❣❣A maid for him💐🏵

.(😍Being a playboy’s maid😋)

❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️

💎💎Episode 6💎💎


Chi Min’s pov
“ugh? What? How do you expect me to carry you?” I asked and he shrugged.

“I don’t know how, you just have to do it cause I am tired” he said and I ran my hand through my hair.

Just three more days, three more, I grab the money from the bet and leave this fucking place.

He sat on the couch and motioned me to come carry him. I sighed and bent in front of him, he climbed my back and I got up groaning.

“you are heavy” I groaned and he hit my head gently.

“move” he ordered and I walked slowly. I am already exhausted, my back is probably gonna break into two very soon.

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“move faster” he said.

“just shut up and let me…. Walk!” I climbed the stairs.

He tucked my hair behind my ear, I wanted to yell at him for doing that and we ended up tumbling down the stairs.

“Aaaah my back” I cried and Tae stood up.

He looked at me without any expression.

“can you walk?” he asked.

“my back, my waist it’s all broken, I can walk punk!!” I yelled.

“next time, it’s gonna be your mouth, you sharp mouthed Bitch” he said and approached me.

He carried me in his arms and climbed up the stairs. I ended up being the one bring carried, so cool.

I giggled as he dropped me on his bed, the bed is so soft. I closed my eyes and cuddled the pillow.

“hey! Pull off your top” I heard him say and My eyes shot wide open.

“ugh? For what?” I jumped up and crossed my arms around my chest.

“no need, your back is okay already” he said.

“now I don’t like the position of my bed, you have to change it, then my wardrobe too, I want you to change the position of everything in this room” he said.

“my back, it still hurts” I said faking hurt.

“okay then, pull off your top, let me massage your back” he said and approached me with a smirk.

“don’t… Don’t come closer” I warned but he moved closer anyways.

“what are you hiding under the top anyways, it’s not like I haven’t seen several of it before” he shrugged and I pushed him away.

“pervert!” I yelled.

“I will change the position of everything” I said.

“good, I will be at the dinning, once you’re done, you are going to eat” he said and left.

“proud jerk! Aaish! He makes me angry!” I groaned and laid on the bed.

Gosh it’s so soft, I hugged the pillow and unknowingly dozed off.

Tae Ho’s Pov
It’s been almost an hour, she should be almost done by now or she should be done. I bet she’s so famished already.

I walked to my room and opened the door, Lo and behold, my room was still the exact way it was and the Bitch was sleeping.

And she was even using my favorite pillow. I pushed her down the bed and grabbed my pillow.

“ouch! My head” she winced and stood up sluggishly.

“what did I ask you to do?” I asked.

“you asked me to go this way, walk like a soldier” she said and walked around the room.

Is she sleep talking right now?

“you asked me to eat, eat this way” she said and began chewing my clothes.

I pushed her away and she remained on the bed, I checked her and she suddenly stood up.

“you asked me to clap” she said and clapped.

“you asked me to slap” she said and landed a hot slap on my right cheek.

“you asked Me to bite” she said and bit me hard.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Get off me Bitch!!” I yelled but it seemed like she was stronger while she was sleep walking.

“help!!!!” I yelled.

Fuck! There is a sound proof here. She stood up from me all of a sudden and I stood up.

“you asked me to kiss” she said and moved closer.
Will she kiss him bayiii?

. 💎💎Episode 7💎💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
I waited patiently my gaze resting on her pinkish and soft looking lips, I gulped softly as she approached me.

She got to me and pulled me closer using my collar. I pouted expecting a kiss but all of a sudden she fell to the floor.

“stand up” I said and Shook her body but she was asleep already.

All this while, when she bit, slapped, Chewed my clothes, she did not fall asleep but now the best part, a kiss, she decided to fall asleep.

I carried her unto my bed and waited for about five minutes before waking her up. She yawned sleepily.

“can you see what you did to my body?” I asked showing her the bites on my arm.

“ugh? When did I do this?” she asked.

“you…… Okay!” I breathed in and out.

“I asked you to arrange my room, didn’t I?” I asked.

“oh, I am sorry. The pain on my back caused me to sleep off” she replied and I rolled my eyes.

“just get done with the arranging, I will be downstairs” I said and left the room.

Chi Min’s Pov
I looked at the door after he slammed it shut and burst into laughter.

I jumped on the bed and punched the pillow. Chi Min, you are so smart. Did you really think that all those sleep acting was really sleep acting?

I was awake but that fool, I just needed to teach him a lesson and the kiss, he thinks I would kiss him, never!! I would never ever do such!!!

I was just trying to tease him and seems like proud jerk really wants a kiss from me, his look then told me he wanted it.

I got down from the bed and clapped. Time to re-position. I tried carrying the bed but I couldn’t even move it an inch.

What was I expecting? It’s a king size bed, how could an 18 year old girl possibly carry it?

Everything in the room was heavy, like freaking heavy that I couldn’t move them. I moved the ones I could move like the small wardrobe, the reading table and others.

I moved them to the bed and surrounded the bed with them. I looked around and smiled.

He needs to re-position and this is it! I beamed and left the room. I climbed down the stairs and met him reading a book.

“wow, so proud punk reads” I smirked.

“at least this proud punk here Is definitely much more brilliant than you are” he replied and I didn’t argue with him.

He’s right, I just don’t seem to understand what those teachers do say.

“I am done with your room” I replied and he smiled.

He walked up to me and patted my shoulder.

“great! You are now behaving like a pm” he said and I nodded with a smile.

“my food?” I requested.

“get to the kitchen and get your food” he said and I raced to the kitchen.

Tae Ho’s Pov
I opened my door and was shocked. What…. What the hell is this?!!!

“Chi Min!!!!!!!” I screamed.

How am I supposed to get to my bed this way? She totally blocked all ways to get to my bed. Am I supposed to jump into my bed.

I left my room angrily and got to Chi Min, she even has the guts to eat chicken.

“hope you love the positions they are all in?” she asked with a smirk.

“you damned Bitch!!!!” I yelled and she moved closer to me.

“the positions are so lovely” she smiled while I fumed with anger

“well pm, you just caused more job for yourself, get to work. Return every item to the position they were before” I said.

“ugh? This night?” she asked and I nodded.



Chi Min’s Pov
“and if I don’t?” I asked.

“you get sacked” he replied. I can let go of all the money placed on the bet.

“I will do it, just get the Fuck out of the room” I said.

“we are at work, show respect” he said and I bowed.

“I am so sorry for being disrespectful boss” I said and bowed repeatedly.

“well I am not a wicked boss so…..” I poked him in the forehead before he could finish talking.

“I don’t give a damn about respect, get to work, we are doing this together boss” I smiled.

“you are kidding, right?” he asked and I locked the door and put the key in my bra.

“once we are done, I will open the door” I said.

“ugh? C’mon, open the door” he said.

“come get the key then” I replied and he moved closer to me.

“what are you doing?” I asked.

“coming to get the key” I replied and caged me in a wall.

“don’t you dare touch me” I said and he had a smirk on his face.

He brought his hand closer to my chest and I did the first thing that came to my mind.

I kneed him where the sun doesn’t shine and he fell to his knees immediately. I glared at him hard.

“you Bitch!” he groaned, his eyes teary.

“stand up and get to work” I said but he remained on the floor.

“stand up lazy bones or do you want a kick at the same spot again?” I asked and he quickly stood up.

Like seriously, I don’t know why guys fear that so much, I mean does it hurt that much?

Twenty mins later
Tae fell to the floor suddenly and I ran towards him, has he fainted? I shook his body but he remained still.

Gosh! What have I done? I shouldn’t have asked this lazy bones to do the job.
I ran out to go call mum.

Tae Ho’s Pov
I opened one eye then the other, I sat up with a smile. She wants to kill me with so much work.

Like seriously, she is the first PM to ask me do chores, what did I hire her for then?
I stood up and grabbed my phone, I was going to call a girl but then the door opened but I was fast enough to lay on the floor immediately.

Chi Min’s Pov
So he pranked me, he is trying to pretend that he fainted. Well let’s play along then. Mum isn’t downstairs, I don’t know where she went to.

“oh my God!! Tae is dead!!” I gasped.

“Tae! Tae!!!” I yelled and shook his body.

“he is really dead” I muttered.

“Chi Min, think, think, yeah I have to hide his corpse” I said to his hearing.

Tae Ho’s Pov
Is she really going to hide me?

“I should butcher his body, burn him then flush his ashes down the closet” I heard her say and my heart skipped several beats.



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