A step into love episode 12

A Step Into Love
Episode 12
Cindy’s POV
I woke up the next day, refresh and cool but alas I woke up late and I had exams, I quic-kly rushed to the bathroom to do my hygiene quic-kly without getting the chance to enjoy the chilled bathroom for the first time, and after that I rushed to my room,wear my clothes and made to leave, as I got to the door holding the knob of my room’s door I heard a male voice and it was then I remembered I have been living with a male now, certainly Charles…
I was flabberg@sted to see Charles in the room and I asked him what he was doing here but Mrs Anderson answered me and explained to me that Charles is her son and the one she’d went to meet at the airport where she and I met,
She also asked me if we (Charles and I) know each other and I answered her by explaining how we met at the airport,
all these while Charles didn’t say anything he just stuffed his hands in his trou-ser as he stared at us, I glanced at him and the memories of how he’d been arrogant towards me c@m£ to me, I also imagine how he would have be arrogant towards his mum too, with the way she’d introduced him before hand and I furiously stormed out of their sight into my new room.
Few minutes later, Mrs Anderson c@m£ knocked my door and without waiting for response opened the door and entered, she asked me to tell her everything about how we’ve met and what makes me annoyed which I answered without leaving a stone unturned,
At the end of my story, she giggled and made a statement that “wow, is that why he’d changed a little?”
“Huh?, what did you mean by that?” I asked curiously
“oh! Nothing but that doesn’t mean we should cancel our lunch or dinner” she said and beckoned on me to let’s go in which I did and we went to the living room but couldn’t see Charles or his brother there again, after taking our lunch, Mrs Anderson and I went for the shopping as planned.
On our way back, we dropped at a restaurant to eat our dinner cause it’s alre-ady late at night and when I asked Mrs Anderson about what Charles and his brother will eat, she said I shouldn’t worry that Charles would prepared it for them, she later explained Charles little changeness to me nowadays,we finished our dinner and went home.
On getting home, I couldn’t see Charles nor his brother in the living room so I went to my room.
I quic-kly glanced at my wristwatch and realized how late I have been so I rushed out of my room to the living room, on my way on the stairs I met Mrs Anderson coming up she said she’s just coming to inform me that breakfast is re-ady but I told her I wouldn’t be able to eat cause I would be late for my paper but she f0rç£d me to eat saying its necessary for my health and said Charles will be taking me to school as she win-ked at me
“my car?” Charles asked surprised
I was pricked by his question and I quic-kly snapped “who would want to enter the n@ûghty car of a n@ûghty arrogant being” and stormed out
Charles’ POV
I don’t know what I did for this girl called Cindy to have make her hate me this much, I was surprised when mum asked me to drive her to school and since she’d strictly warned me to stay out of her business I decided to ask her if she can go with me but the way she snapped at me and those names she’d called got me angry as I detest the name, I got up , drank a lot of water as I’ve alre-ady loose appetite and I stormed out and drove out of the compound.
I saw Cindy standing by the road and I decided to help her out directly if she will accept my offer but I quic-kly st©pped when I noticed a power bike st©pped before her,re-moved his helmet and Cindy and him laughed together, he extended the other helmet to Cindy and she hopped on the bike after putting it on, as the driver was about putting his helmet back on his head, he faced the front and I was able to see his face clearly realizing that it’s familiar,
” It seems I have see him somewhere before” I thought and suddenly realized that I might be late for my exam, so I drove off…….