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A step into love episode 10

🌹 🌹 A step into love 🌹 🌹
Episode 10
Cindy and Angelina can be seen coming from lectures and chatting as they approached their hostel “hmm Cindy, there’s something I want to draw your attention to and I don’t how you’ll feel about it” Angelina said changing her expression from funny to serious one
“what’s it?” Cindy replied with a changed of expression
“it’s about John”
“John?” Cindy asked “what about him?”
“if I may ask, what’s the relationsh!pbetween you both? plea-se be sincere”
“relationsh!p?” Cindy exclaimed
“yeah ”
“well I’m surprised you are asking this but John is just a friend to me just like you are also my friend” Cindy explained
“yeah, but do you always catch his gaze at you? I mean he’s always staring at you, didn’t you know that?”
Cindy laughed and said “so is that why you are asking the relationsh!pbetween him and I?” she paused but continued when Angelina didn’t answer her rhetorical question “well, I sometimes caught his gaze at me but I don’t think of it as what you did”
“you mean love?” Angelina furrowed
“obviously yeah”
Angelina chuckled and said “well, it’s more than that my dear” Angelina winced and continued “I may not be that intelligent but when it comes to re-ading human’s mind or thought especially throu-gh their actions and expression, I’m so good at that” truthfully Angelina is talented in re-ading human’s thought and she’d always wanted to study psychology but her stubborn dad wouldn’t allow that.
“so, what are you driving at?, that there’s something Jason might be hidden or what?”
“well, I noticed his gaze, it’s sometimes full of love and sometimes” Angelina paused and continued “it’s the other way round which I’m sure it’s not about love” she confessed although she’d been noticing it for long but have took it for granted and revea-ling it now due to one reason or another
“well, I just can’t believe you” Cindy snapped and walked fas-ter ahead of Angelina
“well, if you say so” Angelina replied and scrambled up to her
They got to their hostel only to meet a woman standing before their room’s door in the corridor, “ma’am, are you looking for someone in the hostel?” Angelina asked pointing at the room while the woman nodded in reply
“then you should have knock, there are students in the room”
“yes I have but the person I’m looking for is not in currently”the woman answered,drifted her look from Angelina to Cindy and their gaze met
“your face looks familiar” Cindy said almost in a whisper but loud enough to be heard, she’d been thinking of where she’d see the woman but couldn’t recollect the memory,
“are you Cindy?”
The question j£rked Cindy back to life and make her asked in astonishment “you know my name?”
“wow, glad to meet you finally” she paused “but you really look familiar to me too, have we met before?” the woman asked
Cindy shook her head for some moments and suddenly, she snapped her f!ngersand pointed at the woman “at the airport?”
“oh my goodness!” the woman exclaimed in amazement as she covered her mouth with her palm, happiness and surprises were written all over her face as she stare at Cindy “I’m really glad to meet you again”
“do you come for thanksgiving?” Cindy asked confused
“actually, I’m Mrs Anderson, your mom s£nt me to come and pick you up, she said she’d talked and sorted it out with you so I [email protected]£ to take you to your new home”
“so you are the one my mom told me about few days ago?” Cindy asked raising her eyebrows
“well, I should have come before today but I’ve been busy a lot, I’m sorry”
Cindy nodded and stole a glimpse at Angelina who could do nothing but nodded back with a smile, Cindy then turned to the woman and asked “so are we good to go?”
“sure” Mrs Anderson answered with smile
“okay, let me get my things” Cindy entered the room and in a few minutes was back with her baggage and traveling bag,
She stood for two seconds staring at Angelina and finally hvgged her “I’ll miss you Angel”
“i’ll miss you too Cindy” Angelina sobbe-d
“it’s okay” Cindy replied as she dis£ngage from her and wipe her tears “I’ll always keep in t©uçh with you” Angelina nodded and Cindy faced the woman who seems to be carried away in emotions as pity was written on her face as she watched the two ‘must be’ best friends saying goodbye
“I’m re-ady” Cindy spoke out bringing Mrs Anderson back to life
“oh lets go” she replied and walked out while followed her but not until she’d hvgged Angelina again and waved her goodbye from being roommate……….

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