A maid for him Episode 22 & 23

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎 💎 Episode 22💎💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
Wait a min, where is the dog?
I checked the bathroom, empty. went to my libr@ry and there it was, my books were on the floor and some were torn alre-ady.
“Chi…..Chi Min!!!!!!!” I yelled.
“yes!!!” I held her yell back and she ran into my libr@ry.
“can you see what your dog did?!” I asked.
“oh my! Hope you didn’t yell at the poor dog?” she asked picking up the dog.
“what?!! Is that what you are supposed to ask? Your dog just to-re my books and disorganized my libr@ry!” I half yelled.
“you are still scolding the poor dog” she says and patted the dog.
“you…..this is unbelievable” I muttered and left the libr@ry.
I can’t believe she supported the dog instead. She c@m£ out of the libr@ry with the dog in her arm.
“I nee-d to get somewhere today, can I go?” she asked.
“where are you going to?” I asked
“are you gonna let me go or not?” she grumbled and sat beside me on the be-d.
“who are you gonna see?” I asked.
“my mum” she replied.
“really? That’s great, I wanna meet your mum” I said.
“no, no, you don’t nee-d to meet her” she said.
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“it’s fine, I will go see her” I insisted.
“no, I will go alone for today. Maybe we can go together next time” she replied and I eyed her suspiciously.
“okay” I gave in and she smiled.
“thanks, you are the best boss” she said.
“really?” I asked and she nodded. She rushed out.
Chi Min’s Pov
I have to go see Kim Do Jung and ask him what is really between him and Tae Ho, I am so fv¢king curious.
I took a cab to Kim Do Jung’s house as he had describe-d earlier on when I called him.
I knocked on the door and after a while, the door was opened by smiling Do Jung.
“I see you are here” he said.
“come in” he ushered me in and I walked in.
“nice ap@rtment, do you live alone?” I asked noticing the quietness of the house.
“yeah kinda, mum and dad always go on a business trip so I kind of stay alone” he replied.
“I see, you must be usually bored” I said and took a seat.
“I didn’t tell you to sit” he said and I stood up.
“C’mon, I was just joking. Have your seat” he said and I sat with a small laugh.
Tae Ho’s Pov
I heard a knock on the door and I dropped my phone on the be-d.
“come in” I said and our Chief maid walked in.
“Tae, where is Chi Min?” she asked.
“she told me she was going to meet her mother” I replied.
“what mother? I am her mother” she said and I furrowed my brows.
“what do you mean?” I asked.
“er…. It was a sl!pof ton-gue” she replied.
“how couldn’t I have thought of it all this while? Song, family name is Song” I said.
“why did you lie?” I asked.
“I… I… Didn’t want the boss to know that my daughter was working for you” she replied.
“that’s a bit unreasonable” I said.
“okay, she told me she was going to her mum and you are mum. Where could she have gone to then?” I pondered.
“I will try calling her” her mum said and went out of my room.
Geez! What if she went to Kim Do Jung? fv¢k! I can’t let them together. I can’t allow what happened the last time happen again.
I picked my car keys and my phone and rushed down to my car. I called her severally but she wasn’t picking up the calls.
Chi Min’s Pov
“what did you say?” I asked, shocked.
“yeah, that’s why Tae Ho doesn’t want me near anyone he knows” he replied.
“he R@p£d someone?” I asked and he nodded.
“it’s really bad, I can’t believe that Tae could do that. That is why I wanted to talk to you and warn you” he said and I gulped.
Is Tae really that bad? I know that he would have definitely sle-pt with some girls but ra-ping girls, that’s $h!t!!!
“that’s not the first time he R@p£d a girl and used his money to shut the girl up, just wanted to warn you” he said and I nodded.
“thanks for deciding to warn me in advance” I replied and all of a sudden the door opened revea-ling Tae Ho.
He was breathing heavily, he walked over to me hurriedly and held my hand dragging me up.
“Tae, how did you know I am here?” I asked but he just dragged me on without saying a word.
He pushed me into the car, got into the other side and drove off. I stared at him, is he really a ra-pist like Do Jung said?
“how did you know I am here Tae?” I asked but he kept mute and kept on driving fas-ter.
“Tae! Slowly plea-se!!” I yelled but he kept on driving fas-ter.
“Tae! You are gonna get us killed!!!” I yelled and we drove past the mansion.
“where are we going to?” I asked but he kept on driving, he had this angry look on.
He parked the car in front of a mansion and I breathed out in relief. Thank Goodness! I didn’t die.
He got down from the car and dragged me out. He kept on pu-lling me as we got into the living room.
He pushed me to the couch but I stood up back and faced him.
“how did you know where I was? Are you stalking me?” I asked and he raked a hand throu-gh his hair.
“is that your mum?!!” he asked, yelling
“You definitely was not going to allow me to go if I told you I was going to see Do Jung” I yelled back.
“that’s because he is dangerous!!!” he yelled.
“at least he is much better than a ra-pist!!!!” I yelled back and saw tears in his eyes.
He blinked back the tears and closed his eyes. I shouldn’t have said that!
“out” he muttered.
“out!!!!!!” he yelled and I flin-ched.
I ran out of the house.
is Do Jung lying or us Tae really a ra-pist?
💎💎Episode 23💎💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
How…. How… Could she call me a…. A…. ra-pist? I fell to the couch and let out of tears.
That bastard!! I am sure Kim Do Jung is the one who told her that.
How could he call me a ra-pist after ra-ping my sister to death!!!! I am gonna kill him.
I stood up and took my car keys. I saw Chi Min walking on the streets. I ignored her and drove to Kim Do Jung’s house.
I opened his door and saw the bastard drinking. I rushed him with punches and he fell to the floor.
“you bastard!!! How could you!?!!! You bloody ra-pist!!!” I yelled.
“Chi Min thinks you are the ra-pist” he chuckled and I punched him more.
“I am gonna kill you!!!! I am just gonna kill you for ra-ping her!!!!” I yelled and stood up from him
“you! Stay away from Chi Min, stay away from her!!!!” I yelled.
“what?! Do you like her?! Ugh? I am gonna take her away from you too! I am gonna r@p£ her to death and s£nd you the video cli-p” he said with a sm-irk and I punched him in the face again.
“never ever go near her and I am out of the stupid game” I said and walked out angrily.
I got into my car and hit my head against the wheels. I drove off. Chi Min, she’s gonna get lost very soon.
I looked around for her and saw her with some guys. She…. I screeched the car to a halt and alighted from the car.
Chi Min’s Pov
“hey girl” one of the guys called.
There were three guys in number and I definitely couldn’t beat the three of them.
“you look pretty” another says and they moved closer.
“don’t move nearer” I warned.
“I am really dangerous,don’t come closer” I warned again and they all laughed.
“she says she’s dangerous. Oh my! I am so scared” one of them tea-sed and t©uçhed my cheeks.
“got any problem with her?” I heard another voice, I looked back to see Tae Ho.
I ran to him and hid behind him, he hvgged me.
“Awwn, cute couples” one of them said sarcastically.
Tae Ho moved forward and punched one of the guys pushing him to the floor. I picked up a stick and hit the one who was tryna hit Tae.
After a while, we were done beating them up. We both Got into the car And Tae drove off.
Why will a ra-pist save me from a ra-pist? I sighed and relaxed in his car, after a while I dozed off.
Tae Ho’s Pov
I alighted from the car and carried Chi Min in my arms, I took her to my room and la-id her on my be-d.
I am such a fool, that was the same way I abandoned my very own sister that day, I abandoned Chi Min and the same thing almost happened.
I punched the wall severally trying to vent my anger on the wall. She died because of me, she died because of me.
Chi Min’s Pov
I woke up and saw Tae Ho raining b!ows on the wall. His knuckles were bleeding badly but he didn’t st©p.
I ran to him and held his hands.
“Tae st©p!!” I yelled.
“Chi Min, let me be” he said and I stood in front of him.
“you are bleeding” I said and held his knuckles.
“she is dead, she died cause of me” he cried and I hvgged him.
“calm down Tae” I said as I patted his back.
He cried himself to sleep and I stared at him, really cute facials, he is very jovial but he has that sad side of him.
What could be wrong with him? And he is a ra-pist? That can’t be!! He doesn’t seem like one.
He seemed really sad when I called him one and if he is truly one, he could have easily R@p£d me all this while.
A ra-pist won’t save me from other ra-pists too, right?
Aaargh! I am so confused.
I sat on the couch in the room.
Tae Ho’s Pov
I woke up and sat up, I had a little headache and my knuckles were hurting badly.
I looked sideways and saw Chi Min on the couch. I checked the time, it was alre-ady 11:03 pm.
I smiled and brushed her hair gently, she stirred in her sleep and her eyes fluttered open.
“you are awake” she said and I nodded.
“would you like to eat?” I asked.
“Yeah just get me noodles” I replied and she stood up.
“okay, just a min” she said and walked out of my room.
I sat on the couch and decided to watch a movie. I was watching a ro-mantic Ko-rean movie when Chi Min walked in.
“are you even a guy?” She asked.
“do you really wanna know if I am a guy? You can pu-ll off my shorts to know” I replied.
“back to your n@ûghty self! You per-vert!!” she yelled and I laughed.
“guys love watching action movies or horror movies not ro-mantic movies” she says and gave the noodles to me.
She picked up the remote and changed it to a scary horror movie.
“are you even a girl?” I asked.
“would you pu-ll down my Sk-irt to know?” she asked and I sm-irked.
“with all plea-sure” I said and knelt down in front of her.
“what are…. What are you trying to do?” she stuttered.
“trying to confirm if you are a girl” I replied and she sma-cked my head.
“where is the dog?” I asked.
“I put it to sleep” she replied.
I sat beside her eating but I discovered that she wasn’t looking at the movie, she was staring at me.
“Tae, I wanna ask you a question” she said.
“yeah, you wanna ask if I am truly a ra-pist” I replied and she nodded slowly.
“I am” I said and she g@sped.
“I meant I am not, why would I nee-d to r@p£? I have girls throwing themselves at me” I said.
“that’s true but why did Do Jung lie?” she ashed and I dropped my noodles and looked into her eyes.
“Chi Min, stay away from Do Jung” I said.
“why?” she asked.
“don’t be so inquisitive” I replied and focused on eating again.
The next day
Chi Min’s Pov
I nee-d to copy his answers urgently or else I am going to get detention probably and also Tae is gonna claim I am dull.
I sneaked into his room, it was empty. I ti-p toed to his re-ading table and searched for the maths note.
I found the note and brou-ght out my phone. I took pictures of the answers quic-kly.
“nice job” I heard someone cl@p.
$h!t! Caught in the act!!
I turned to him with a smile.
” your book is so beautiful I was f0rç£d to take a picture” I said and Tae took my phone from me.
“wow so the answers to the equations are the beauty of my book, incredible!” he said.
“er…. I….” I sighed not knowing what to say.
“you are copying, just say it out loud” he said.
“just give me your notes or I am gonna serve detention” I said and tried taking the notes from him but he raised it up high.
“C’mon, don’t be so stingy” I said.
“you are also stingy” he replied.
“I am not stingy at all” I said.
“you are, you have been refusing to give me what I want since all this while” He replied.
“okay tell me what is it, I am gonna do it” I said.
“are you sure? Promise?” he asked.
“promise, I cross my heart. I am not stingy at all” I replied.
“you are stingy with yourl-ips, give them to me” he said.
“ugh? Die with your notes then, it’s not my first time in detention anyways” I replied.
“so stingy” he mumbled.
I turned to leave but he drew me back, myl-ips was just few metres away from his che-st. I felt my che-st pounding ha-rd .
“you are not gonna be stingy to me not anymore” he said and before I could comprehend what was going on, hisl-ips had covered mine.
He k!$$£d me pretty harshly. My eyes wi-de-ned, I blinked and slowly closed my eyes.
I felt frozen. Hisl-ips were so soft and tasted good. He wra-pped his arms around my w@!st and pu-ll-ed me closer to himself.
I just stood allowing him to take control. Wait a min, my…. My first k!ssgone to this fv¢king pla-yboy!!!!
But I can’t deny the fact that I love this moment so much. I raised my hand up to push him away but my hands on their will wra-pped around his n£¢k and my f!ngersdug into his hair fondling his hair.
it’s a quite long episode, right?

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