A maid for him Episode 6 & 7

❣❣A maid for him💐🏵
.(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎💎Episode 6💎💎
Chi Min’s pov
“ugh? What? How do you expect me to carry you?” I asked and he shrugged.
“I don’t know how, you just have to do it cause I am tired” he said and I ran my hand throu-gh my hair.
Just three more days, three more, I gr-ab the money from the bet and leave this fv¢king place.
He sat on the couch and motioned me to come carry him. I sighed and bent in front of him, he climbe-d my back and I got up gro-an ing.
“you are heavy” I gro-an ed and he hit my head gently.
“move” he ordered and I walked slowly. I am alre-ady exhausted, my back is probably gonna break into two very soon.
“move fas-ter” he said.
“just shut up and let me…. Walk!” I climbe-d the stairs.
He tucked my hair behind my ear, I wanted to yell at him for doing that and we ended up tumbling down the stairs.
“Aaaah my back” I cried and Tae stood up.
He looked at me without any expression.
“can you walk?” he asked.
“my back, my w@!st it’s all broken, I can walk punk!!” I yelled.
“next time, it’s gonna be your mouth, you sharp mouthed bit-ch” he said and approached me.
He carried me in his arms and climbe-d up the stairs. I ended up being the one bring carried, so cool.
I giggled as he dropped me on his be-d, the be-d is so soft. I closed my eyes and cu-mddled the pillow.
“hey! pu-ll off your t©p” I heard him say and My eyes sh0t wi-de open.
“ugh? For what?” I jumped up and crossed my arms around my che-st.
“no nee-d, your back is okay alre-ady” he said.
“now I don’t like the position of my be-d, you have to change it, then my wardrobe too, I want you to change the position of everything in this room” he said.
“my back, it still hurts” I said faking hurt.
“okay then, pu-ll off your t©p, let me mas-sage your back” he said and approached me with a sm-irk.
“don’t… Don’t come closer” I warned but he moved closer anyways.
“what are you hiding un-der the t©p anyways, it’s not like I haven’t seen several of it before” he shrugged and I pushed him away.
“per-vert!” I yelled.
“I will change the position of everything” I said.
“good, I will be at the dinning, once you’re done, you are going to eat” he said and left.
“proud j£rk! Aaish! He makes me angry!” I gro-an ed and la-id on the be-d.
Gosh it’s so soft, I hvgged the pillow and unknowingly dozed off.
Tae Ho’s Pov
It’s been almost an hour, she should be almost done by now or she should be done. I bet she’s so famished alre-ady.
I walked to my room and opened the door, Lo and behold, my room was still the exact way it was and the bit-ch was slee-ping.
And she was even using my favorite pillow. I pushed her down the be-d and gr@bb£d my pillow.
“ouch! My head” she winced and stood up sluggishly.
“what did I ask you to do?” I asked.
“you asked me to go this way, walk like a soldier” she said and walked around the room.
Is she sleep talking right now?
“you asked me to eat, eat this way” she said and began chewing my clothes.
I pushed her away and she remained on the be-d, I checked her and she suddenly stood up.
“you asked me to cl@p” she said and cl@pped.
“you asked me to sl@p” she said and landed a h0t sl@p on my right cheek.
“you asked Me to bite” she said and bit me ha-rd .
“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Get off me bit-ch!!” I yelled but it seemed like she was stronger while she was sleep walking.
“help!!!!” I yelled.
fv¢k! There is a sound proof here. She stood up from me all of a sudden and I stood up.
“you asked me to k!ss” she said and moved closer.
Will she k!sshim bayiii?
. 💎💎Episode 7💎💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
I waited patiently my gaze resting on her pinkish and soft lookingl-ips, I gulped softly as she approached me.
She got to me and pu-ll-ed me closer using my collar. I pouted expecting a k!ssbut all of a sudden she fell to the floor.
“stand up” I said and Shook her b©dy but she was asleep alre-ady.
All this while, when she bit, sl@pped, Chewed my clothes, she did not fall asleep but now the best p@rt, a k!ss, she decided to fall asleep.
I carried her unto my be-d and waited for about five minutes before waking her up. She yawned sleepily.
“can you see what you did to my b©dy?” I asked showing her the bites on my arm.
“ugh? When did I do this?” she asked.
“you…… Okay!” I breathed in and out.
“I asked you to arrange my room, didn’t I?” I asked.
“oh, I am sorry. The pain on my back caused me to sleep off” she replied and I rolled my eyes.
“just get done with the arranging, I will be downstairs” I said and left the room.
Chi Min’s Pov
I looked at the door after he slammed it shut and bur-st into laughter.
I jumped on the be-d and punched the pillow. Chi Min, you are so smart. Did you really think that all those sleep acting was really sleep acting?
I was awake but that fool, I just nee-ded to teach him a lesson and the k!ss, he thinks I would k!sshim, never!! I would never ever do such!!!
I was just trying to tease him and seems like proud j£rk really wants a k!ssfrom me, his look then told me he wanted it.
I got down from the be-d and cl@pped. Time to re-position. I tried carrying the be-d but I couldn’t even move it an inch.
What was I expecting? It’s a king size be-d, how could an 18 year old girl possibly carry it?
Everything in the room was heavy, like freaking heavy that I couldn’t move them. I moved the ones I could move like the small wardrobe, the re-ading table and others.
I moved them to the be-d and surrounded the be-d with them. I looked around and smiled.
He nee-ds to re-position and this is it! I beamed and left the room. I climbe-d down the stairs and met him re-ading a book.
“wow, so proud punk re-ads” I sm-irked.
“at least this proud punk here Is definitely much more brilliant than you are” he replied and I didn’t argue with him.
He’s right, I just don’t seem to un-derstand what those teachers do say.
“I am done with your room” I replied and he smiled.
He walked up to me and patted my shoulder.
“great! You are now behaving like a pm” he said and I nodded with a smile.
“my food?” I requested.
“get to the kitchen and get your food” he said and I raced to the kitchen.
Tae Ho’s Pov
I opened my door and was shocked. What…. What the hell is this?!!!
“Chi Min!!!!!!!” I screamed.
How am I supposed to get to my be-d this way? She totally blocked all ways to get to my be-d. Am I supposed to jump into my be-d.
I left my room angrily and got to Chi Min, she even has the guts to eat chicken.
“hope you love the positions they are all in?” she asked with a sm-irk.
“you damned bit-ch!!!!” I yelled and she moved closer to me.
“the positions are so lovely” she smiled while I fumed with anger
“well pm, you just caused more job for yourself, get to work. Return every item to the position they were before” I said.
“ugh? This night?” she asked and I nodded.
Chi Min’s Pov
“and if I don’t?” I asked.
“you get sacked” he replied. I can let go of all the money placed on the bet.
“I will do it, just get the fv¢k out of the room” I said.
“we are at work, show respect” he said and I bowed.
“I am so sorry for being disrespectful boss” I said and bowed repeatedly.
“well I am not a wicked boss so…..” I poked him in the forehead before he could finish talking.
“I don’t give a damn about respect, get to work, we are doing this together boss” I smiled.
“you are kidding, right?” he asked and I locked the door and put the key in my br@.
“once we are done, I will open the door” I said.
“ugh? C’mon, open the door” he said.
“come get the key then” I replied and he moved closer to me.
“what are you doing?” I asked.
“coming to get the key” I replied and caged me in a wall.
“don’t you dare t©uçh me” I said and he had a sm-irk on his face.
He brou-ght his hand closer to my che-st and I did the first thing that c@m£ to my mind.
I knee-d him where the sun doesn’t shine and he fell to his knees immediately. I glared at him ha-rd .
“you bit-ch!” he gro-an ed, his eyes teary.
“stand up and get to work” I said but he remained on the floor.
“stand up lazy bones or do you want a kick at the same sp©t again?” I asked and he quic-kly stood up.
Like seriously, I don’t know why guys fear that so much, I mean does it hurt that much?
Twenty mins later
Tae fell to the floor suddenly and I ran towards him, has he fainted? I shook his b©dy but he remained still.
Gosh! What have I done? I shouldn’t have asked this lazy bones to do the job.
I ran out to go call mum.
Tae Ho’s Pov
I opened one eye then the other, I sat up with a smile. She wants to kill me with so much work.
Like seriously, she is the first PM to ask me do chores, what did I hire her for then?
I stood up and gr@bb£d my phone, I was going to call a girl but then the door opened but I was fast enough to l@yon the floor immediately.
Chi Min’s Pov
So he pranked me, he is trying to pretend that he fainted. Well let’s pl@yalong then. Mum isn’t downstairs, I don’t know where she went to.
“oh my God!! Tae is dead!!” I g@sped.
“Tae! Tae!!!” I yelled and shook his b©dy.
“he is really dead” I muttered.
“Chi Min, think, think, yeah I have to hide his corpse” I said to his hearing.
Tae Ho’s Pov
Is she really going to hide me?
“I should butcher his b©dy, burn him then flush his ashes down the closet” I heard her say and my heart skipped several beats.

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