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A maid for him Episode 4 & 5

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎💎Episode 4💎💎
Chi min Pov
I picked up the pieces of the coffee cup that was shattered on the floor and pierced his skin severally with it.
He cried and cried while I laughed, it seemed so funny.
“what are you waiting for? Go make another coffee” he said.
So I was only imagining things.
“if you need coffee, get downstairs and make your own coffee and this mess you made intentionally, you’d be the one to clean it up!” I said and ban-ged the table.
He flin-ched but quic-kly regained his composure. .
“who is the boss?” he asked.
“you can ask your baby car or your perfect coffee that. Good night sir!” I said, glaring and left his room.
So arrogant, who does he think he is? Even a maid deserves to live, if he continues at that rate, my life span is definitely gonna be shortened by half.
I [email protected]£d my bags, took my headset and walked up to mum.
“I will be going home” I mouthed to her and left.
I took a cab home and jumped on my be-d. So tiresome! Just the first day and I am alre-ady dying.
I sighed and took a bath, I jumped on my be-d and stared at my homework, I don’t un-derstand this at all, I just hope I won’t be given detention for not doing this.
I dozed off.
Tae Ho’s Pov
Ugh? She really just yelled at me? So ridiculous? Who does she think she is? She is just a maid, I am going to get back at her.
I ruffled my hair in frustration and la-id on my be-d. What can I do to this stupid, ugly bit-ch?
I called on the PM telephone but no one picked it up. I called again and it was picked up.
“you! You are being too rude!” I yelled.
“erm… Actually… Er…she left for home” I heard a girlish voice replied.
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“ugh? Left for home? Why would my PM go home?” I asked.
“er… I don’t know sir” the girl replied and I ended the call.
Who does she think she is? Even leaving for home? I don’t think she knows the sort of job she got.
I need to write out a set of rules for her.
The next day.
Chi min Pov
“Chi Min, stand up you lazy girl” mum said and tapped me.
I gro-an ed and opened my eyes. Why is she waking me up so early?
“why did you leave the Kang house yesterday?” she asked and I furrowed my brows.
“it was getting late so I had to head back home” I replied and she shook her head.
“only the chief maid is allowed to go back home at night, all maids stay in the maids quarter” she said.
“ugh? Why? That’s not my house” I replied.
“you stubborn headed girl, just make sure you stay in the maids quarter tonight” mum said and I nodded.
“can I sleep now mum?” I asked.
“ugh? Today is Tuesday, you are going to school” she replied.
“just a little bit more sleep” I pleaded and threw the blankets over my head.
“get up!” mum yelled and dragged me up.
“okay, okay, here I go” I said and stood up.
Tae Ho Pov
I woke up and checked myself out in the mirror, still perfect. I glanced at the wall clock.
$h!t!! It’s 7:13 alre-ady. What sort of PM is this? Geez! She didn’t sleep over last night. Well we will meet in school. .
I took my morning bath and swears preparing for school this morning was the most stressful thing ever, I have no PM.
I k!$$£d my baby (favorite car) and hopped into the car. I turned on the ignition and drove off.
Chi Min’s Pov
I sat in [email protected] watching everyone talk or get involved in one activity or the other but I was just sitting at a corner like a stupid nerd.
I put on my headset and left the [email protected] I was walking by when I [email protected]£ across Tae’s car.
Boss, boss! No one messes with me and gets away with it.
I looked around, coast clear.
Let’s redesign this car, shall we?
Tae Ho’s Pov
Time to attend [email protected] Actually I don’t see a need to go to [email protected] because I alre-ady know all I have to.
I am the brilliant type. I stood up and headed to [email protected] Wait a min!
Isn’t this where I parked my car? Why is there another car here? Where did my car go?
Wait a minute, this is my car, my own Car. my baby!!!
“fv¢k you proud peac0ck”
“never call me a bit-ch”
“I hate you”
Different things were written on my car and the b©dy scratched severally and destroyed.
“Chi….. Chi min!!!” I yelled and ran to [email protected]
.💎💎Episode 5💎💎
Tae Ho’s pov cont
She was also in my [email protected] Great! Just great!! She looked at me and sm-irked.
I ran to her and dragged her up.
“why did you do that to my car?!!” she yelled.
“do what?” she asked feigning ignorance.
“cut the $h!t!!! Why the hell did you spoil my baby?” I yelled shaking her and she began laughing hysterically.
“who knew that you could get so pissed off over just a car?” she asked and the teacher [email protected]£ in.
I let her go glaring at her and took my seat just behind her. My baby! My baby! I can’t believe she ruined my baby.
Twenty mins later
The [email protected] was so boring, I had done this t©pic about 4 times and I know it a lot so what more is interesting in it?
An idea popped into my [email protected] and I smiled. I brou-ght out my pen and dug into her skin, she winced gently and I smiled.
I continued with it digging the pen dee-per into her skin. She winced loudly.
“what’s wrong Miss Chi Min?” the teacher asked and Chi Min stood up.
“nothing, absolutely nothing at all” she replied and made to sit back but I re-moved the seat ma-king her fall to the floor.
Everyone bur-st into laughter and she stood up angrily.
” bit-ch looks much more beautiful when angry” I said and win-ked at her.
“stay outta my way” she said and took the seat from me, them sat down.
That’s how you deal with a bit-ch but I am not done with her, she ruined my baby.
Chi Min’s Pov
I sat at a corner eating silently when someone sat on the seat opposite me, Tae.
“what do you want from me?” I asked.
“show some respect maid” he said and I scoffed.
“when we are home, I am your Maid but here in school, we are both students” I replied.
“you are so unbelievable, yeah! Why didn’t you sleep at the maid’s quarter last night?” he asked.
“we will talk about my work when I am at work” I said and stood up.
He dragged me back to my seat and stared at me for some secs.
“I know you love me” he said and I stared at him for a while before laughing so [email protected]
“oh my! You… You… Are so funny” I said still laughing.
“there’s no girl who won’t love me” he [email protected]
“well, you just met the one that totally hates you and that’s me” I said and finished up my food while he stared at me without tou-ching his food.
“aren’t you going to eat this?” I asked.
“not interested in the food bit-ch” he said and I ignored the word ‘bit-ch’then drew the food close to me.
“ugh? I thought you hate me, then why are you going to eat my food?” he asked.
“it’s simple, I hate you not the food” I said and continued eating.
“I wonder how you maintained such a head Turner shape eating all these” I heard him Mumble.
Closing hour
I walked to the gate but all Of a sudden, I was dragged by someone, Tae. Who did I offend to deserve this guy?
“you are coming home with me so get into the car” he ordered pointing to a new car.
“I see you got a new car, it would be cool redesigning this also” I sm-irked and he pushed me into the car.
“don’t try damaging this car and for my baby which you damaged, we will talk about it when we get home” He said and I rolled my eyes.
“don’t try giving me those sorry of petty jobs you did yesterday, okay?” I asked and he sm-irked.
“we will talk about your work when you are at work but anyways I won’t give you petty jobs” he said and focused on driving.
I stared at him as he drove, dark hair that suits his skin color so perfectly, almost white skin, small eyes, pointed nose, pinkishl-ips.
fv¢k! This guy is just too handsome.
“done drooling?” his words jo-lted me back to reality and I looked away
“who told you I was drooling? I was only checking out how ugly you are” I replied.
“you found out I am 0% ugly, right?” he asked and I scoffed.
“you are 100 % ugly” I replied and he beamed without a reply.
He drove into the mansion and parked recklessly.
“are you trying to get me killed?!” I asked, yelling.
“perhaps” he replied and got down from the car. I alighted also and could see every maid stealing secret glances at us.
Are they surprised I attend the same school with this punk? They sure should be cause on a normal basis I shouldn’t be seeing someone like him everyday.
“why are you walking so slowly?” he asked and I rolled my eyes.
“we are at work so you better show your respect now” he said sternly and resumed walking.
“we are at work so you better show your respect now” I mimicked.
“arrogant fool!” I muttered
“you know what? I am tired so PM, come carry me into my room” he said.

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