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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

A simple kiss Episode 3 to 5

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❄❄❄❄Hold me❄❄❄

💥A Korean story 💥

💥Episode 3💥




Surri’s pov

I woke up tired and restless. I got drunk last night.

Thank God Kyong didn’t dump me in the gutters and leave me there.


I removed my filthy clothes and had a warm bath before going downstairs for breakfast.


I joined Mr Sam and ‘mom’ at the dinning. We exchanged greetings and I began devouring the food before me.

I was surprisingly hungry. Too hungry.


Kyong didn’t come down through out breakfast. I was totally bored cause there was no pretty face to stare at.


“Surri, my husband and I are traveling… “Mom said holding Mr Sam’s hand.


I nodded.


“, detective Oprah will stay here with you and Kyong. She’ll take good care of you two “, she said and I nodded.


Kyong’s pov

I came down stairs to see dad and Mrs Jin off .

After they left, I returned to the living room and my eyes met with Surri’s. I quickly looked away.


After an hour, I got ready for a signing off for fans . I came downstairs. Surri saw me.


She rushed to me.


“Oppa Kyong, am really bored, please can I come with you? “She asked.


“No.. “I said leaving.


“Please wait! I’ll do whatever you want “she pleaded.


Hmm, I agreed and we left for the event.


When we got there, the people were just too much.


I sat

on my desk while Surri stood behind me holding my cup of coffee.


My fans were on a long shaky line with papers for autograph.


Some took selfies, well, they payed for it so am practically forced to smile during the selfies.


Surri’s pov

As I stood there like a statue, a lady from the crowd waved for me to come.

I sneakily went to meet her.


“Who are you to oppa? “She asked.


I thought of what to tell her.


“Am his sister “I said.


She smiled.


“Please help me bring oppa to my house to surprise my children “she said.


“I can’t miss, I don’t have the right to “I said.


She held my wrist tightly and soon brought out a small knife and pointed it at me.


“You witch! Liar! “She yelled.


Attention was drifted to both of us. I struggled to get free.


“Surri! “Kyong called.


Soon I felt a cut on my arm. I was bleeding.


The lady left me as she was taken away by security.

Looks like she’s a lunatic.


“Are you hurt? “I heard from behind me. It was Kyong… He took my wrist and looked at the injury.


I loved the felt of his hands.

I didn’t want him to leave me. Hold me oppa… My heart sang.


I felt a light flash through my face blinding my eyes. Someone took a photo of us.


“Continue the sign off Kyong, we don’t have much time and there is much people to attend to. “His manager said and Kyong left me.


One man came and bound my wound.


……….. At home…..


Kyong and I came onto the house.

We haven’t said a word to each other.


Detective Oprah was there, but not in her uniform.

She frowned on seeing us.


“Oppa Kyong, where have you two been? Didn’t Mrs Jin tell you about me watching over you two? “She asked.


“Leave… “Kyong said to her


“What? “She yelled


“We aren’t babies that needs a guard or something. Leave! “Kyong said with finality in his voice.


Oprah stuttered back grabbing her purse, she left.


I looked at Kyong.


“Does your wound still hurt? “He asked.


I shook my head “no ”


We went our separate ways into our rooms.


It began raining.


I got into my room and tidied up and wore my pyjamas. After dinner, I stayed at the living room watching a movie with kyong.


Kyong’s pov

Not long later, Surri slept off on the couch. I sighed and carried her into my arms as we climbed the stairs.


I was kinda sleepy too.


I dropped her on her bed. The rain was quite heavy.

I turned to go but I felt Surri hold my arm. I paused and turned to look at her.


“Please stay “she said.


I really didn’t want to. I reluctantly got under the cover joining her.


She smiled as she slept off.

I took this time to study her face. My eyes darted to her lips. Wonder how it will taste like?


I brought my face down to hers. What am I doing?


I didn’t know who kissed who but I felt her lips on mine in no time.


I broke the kiss on fright and sat up.


“You kissed me! “I said.


“No, you kissed me.. “She said.


We stared at each other – speechless.


We began arguing.

I got up angrily and went to my room.


I laid on my bed. Not long later, Surri rushed into my room as thunder roared from the sky.

She jumped on my bed and held onto me.


“Hold me. ”



Kyong’s pov

I started having Mix feeling for Surri with the way she had clung onto me last night.

I suddenly felt the need to just be around her..


I took her to the BIGGEST MALL in Korea and asked her to take anything she wanted. She was too suspicious and uncomfortable so she took just a pair of snickers.


I payed for them and we left, then I went behind her back to order a dozen outfits for her and shoes too.


As I drove pass the streets, I decided to stop at a Poncey Restaurant so we could eat.


I ordered for food. I started eating first so surri would eat too. She joined in no time and we finished our meal.


I looked at my phone there was still time… I thought of another fun activity we should do.


“Surri, let’s go bowling 🎳? “I offered.


She agreed happily.

We arrived at the games CENTRE. I payed for VIP cause of my identity.

………. Minutes later

I did my first shot and I knocked down all the bottles. It was Surri’s turn. She threw hers and it only knocked down half of the dummies.


I began teaching her. She was a fast learner. We played the game for two hours before we went back home.


Oprah’s pov

I was angry and sad. I still haven’t recovered from the shock I got from the way Kyong spoke to me.. Infront of that simpleton!


I’ll make sure I disgrace her and make Kyong’s hate her forever…


Surri’s pov

I turned on the shower as warm water came flowing down. Kyong, he was so nice to me… But why?


I thought he would hatee cause of the kiss and what happened the previous day.


But I was very happy… Cause I love kyong.

Not for his money… But for his voice and everything. He’s my crush!


After putting on my pj. I laid on my bed and turned on the TV. It was a wrestling show… Between Koreans and Thailand.


A knock came on my door and it opened.. It was kyong.

I adjusted myself so I won’t look benty or anything.


He walked in.

“Can’t sleep “he said.


My heart began beating fast like a party drum. I looked into his face.


“Let’s go swimming outside “he said referring to the pool behind the mansion.


“But its cold outside “I objected.


“Are you coming with me or not? “He asked and turned leaving the room.


“Am coming! “I said and ran after him.


But I don’t have a swim suit. We got to the pool. It wasn’t too cold outside.

Kyong took off his shirt, he had only his shorts on. He jumped into the pool.


I was too shy to take off mine. Kyong popped his head out of the water and dragged me. I fell into the water but he held me.


I was forced to take off my pants and shirt. I had only my undies on. I was super shy and couldn’t really get to look into kyong’s eyes.


He held me by my waist and pulled me close to face him.

I soon felt his lips on mine and this time.. It was a real kiss.


When he disengaged and looked into my face. I was feeling guilty with the kisses.


“Am your sister Kyong, this is not right “I said.


He scoffed.

“My father is not my real dad “he said.


…. I didn’t know.

“But you kissed me cause you like me? “I asked but then I regretted asking.


“Yes.. “He spoke nervously “am starting to like you ”


A big smile crept on my face. I was extremely happy.


“I know we don’t know each other much to start a relationship.. But am willing to let you take your time and know me, the real me. “He said and I hugged him.


After a while, we got out of the pool and went into the mansion.


I wore a new pj after drying my body. Kyong have a weird way of proposing to someone.. Now am freaking cold!


I went to kyong’s room to check up on him. He ushered me in and we slept beside each other.


“Surri, can you sing? “Kyong asked.


I shook my head in shame.

“I don’t ”


He nodded.

“I have to release an album soonest and them tour on it bit I have no inspiration yet ‘he said.


“Kyong, your dad is your inspiration “I said.

He paused and suddenly became quiet.

I slept off soon.


Oprah’s pov

“He what?! “I yelled into the phone.


“They were together last night. I bet they had sex “my minion, Min hu said.


I know mr Sam is not Kyong’s biological father so he has the right to date Surri without affecting any rule.


Urgh!! I nearly smashed my phone. Why did I ever find that girl?? I should have won kyong’s heart first before bringing that Worm into his life!


I’ll cook up a plan…

She’ll be gone in no time.


Surri’s pov

I woke up and I was happy to see kyong beside me. He was awake.


I sat up.

“Morning “I said.


He replied too and went into the bathroom. I rolled my eyes and went to my room and freshened up. There was a bunch of clothes aligned in my room, must be kyong’s doing. I was happy.


I came down stairs for breakfast, kyong and I ate in silence. What did I do?


“What did I do now, huh? “I asked.


“I don’t know what you’ve done to me Surri. Am not liking the way I feel right now. “He replied and I paused.


I completely went numb.

I didn’t know what to say, Infact, what feeling??


“Some part of me, wants you away from me… Forever “he said.


Before I could react, the door burst opened and mom and mr sam stormed in.


Mom looked really angry.


“Surri! Pack your things, we’re leaving this house!! _she said out of rage.


“But why? “I asked standing up to meet her.


“Am going to divorce mr Sam! “She said


Episode 5


Surri’s pov

Mom had tears in her eyes.


“What are you still doing there Surri? Go get your bags. This marriage is over! “Mom half yelled.


I glanced at kyong, his face was expressionless. I couldn’t read his thoughts.


Mom and I went upstairs. When we got to her room, I stopped her.


“Omma, what’s going on? “I asked curious.


“That man was never meant for me. His a liar “she said.


“What happened? “I asked.


“I’ll tell you in the car. Just go and pack your things. “She said.


I was forced to obey her and began gathering my things.


Kyong’s pov

Dad was also furious.


“That woman is just a burden. Let her leave! “He said angrily and stormed out.


Surri’s leaving?… Why is all this happening.


Surri’s pov

Mom and I were ready to go. We stood by the entrance of the house waiting for the driver.


Mom doesn’t want me to go back into the house and all I wanted to do was to see kyong.


But by the way, he doesn’t look bothered about me leaving…. And ot pains.


The car came and mom and I entered. Just then, Oprah walked into the compound and headed for The main house.


With what she was wearing… I knew she was here for Kyong.


I buried my head inbetween my legs and cried.


Why can’t I ever be happy with the one I love??


Oprah’s pov

I saw them leaving and I laughed inwardly. My plan worked!


I went towards Kyong’s room to go and console him and God willing, we might make out and he’ll be all mine.


I entered his room and saw him drinking. I came over and hugged him from behind.

I pecked him.


He groaned and pull me away.

“What are you doing?! “He asked.


“Am sorry,…. I just wanted to keep you company. “I stuttered.


He was calm and sat on his seat and continued drinking. I sat beside him. I poured myself a drink joining him.


He looked just sad.


Surri’s pov

Mom and I arrived at a house. She gave me the keys to my room and gave me a new phone.


I laid on my bed as I scrolled through Facebook looking for Kyong’s based pages. I stared at his pictures till I fell asleep.


Kyong’s pov

As Oprah and I sat together on a couch drinking, my guard walked in


“I’ve traced their location “he said.


I nodded grabbing my coat.


“Where are you going? “Oprah asked.


“Work…. “I muttered and left.


The driver drove me to Mrs Jin’s address. I knocked for a while.

She opened the door.


“Kyong?! Aigoo, what are you doing here? “She asked.


“I want to see Surri. “I said tho. I couldn’t believe am saying this.


She let me in and directed me to Surri’s room.

I exhaled before coming in. She didn’t even notice my presence cause she didn’t turn or move.


I stared at her from behind and saw her with her phone. I looked into it. My pictures… She was looking at my pictures.


I was suprised.

She turned and saw me. She hid her phone and sat up.


“Surri…. “I muttered.I sat beside her.


She shifted from me with her hands folded.


“Surri.. What’s wrong? “I asked.


“You don’t care about me. You didn’t even care to say goodbye. “She said and sniffed.


“Your mom could have chopped my head off. “I said.


She was quiet then her fluttered up and we both kissed.

I kissed her like I would die if I didn’t. Just kissing her felt right.


I took of my heavy coat and we both advanced. I hope this doesn’t lead to something else. She’d hate me.




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