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A maid for him Episode 26 & 27

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎 💎 Episode 26💎💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
“I support any name you choose” she said with a flir-ty smile.
“can… Can I t©uçh your face?” she asked.
“of course, I would love a beauty to t©uçh my face” I replied and she moved closer to me, she was about to t©uçh me when Chi Min [email protected] her hand away.
“your opinion is no longer needed, would you leave now? Your heavy b©dy spray is suffocating my dog” Chi Min glared at the girl glared back angrily..
“it’s not my fault you don’t have the money to afford it” the girl replied.
Interesting show
“at least I am much more better than a fake girl, fake b©dy, fake lashes and that’s a wig, right?” Chi Min asked.
“I won’t allow you insult me” the girl replied.
“what were you gonna do ugly vulture? I am sure you are as bald as an egg” Chi Min said and the girl stomped off angrily.
I bur-st into laughter and Chi Min stared at me.
“what’s funny?” she asked.
“you are being jealous” I replied.
“what? I am not…. I just…. Just don’t want you wasting my time by flir-ting with a girl” she replied.
“so jealous, so jealous” I said and stuck out my ton-gue.
“let’s just name the dog Chi Tae” she said and I nodded.
“Chi Tae, is that our couple name?” I asked.
“in your dreams we are never gonna be a couple” she said and we both went to the car.
Tuesday night
“Bye Mira” I waved.
“I am going to miss you but u trust Tae is gonna miss you more” she said whispering in the last [email protected]
“you are so silly” I mumbled and hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“you are gonna squee-ze life out of me” she says and I laughed then let her go.
I took my bags and left the mansion. It was nice staying here with Tae, well we are still gonna meet in school.
the next morning
Tae Ho’s POV
I felt someone tap me, definitely Chi Min.
“Chi Min, just a bit more, let me sleep more, just ten minutes more” I gro-an ed not opening my eyes
“good morning sir” I heard a strange voice, that’s not Chi Min’s voice. I opened my eyes and was quite surprised to seea strange maid in my room.
“who are you? Is Chi Min not feeling good?” I asked and stood up immediately.
“where is she now?” I asked.
“I am your new personal…..”
“personal maid? Is this a prank? Are you Chi Min’s friend? Tell her her prank didn’t work on me, I didn’t fall for the prank” I replied.
“how dare I [email protected] prank on you sir?” she asked bowing.
“where is Chi Min?” I asked.
“the old personal maid? She……”
“my current personal maid, I didn’t sack her” I corrected.
“yes sir she was just a temporary fill in for me” she said and I smiled.
“good news” I said with a smile.
“thank you sir” she replied with a bow.
“you are sacked, isn’t that such a good news?” I asked.
“ugh?…. But….. But… Sir, I…. What’s my offence?” she stuttered.
“simple! You replaced the wrong person” I replied
“before I am done bathing, I don’t wanna meet you here dearie” i said and went into my bathroom.
Why the hell didn’t Chi Min tell me she was a temporary fill in? I need to get her house this morning and that’s gonna be easy.
Why? Cause I placed a tracker device in her hair when k!ss!ngher yesterday. I did it cause of Do Jung, I don’t know what he is up to pres£ntly.
I dressed up fur school and went to Chi Min’s house. The house was nice but is it just me or it looks rather small?
I knocked on the door repeatedly.
“yes, coming” I heard Chi Min’s voice and my hands [email protected]£ sweaty for no reason at all.
The door opened and she stared at me in surprise. “Tae… How did you get to know my home?” she asked and I walked in..
“did I tell you to come in?” she asked.
“did I ask you to leave your job?” I asked and she kept mute.
“I am not going to go back to work so don’t try convincing me” she said.
“I am not here for you, I am here for Chi Tae, you can’t take him away from me yunno” I replied and picked up Chi Tae.
“you missed me?” i asked the dog and patted the dog.
“bye” I said and intentionally dropped my fave towel. I left with Chi Tae.
Chi Min’s pov
Arrogant j£rk! He could not even offer me a ride to school. I dressed up fur school and took the bus to school.
I got to [email protected] but could not find Tae in [email protected] Where could the stupid punk be? I left [email protected] and looked around but couldn’t find him.
I moved to the rooft©p and heard Chi Tae barking, he is definitely in the rooft©p then.
I got to the rooft©p and found him….. Him….. ma-king out with….. Mina, I felt my heart shatter at the sight.
💎 💎 Episode 27💎💎
Tae Ho’s pov
I was just trying to get Chi Min off my mind, what could she be doing at the moment?
I was going crazy and I needed to do something, I went to the rooft©p not knowing that Mina was following Me.
She approached me with a smile and since I needed something to get my mind off Chi Min rught at that moment, I… I k!$$£d her but it didn’t work!
All I could see as I k!$$£d Mina was Chi Min. Chi Min, what are you doing to me?
I broke the k!ssand saw Chi Min, she had a glint of hurt in her eyes.
“Chi….Chi Min” I stuttered and she ran off.
I left Mina and ran after her, I caught up with her on the stairs.
“Chi Min, look at me” I said but she kept staring at the floor.
“Chi Min” I called and she struggled trying to get out of my grip.
“Tae, let me be” she says with a cracking voice.
“Chi Min, I am sorry” I said and hvgged her ti-ghtly.
I am sorry for what exactly? I don’t know but I just don’t want her to shed tears.
“I am sorry” I repeated and she hit my back.
“hit me all you want” I said and dis£ngaged from the hvg.
“are you crying?” I asked.
“of course not” she replied.
“she is just your fling thing, right?” she asked.
“of course, that’s all she is” I replied and we both went to [email protected]
Closing hour
Chi Min’s pov
“I need to get to your house so I will drop you home” Tae Ho said.
“ugh? Why? Just get home, I will go hone myself” I replied walking forward.
“I forgot my face towel in your home so u have to go get it” He said.
“that is flimsy excuse, you definitely have a whole lot of face towels” I replied..
“but that fave towel is very special to me, I gave to get it” He said.
“then come to my house later in the evening” I replied but instead of him to give me a reply, he swept me off my feet.
“Tae!! Drop me!!!” I yelled trying to avoid the gaze, stares and glares from the students.
“I will drop you, yeah but in your house” He replied with a smile and placed me in the car.
I gro-an ed and sat right. He got into the other side and drive off to my house. We both alighted from the carnival opened the door and we both walked in.
“take your face towel and Leave” I said and he sat on the couch instead.
“I am so tired allow me to rest” He said.
“tired from what? k!ss!nggirls?” I asked.
“you’re jealous?” he asked and I went red in the face.
“you are, you are jealous” he smiled and stood up.
He approached me with a flir-ty smile.
“what are you trying to do?” k asked.
“do you like me?” he asked.
“no, no no, not at all” I replied.
“then why are you blu-shing?” He asked.
“be…. I… I… Just get away” I stuttered and pushed him off and ran into my room.
Tae Ho’s pov
I…. I…. I think I have fallen for her, no…. It’s not that I think, I have fallen for Chi Min alre-ady.
I know that I have and I know that she likes me too but I am not sure how much she likes me.
I don’t know how I am going to express my feelings to her or If she is going to say ‘yes’ to me.

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