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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

A maid for him Episode 8 & 9

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💓💓A maid for him💐🏵

(😍Being a playboy’s maid😋)

❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️

💎💎Episode 8💎💎



.Tae Ho’s pov
“where is the axe? I need an axe” I heard her say and then I heard the door opened.

I opened my eyes and sat up, is she really gonna butcher me? I heard the door open and quickly laid back down.

I heard the brandishing of cutlass, where the hell did she get that from? I could feel my heart beating faster as the footsteps approached closer.

Is this how I am gonna die? I felt a cold sharp metal on my neck.

I quickly opened my eyes and saw her smiling with a knife. I pushed her away and touched my neck.

So close! I was so close to death!!!

“wow! The dead has resurrected” she said clapping.

“you shouldn’t have stopped pretending, you should have just waited a bit more for me to butcher you into pieces and feed you to all the girls you’ve slept with” she replied.

“so you knew I was pretending?” I asked.

“of course, maybe you are not a very good actor” She replied and I stood up with a frown.

“lazy bones! Get to work, we have few things left so start work” she yelled at me and I groaned.

I quickly opened the door and ran out of

the room. She ran after me yelling my name.

“Tae!! Come back here!!! You lazy bones! Tae!!” she yelled and caught up with me at the stairs.

I am not a very good athlete. She pulled my hair and I winced. I picked her up from the floor carrying her in bridal style.

“drop me!! Yah!!! I said drop me!! Let me go!!!” she yelled and I carried her to the rooftop while she continued yelling.

I moved to the edge and she hit my chest hard.

“what…. What… Are you doing? You are gonna get us killed!!” she yelled and I stood at the edge.

“oh yeah, you were saying I should drop you, I would gladly do that now” I beamed and she cuddled me tightly pressing her soft body against mine.

“don’t… Don’t… Drop me” she said and I chuckled.

“C’mon, you want me to drop you” I said.

“no, hold me tight” she said burying her face in my chest.

I moved closer to the edge and she screamed in fear. Gosh! She’s so cute.

I turned back and went to my room still carrying her in my arms. Immediately we got to my room and I dropped her, she pushed me.

“you jerk! Don’t try that ever again!” she yelled.

“we will see about that” I said and packed the other stuffs remaining while she sat on the couch ordering me around

“we are now done packing!” I beamed happily.

“yeah, good night boss” she replied and left the room.

Wait a min, am I the one that’s gonna lay my

bed? Shit! I laid the bed and jumped on it, I slept off in no time.

Chi Min’s Pov
I got to the Maid quarters and went to my bed. A pretty girl, a fellow maid raced up to me.

“what’s going on between you and young master?” she asked all smiles.

“who is young master? Tae?” I asked.

“assh, I see there is really something between you two, no one calls him by his name but you do” she replied and giggled.

“there is nothing between me and that proud jerk!” I said and she hit me playfully.

“C’mon I saw The both of you when he carried you in bridal style” she said.

“that… That…. He was just being a brat then” I replied.

“Aaah Really? I see” she says with a suspicious smile.

“so tell me, is he romantic enough?” she asked.

“I just told you there’s nothing between us” I replied.

“okay then, maybe I misunderstood” she said.

“yeah you sure did misunderstand” I replied and she stood up to leave but poked her head again.

“has he kissed you before?” he asked.

“C’mon, I told you there is nothing” I groaned.

“okay okay I am leaving” she replied and took a few steps forward before turning back to me.

“I bet you love him so much, right?” she asked.

“aaargh! Just go” I said and pushed her gently.

“I am Mira” she yelled.

Geez! Even if I was to date a guy, it definitely won’t be that stupid guy, Tae.

Tae Ho’s Pov
I woke up and looked at the time, it’s just 2:18. I tried sleeping again but I couldn’t. Why can’t I just get some sleep.

If I can’t sleep, then why should my PM sleep then? I picked the telephone and called the PM telephone.

She picked up at the fourth ring.

“what? What do you want?” she asked and I sensed that she was pissed off.

“I want you to come to my room, I can’t sleep” I replied.

“ugh? Am I sleeping pills?” she asked.

“I am not sleeping, so you shouldn’t be sleeping too. To my room right now” I said and ended the call.

“of course, maybe you are not a very good actor” Chi Min said.

Flashback ends
Am I really not a good actor? The thing is I have always wanted to be am actor. All my life when I was in the isolation, if not for the movies I watched, I would have died of boredom.

I really want to become an actor, aren’t I good enough in acting? I stared at the door impatiently till the door opened revealing an annoyed Chi Min


.💎💎Episode 9💎💎

Tae Ho’s pov
“why the hell did you wake me up in the middle of the night?” she asked.

“I can’t sleep so you shouldn’t sleep also” I replied.

“and why is that?” She asked.

“hm, let me see, cause you are my maid?” I asked and she scoffed.

“so what am I to do here?” she asked and I patted the bed.

“sit here” I said and she glared at me before sitting there

“do you really think that u can’t act?” I asked.

“yeah. You kinda suck at it” she replied.

“but I want to become an actor” I said and she laughed.

“get your mind off it, you are not in any way fit for it” she replied.

“no, you just wait and see. I will become the best actor in the whole of Asia” I beamed.

“how about you start practice? You know rehearsals, you could rehearse with me” she replied.

“really?” I asked and she nodded.

“I have to go back to sleep right now” she said and headed to the door.

I ran past her and took the key.

“you are not leaving” I stated and threw the key out of the window.

“yah!! Why will you do that? How do we get out?!!” she yelled and I shrugged.

“well your bed is really comfy so it won’t be bad lying on it” she added and jumped on the bed.

She spread her arms and legs out occupying almost all of the space.

“hey! Where am I to sleep then?” I asked.

“I don’t know, the floor” she replied.

“never, I am gonna fall sick” I replied.

“then stand there while I sleep” she said and closed her eyes.

“here I come” I said and pulled off my top.

She opened her eyes, gasped and quickly closed her eyes with both palms. I chuckled.

I climbed on the bed and knelt in between her legs. She opened her eyes and her eyes seemed to widen.

“what are you doing?” she asked.

“sleeping at the only available space” I replied.

She tried pushing me away but I grabbed her both hands and fell back to the bed. Her face hit my chest and she quickly got up.

“take the bed, I will just lay on the couch sir” she replied and went to the couch.

After about five minutes, I went to check her out. She was sleeping already, I smiled and covered her with the duvet.

I crouched beside her and stared at her face, she is really pretty yunno, especially in her uniform. I went to my bed and staring at her sleeping face was like sleeping pills as I fell asleep almost immediately.

Chi Min’s Pov
I turned over and fell to the floor with a quite loud bang. “Aaaah” I winced as I frowned.

The pink was still sleeping. I walked over to him and hit him with the pillow. He opened his eyes and shut them back.

“get the fuck out, I wanna get more sleep” He groaned and I chuckled.

“lazy bones! Get up, you wanna get more sleep? How about I kill you so you can sleep forever” I asked.

“you are sacked for disturbing my sleep” he said and I stared at him for a while without a word before bursting into laughter.

“what’s funny?” he asked as I laughed harder.

“C’mon you are funny, how can I be sacked?” I asked him.

“it’s not a joke, you are really sackedĺ he replied.

“you fool! You really think you can sack me?? You aren’t gets no something straight, from now on, I am no longer a maid, I am a boss, boss maid, so get out of bed!!!!” I yelled and pushed him.

“God! Why the hell did I pick you as my PM?” he asked and I smiled.

“maybe you can ask your stupid brain” I replied and hit him with the pillow.

“I am only being nice cause you are a girl” He said.

“Awwn, thank goodness I am a girl, he would have so much beaten me up and I would have been crying like a little kid” I said and he rolled his eyes.

“open the door, I need to go take a bath” I added.

“why? We could just bath together, yunno” he said with a playboy smile.
I blinked nervously as he approached me. This guy is really a huge flirt.

“okay then, let’s bath together” I replied with a smile and dragged him to the bathroom.

“in our hometown, when you wanna bath with someone you must firstly bite the person here and there, here and there and even bite that spot” I said and pointed to his groin.

“do you still want me to bath with you?” I asked.

“no, just…just get out” he replied.

“but I really wanna bath with you” I pouted and he gulped.

“no, you don’t have to” he said and I approached him.

“I really wanna bath with you” I said and gritted my teeth.

“no, no” he muttered and I but his hand hard.

He screamed out in pain before pushing me away.

“are you crazy? Oh no! You are ruining my skin” he gasped and left the bathroom.

He brought another key from his wardrobe and threw the keys at me.

“just get out of my room and go take a bath” he said and I left smiling.

Forty minutes later
I and Tae sat at the backseat of the car while the driver drove us to school.

“we are going to school, so all forms of respect cut out” I said.

“not like you respect me at home too” he rolled his eyes.

We got down from the car and Tae alighted from the car attracting so many attention, girls attention especially. Girls can be stupid.

“My lovely Tae, how are you doing?” A girl asked and I alighted from the car with my headsets on.

“ugh? Tae Ho, who is this girl? Why is she coming out from your car?” she asked and I rolled my eyes.

Seems like she is one of his bitches or maybe his girlfriend.

“how dare you roll your eyes at me? You are really disrespectful” she said glaring at me.

“are you hurt? Seeing such a pretty girl with your guy hurts a lot, right? Do you wanna know more? We slept on the bed last night and Oh My, it was so romantic” I said with a smile and turned to Tae.

“right, Tae?” I asked.

“ugh? Yeah… Of course” he replied and I held his arm and we both left the crowd.

Immediately we were out of everyone’s sight, I let go of his arm and he smiled.

“why did you do that?” he asked.

“the girl was being a Bitch and also you acted pretty well there, keep it up” I patted his shoulder.

“get ready for today” I said and left him.

“what do you mean?” he asked but I ignored him.

Tae Ho’s Pov
I shrugged and went to my apartment, Mina was on the chair in just bras and panties.
This is how cheap she is

“do you like what you see?” she asked.

“no, big whore” I replied and left the apartment.

I went to class and met Chi Min speaking to Do Jung. What the hell are they talking about? I went there and grabbed Chi Min’s hand.

Chi Min’s Pov
“hello pretty” a guy said and I removed my headsets.

“I am Do jung” he added.

“I am Chi Min” I replied.

“you are a newbie, right?” he asked and I nodded with a smile.

This guy is really cute and he has a nice physique too although not as cute as Tae, I hate to even admit the fact that the devil is cute.

“do you mind if I show you around?” he asked.

“I don’t mind” I said and stood up but all of a sudden, I was dragged by someone.

“Do Jung, what are you doing with my girlfriend?” Tae asked.

“ugh? Girlfriend? Whose girlfriend?” I asked Tae and he drew me closer to himself.

“C’mon” he nudged me and hugged me.



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