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March 5, 2021


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A maid for him Episode 2 & 3

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💓💓A maid for him💐🏵

(😍Being a playboy’s maid😋)

❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️

💎💎Episode 2💎💎


Tae Ho Pov
I dug both hands into my hair and stared at my car.

“Oh no Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!!” I yelled.

“My baby” I hugged my car tightly.

“the person who made you like this will pay, she will pay!!!” I yelled and angrily went off to mansion just beside the garden.

Wondering why I have a mansion in the school? That’s cause I own the school, my dad owns this school.

I laid on my bed still finding it hard to believe that a stupid girl shattered my baby’s face.

I am going to make sure I deal with her in anyways possible. I am so fucking angry! I need to get the glass repaired firstly.


Chi Min’s mum Pov
I got to the Kang’s mansion and started work immediately. I work there as a chief maid.

I am in charge of all maids here and the pay is so huge, I love the job, it isn’t stressful in any way since I am now a chief maid.

I have just one problem, Tae Ho, he is too proud and keeps giving me problems. He changes his personal maid almost everyday.

“where is Tae Ho’s personal maid?” I asked a maid.

I don’t bother learning the name of his maids anymore since they never last five days, none of them has.


“young master sacked her” the maid replied.

“okay you can go” I said.

I have to get someone else and none of the girls working wants to work as his personal maid since they know they won’t last.

Where do I get another personal maid? Why is the stupid brat so annoying?

Tae Ho Pov
That girl, is she a new intake? Or she just came visiting, I looked at my car. I got the glass replaced already but swears whoever that girl is, she’s gonna pay.

“Hello, my love” Mina said and pecked my lips.

Okay, introduction, here goes Mina, the most annoying girl ever. I just had her twice and she refuses to let me go.

I can’t deal with her cause her dad is friends with Dad. She is a pest, a terrible one.

“Mina, I told you to let me be, why can’t you just do that?” I groaned.

“I can never leave you Tae, I love you so much” she said and tried to kiss me but I quickly kissed one of her friends, Sojung.

“Tae!!!” I heard her yell but I focused on kissing Sojung, I have had Sojung once too and she is a big whore.

I broke the kiss when I guessed that Mina was gone, truly she was gone.

“Should I meet you in your mansion?” Sojung asked.

“and what would I need a Bitch like you for?” I asked.

“Tae!!” she yelled with teary eyes and ran off.

I chuckled and took my gaze to the floor, I looked up to see her, that biggest Bitch that ruined my car glass.

I stood in front of her and she furrowed her brows.

“oh I see Mr arrogant replaced his car ‘s glass” she said mockingly.

“you…” I raised my hand up to hit her but quickly brought it down.

Rule 1. Never hit a woman.

“oh, beat me, you wanna show your strength? C’mon, I am a punching bag, do it” she said and moved closer to me.

“you Bitch!” I muttered and her expression changed from mocking to angry.

“call me a Bitch once more and you’re gonna regret it” she seethed.

“Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!!” I said knowing that it hurt her a lot.

What’s she gonna do?

“you fool! Just watch and see!” she huffed and walked off.

Yeah, let’s wait and see what this tiny, pretty, sexy girl can do to a demi god like me, I got into my car and drove home.

“Tae!!” I heard the chief maid yell.

She is the only one after dad that can yell my name that way.

“why did you sack her?” she asked and though I knew what she was talking about, I decided to play ignorant.

“sack who?” I asked.

“Tae! What did she do this time around?” she asked.

“who?” I asked and she groaned.

“she was disturbing my peaceful sleep” I said.

“that wasn’t disturbing, she was waking you up” she replied.

“she tried seducing me too” I added.

“that’s a lie, you are the playboy here you seduced her” she said.

“you know me too well, get me another maid. Thanks, I will be waiting for the maid” I said and ran into my room.


Chi Min mom’s Pov
Such a spoilt brat! I have been trying to get a new maid all day but u just can’t, I don’t know why they all don’t want to work with Tae.

Well I kinda know why. But wait a min, Chi Min should be back from school. I picked my phone and dialed her contact.

She picked up at the second ring.

“Hello dearie” I said with a broad smile.

“mum, how are you doing there? Do you need me to come help?” she asked.

“of course, like you knew I needed someone urgently” I said happily.

“you’re paying me?” she asked and I sighed.

“okay, it’s fine. I am going to pay you, just be on your way” I replied and could bet she was grinning right now.

I ended the call and sat on a couch. Chi Min can just be his personal maid for two days and then as always he would sack her.

And by then I would have found someone else to be the maid, I just hope Chi Min agrees to this.


Chi Min’s Pov
“it’s cool, after all I get my pay” I smiled.

“you love money so much” mum said.

“of course but not too much” I replied.

“hey, summon all maids” mum told a maid and she bowed slightly and left.

Soon all the maids were there, I stood beside a Blondie.

“we’re good to go?” mum asked and we all nodded firmly.

“I will go call him now” mum said and climbed up the stairs.

I diverted my gaze back to my phone and read a story. I was so engrossed in the story that I didn’t know mum was back with the guy I am supposed to be his Personal maid.

“hey! You look up!” I heard a masculine voice and I quickly looked up.

My jaw dropped seeing that rude guy from school. Wait a min, is he the one? Am I gonna be his maid?

“please pick, she is the only new one, I know you don’t like old workers being your pm (personal maid)” mum said.

“well, I choose her, be my maid” he smirked.


💎💎 Episode 3💎💎


Tae Ho’s Pov
I am going to teach her a lesson she will never forget and that can only be done when she’s under me, so being my maid is just appropriate.

“ugh? Why me?” she asked.

“is that even a question, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Chi min” she replied.

“Sounds bitchy just like the bearer” I said and she glared at me.

“are you glaring at me right now?” I asked and she looked at the floor but not before eyeing me.

Quite disrespectful, right? Well we will see about that.

“Chi min, to my room” I said and walked to my room.

I heard footsteps behind me so I knew she was walking behind me, I smirked and walked into my room.
“I am not a troublesome boss but you seem to be a troublesome maid” I said.

“whatever you say sir” she smiled.

“whatever I say?” I asked and she nodded.

“then kiss me, sleep with me” I said and saw her eyes opened.

“I can’t do that sir” she said and I moved closer to her.

“why? You just said you are going to do whatever I say” I replied moving closer.

“yes, anything professional and not things like this so it would be better if you respect yourself boss” she said and pushed me, I fell to the bed.

She glared at me and walked out, Geez, she’s got a pretty backside. Her backside could make a guy go crazy.


Chi min Pov
I stayed in the maid quarters, I was on my own. No friends, well everyone was busy except me.
A telephone rang and I looked around.

“it’s your call, Young master PM” a girl said.

“ugh? Oh yeah” I replied and picked up the call.

“to my room, right now!” I heard his arrogant voice.

I ended the call and scoffed.

“to my room, right now!” I mimicked and stood up.

“you are not gonna last today” the girl from earlier said.

“why?” I asked.

“even the most gentle girl and polite girl spent 3 days only, no one spends four days” she replied.

“what if I spend five days?” I asked.

“I would bet 2, 000 won that you won’t”

“I would bet 5,000 won that you won’t ” another said.

They all placed bets making me astonished, is it really that impossible to spend five days as his maid?

“okay, okay, you guys just wait and see” I said and left the maid quarters.

I barged into his room and he glared at me hard, I merely rolled my eyes.

“Never barged into my room again” he warned.

“and If I do?” I asked.

“you get sacked” he replied and I felt like leaving the room and barging in again so I would get sacked but no, I can’t lose all those money, I must spend my five days here.

“I won’t do that again sir” I smiled.

“get me coffee” he said.

“what sort of coffee sir?” I asked and he kept mute using his phone.

I left and prepared a black coffee for him, I returned to the room and gave it to him with a smile.

“what? This is too hot, it’s gonna burn my pretty throat” he said and handed it back to me.

I made the coffee less hot and took it to him.

“it’s not hot at all”

I made another one.

“too hot, you are trying to burn my tongue?”

Another one

“it’s too cold”

And another one!

“there is no sugar in this”

And another one!!

“it’s too sugary”

And another fucking coffee!!!
This time around, I was loosing my patience already.

“here you go” I said with a deep frown.

He took a sip of it and smiled.

“tastes just fine” he smiled and then coffee fell to the floor.

“oops! The perfect one got wasted. You have to make another”



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