A step into love episode 11

🌹 🌹 A step into love 🌹 🌹
🌹 Written by Mariana 🌹
Episode eleven
“I’m extremely glad we could meet again and I could repay you, seriously you saved me, my family and my husband’s business that day, something so important to me and my family was inside that small purse” Mrs Anderson said, breaking the odd silence in the car.
“No wonder they want to steal it” Cindy thought and said “well, I think all thanks is to God for ma-king us coincide the day”
“yeah” Mrs Anderson giggled “You’re such a wise girl”
Cindy didn’t reply to this, she couldn’t easily cleave unto this strange woman that she knew not, she decided to seize the opportunity and then asked her who she is and her relationsh!pwith her (Cindy’s) family.
“well, my husband and your father are good childhood and best friends, my husband is half Nigerian and half American” Mrs Anderson explained
“Really?” Cindy asked enthusiastically
“yeah, his father is an American while his mother is a Nigerian so, obviously they fell in love, got married and gave birth to their one and only child Barry, Mr Anderson who is my husband” Mrs Anderson paused and glanced at Cindy who seems to be interested with the story.
She smiled and continued “So, Barry grew up,started and finished his elementary school in Nigeria, it was there he met your Dad and their friendsh!pgrew up when they were admitted to study in the same high school still in Nigeria but unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, at grade 3 Barry left his friend and Nigeria because his parents relocated back to America” Mrs Anderson sighed and continued “but few days ago they met themselves again in Nigeria because my husband went there for business”
“Wow” Cindy exclaimed and asked “but how did you know me?, I mean how did you know I’m Cindy?” the car st©pped before a gate just as she finished her question,the gate was opened and the car drove in “because your mum s£nt me your pic” With this reply Mrs Anderson opened the car and stepped out beckoning on Cindy to do the same.
Cindy stepped out of the car feeling relieved and happy that she’s no more with a strange woman and not going to live with a strange family but her father’s friend’s family.
“Wow” she gape at the compound, it’s very big and beautiful that Cindy couldn’t resist the word “wow” which sl!pout of her mouth unexpectedly “come on, let’s go in” Mrs Anderson beckoned on her after collecting her traveling bag, she followed Mrs Anderson slowly taking her time to observe the beautiful, large and flowery compound.
“welcome home Cindy” Mrs Anderson shouted happily as she flung the door opened, this time Cindy couldn’t help it as her mouth also flung open in response to her astonished stimulus “this is so beautiful” she commented and shut her eyes to feel the coolness of the room, then inhaled chilled air mixed with plea-sant scent of perfume.
She was jo-lted back to life by Mrs Anderson tap on her shoulder “Cindy” she called
“oh, ma’am, I’m… I’m sorry” she stammered twirling her hair with her f!nger
“no problem, come on let me show you to your room” Cindy giggled and followed her “why?, is it funny?”
“thank God, I finally have someone who’s gonna laugh, pl@yand chat with me” Mrs Anderson sighed as she step on the last stair of the staircase
“you mean you have no child?” Cindy questioned
“nope, I did”she paused as she got to a door, faced Cindy and win-ked,raising two f!ngers”two arrogant sons”
“yeah, they don’t like listening to me, especially the elder one,he’ll always say that women talks too much”
“oh! Really arrogant” Cindy winced while Mrs Anderson beamed and opened the door “here is your room Cindy”
“oh my goodness!” Cindy exclaimed covering her mouth with her palm “this is more or less a palace”
“yeah, a palace for my princess, your pri-vate bathroom and toilet is over there” Mrs Anderson smiled and pointed at the place “hope you like it?”
“yes ma’am, I’m really in love with it and pink is my favorite colour” she sat down on the pink palace be-d and took the two pink and white furry teddy bear.
“really?” Mrs Anderson exclaimed beaming than she’d ever did, it’s been her dream to have at least a female child, she’d hoped and hoped and even went to buy female wears during her second and last pregnancy but when hope didn’t seem to work, she’d accept it as her destiny “does that mean I have eye for colour”
“yes ma’am”
“come on st©p using formal words for me and use informal words, it makes me feel bad, as for now am your mum, call me your mum,huh?”she paused “or you can’t do that?” Mrs Anderson asked
“of course I can mum” Cindy replied, stood up and hvgged her “thank you mum”
Mrs Anderson couldn’t control her joy, she smiled amidst tears, this is the first time a female child would call her mum, even her male children frequently call her mum “come on daughter, let’s go and have our lunch, after that we’ll go for shopping of your wears” Mrs Anderson instructed as they dis£ngaged
“but I have enough” Cindy complained
“not enough…. Said by Mummy” Mrs Anderson laughed pointing at herself and went out while Cindy shrugged and followed
“OH! n@ûghty boys, you are back?” Mrs Anderson who is alre-ady in the sitting room remarked
Cindy could hear her talking as she was alre-ady on the staircase going down to the sitting room but who she saw immediately she got to the living room made her head spun and her eyes rolled “Charles!?” she screamed…..