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A maid for him Episode 2 & 3

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️
💎💎Episode 2💎💎
Tae Ho Pov
I dug both hands into my hair and stared at my car.
“Oh no Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!!” I yelled.
“My baby” I hvgged my car ti-ghtly.
“the person who made you like this will pay, she will pay!!!” I yelled and angrily went off to mansion just beside the garden.
Wondering why I have a mansion in the school? That’s cause I own the school, my dad owns this school.
I la-id on my be-d still finding it [email protected] to believe that a stupid girl shattered my baby’s face.
I am going to make sure I deal with her in anyways possible. I am so fv¢king angry! I need to get the [email protected] repaired firstly.
Chi Min’s mum Pov
I got to the Kang’s mansion and started work immediately. I work there as a chief maid.
I am in charge of all maids here and the pay is so hvge, I love the job, it isn’t stressful in any way since I am now a chief maid.
I have just one problem, Tae Ho, he is too proud and keeps giving me problems. He changes his personal maid almost everyday.
“where is Tae Ho’s personal maid?” I asked a maid.
I don’t bother learning the name of his maids anymore since they never last five days, none of them has.
“young master sacked her” the maid replied.
“okay you can go” I said.
I have to get someone else and none of the girls working wants to work as his personal maid since they know they won’t last.
Where do I get another personal maid? Why is the stupid [email protected] so annoying?
Tae Ho Pov
That girl, is she a new intake? Or she just [email protected]£ visiting, I looked at my car. I got the [email protected] replaced alre-ady but swears whoever that girl is, she’s gonna pay.
“Hello, my love” Mina said and pe-cked myl-ips.
Okay, introduction, here goes Mina, the most annoying girl ever. I just had her twice and she refuses to let me go.
I can’t deal with her cause her dad is friends with Dad. She is a pest, a terrible one.
“Mina, I told you to let me be, why can’t you just do that?” I gro-an ed.
“I can never leave you Tae, I love you so much” she said and tried to k!ssme but I quic-kly k!$$£d one of her friends, Sojung.
“Tae!!!” I heard her yell but I focused on k!ss!ngSojung, I have had Sojung once too and she is a big whore.
I broke the k!sswhen I guessed that Mina was gone, truly she was gone.
“Should I meet you in your mansion?” Sojung asked.
“and what would I need a bit-ch like you for?” I asked.
“Tae!!” she yelled with teary eyes and ran off.
I chuckled and took my gaze to the floor, I looked up to see her, that biggest bit-ch that ruined my car [email protected]
I stood in front of her and she furrowed her brows.
“oh I see Mr arrogant replaced his car ‘s [email protected]” she said mockingly.
“you…” I raised my hand up to hit her but quic-kly brou-ght it down.
Rule 1. Never hit a woman.
“oh, beat me, you wanna show your strength? C’mon, I am a punching bag, do it” she said and moved closer to me.
“you bit-ch!” I muttered and her expression changed from mocking to angry.
“call me a bit-ch once more and you’re gonna regret it” she seethed.
“bit-ch! bit-ch! bit-ch!!” I said knowing that it hurt her a lot.
What’s she gonna do?
“you fool! Just watch and see!” she huffed and walked off.
Yeah, let’s wait and see what this tiny, pretty, S-xy girl can do to a demi god like me, I got into my car and drove home.
“Tae!!” I heard the chief maid yell.
She is the only one after dad that can yell my name that way.
“why did you sack her?” she asked and though I knew what she was talking about, I decided to [email protected]
“sack who?” I asked.
“Tae! What did she do this time around?” she asked.
“who?” I asked and she gro-an ed.
“she was disturbing my peaceful sleep” I said.
“that wasn’t disturbing, she was waking you up” she replied.
“she tried s£dûç!ng me too” I added.
“that’s a lie, you are the pla-yboy here you s£dûç£d her” she said.
“you know me too well, get me another maid. Thanks, I will be waiting for the maid” I said and ran into my room.
Chi Min mom’s Pov
Such a spoilt [email protected]! I have been trying to get a new maid all day but u just can’t, I don’t know why they all don’t want to work with Tae.
Well I kinda know why. But wait a min, Chi Min should be back from school. I picked my phone and dialed her contact.
She picked up at the second ring.
“Hello dearie” I said with a broad smile.
“mum, how are you doing there? Do you need me to come help?” she asked.
“of course, like you knew I needed someone urgently” I said happily.
“you’re paying me?” she asked and I sighed.
“okay, it’s fine. I am going to pay you, just be on your way” I replied and could bet she was grinning right now.
I ended the call and sat on a couch. Chi Min can just be his personal maid for two days and then as always he would sack her.
And by then I would have found someone else to be the maid, I just hope Chi Min agrees to this.
Chi Min’s Pov
“it’s cool, after all I get my pay” I smiled.
“you love money so much” mum said.
“of course but not too much” I replied.
“hey, summon all maids” mum told a maid and she bowed slightly and left.
Soon all the maids were there, I stood beside a Blondie.
“we’re good to go?” mum asked and we all nodded firmly.
“I will go call him now” mum said and climbe-d up the stairs.
I diverted my gaze back to my phone and re-ad a story. I was so engrossed in the story that I didn’t know mum was back with the guy I am supposed to be his Personal maid.
“hey! You look up!” I heard a masculine voice and I quic-kly looked up.
My jaw dropped seeing that rude guy from school. Wait a min, is he the one? Am I gonna be his maid?
“plea-se pick, she is the only new one, I know you don’t like old workers being your pm (personal maid)” mum said.
“well, I choose her, be my maid” he sm-irked.
💎💎 Episode 3💎💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
I am going to teach her a lesson she will never forget and that can only be done when she’s un-der me, so being my maid is just appropriate.
“ugh? Why me?” she asked.
“is that even a question, what’s your name?” I asked.
“Chi min” she replied.
“Sounds bit-chy just like the bearer” I said and she glared at me.
“are you glaring at me right now?” I asked and she looked at the floor but not before eyeing me.
Quite disrespectful, right? Well we will see about that.
“Chi min, to my room” I said and walked to my room.
I heard footsteps behind me so I knew she was walking behind me, I sm-irked and walked into my room.
“I am not a troublesome boss but you seem to be a troublesome maid” I said.
“whatever you say sir” she smiled.
“whatever I say?” I asked and she nodded.
“then k!ssme, sleep with me” I said and saw her eyes opened.
“I can’t do that sir” she said and I moved closer to her.
“why? You just said you are going to do whatever I say” I replied moving closer.
“yes, anything professional and not things like this so it would be better if you respect yourself boss” she said and pushed me, I fell to the be-d.
She glared at me and walked out, Geez, she’s got a pretty backside. Her backside could make a guy go crazy.
Chi min Pov
I stayed in the maid quarters, I was on my own. No friends, well everyone was busy except me.
A telephone rang and I looked around.
“it’s your call, Young master PM” a girl said.
“ugh? Oh yeah” I replied and picked up the call.
“to my room, right now!” I heard his arrogant voice.
I ended the call and scoffed.
“to my room, right now!” I mimicked and stood up.
“you are not gonna last today” the girl from earlier said.
“why?” I asked.
“even the most gentle girl and polite girl spent 3 days only, no one spends four days” she replied.
“what if I spend five days?” I asked.
“I would bet 2, 000 won that you won’t”
“I would bet 5,000 won that you won’t ” another said.
They all placed bets ma-king me astonished, is it really that impossible to spend five days as his maid?
“okay, okay, you guys just wait and see” I said and left the maid quarters.
I barged into his room and he glared at me [email protected], I merely rolled my eyes.
“Never barged into my room again” he warned.
“and If I do?” I asked.
“you get sacked” he replied and I felt like leaving the room and barging in again so I would get sacked but no, I can’t lose all those money, I must spend my five days here.
“I won’t do that again sir” I smiled.
“get me coffee” he said.
“what sort of coffee sir?” I asked and he kept mute using his phone.
I left and prepared a black coffee for him, I returned to the room and gave it to him with a smile.
“what? This is too h0t, it’s gonna burn my pretty throat” he said and handed it back to me.
I made the coffee less h0t and took it to him.
“it’s not h0t at all”
I made another one.
“too h0t, you are trying to burn my ton-gue?”
Another one
“it’s too cold”
And another one!
“there is no sugar in this”
And another one!!
“it’s too sugary”
And another fv¢king coffee!!!
This time around, I was loosing my patience alre-ady.
“here you go” I said with a de-ep frown.
He took a sip of it and smiled.
“tastes just fine” he smiled and then coffee fell to the floor.
“oops! The perfect one got wasted. You have to make another”

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