he’s the one “John?” she called and John stired his head back to check who was calling him but he quic-kly stired back when he and wiped his tears when he sighed Cindy.
Cindy was surprised by what she saw, ever since she’d be friend with John she’d never see him looking sad not to talk of crying, she walked up to him and called him again “John?, what’s wrong with you?, what happened? Why are you crying?”
“nothing” he answered and fake a smile “I’m alright, I’m fine”
“no no no no no, you can’t tell me that” she replied shaking her head “you and I are friends, best friend who are supposed to be faithful with each other, you didn’t trust me, right?” she asked staring at him and their gaze met
He stared at Cindy for some moments, his we-t eyes forming tears again, Cindy moved closer to him and held him by his forearm, he looked up at the picture again and sighed “today is the fifth year she’d died” he paused and faced Cindy who’s alre-ady looking curious “do you want to know what happened?” he asked and she nodded
“You are so inquisitive” John laughed
“why wouldn’t I, that’s my work” she laughed too
“okay, let’s sit down first” he gestured at a seat which they both sat on and he continued “well, I don’t know where to start but this is the story of my life, I’ve never share it with anyone and I don’t like saying it nor thinking about it” he paused and looked at Cindy “but I’ll share it with you cause you are my friend” he sighed and asked “do you know Dean Suminski?”
“The chairman of the board and CEO of Suminski stuff?” Cindy asked while John nodded “ooooh,who wouldn’t know him? He’s so famous and extremely rich, even his company is also famous all around the world”
“he’s my father”
Cindy couldn’t believe this, her eyes wi-de-ned as he gaped at him, she’s really shut of words, after some moments she found herself back again, and swallowed back her saliva “are you serious?”
“I know you’ll be surprised but I’m not joking” John replied
“but why are you not famous as him, nob©dy recognize you as his son so also am I”
“well, that’s because I disavowed him as my father” John snorted
“why did you do that?”
John ru-bbe-d his head with his palm and continued “I disavowed both of my parents because they didn’t take their responsibilities as a parent, they neglected their obligations to take care of me and my sister” he pointed at the picture he was staring at before “instead of them to take care of us, they are busy flying out, going from one country to another in the name of business, my sister and I didn’t grow up with our parents to show us love, instead of that, they built a mansion for us and hired some Nannies to take care of us, they only visit us occasionally, either during Christmas or New Year”
“what about your mum, what does she do?” Cindy asked
“she’s a di-plomat, so she rarely come home, maybe twice or thrice in a year but that’s not enough, my sister and I want more than that from them, we want them to stay with us, especially my sister, and my parents knew it cause we always complained to them. So one day, my sister fell sick and she called my parents but both of them said they couldn’t come because they are on a very important work, my mother s£nt a doctor and the doctor told her to come straight away after examining my sister, but my mom delayed good two days for work before coming again and before she arrived my sister’d kicked the bucket” he bur-sted into tears
“it’s okay, it’s okay” Cindy comforted him patting his back “I un-derstand how you feel”
“my sister is like a mother to me, she’s the only one to scold me, pl@ywith me, advice me, cheer me up and be with me, I don’t know if I could forgive my parents for this,so I disowned them”
Cindy sighed and asked “Did she study in this school?”
“yeah, she was once a student of this school, she was so popular then,so famous like my father cause everyb©dy knew who she was and she’s also brilliant”
“you know what John, I’m not advising you but I will say I didn’t blame you for what you did and I also blamed you” she paused and sighed while John faced her and listen attentively “I know how you feel about this cause I once felt it when I was leaving my parents to this place. You once said your sister really want you and your parents to be living together but it didn’t happen, if I should say this I don’t think your sister just die uselessly, I would say she sacrificed her life for her family to be together. You know what? Sometimes something bad have to happen for the good thing to happen, something bad nee-d to happen to clear and make the way for something good to happen next, you think leaving your parents is the way you can solve this and revenge, you are seriously mistaken, I hope you will make your sister happy in heaven and rest in peace, you wouldn’t want her sacrifices to become useless and I’m sure your parents will have realise their mistakes……”
“John, Cindy, this is where you are since, I’ve been searching nook and cranny for you people” Angelina shouted as she approached them
“I’m sorry Angel” Cindy pleaded
“well, it’s not about being sorry now, it’s about missing the whole p@rty ”
“you mean the p@rty is over?” Cindy shouted
“yeah, for the past two hours now and Charles have been calling you since then”
“oh my God! Give me my phone, he’d been waiting for me” Cindy exclaimed as she collected her phone from Angelina and made to leave
“and you think, he’ll still be there waiting for you un-der this heavy snow?” Angelina asked
Cindy shook her head, she’s not sure of it either “but I nee-d to go and check first” she commented and stormed out……………