A maid fot him Episode 20 & 21

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎💎Episode 20💎💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
I found myself smiling as she skipped out of my room. She is fun, she manages to get me to smile always.
But now, I have to follow her again. I wonder what she is gonna make do today. I changed into some other clothes and headed downstairs.
I bu-mped into Chi Min but was quic-k to gr-ab her before she could fall down. I blinked severally mesmerized by her beauty.
Long lashes, Long black hair, fair and flawless skin, pretty eyes, pinkl-ips. She hit my arm and stood straight.
“how many plastic surgeries have you had?” I asked and she laughed.
“I have never had one, what? Am I pretty than your girlfriends?” she asked and I scoffed.
“of course not, I just wanted to know how many surgeries you got that make you a bit pretty cause I am sure you must have been as ugly as a vulture when you were little” I replied and she held my ears ha-rd .
She twisted my ears ha-rd and I winced in pain.
“Chi min st©p” I winced but she twisted it ha-rder.
I lifted her up the floor and she let go of my ear immediately.
“wicked maid!” I said.
“per-vertious boss let me down!!” she said and I dropped her.
We walked to my car
“where are we visiting today?” I asked.
“we are going to just go anywhere, take a stroll. Go see Do Jung and finally go…..”
“I am not going to see Do Jung” I cut her off.
“you really hate him, don’t you?” she asked but I didn’t reply her.
“okay that cancelled, we are going to visit the zoo” she said and I stared at her with wi-de-ned eyes.
“the zoo? What are we gonna do there? It’s risky, I am not going” I replied and that was when I remembered, I had not checked out my face this morning yet.
How could I forget?
“Chi Min, how do I look? Handsome?” I asked and she scoffed.
“ugly like a vulture” she replied and I rolled my eyes.
Her phone rang and I concentrated on driving. It’s none of my business who calls her.
“hello Do Jung” she said and I screeched the car to a halt.
I gr@bb£d the phone from her and ended the call.
“why did you end the call?” Chi min asked.
“don’t get involved with Do Jung, he is not a good guy” I replied.
“it’s not like you are a good guy too so what’s going on?” she asked.
“At least I don’t……” I bit myl-ips and resumed driving.
“just stay away from him” I added.
“something is really fishy between you two” she pondered and she was right after all.
Kim Do Jung is a really bad guy and I am going to make sure that I protect Chi min from him.
Chi Min’s Pov
I have to find out what is in between the both of them but Tae will never tell me. If Tae doesn’t tell me, then Do Jung should tell me.
I will have to find an excuse and go see Do Jung tomorrow.
At the zoo
“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! It’s gonna break free!!!” Tae screamed and I laughed.
Seeing him so scared is so hilarious.
“it can’t Tae, it’s in a cage” I replied.
“it looks so scary, this is bad” he said and stepped backwards.
A stray dog c@m£ running towards us and st©pped right in front of me. I crouched down and patted his head.
“get it away! Get that animal away!!” Tae screamed and I picked up the dog.
“it’s so cute isn’t it?” I asked.
“it can bite, drop it, drop the dog!!!” he yelled and the dog jumped out of my arms.
Tae broke into a race as the dog ran after him, it was a really funny sight as he kept on running and yelling.
“help! Chi min help!!!” he yelled but I just kept on laughing endlessly.
After a while I st©pped in front of the dog and carried it. Tae st©pped running p@n-ting heavily.
“Geez! That was close” he p@n-ted and I laughed patting the dog.
“oh my! Here it goes” a lady who probably works in the zoo said as she sighed the dog with me.
“thanks for finding the dog” she said and I nodded with a smile and handed over the dog to her.
“good riddance” Tae muttered.
“such a cute dog” I said and turned back to Tae.
“let’s pl@ythat game” I said and dragged Tae there.
“how is it being pla-yed?” Tae asked.
“they will give us a task then once we are done, they are gonna give us a gift if we pas-s” I replied.
“sounds cool” he mumbled and I cli-cked the bu-tton requesting for our task.
It printed out a paper with an equation. fv¢k! They could have just said they don’t wanna give any gift to me.
“what’s our task?” Tae asked.
“a math equation” I replied.
“it looks easy” he says and took the paper from me.
“that’s how they all look, they look so easy but they are really really ha-rd ” I said and he stretched his hand.
“a pen” he requested and I quic-kly gave him one.
“I am done” he says after few secs.
“ugh? So quic-k?” I asked and looked at the paper.
“this is definitely wrong” I snorted
“you wish” he said with a sm-irk and inputted his answer.
“congratulations on winning, take the paper printed now to the gift section” a voice said and the machine printed another paper.
“incredible! My boss is so cool! I have never won this before” I said and he sm-irked proudly.
“let’s go check out our gift” I said and we both moved to the gift section.
I showed the lady there the paper and she smiled at me.
“congratulations, have him” she said and gave me the dog from earlier on as my gift.
“thank you so much Tae” I said smiling brightly.
“what? We won this dog? How am I gonna go home with a dog?!!!” Tae yelled.
💎 💎 Episode 21💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
“don’t bring that dog nearer” I warned.
“why? Isn’t it so cute?” Chi min asked bringing it closer.
“get away” I said and she held my hand, I closed my eyes ti-ght and I felt my hand t©uçh some fur.
I opened my eyes and I was tou-ching the dog.
“see, it’s harmless” she said and I smiled as I t©uçhed the dog.
“so cute” she said and looked at me with a smile.
“I never knew dogs could be so cute” I said and looked at Chi Min smiling also.
I blinked as I got lost in her pretty eyes, the smile on her face suddenly disappeared also replaced by something I couldn’t un-derstand.
I diverted my gaze from her eyes then back to herl-ips, then her eyes, then herl-ips. I leaned in closer and she showed no form of resistance.
The stupid dog began barking ruining the moment. I quic-kly looked away, same as Chi Min.
“let…. Let’s go home” I said and she nodded.
We both left for the car and I drove off with the car in Chi Min hands.
I stole glances at her many times as I drove for a reason I don’t know and I caught her stealing glances at me at some times too.
I parked the car and Chi Min bowed respectfully.
“thanks for today sir” she said and I nodded and headed to my room.
I looked back and saw her walking towards the maid quarters.
“Chi Min” I called.
“to my room” I said and resumed walking.
I got into my room and la-id on my be-d. Why am I feeling like this? What’s pushing me? Why do I feel like I can’t actually do without Chi Min anymore?
The door opened and she walked in with the dog.
“Tae, we nee-d to buy the dog’s food” she said and I stood up with a smile.
“what happened to yes boss?” I asked.
“that ended immediately we are alone” she replied.
“if we aren’t boss and maid when we are alone then what are we?” I asked.
“hmm…. We are friends” she replied.
“boring” I replied.
“I have to keep the dog with you, dogs are not allowed in the maid’s quarter” she said and I nodded.
“I will have to go to sleep now” she said and made for the door.
I jumped off my be-d and did just what my heart told me to do at the moment without thinking twice.
I hvgged her from the back ti-ghtly.
“Tae?” she called but her voice was calm, soft.
“don’t go to your quarters, spend the night here” I said..
Chi Min’s Pov
“ugh? Sleep here?” I asked and turned to face him, he nodded shyly.
Wait a min, shyly? Tae is shy?
“I can’t sleep here, not with you” I replied.
“why?” he asked.
“C’mon, plea-se” he pleaded.
“no” I replied.
“as your boss, I order you to sleep in my room today” he said and I sighed.
“trying to use your boss position? Wicked boss” I said and he chuckled.
Tae Ho’s Pov
You can’t measure how happy I was seeing her crawl up my be-d, she placed some pillows in the middle of the be-d.
“stick to your side and I will stick to mine” she said and la-id on a side.
“so tired” she yawned.
“you aren’t gonna eat?” I asked.
“tomorrow, I am feeling sleepy” she said and went off to sleep.
I smiled and covered her up with the duvet. She was alre-ady fast asleep, so quic-k.
I re-moved the pillows and snuggled closer to her and sle-pt off also.
Chi Min’s Pov
I woke up feeling someone’s warmth on me. My eyes wi-de-ned seeing Tae very close to me.
I was about to yell when I remembered that I had something to do. I snuck out of be-d and went to his re-ading table.
Where the hell is his maths note? I nee-d to copy his answers to those equations.
I looked around and finally found it.
“what are you doing?” I heard his voice and quic-kly dropped the table.
“er…. Good morning, I was just… Trying to arrange your table, it’s a bit messed up” I lied and he looked at me suspiciously.
“don’t worry, I will do it myself” he said and I nodded.
“I will leave for my room now” I said and hurried out.
Tae Ho’s Pov
I got to my table and looked around. What could she be looking for exactly?
My maths note? She wanna copy? I laughed and dropped the note.
To be continued