a ni-ght w!th him episode 15 & 16

a ni-ght w!th him 🌷🌌

🍂Chapter 15


“The other firm is as competent as we are so we have to put in all our best. The contract worth lots of money and y’all know you’ll get so many ti-ps off it” Harold said,addressing his staffs in the meeting room.

They sat in a circle corporately dressed,Harold was seated on a high chair, facing them all.
They listened as he spoke professionally and most of the female employees gushed over him as usual.
Harold manages to avoid their gazes all the time cause they do nothing than cast s£dûçt!veglances towards him.

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“So i hope we all work very ha-rd for this upcoming project” Harold said.
“We will Mr Harold” They chorused.
“Have a great day, I’ll fill you in on more informations later” Harold said, dismissing them.
They all left for their offices and Harold sighed.
He loos£ned the t©p of his shi-t and pu-ll-ed the knot of his silver-grey tie away from his collar.

He picked the bottle of water on the table and then headed for the door.
He’s still gonna drop by Harold’s constructions later in the afternoon.
There’s another contract there too.

He exchanged smiles with Thelma, his secretary as he walked past her.
She has been working with him for the past five years,she’s one of the females he’s sure of that doesn’t have eyes on him.
Maybe because she’s in her early forties or because she’s happily married with four kids.
Aside from not having eyes on him,she has been a great secretary,so diligent. Always re-ady to work.
The glas-s door opened automatically and Harold walked into his mas-sively furnished office.
He dropped the bottle of water on the table and then headed for the bathroom.
He rinsed his face in the sink and sighed calmly.
The water refreshed him.
He wiped his hands off a clean napkin before walking back into his office and then sat on his soft leather couch.

He opened his l@pt©p and powered it.
It c@m£ into life and he scrolled to his files.
He cli-cked on it and continued working from where he st©pped.

“Coffee!” Thelma announced, walking in.
Harold turned to her and salivated at the sight of the steaming coffee and hamburger.
She had made it a duty to bring that to him whenever he’s working and he enjoys it so much.
“Thank you” Harold said as she placed it right in front of him.
“You’re welcome” She smiled. “How’s Ivory?” She added.
“She’s good” Harold smiled.
“My regards to her” Thelma said.
He was still on his hamburger and coffee when the intercom buzzed.
He scowled and pressed the answering bu-tton.

“Yeah?” He asked.
“You’ve got a call Mr Harold” Thelma said.
“From who?” He asked.

‘Tom?’ Harold wondered.

Tom has never called him on working hours.

“Put him on” He said.
“Yes Mr Harold” Thelma said and the line went dead for a moment and then a voice said ‘Hello Mr Harold’
It’s truly Tom’s voice.
“Tom” Harold said.
“Our car was sh0t at” He said.
“What!” Harold exclaimed, getting up from the couch.
His legs hit the table in the process and the whole coffee spilled but he was less concerned about that now.
His mind rose over what Tom just told him.

“I hope no one’s hurt?” Harold finally asked.
“Irene… is in the hospital” Tom said.
“Oh..my God!” Harold exclaimed slamming the receiver before rushing out.


Harold sat in Doc Fern office, he just checked on Irene.
She’s asleep.

He had left Tom and Eric at the reception, he’s glad they were not hurt.
Tom just had a slight cut on his cheek where the heat of the bullet had grazed him.

“Doctor Fernado, how’s her health?” Harold asked his pri-vate doctor who was seated in front of him.
He’s so worried, guilty and hurt.
What if she had gotten killed?
That’s so ha-rd to think now.
“She’s fine, the bullet didn’t get to her. The shock only made her pas-s out” Doc Fern said and Harold sighed in complete relief.
“I hope the shock didn’t get de-ep into her” Harold asked.
“It almost did but we controlled it alre-ady,she’ll be discharged once she’s awake”
“Ohh…thanks so much Fern” Harold said.
“You’re welcome. How’s Ivory?” Doctor Fern asked.
“She’s perfectly fine, I’m glad she didn’t get to witness the incidence. You know how s-en-sitive she is” Harold said, breathing out loudly.
“Of course, it’s gonna be on her mind for so long and it might affect her” Doc Fern said.


and Tom walked into the office.
Of course they both looked unhappy and worried.
“Sit” Doc Fern told them, pointing to the empty chairs but Tom shook his head .
“Why? You should relax even if you refused to allow us admit you ” doc Fern said.
“Really?” Harold asked.
“Yes, he refused to be admitted. He just insisted we treat his cheek and leave him alone” Doc Fern said.
Harold nods thoughtfully, he knew Tom to be that way.

“Should we involve the cops?” Tom asked.
“Of course, how else will i know who sh0t at my daughter’s car” Harold said.
“Tell me, how did it happened? What really happened?” Harold asked.
That’s the first thing he should have asked when he c@m£ rushing into the hospital but he had headed to Irene’s ward instead.

“We were on our way home when i suddenly saw a man point his rifle at the car, looked like, he had been waiting for us. ” Tom said while Eric contacted the cop.
Harold sighed and raked unsteady f!ngersthrou-gh his hair .

He knows someone is after him and that means they’ll hurt people close to him too.
He won’t forgive himself if any of his workers get hurt or killed just because of him.
Who the hell is after his life again!


cops are on their way with two FBI agents” Eric said.
“Good!” Harold said.
“None of you should spill what happened to Ivory or anyone” Harold said and Eric and Tom nodded.
“Im sure you have other patients to attend to, we’ll be at the reception” Harold said, rising to his feet.
“You should stay here, you know you’re a public figure. I won’t want you causing hullabaloo in the hospital” Doc Fern laughed.
“Eric get my sunglas-s and face cap from my car” Harold said and Eric left quic-kly.
“Tell the cops to hold on. We have to get home before discussing” Harold said to Tom who c@m£ to inform him that the cops were around.
“Okay Mr Harold” Tom said and walked outside.

Harold was seated in the reception disguised in his face cap and sunglas-s.
His head was bent and he had told his b©dyguards to stay outside.
He’s so worried even after knowing she’s fine.
He can’t just wait for her to be awake so she can tell him she’s truly fine.
He have to be super at alert now.
Especially with Ivory,if things get worst then she’ll be homeschooling .
“She’s awake” Harold heard and glanced up.
Doc Fern was smiling in front of him.
“Really?” Harold rose to his feet.
“Yeah, come with me” Doc Fern said.

“Do you recognize the shooter?” An FBI agent asked Tom.
“Damn well! I’d recognize him anywhere” Tom said.

They were now at home and he was discussing with the cops outside.
He was filling them in on the incidence.
Other workers looked on curiously, not knowing what was going on.

Harold walked out, he’s changed into house wear.
He had watched Irene sleep in her room before coming to join the cops.
She’s still weak and Fern said all she nee-ds is rest.
Harold is so glad she’s fine, he had almost hvgged her when he saw her awake.
“How is it going?” Harold asked ~approaching them.
“We s£nt the bullet to the lab alre-ady” A cop said.
“We’ll check out the CCTV footage of the street which the incide~ nce happened and we’ll get back to you Mr Harold” an FBI agent said.
“Okay, thanks so much” Harold said.



sat in clas-s, completely lost.
What happened yesterday kept repla-ying in his head.
“So would you like to come with me now?” The man repeated and Damien nodded.

He followed the man with his heart beating fast.
“What had happened to Irene?” He thought fearfully.
“Did something happened?” Damien asked but the man didn’t respond.
He was almost f0rç£d to go back but this is about his sister..
His sister!
The only one he loves most in the world .

The creepy man turned into a street and Damien followed.

Is he doing the right thing?
Following a stranger cause he mentioned his sister?
And he hadn’t even mentioned Irene’s name.

Damien suddenly st©pped walking and the man noticed that immediately.
He turned to him.
“Why did you st©p?” The man asked.
“What’s my sister’s name?” Damien said, prepared to run if he mentions the wrong name.
“Irene Noris working as a nanny for Harold Marshall daughter ” The man said.

It’s really his sister!

“Can we go now?” The man asked.
“What happened to her?” Damien asked but again the man ignored him and he had no choice but to keep following him.
He was surprised he was taken to Ethan Weston building.

This will be the first time she’ll be seeing him face to face.
“But he doesn’t look nice” Damien noticed.
“I offered your sister to sponsor your education and pay for your mum’s surgery bills but she refused” Ethan Weston said, toying with his glas-s cu-p of wine.
“So?” Damien asked.
“She chose that nanny job over my great offer” Ethan said and even if Damien was just seeing him for the first time,he can see that cruel look on his face.

“Why did you gave her the offer out of the blue?” Damien asked.
The b©dyguards surrounding them was almost choking him.
“Cause i want her to leave Marshall’s house” Ethan puffed out smoke from his cigarette.
“Why?” Damien asked.

“Quit the foolish questions boy and have your drink” Ethan said.
“I’m fine, why did you want me here? ” He asked.
“To convince your sister of course, i found out you guys are quite close” Ethan grinned.
“Well, i can’t” Damien said.
“What do you mean you can’t? Just convince her to leave that job and you’ll get something in return too” Ethan win-ked.

” I can’t convince Irene cause she can’t be f0rç£d to do what she doesn’t want to” Damien said.
“Really?” Ethan’s face grew angry.
“Yes” Damien said.
“That means you can’t convince her!”
“Then you should accept the fact that she’ll be in danger starting from now!” Ethan threatened and Damien looked lost..

He had cried on his way home knowing he caused all these.
If only he hadn’t f0rç£d her to accept the nanny job,then she won’t be involved in this.

It’s quite obvious there’s a feud between Harold and Ethan.
Ethan had looked like a desperate person.
He can do anything.

He had s£nt Damien out of his house and he had to start trekking.
Knowing Irene is in danger really made him sick.
He caused it all .
She had never wanted to go for that nanny job.

~End of flashback~

“Damien, you haven’t answered the question i posed to you” Mrs Maxine, the English teacher said.
“Huh?” Damien asked.

“Did she just asked him something?” He wondered until one of the girls crushing on him whispered the answer to him.


“After what happened today, i realised that just one b©dyguard is not enough, you guys safety matters a lot. Another b©dyguard will be joining you Tom” Harold said.

He was in the living room with Irene,Tom and Eric while Alex and one other b©dyguard stood behind him.

“Alex, you’ll be the one to join Tom” Harold announced.

🌷🌌 a ni-ght w!th him 🌷🌌

🍂Chapter 16


Alex, you’ll be the one to join Tom” Harold announced.

“Huh?” Irene darted her eyes to Harold and everyone turned to her.
“What?” Harold asked.
“Uhm.. nothing” Irene said.
“Are you sure you are fine? Will you go back to rest?” Harold asked.
“I think i will go back” Irene said,her heart suddenly beating fast when she saw the stern look Alex gave her.

She has been right all along.
There’s something about him.

“I can go by myself” Irene said when Harold offered to help her.
“You sure?”
“Yeah” Irene said and started walking towards the stairs.

“What’s with this lady looking suspiciously at him every time, does she knows he’s a spy or what?” Alex wondered as Irene walked to her room.
And she had appeared unhappy when Mr Harold announced that he’s gonna be the back up b©dyguard.
Seems she’s starting to suspect him but he has not been acting suspicious. He has been very careful over the years and no one have ever suspected him.
Even Harold trusts him so much.
But this little thing suddenly comes from nowhere and changed everything!
What if Harold notices her behavior towards him, he’ll definitely start watching him too.

He must start watching her every move from now on cause he doesn’t like the look of things.

Maybe they should eliminate her before Harold.
Cause she might b!ow his cover.
He’s gonna tell Ethan about it.

But he’s glad he’s now gonna join Tom.
It’s gonna make everything much more easier.
The informations will flow freely.
Though he hates Tom, the guy do behave like he’s better than anyone else and it hurts to see Harold cherished him too and even Ivory who rarely likes anyone.
There are so many people on his death list and of course Tom is one of them.

“So, Alex. Starting from tomorrow, you’ll be joining Tom. plea-se make sure you and Tom protects everyone.” Harold said.
“I’ll do my best sir” Alex said.
“I trust you both to do a good job.” Harold smiled.

He didn’t noticed the look exchange between Tom and Alex.
Tom hated the fact that Alex will be joining him.
They both know they don’t like each other .
Tom has always had a bad feeling about him,he wanted to tell Mr Harold several times but he had no proof.

Joining him isn’t bad after all, he’ll finally get to study him and confirm if his thoughts about Alex are true.

“You can all leave now, i have to go fill Ivory in ” Harold said.
“Okay Mr Harold” they said and left.

Harold sighed and walked towards the stairs.


Irene breathed out loudly as she tossed in her be-d .
She’s yet to fully recover from the shock.

Why Alex?
Did Mr Harold trust him that much?
Why is she finding it so difficult to trust him.

Why’s she so bothered even when there’s no proof that the guy is actually bad like she thought but the look he had given her before she left the living room almost confirmed her thoughts about him but that’s still no proof.
Her mind do seem unsettled whenever he’s around and that happens to her whenever someone has a bad aura.
Alex sure does but she doesn’t think Harold noticed.
Should she ask Tom what he feels about Alex?
No. She shouldn’t do that.
She resumed just few days ago, she shouldn’t go about prodding.
Her mind trailed back to the incidence.
She had been so shocked to the bone when gunsh0t echoed in the car.
She didn’t know when she pas-sed out.
Whatever it is, someone is obviously after them.
Harold had said he’s the one they are after and that means everyone around him is not safe.
She’s just so glad Ivory hadn’t been in the car then.

Why’s all these suddenly happening few days she got here.
It’s sincerely ma-king her feel bad even after Harold had as-sured her that she’s not responsible for it.
Damien and her mum mustn’t hear this or that’ll be the end of her work here.
Especially Damien, if he hears she was nearly sh0t, he’ll do everything to get her out of here and her mum’s surgery bill isn’t even complete yet.
Everything was going fine and this incidence just have to spoil everything.
Now they’re not safe anymore.
Knowing herself, she’s gonna start panicking at every little thing .
She hoped the gunsh0t thing had been a mistake and it wasn’t really aimed at their car…

But who was she deceiving?
It had been aimed at their car!

“No! No! Dad” Ivory shook her head.
“Com’on princess” Harold said.

He was sitting beside her on the be-d.

“I don’t want Alex to join Tom. I’m okay with Tom alone” Ivory said.
“Alex nee-ds to . Just allow him plea-se” Harold said.
“Why does he nee-d to join Tom. What’s wrong?” Ivory asked, dropping her candy.
“Nothing, absolutely nothing. I just feel like ti-ght£ñing your security”
“Why? You were satisfied with just Tom alone” Ivory said.
“I was but now I’m not” Harold said.
“Is there anything you’re hiding from me again?” Ivory asked furrowing her brows.
“Well… there’s nothing. But having two b©dyguards is not bad . So many kidnappers are all over the city now” Harold said.
“Okay but not Alex!” Ivory frowned.
“Why?” Harold asked in surprise.
Ivory never had issue with Alex and she has never complained about him.

“I..do see him with Betty then. They were always together” Ivory said.
“Yes dad” Ivory said.
“Is that why you don’t want him?” Harold asked.
“Yes, Betty is a bad person and anyone who as-sociates with her is one also” Ivory scoffed.

“Com’on Ivory, they might be spending time with each other cause they’re both bored. That doesn’t make Alex a bad person too. He’s a very good guy and you know how much i trust him” Harold said and Ivory shrugged.

“So…?” Harold asked.
“Fine, he can be my second b©dyguard” ivory rolled her eyes and picked her candy.
“That’s my baby girl! I’m sure you will really enjoy his pres£nce” Harold smiled.
“I can’t, i only said yes to obey you.” Ivory said plainly.
“Thank you” Harold sighed.
“I don’t want my car getting stuffy and all!” Ivory complained.

“I should change your cars to bigger ones then” Harold said.
“No, it’s fine. We’re having ballet clas-s tomorrow and i nee-d to practice” Ivory said.
“Ohh…i should leave you to it then” Harold pe-cked her cheeks and rose to his feet.

“Is Irene still asleep?” Ivory asked.
She was missing her nanny alre-ady.
She had selected her wears herself when she got back from school and she didn’t feel so excited like she feels whenever Irene selects her wears.

“Yeah, i think she’s a bit ill. She nee-ds a lot of rest” Harold said.
“Really? But you didn’t told me she was ill. You only said she was asleep” Ivory said worriedly, getting to her feet.
“Where to?” Harold asked.
“I nee-d to check on her” ivory said and Harold watched as his daughter hurried throu-gh the adjoining door.


“What do you want for dinner? will you come downstairs?” Harold asked Irene as he walked into her room.
He saw Ivory with her and sighed,she had refused to leave Irene’s room since then and it looks like they were both working on her homework.
“No, i think I’ll just have fruits” Irene said.
“You sure? You didn’t have lunch too” Harold said worriedly, he doesn’t like the new Irene, she looks weak and bothered.
Well…who wouldn’t look bothered after what happened.

“Ivory, i think i left my wristwatch in your room” Harold lied.
“Really?” Ivory asked.
“Yeah, go help me search your be-d for it”
“Okay dad” ivory said, she got down from Irene’s be-d before hurrying to her room.

“If you’re bothered about what happened earlier then there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll make sure everyone is safe okay?” Harold said reas-suringly and Irene nodded.
“I trust you to do that” She smiled and Harold was glad.
“Now that’s what I’m talking about! You just smiled, your face has been sad all along” Harold said, smiling too.
“Yeah” Irene blu-shed.

The sudden lightness of her mood amazed her.
The weakness she was feeling was slowly diminishing..
She knew it was because of Harold.
He had lightened her mood only with his pres£nce, she had been feeling so down that ivory noticed and the little girl have asked what’s wrong severally.
“If you’re still feeling weak by tomorrow, then don’t bother going with Ivory to school okay?” Harold said.
“No, I’ll be fine. Like, I’m fine alre-ady” Irene said.
“You sure?”
“Of course Mr Harold, thanks so much for your care” Irene said, de-eply t©uçhed.
“Com’on you were almost hurt in my possession, and I’m still so sorry about that, I’ve checked on Tom and Eric too and they seem fine” Harold said.
“I’m glad” Irene said.
“So should we go eat dinner now?” Harold asked.
“Yes” Irene nodded.
“Great!” Harold smiled.

The adjoining door opened and Ivory stepped into Irene’s room pouting.

“What?” Harold asked.
“I searched everywhere for your wristwatch but couldn’t find it. Definitely it’s not in my room” Ivory frowned.
“Ohh..i must have left it in my pri-vate living room then” Harold said scratching his head.
Irene smiled knowing he had deceived Ivory.

There was no lost wristwatch anywhere.
He only told her that so she could excuse them.

“Ohh..so should we go to the dining?” Harold asked Ivory.
“No, I’ll just have fruits” Ivory said, sitting back on Irene’s be-d.
“What?” Harold asked.
“Yeah” she confirmed.
“Okay then , sit here alone and have your fruits. Irene and i will go to the dining” Harold said and Irene laughed.

“What! Isn’t she also taking fruits?” Ivory frowned.
“I changed my mind Ivory” Irene said.
“Huh?” Ivory asked, glancing at her dad.
“Yes” Irene said.
“Let’s all go to the dining room then” Ivory bit herl-ips.
“You said you’re gonna stay here and have your fruits. It’s not bad” Harold tea-sed.
“I changed my mind” Ivory rolled her eyes and got down from the be-d.
She slide her tiny feet into her sli-ppers and walked out of the room.

“Copy cat” Harold laughed and Irene joined him.


Irene walked out of the door with Ivory and saw Tom and…

She had even forgotten Alex will be joining them.

Tom stretched his hand to open the car door but Alex beat him to it.
He opened the car door with a fake grin which annoyed Irene so much.
Ivory entered the car and Irene got beside her,then Tom.

Alex got in the front and Eric started driving.
The car seemed tensed and
Irene noticed no one had said good morning.
Alex pres£nce is such a bad one .
Her mind is starting to get unsettled.

“And why is Tom watching Alex that way?” Irene wondered.
She noticed Ivory doesn’t look happy too.
Even Eric that do make them laugh just kept mute.


They got to Ivory’s school after long minutes of tensed silence..

“I’ll take her to her clas-s” Alex offered.
“No! Tom will” Ivory said, gr-abbing her backpack.
Tom grinned and held Ivory’s little hand in his.
He win-ked mockingly at Alex before leading Ivory to her clas-s.

Irene and Eric saw what happened and Irene couldn’t hold her laughter.
Eric did a good job in hiding his though.
Alex wore a visible angry look and Irene could see how cruel those eyes looked at that moment.

Like, that’s the real him.

Tom returned,still grinning.

They all got into the car.
Irene and Tom at the back seat.

Irene smiled as she saw Damien’s incoming call.
“But, shouldn’t he be in clas-s?” She thought.
They were still in the car, on their way home.
📞Hey Damien” she said and thought she saw Alex shifted in his seat but she shrugged it off.
📞Sis” Damien said.

📞How are you? Why’s your voice down? Shouldn’t you be in clas-s? is anything wrong?” Irene asked.

📞One question at a time sis. Okay, i think I’m fine Irene. I’m actually on my way to school but i have something to tell you.

📞You have something to tell me?” Irene asked and Alex suddenly turned in his seat but Irene had not noticed.

She was worried about her brother.
Damien doesn’t sound this way except if something is extremely wrong.

📞First, i hope you and mum are fine?” She asked.

📞Yes we’re perfectly fine” Damien said and she sighed in relief.

📞 Okay,so what do you want to tell me?” Irene asked and silence followed.

📞Dam” She called and noticed the call was suddenly disconnected..

What’s going on!